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Agent: Benny Sapp released by Dolphins

Well, that didn't take long.

The Miami Dolphins have cut cornerback Benny Sapp after he was among the Miami cornerbacks who got burned by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady on Monday night.

Agent Andy Simms made the announcement on his twitter account earlier.

Sapp is the one who gave up the 99-yard touchdown to Wes Welker and several other completions. He also gave up a 2-yard TD to Welker that actually seemed just as troubling in that he competed better on the long TD than the quick pass in the flat TD.

By the way, Sapp wasn't alone in playing poorly against New England. Nolan Carroll similarly got burned several times. Vontae Davis got beat a handful of times before he left the game with cramps in the third quarter. Sean Smith suffered the least damage of Miami's corners but he also struggled at times against the Patriots.

The assumption here is Sapp will be replaced on the roster. The further assumption is that Will Allen will be the man replacing Sapp. Final further assumption: Look for the Allen reunion to happen by Wednesday.

This Sapp move raises several issues:

One: The NFL is a what-have-you-done-lately league and Sapp learned that.

Two: The same people that decided Sapp was good enough to be on the team last week are deciding this week he's not good enough to be on the team, which shows their initial evaluation was wrong.

Frankly, I think Sapp is still better than Carroll right now. He had a better training camp. But Carroll is younger. He's a draft pick. He has ability to grow as a player yet. And he was less expensive than Sapp.


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Just another sign of how clueless and dumb this front office is. I couldn't stand that stiff and always claimed he sucked in pass coverage. Another bad move by Jeff Ireland. When will this nightmare come to an end?

We had a shot at Mike Tomlin and missed. We also had a shot at Rex Ryan and missed. We chose Cam. And we chose Tony. Yikes.

How do you cut Sapp but not also Carroll? Both were horrible..Maybe Edds could have been used in coverage?? Perhaps that second round pick should have been on a DB instead of lumbering running back

But Chad Henne looked amazing,, where is your article on that Armando?

Soprano is such a coward!!!!!!!!!
It's never his fault.
Sapp is the sacrificial lamb so fatsano can delay the inevitable..

cutting sapp is like putting a band-aid on a slashed jugular vein.

A circus ringmaster came to Miami with 2 clowns and now it's just 2 clowns. So sad

We could of had Ahmad Bradshaw or DeAngelo Williams. We drafted Daniel Thomas and signed Larry Johnson. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross?

The FO still cannot draft or evaluate talent, the farce continues.
Another great move by the slimmed down Bill Parcells protege, keeping Sapp over Will Allen and John Jerry is still on the roster and A.J. Edds is in New England.
I'm happy for A.J. at least he will see some playoff action with New England.
The leading tackler in the pre-season gets cut and that SLUG JERRY is still on the roster ?

These guys are great at the talent evaluation part of the game, aren't they ?

Hey Tony, your next big move will be to move Jerry to ILB to replace EDDS, oh, I'm sorry that will be filled by 7th rounder Austin " I still won't sniff the field " Spitler.

Great job, again by our beloved Fins Front Office and Parcells Jr.

Henne had one good game!!!! remember when Beck beat the pats?

Im from Connecticut, Henne was NOT the problem in last nights game, why does it always seem that Miami is OK, but never elite, and why is it, that the games that we must win, we never ever Do!

Look for some "shake ups" people.

Somethings going to change and probably a Head or Two will ROLL!

BTW, we kept Trusnik over Edds for what I'm assuming were his alledged ST's skills.

Aside from not making any tackles, he set two possesions back inside our own twenty!


Posted by: odinseye | September 13, 2011 at 06:46 PM

Told ya so!!!!

Ah!, Armando, you want to be first but apparently too slow to do it. Get on the Ball, Man!

We could of had Jeremy Shockey or Greg Olsen. Even Miller. We decided to go with Fasano and Mustard. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross?

I think caroll should also get the axe. Blow up the defense next year and start over :-)
One of these seasons we'll have a coach that can coach both sides of the ball in one season.

Henne is tied to the 3 stooges and when the new regime comes in....?

If you think for one minute this front office is going to make the right decsion and cut Caroll over Sapp you are all sadly mistaken.I also want to know WTF were they thinking on that 4th and goal play, why not pound LJ over the left side behind Long?? Or what Reggie diving over the top or taking it outside didn't want any of that?? Come on man!! Henne did look good overall as did the the entire offense, hopefully that will linger on. The defense on the other hand needs to take a hard look in the mirror today!!

Does any one really believe sparano will be coach next year?

Total chaos from T.S. and I don't mean me...rather the fatso T.S. Nothing more than a pitiful, fist pumping, Parcels wanabee...

unfortunately, henne called the low percentage fade to hartline on the goal line the ``right play". i hope he doesn't seriously believe this.

Hey Odin,

Your right, I forgot about that " gem " or should I say " acorn " damn, we get alot of those here at the Davie facility, too bad we can't have any on game day. At least Edds could cover and tackle, and yes, Carroll should have been the first one cut.


Nolan Carroll was embarrassing. It was tough swallowing the fact that he even makes the league minimum. With all due respect, a professional does not jog to the line of scrimmage to cover your man. It was lousy. Vontae Davis was lousy. Sean Smith was lousy.

I'm actually pleased as a Dolphins fan that Vontae was humbled week one. Statistically, they are the WORST tandem in the league. There's only room to improve! :)

Total lack of football knowledge on the part of Tony S. Job is on the line...I think Obama has a better chance at keeping his job...and that's an a chance in hell.

They couldn't see Sapp sucked after all this time? And had we kept Edds and cut Sapp wouldn't we have been better off?

Total incompetence at talent evaluation.

Odin & Nick-Nice call!!

Pats already signed him...and be active Sunday

How come our vaunted 'deep' front 7 couldn't even hit Brady defended by one pro bowler, an old vet, rookies and scrubs and 2nd teamers?


Incompetence and lackadaisical attitude are not restricted to Football.

Jason Taylor was disrespected by Bill "overrated" Parcells. JT gave so much to the city of Miami. He should of stayed in NY and would of had a chance to win a SB this year. He still came back to Miami. Don Shula tells it like it should about Parcells. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross? Maybe it's time to talk to the greatest coach in the history of the NFL. Despite his age, he still knows a lot more about football than these clowns running our once proud franchise.

Sapp was mediocre on arrival.

To their credit, the 'Parcells group' have always been unembarrassed about moving on from their mistakes- that's one thing on which they should be congratulated.

How are all of our TE's practicing?

Don't forget we traded Greg Camarillo for Sapp!

At this point, you have to suck for luck!!!
This is not a playoff team and even if you are blind, deaf and never played a down of football, you should realize the dolphins are a mess.
Henne might be improving, but if you have a shot at the next Manning/Marino......you have to take a chance at greatness. Henne is not greatness.

i hate to bring this up again, but tedd ginn is an outstanding returner...he was this with miami, and still is this with sf. now, he did not warrant the 9th pick, that much is obvious. but to give him away for, what was it, a 5th round draft pick? i just don't understand. and the special teams last night were plain awful. gates doesn't look like much to me...too hesitant returning the ball...i mean, edelman made gates look like a joke, and how fast is he?

Unbiased Analysis by this Hialeah Pundit:
Henne is not the problem with this team. Coaching (or the lack thereof) was one of the main causes of last night's loss. The defense team was not prepared physically and mentally for what the team they met on the field. We have no offensive line in spite of having three first round draft choices on the OL. If we don't have a good offensive line, we can't have a good running game. Reggie Bush's life span is going to be shortened quite a lot if he continues trying to be the running back he is not. We have no defensive line, and we have no secondary. Now, having said all that, a question comes to mind: DO WE HAVE A REAL NFL TEAM IN MIAMI?

austin, the list of players who weren't good enough here but are now productive with other teams is endless. We always hear about Miami not having any guards who can pull. Well guess what. They had one, his name is Samson Satele. He's now part of one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL. I don't watch many Raider games but he must be doing something right. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross??

I was wondering what Sapp was still doing on our roster anyway!

Henne had one good game!!!! remember when Beck beat the pats?

Posted by: alaindelon

That was AJ Feely. Lets pray we go 0-16 and draft Andrew Luck.

yes, and my point was, it is perfectly acceptable to keep a specialist like ginn on the roster...and if they needed someone to ``take the top off the defense", he provided exactly that. so, we waste the 9th pick, trade him for a 5th round pick, and use a 4th round pick on gates to replace ginn. any fair analysis of ireland's job performance would require accountability for this.

What...is...wrong...with...you...people? There can't be a team with worse fans than the Fins. You do have gray matter, no?

Last I remember Satele was a Center.

What happened with Anthony Armstrong? Matt Roth? Couldn't we have kept Ted Ginn just for special teams? How can you not see that despite his flaws he's MUCH more dangerous than Devone Bess on returning punts??? Why are we still trying to get a decent o-line? A tight end who can stetch the field? A free safety?? Another pass rusher to go with Wake?? Are you paying attention Mr.Ross??? Fans are!!!! Why do you think you've got so many empty seats????

Carroll and Sapp both stink. Allen should've never been released to begin with. Sparano can be so dense. Reminds me of releasing Smiley and Grove for Berger and other stinkers at guard last year.

They are going to have to find a way to prove they can run the football next game. 3 and 1 shouldn't be a long shot for a Sparano team.

oscar, Satele was moved to guard by the Raiders almost right away. He's doing a pretty darn good job at it. A good pulling guard. He's more athletic than powerful. I would bet 2$ he's much better than Carey!


Smiley and Grove were injured. One never played again and the other warmed the bench for Jax before retiring. Both were spent, known injury prone players than came here and got injured, another dumb investment.

The FO got rid of Ginn because Mando pounded him all the time.
His last year here Ginn put up 1200 return yards and 600 receiving yards.
That production still has not been replaced.

I marvel at the People here. Last I remember, EVERYBODY wanted Ginn outtahere(me in the front seat). Now......well, they can keep him.

Everyone just needs to relax we played Tom Brady who will probably lose 1 or 2 games at the most. They will get it corrected and take care of these issues. However I glad Sapp is gone that dude is garbage!


It wasn't Ginns fault he was selected at #9. I always thought he was worth keeping for returns and situational WR duties. Giving him away for a 5th was too cheap. Bess is not the answer, Gates, remains to be seen. We give people away and leave ourselves with a new hole. We get rid of Edds and a week later cut Sapp. Embarrassing if you ask me.

oscar, he wasn't the answer at WR. But since he was a first round pick, it would of made sense to keep him just for special teams. Now we've got nothing to show for it. What did we get, a 5th round pick for him?? Yhay...

no need to marvel oscar, not everyone wanted ginn gone. this issue resurfaces because of ginn's TWO returns for touchdowns this weekend.
when analyzing the job performance of the front office, these sorts of things are very relevant. not that i am doing this analysis, but someone will, and if these issues are continually brought to the forefront, someone in a position of power will eventually take notice.

Um, you people do realize it's only week 1 correct? And they lost by 2 touchdowns to the Patriots, you know the team of the decade with the best coach and QB in the NFL who went 14-2 last year? And if you know that, then I'm sure you further know the Pats sacked the Jets 42-3 last year. They ended up a game away from the Super bowl. Chill, take deep breaths, go for a long walk, fornicate with your wife or gf. It's gonna be ok, you will all live, promise.

Dumb investments?
Parcells gives Ernest Wilford $6mil his first day on the job.
That summer Henne wins the starting job in camp according to Mando in this blog as a rookie.
Two days before the 4th preseason game Favre signs with Jets, they release Penny and Parcells gives him $10mil and makes him the starter.
Wilford criticizes Penny's ability to throw and so they make him inactive.
Then they invent the BACKDOOR wildcat to cover up for the poor decision to sign Penny without a physical.
All along Henne was on the roster, along with Wilford and Ginn and Camarillo. We could have been doing what we did last night for 3 years now.
You want to talk about dumb investments?

We get a top 5 quarterback, we get a top 5 team. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, and Manning are all top 5 quarterbacks over the last couple of years and they also have had the top 5 teams as well. If you put Tom Brady on the Dolphins then we would be 14-2. Look at his receiving corp and what he is doing with them. I don't think they have a whole lot outside of Welker.

Do we really have a top ten defense ? I know it was Tom Brady but ?
I thought Mike Nolan was HC material if we had to make a move but now I have real questions....... Big question can this team even compete in the AFC east? Love the fins but want to see a winner, not a good team.

Nothing like making national news:

99-yard play gets Benny Sapp cut
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 13, 2011, 7:53 PM EDT

Patriots Wes Welker fends off Dolphins Benny Sapp after catching a pass to run in for a touchdown during fourth quarter in Miami AP

Someone on the Dolphins gets fired every time the Patriots visit for a Monday Night game.

Last year, it was special teams coach John Bonamego getting booted after a major meltdown. This time around Wes Welker’s 99-yard catch got cornerback Benny Sapp released, according to his agent Andy Simms.

Dolphins fans will remember that Sapp keyed the team’s best defensive play of the night, an interception returned for a touchdown. It seemed like Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll had an even rougher night than Sapp.

The 99-yard score came when the Patriots were already up 31-17 with under six minutes left. Coach Tony Sparano mistakenly said after the game it was a one-score game at the time.

If the Dolphins really wanted a scapegoat, we’d blame an offensive line and running back group that couldn’t pick up a yard when they needed to near the goal line all night.

I felt totally without hope yesterday. I saw the pats as a team with far superior coaching, team chemistry, and the right attitude. They expected to win and they did. The Dolphins played with fear. They were afraid of the bully.

When a QB comes in your home stadium on MNF and throws for over 500 yards I'm afraid your problems will not be solved by Will Allen.

Sapp should have been cut last year.

Terror strikes the GM and HC tic toc tic toc tic toc both of your times will come!

Jon, it's been like week 1 for a decade now. I guess perhaps there's been a few bad decisions. But let's keep quiet about it and stay mediocre for another decade. Real fans won't. You think it's bad here? Try Philadelphia's fans, New York fans, Chicago fans, etc... Much worse. This is nothing.

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