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Agent: Benny Sapp released by Dolphins

Well, that didn't take long.

The Miami Dolphins have cut cornerback Benny Sapp after he was among the Miami cornerbacks who got burned by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady on Monday night.

Agent Andy Simms made the announcement on his twitter account earlier.

Sapp is the one who gave up the 99-yard touchdown to Wes Welker and several other completions. He also gave up a 2-yard TD to Welker that actually seemed just as troubling in that he competed better on the long TD than the quick pass in the flat TD.

By the way, Sapp wasn't alone in playing poorly against New England. Nolan Carroll similarly got burned several times. Vontae Davis got beat a handful of times before he left the game with cramps in the third quarter. Sean Smith suffered the least damage of Miami's corners but he also struggled at times against the Patriots.

The assumption here is Sapp will be replaced on the roster. The further assumption is that Will Allen will be the man replacing Sapp. Final further assumption: Look for the Allen reunion to happen by Wednesday.

This Sapp move raises several issues:

One: The NFL is a what-have-you-done-lately league and Sapp learned that.

Two: The same people that decided Sapp was good enough to be on the team last week are deciding this week he's not good enough to be on the team, which shows their initial evaluation was wrong.

Frankly, I think Sapp is still better than Carroll right now. He had a better training camp. But Carroll is younger. He's a draft pick. He has ability to grow as a player yet. And he was less expensive than Sapp.


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Henne had one good game!!!! remember when Beck beat the pats?

Posted by: alaindelon | September 13, 2011 at 08:29 PM

NO! Maybe because Beck never even PLAYED against the Pats as a Dolphin!! Get yours facts straight before you bash. He was here during the 1-15 year and we beat Baltimore with him planted firmly on the bench. He never sniffed the field in 2008

Funny you mentioned "evaluation" or lack of same. Sparano reminds me of a dog chasing his tail. How on earth did he make a mistake like keeping Sapp and cuting Allen. Allen could have been signed by another team, then what would happen. We'd still have a sapp at nickle DB. "We're the best DB's in NFL" Davis is out of shape along with several others and thats Sparanos fault, come on Mondo, call a spade and spade. They are not in football game shape and thats the fault of the HC. This yr is going to be worse then last yr. And remember,,,no winn-ee, no tick-ee. No one wants to spend 150.00 (1 person, cheap seats)to watch a loser football team. I love the Dolphins but right now they're a bunch of out of shape losers. Ross are you paying attention????

If not for all the flags on returns, Ginn would have about 20 kickoffs for TD's.

I dont think Sparono will be back next year,but what do i know...i thought the texans would fire kubiak after last season!

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