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And indeed the Dolphins cut Larry Johnson

Well, that didn't take long ...

As I suggested in the previous post, Larry Johnson has been released by the Miami Dolphins. The story was first reported by my 640-Sports radio colleague Andy Slater, whose show is on noon to 3 p.m. daily. Slater and Johnson are close.

The writing for this was on the wall, Book of Daniel style, when rookie Daniel Thomas had a breakout game on Sunday against Houston. Thomas rushed for 107 yards on 18 carries. That was enough to make the team comfortable with the running back corps.

And so the experiment that was Larry Johnson ends after one carry for 2 yards.

It is obvious if the Dolphins are subtracting a player from the roster, they will also add.

They've been looking at free safety help. They also might consider adding a corner because of Vontae Davis and his inability to finish games. Davis is working through a hamstring injury this week. Defensive line, where Tony McDaniel is out of the lineup with a hand injury, is also a possibility.


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Will not shocked.........

Oh Yeah, BTW Iam 1st...........lol

"Wally World"????, Maternity Leave???, What the duece are you talking about DB?????, LOL

Wasting time is the key strength of this FO.

Well I think it's just another stupid move. The rookie has a hamstring injury that keeps him out of the opener and Johnson's brought back. Rookie plays well and they chop Johnson. So are they saying RB is now a position of strength? I hardly think so. How about chopping one of the 5 TE's on the roster or one of the spare LBers. It's just ANOTHER stupid move. Keep going guys...you're time will run out before you ever get this ship righted.

Why won't they allow Will Allen to fill in for Vontae Davis?

vontae davis learned a long time ago from his brother that when not in contract yeat its better to be injured.

Johnson might make 10M this year if he keeps getting cut and signed.

Graig, I dont think any position on this team has strengh, I mean if there is please point it out, cause I dont see it, This has to be the most incomplete tyeam(Sans KC) in the league this year... Any disagreers??


So now when the oft injured Bush or the presently recovering Thomas have a setback, Lex to the Rescue!

Wait a second, I could be being premature here.

There have been reports that Ireland has been checking on the avaliability of Bam Morris!

Cuban Menance,

What about the water boy? Never mind they had cramping issues.

ROTFLMAO! This blog says nothing is taboo, yet Armando has deleted my posts!

I think I rattled the ole qb of this blog Armando! He'll probably delete this post too!


Odin, "Premature"....... Wont be the first time right big guy????LOL

Tooting your own horn DB, for a guy who has the worst ideas of what QB to start.

Sign Larry Johnson; he is the answer. No, no..cut Larry Johnson at the 53 cut date. Hold it, change of mind...cut Polite, bring Johnson back. Oh, wait, Rookie RB Thomas had a good game, but Vontae Davis isn't finishing. Time to cut Johnson , AGAIN!!, and maybe we sign a DB.
The revolving door that is the Dolphin personnel department never stops!! Maybe this is why there is a lack of total commitment at practice.
If the players don't feel the club is in the process with them, they will exhibit a half-hearted effort. And this apparently is the case.
But the fact remains, based on the inability of the FO to fill the needs expressed after last season, that Ireland and company has NO CLUE, no plan, and no idea how to fix the problems.
And if the fan base wants to maintain a head-in-the-sand approach to this, so be it. But the owner, Steven Ross, can't afford this philosophy.
It's his business losing subscribership. Surely he sees it.
Sporano and Ireland have engineered their own fate. They will be replaced. And the fans should endorse it, because the alternative is continued losing, followed by continued disappointment.
Just remember, being a die-hard might be valiant, but the end result is a slow death. It's time for change, from Ownership, from the players and from the fans. And it's high time we all embrace it.

DB, somebody lit up one of your posts on the last thread. You should probably tend to that one first LOL



Did you notice Armando deleted my "Wally Worl" post you replied too?

He also deleted the one I posted about locking he and and Sparano in the same room, not letting them out until they figure how to blow a soap bubble thru a a buble ring, being like life imprisoment. Thats being how unimaginative they both are.


Another first round pick!!! Issues with finishing how much more of this crap do we have to take!!!

DC (In case you didn't see my response in the last post),

I feel your pain, and I agree with many of your posts. I don't know if I can agree to just throw away a season after 2 games though. I'm not hanging on to false hope, but losing badly without trying can be contagious, and last for a decade instead of a year (Lions). I'm realistic and fully understand that we will probably have a losing record this year though.

Also......since Direct TV is giving me Sunday Ticket for free for my first year as a new customer, I'd like to see some wins and good playing! :) Never in my life have I gotten to see all the phins games like this! I love it! I think I picked a bad year to get it though, lol.

One day I will get to step foot in that stadium, that is my dream. Anyway, for now my dream is at least 1 win in the next 4 games.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/09/is-johnson-a-luxury-dolphins-can-continue-to-afford/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz1YWMBDTBJ


Sorry, didn't mean to copy and paste the "read more" part

Odin, "Premature"....... Wont be the first time right big guy????LOL

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 20, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Of course that's never happened to me. But I have "HEARD" there's only two standard replies:

1. OMG-that's NEVER happened to me before. I swear!

2. Um.....ah......Well, I'm just not used to someone so hot!

Of course I've also "HEARD" that netiher works very well....................

8 Days ago we couldn't covert a 4th and 1 foot, and now we are so loaded at RB that we can cut a guy who used to specialize in short yardage?

I realize it's early in the season and he's just working back into gear but still, give the guy a few weeks to get into shape. Vick took almost a year to get his feet back. Plax will likely only have a few moments this year because of the need to gain strength and endurance. But Larry Johnson, despite not having a year to regain shape, he apparently showed nothing in the less than 20 carries he got in his whole time in Miami and that's enough for us to conclude he has nothing to offer. Well, except for that nice TD run of 20+ yards, but that apparently means nothing.

I'm sorry, just on personell decisions alone, this front office and coach need to be dumped. We're in for a long season.

Buster, Great comment!!! But if you were a high quality coach would you work for Ross after what he did behind sparanos back? I can tell you word is out in the NFL about Ross and its going to be hard to find a high quality coach to trust him. And I tell you hes going to have to get rid of Ireland for sure because that dude was with Ross and would have cut Tonys head off in minute for his own job

Repost from last blog...

Ohio/Craig, DAMN this team for making me sound like dusty bottoms.

Ohio, welcome to DirectTV. I've already paid thousands into it and all I have to show for the last 4 years is 26 wins (if you average that out it's 6 wins a year). 6 lousy wins. Think about how many hangovers I could have had with the money I wasted.

That's why I'm willing to pay more taxes. I'm throwing it away to DirectTV as it is. Might as well get some new uni's for our military or fix some bridges with all that waste, huh? Wouldn't that be better for the country?

By the way, the one game I saw in Miami we were fortunate enough to win (a Sunday night game against DC a few years back). My suggestion: PICK YOUR GAME WISELY!!! Actually, better bet is to see an away game (like I'm going to Giants stadium). Better chance of them winning away.


Joe Shmoe,

Took your advice and went back and viewed "getting lit up".

That plus the first 3 posts on this present blog is proof enough for me Armando really does post here using "fake screen names".

What a loser! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL At The Norse Warrior, Alsao DB, Mando loves to delete posts, Esspically when the dont conform to the "Mando View", Just a observation but I think it'as true..., Though I'am sure this post will be deleted so.... Oh Well what can you do??? LOL

There a rumor going around saying Ross called Jason Taylor in his office to expand on his comments about "not practicing hard". And supposley Sparano is on a real short leash and may be gone if he loses the Browns game. Just a rumor though it can be true!

Capt Obvious(Armando) from what you posted in reply to me in the last blog. I guess you also consider writing "it sill be sunny day tomorrow" as out front investgative reporting too!

You dont have enough imagination to scratch your a*ss if sitting in a live bed of poison ivy! LOL....................................

maybe with some luck, Parcels will take on Giants job, hire Irland and Sparano to go there...lol...all are jokes


Jason Taylor offered Head Coaching Job in Miami.

Ross commented: With Jason's experience on Dancing with The Stars, he fits right in with what I'm trying to accomlish here in MIAMI!

DC DOlphan,

I made my script to Directv very cheap i quit getting it after our 1st 7-9 season and have not went back and its easy not to buy even ppv when you know there gonna loose. I will not renew until I see significant improvement on the field. I dont care if they hire bill cohwer ive got to see them winn every week. We have to quit falling for these ploys of promised improvement and not support this team until it shows on the field

Craig, last thing. A win against Cleveland is NOT a positive IMHO. I don't want to be happy that I beat up a 5 year old child. That's nothing for me to be proud of (yes, in my view, Cleveland is like a 5 yr-old child). I want to beat an OFFICIAL team in the NFL. Not a bunch of scrubs from the Rust Belt that just lost their factory job and stepped on a football field. There's no honor there.

Do you guys remember the movie "Major League"???? Is it me or does this mirror the premise of this movie??, I think Stephen(Hollywood)(Clueless) Ross really wants this team to tank, (Look at the half empty stadium last week) thus enabling him to move the team to Los Angles, Just thinking, but this fish smells......

This is a perfect example of a FO in desperation.

Maybe Pennington should be on the coaching staff.....

DC, Great post, When(Except the injury plagued Packers) Have the phins beat in the last 2 years???(BTW, The Jets dont count, They beatem cause they hate em..)

AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight Los Angeles!!!!

Forgive Me Jim, please................

Ouch DC,

Careful with the area shots..........if we lose wouldn't we have been beat up by a 5 year old child then?

Plus I don't want to hear it from the stupid browns fans the rest of the year

Show of hands, how many people actually really believed Larry Johnson would last a full season on this roster?

All of you with your hands up tell us who Armando's "idiot audience" really are!


Odin, Sacreligous..............Shame on you..

DB, I'am sure Lil Aloco in a glue induced state of mind would think LJ would last the seasom...LOL

At least the 2nd game emergence of D Thomas forces Sparano to get out of the dream world of thinking Bush is a true feature back. That's not going to happen unless you have head above shoulders the best blocking oline in the nfl!

DKM thanks for the info. I guessed he would at least last till the break. We will loose the browns game though. Unless we break out the Wildcat lololololol

DB, If memory serves me correctly, didn't you say Bush could be an every down back right before the season started? Something about his inuries were flukey & he could hold up or be the guy.

You're giving Aloco's flip flopping claim about you credibility.

LOL, sorry Ohio. Forgot you were on. Didn't mean to diss the Youngstown crowd. Anyway, you're from Cicny, right? Columbus?

Ericatl......agreed...the word is out. But money has a funny way of overcoming reluctance.
An incoming Coach and GM can insist on total control over personnel decisions.
That should be no problem since it's obvious that Mr Ross' forte is not on field decisions.
However, the first step is damage control. If the building is on fire, you either make every effort to extinguish it, or lose the entire structure.
Mr Ross needs to take action. He needs to focus on a point of no return, a decision maker. Let's say it's 70% loss/win ratio, or worse. So if the team is 2 and 6 at the mid-way point, for example, that's the point of decision. Excercise damage control, before the whole thing flames out of control.
At that point, he fires Sporano, and appoints an interim Coach from present staff.
He starts the very next moment his search for a new HC, and makes that, and only that, public knowledge.
At that point, he immediately elevates the hopes of the entire fan base. At that point, the seeds for change are planted, and allowed to grow.
He DOES NOT makes his announced decision until the day after this season ends, and not a moment sooner. In the next breath he announces that Jeff Ireland has been fired.
The new regime comes in, the old is drummed out. Ross and the HC agree on a GM.
The off-season and the rebuilding begins then, along with hope. And with the return of hope, comes the loyal fans who deserve nothing less.


Looks like the Will Allen move: you're in, you're out, you're in...pathetic


A victory over Cleveland is only a bad thing for the team if you and others have given up on the season. A victory over them could be a spring board to better things or it could be more mediocrity. Myself, I'm not there yet and I'd have a tough time watching this team every week HOPING they lose. Not my style.

I've seen the 'Phins play in Buffalo and old Cleveland stadium. If I'd played my cards right I would have gone to the new stadium this week to watch them play.


Said Bush could be a feature back if you redefine what feature back means.

Said it would have to mean how creative can you be about getting the ball into his hands. You can give him 18-20 touches a game being creative in how you do it.

I never said run Bush between the tackles 18-20 times a game. Think you got me all fvcked up buddy!


Aloco, I'm not in any brigade. I do agree that I am astute however. I'd like to add realistic & observant LOL

Just kididng, moving on!

If we can trade some of next years draft picks for a quality starting safety and/or RT today we should do it.

Dumbass Spatrano has no pulling guards in the starting lineup to best take advantage of getting Bush on the edges on run plays. To get Bush on the edges we'll have to try much riskier pitchouts.

Some qb's are better than others with pitchouts. Pitchouts can be fumbles waiting to happen.

It's Schmoe, DB. lol You're keyboard appears to be getting the best of you today.

Perhaps I misunderstood.

Guys, Last time the fins won a playoff game????, 1998 Aainst the Seahawks... True or not???

Seems when I attack Armando, ALoco relentlessly attacks me.



Dear God (of your choice),

Please send my Miami Dolphins a head coach with a little knowledge of football and football related areas. Please allow Tony to be swallowed by a whale ala Jonah. I would realy like to see my fins win a superbowl before i come home to meet you. This is very important to me and my three sons. It is hard to convince a 14 yr old boy to root for a looser. At least my dad had the luxury of selling me on the Marx bros and Marino.......I have an idiot with bad eyes and celebrity owners......Please God help me

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