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And indeed the Dolphins cut Larry Johnson

Well, that didn't take long ...

As I suggested in the previous post, Larry Johnson has been released by the Miami Dolphins. The story was first reported by my 640-Sports radio colleague Andy Slater, whose show is on noon to 3 p.m. daily. Slater and Johnson are close.

The writing for this was on the wall, Book of Daniel style, when rookie Daniel Thomas had a breakout game on Sunday against Houston. Thomas rushed for 107 yards on 18 carries. That was enough to make the team comfortable with the running back corps.

And so the experiment that was Larry Johnson ends after one carry for 2 yards.

It is obvious if the Dolphins are subtracting a player from the roster, they will also add.

They've been looking at free safety help. They also might consider adding a corner because of Vontae Davis and his inability to finish games. Davis is working through a hamstring injury this week. Defensive line, where Tony McDaniel is out of the lineup with a hand injury, is also a possibility.


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Ireland deserves credit.
I've bashed the 3 stooges in here more than anyone (Parcells/Ireland/Soprano).
It occurred to me last night that between the trade for Marshall last year and the trade up for Thomas this year we have the following players between last years and this years first and second rounds:
Marshall, Pouncey, Odrick, Thomas
That's actually not bad.




Craig, I'll officially give up on the team after we've lost 5 games and will be essentially removed from Playoff contention.

Also, didn't say beating Cleveland was a bad thing, just don't think it's a positive. Now, if it's a spring board, then in hindsight it could be a positive, but that would mean we'd have to beat the Chargers in San Diego, and I doubt you'd bet your house we'll do that.

I had to see the light before I got to the depths of dusty and Joe Schmoe and Cuban. You'll have to see the light before you get to my depths. The sad truth is, one by one, every optimistic poster here will at some point this season reach the depths I'm at. And I don't wish that for you. I want better, you guys are good people. But such is our fate. Almost signed, sealed and delivered. Without the Stevie Wonder music in the background.


What about Armando setting himself to look insightful with these last two well timed posts?

He heard the news leaked this morning, set it up with his first post and then attempted to make himself look ............


If you like what youve been seeing the past 3yrs I welcome to to remain optimistic.

If not, "WELCOME TO REALITY" buddy! LOL...

Not shocked by Johnson getting cut. It seems the GM and the coach have problems evaluating talent. JT said, it best this team does not have good practice habits and it is spilling over into the games. That is coaching.

I want to personally walk up to Sparano and give him his pink slip.

Deep Throat,

I believed lastnight the sun would be shining today. Does that also make me insightful?

Probably makes me Capt Obvious just like Armando. Larry Johson getting cut is not news. The real news was even giving a rb that hasnt been relevant in the nfl in over 5yrs a tryout.

If that was the unimaginative route to go, why didnt they just sign Tiki Barber? It makes the same amount of sense. LOL...

Welcome DC, To the gang of defeat........ LOL, Thats what Some(Aloco) calle us but I like to refer us to the gang of reality, Either way WELCOME....


Sorry bud. Gotta disagree. No trading of draft picks to make THIS year's team better. Tired of the patchwork job the FO does. No team in their right mind would trade away a starting RT or safety. I want all the picks saved for next year's draft when they will be more valuable. However, if this ship keeps sinking I am in favour of trading some players to get more draft picks for next year. There's some good young QBs coming out and I'm all in favour of going and getting one.

We have lost to probably the best team in the league (NE) and a houston team that is in top 5 of most nfl ranking sites. We will win at least 9 games and will be im playoff humt om week 17

What drug is John on?

Jones-Drew runs between the tackles all day and he's smaller than bushy

Larry Johnson was cut by the last team he tried out for and now cut by us twice. So some really bright person here please explain how what's been his latest track record is note worthy news?


But who really cares with our coaching anyhow...should we put up the "fire Sparano" website yet?

Bush cant break arm tackles. Drew can!

John, Please tell me were your city is, I need some drugs...LOL

Darren Sharper.I know he is older,but he is a free safety that actually could make some plays.Just a thought.

Larry Johnson being cut, yet again, is only note worthy news to Armando and the idiot facid of his unintelligent audience!


Wow John!!....I wish I had your enthusiasm. I'm not sure where your're getting that from. I haven't seen it in the first two games. I like to think I'm one of the most optimistic guys on here but I think Sparano is even scratching his head trying to figure this group out. I'm with DC, if they actually beat Cleveland this week are they actually going to go into San Diego and beat them? I just can't see it. And the Jets are on the horizon too, which sad as it is for me to admit are a better team right now. We would have played Jacksonville this last weekend and struggled to beat them. Sad but true...

ESPN Is Reporting That Ross Has Give Tony Sporano A 5 Year Extension...The Extension Is A Good Faith Gesture...Sporano Promises To Run This Franchise Into The Ground...

The reason Darren Sharper is league unemployed is because his tires are now flat. You cant make plays on the ball if you no longer can get to where the ball is!


I'm predicting right now that Larry Johnson will be back with this team again before the season is over. It's how these guys operate. It's the Larry, my bother Larry and my other brother Larry show.....

Or maybe that was Darryl....

3 And 13 Baby, Fist pump city....

If Darren Sharper could still be effective dont you think he would already be on a nfl roster?


John, Please tell me were your city is, I need some drugs...LOL

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 20, 2011 at 04:04 PM


ESPN Is Reporting That Ross Has Give Tony Sporano A 5 Year Extension...The Extension Is A Good Faith Gesture...Sporano Promises To Run This Franchise Into The Ground...

Posted by: GetRidofSparano | September 20, 2011 at 04:06 PM


Mando, u shud b coach


I live the Akron area, about 20 minutes south of Cleveland

I am not convinced Larry Johnson shoould of been reinstated to begin with. However, i can say this, coach Sparano does this juggling act each year and should tell the guys on the team-eye to eye that they are not next-it will help morale.

You guys are all missing the grand conspiracy. Ross courting Harbough was a smoke screen. He secretly hired Bill Cowher last year and gave him a year to get ready. In the mean time, good old Captain Fist Pump drives the team into the dirt and we wind up with the first pick in the draft.

Ahh, I can just hear the stadium announcer now, “And at quarterback for the Dolphins, making his NFL regular season debut…Andrew Luck”.

Hey, I can dream. It beats the crappy reality I’m living as a Dolphin fan.

Ohio, Sorry to hear that... lol

The reason a problem still exists at safety is because this dumbass regime will neither sign a top fs nor draft one before the 5th rd.

Ireland is so self-dellusioned into thinking he can draft an acorn star. The team's still dripping in mediocrity at some very key positions. For Ireland the most important position on the backend of your defense just doesnt merit a top fa signing or draft pick above the 5th rd.


Ohio Dolfan,

Do the Clevelamnders think they have a shot at beating the Dolphins? Cause were going 14 and 2!

Actually I live in a pretty nice suburb on the outskirts of Akron......but it was crazy here when what's his name took his talents to South Beach :)

So much for the money saved from the one game cut of W. Allen.

The Clevelenders think they have a shot at beating every team every week, and when they do finally get a win they think they are going to the Super Bowl every year. They are the most annoying fanbase to live around

LOL AT Ohio, Never hear anything good about Ohio, But if you like it, thats all that matters.....

Every year we neither honestly go after a top fa in position of need nor draft one highly. Yo gotta do one of the two or even both each nfl season to close the gap if you're not a very good team.

Ireland's answer:

Take out the garbage to bring in more garbage. This guy is so self-dellusional! LOL...

Sean Smith gave up 2 touchdowns in the very first game of the season.
Smith CANNOT cover TEs.
Smith gave up a touchdown to EACH of N.E. TEs, including the game winner.

Why do fans think this guy is anything special?

Miami has the worst CBs in the AFC east and Sean Smith has NEVER made even one game changing play.

Let's stop with the looking through jaded teal lenses on Sean Smith who is playing in his third losing season on what is right now the WORST defense in the NFL.

Hey, Tiki Barber AND Brian Westbrook both have better OVR in Madden12 than any of our RB's (including Johnson)...

Somebody tell our "superstar" WR Marshall to stop dropping TD passes and maybe we'll be more competetive right away.

Wishing my wife had spent her money for my BDay for somthing better than tickets to the Chargers game. With these DB's and our yearly inability to cover TE's, its going to be a painful experience.

Still angry and embarassed about the week 1 conditioning thing. Can somone in Miami please stick a pin in the bubble???

So we gave him guaranteed full year money for 1 carry for 2 yards. Johnson made a great deal!

Craig M,
A team with a capable backup, salary cap issues and possibly a catastrophic injury to a key player might look to make a move and it might make sense for them.

What are more 3rd, 4th, 5th etc round picks going to do for us? The Patrick Turners and AJ Edds of the world are just as abundant as undrafted free agents.

Draft picks can move a team up one notch at the most per season. Draft picks get you to parity. Trades/Free agency take you the rest of the way.

As is I think we win 8-10 games this season.

Question: who is the best free safety under age 30 in NFL today? If we replaced Rashad with that player how far could we go this season? Would you give up next years first rounder today for that player?

I would.

The only conspiracy going on is Ross setting things up for a move.

The owners couldn't get an 18 game season, so they're going for expansion.

When the Phins are moved to LA, Miami will get a team. The only thing left to be determined is what other city gets an NFL franchise.

A Canadian city perhaps?

How many of you can envision Nolan Carrol isolated 1 on 1 on Vincent Jackson? (don't laugh, we all saw it against A. Johnson). I'm having nightmares.

Odinseye, Ross ain't moving the team - he owns the stadium. Remember, Joe Robbie did it the right way and built it with his own money.

Tax payers' money? We don't need no stinkin tax payers' money.

I just cant get over the fact that Sparano sent the offense back out there with 4th and 1 to draw the defense outside??!? We burn a TO! What if we needed that TO. Sparano is a joke!

We never really improve from year to year because we never really improve the talent from year to year.

It takes this regime 2yrs to finally improve a problem that should have been fixed 3yrs ago. Pouncey is a fine example.

We go thru 3yrs of acorns to find its never going to work. Then draft late rd for players we need to have impact at critical positions.

All of this makes me wonder if the Parcells experiment wasnt just the "northeast biased nfl" comspiracy to make sure the Dolphins would never be prominent again. They are still smarting over the only unbeaten untied championship team in nfl history not being from the overly biased cities.

I don't know what is sadder. A once great RB hanging on getting cut every other week or the Dolphin management work the roster. What happens if Daniel Thomas re-injures his ham string?. P.S. We STILL have four tight ends. Three of wich never see the field or make any noticable contribution to the outcome of the game. OY!!!!

Craig M,
Furthermore we were in both of the games into the 4th qtr.
Against NE our inability to score on goal line in 4th qtr was as much of a fluke as the Welker 99yard TD on next play. That was a 14 point shift in 2 plays.
Similarly the 2 missed FG's against Houston made the game seem a lot less close than it was.

Now that you said, "conspiracy theory" HOME is going to show up.
I want to ask him how he feels trumping all the Sun Sentinel bloggers on his score prediction posted there.
Home had picked Houston and came close to getting the exact score,now all the regular bloggers there are sitting with their mouths open having a brain fart moment.

DB, dont stop there. The D is FAR from set. Anyone who thought this D was close must be feeling ill right about now.

Other areas that we still need better starters are:

OLB Don't see much from Misi
CB#2 Smith is a total fraud
CB#3 Allen is not a long term solution
CB#4 Carrol should not be on the field
FS neither 5th rounder is worthy
LG Incognito is garbage!
RT Columbo, christ!
RG I thought Ireland said he was a Tackle?

If Miami beats the browns & our D plays like they did last year against bad teams, I guarantee some here will blindly get back on the horse.

For example:

We needed a premium TE like Hershey needs chocolate. Yet the past 3 yrs we've neither drafted any high(1st-2nd rd), nor attempted to sign a top one when available in fa.

Now we draft a late rd slash and question mark who thru 2 games has yet to see the regular season playing field. As Vince Lombardi was once quoted: "What the hell is going on out there"!


We'll probably beat the Browns 10 to 6, and everyone will be happy.

Vick contributed more to Atl's scoring drives that Ryan did. Ryan had barely 100 yards passing going into the 4th qtr Sunday night.

On the first TD that Vick threw to Maclin there was no defender within 10 yeards of Maclin.

NYG did not look very impressive last night.

And were you seriously impressed with Bradford's perfomance last night?

Bottom line: other than NE all teams have issues.

Ross is getting his TV money.

The stadium? You think he gives two shyts about that stadium? The stadium is basically empty every week and costs more to operate than it brings in.

That stadium is NOT keeping him from moving this team. No disrespect, but GET REAL.

Seriously, "THAT" Stadium-Pssssft!

It's in the works. Expansion into the international ranks. Miami gets a new Franchise and one major Canadian City. Imagine how many MORE Canadians will start tuning in to the NFL with it's single fagship franchise! Money, MONEY-Baby!

Let's see what Home's prediction is for the Browns -Dolphins game this week.Me,I'll take Miami 34-13.


I don't want this team to take 'another step towards parity'. I want them to be REALLY good. Tired of going 7-9, 9-7. It's not working!! I admit it. Listen I was the biggest believer in this tema when guys told me otherwise. Sure there's been positive steps this year but there's also been steps back. Whatever we want to argue with, the reality is that none of it it good enough. Both teams we played came into our building and thumped us!! That's the reality! It hurts to say but that's what happened. You say 'we were in it until the 4th quarter in both games', I say Tom Brady didn't even work up a sweat in week one against us and we never lead at ANY POINT in the game on Sunday. We can sugar coat it any way we want but those are the realities. Until we get to the point that teams FEAR coming into our building and playing us we''l continue to be mediocre. It's NOT WORKING....I am ready to try something else.

Miami fans, I've reached the point that reading your posts are far better than either going to and/or watching Miami Dolphin football games and I JUST DON'T THINK THAT THAT IS RIGHT! Just, saying...Keep them posts coming-in though and maybe I can then last being a Miami Dolphin fan until Miami finally figures out how to win games!

Let's admit it...We suck!

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