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And indeed the Dolphins cut Larry Johnson

Well, that didn't take long ...

As I suggested in the previous post, Larry Johnson has been released by the Miami Dolphins. The story was first reported by my 640-Sports radio colleague Andy Slater, whose show is on noon to 3 p.m. daily. Slater and Johnson are close.

The writing for this was on the wall, Book of Daniel style, when rookie Daniel Thomas had a breakout game on Sunday against Houston. Thomas rushed for 107 yards on 18 carries. That was enough to make the team comfortable with the running back corps.

And so the experiment that was Larry Johnson ends after one carry for 2 yards.

It is obvious if the Dolphins are subtracting a player from the roster, they will also add.

They've been looking at free safety help. They also might consider adding a corner because of Vontae Davis and his inability to finish games. Davis is working through a hamstring injury this week. Defensive line, where Tony McDaniel is out of the lineup with a hand injury, is also a possibility.


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Only if Sparano or Ireland can see these posts.

"Do the Clevelamnders think they have a shot at beating the Dolphins? Cause were going 14 and 2!"

Posted by: DKM

I sure hope this was written in jest!

I think Al's been in a tent with Ricky smoking something. Who really sees this offense ever scoring 34? Not that it wouldn't be nice. Maybe if we alternated playing KC, Seattle, and Jacksonville every week...

Joe Shmoe,

Besides our ineffective safeties and overrated corners. The greatest problem is the 3-4 defense in Miami itself. IMO, Miami is the wrong climate to have these big slow linemen.

Our 3-4 DE's are almost a total waste becuase they almost never make a meaningful game changing play. They are almost a waste of roster space.

By far our most effective defense in this hot humid Miami climate has been the smaller, quicker, 4-3 defensive ideology. We need to get back to the 2 huge DT's, rotating them to keep them fresh, and the quicker pass rush DE's.

We've also missed out on some pretty good 4-3 olb's in the Parcells era because they dont fit the cumbersome 3-4 d ideology.

Until they get rid of that horendous Dolphin Fight Song, this team will be forever losers, just like the song. I say to change the losing culture you need to complete remodel the franchise. New logo, new uniforms, TOTAL new song, new coach, new GM, new QB and, most important of all, a NEW OWNER, who has a clue what he's doing.

Odrick is overratted he's just an average player. We could of had Dez Bryant next to B Marsh!

Me and three buddies with a couple of cases of miller lite could run this team better than Ireland, Ross, Dee, and sparano

The problems with this team start at the top. Bad personell decisions followed by even worse ones. I said it last year "You can't buy all of your stuff at the dollar store and expect it not to break." Ireland keeps trying to bargain shop for players and for what? I guess he wants to be one of those GMs that tries to prove he is better than everyone else by going outside of the box to pick up other peoples garbage and make it work. The problem with that is it hasn't. They went and got two great players that were obviously great. Jake Long was the first pick in a draft and we traded for B Marsh. Both were obviously great players and both have had great results for us. Well B Marsh has his bad moments but all in all you still have to worry about him if your the opposing team and if you don't account for him he tends to make a play. My point is you can't fill a roster with backups and expect to compete in this league. Sure it's ok to roll the dice on a guy and see if he hits but you can't fill your roster with them and expect to win. Sheesh this FO is just like our Govt not answering common sense questions with common sense answers.

Here's a novel thought.....why not design an offense that has Thomas, Marshall and Bush on the field...AT THE SAME TIME ??!!!
Like ..uhmmm...the Patriots do with their top players...
you know..the team that consistently wins 10 or more games every season. Oh that's right ! They actualy have a guy in charge who knows how to coach.
Oh , wow. The next novel idea......

Odrick is overratted he's just an average player. We could of had Dez Bryant next to B Marsh!

Posted by: F Sparano | September 20, 2011 at 04:44 PM

This is the kind of draft mistakes Im talking about. Unless Odrick was absolutely the best DE in college football there was no viable reason to use a #1 pick on him. Especially when it was more needed else where.

Why use a #1 pick on an above average DE, when you're going to use him at a position and defense that has very little impact anyway? DE's dont have great impact in the 3-4 defense unless the guy is a suprememly special player to begin with.

I would never draft a 3-4 DE above 3rd rd unless all signs pointed toward him becoming a future hof'er.

4 3rd round TE's = no TE when you need one

3 2nd rate OL'ers = gametime prayers

2 RBs that never play = ghosts in the machine

Safeties that aren't safe are oxymorons

Players that get signed, then cut, then resigned are cold cuts wearing jerseys

Special teams that aren't special have become our specialty

Red zones that are never penetrated become blue zones

Trying to draw a team offsides on 4th down deep in your own territory is a dumb assumption that someone out there is dumber than you.

This isn't even funny anymore. Another "State of Confusion" example at the so-called upper echelon. Gotta stop the madness and bring in a coaching staff to coach and LEAD these players to success.

Craig M,
I want improvement also.
My belief is that we can have that improvement now by trading next years 1st and/or 2nd today for a starting FS and/or RT.
4 years of drafting got us this far; the correct trade can leap frog us forward.
Enjoy the game Sunday!

The one thing I will disagree with people with is how far this team is away from success. When Sparano has shown he can't get the job done (and that day is not that far away) this team will play better under a guy like Jeff Fisher. The only question will be, how many guys on the current 53 man roster will he keep around. I would think guys like Bell will be gone. Then you can start looking at guys like Smith, Allen, Taylor, Hartline, Jones, Clemons and even Misi. A new coach to a team will want to make his mark and don't be surprised to some significant turnover. How's the $12 million man doing so far?

Al in NJ, I am going over to the Sun Sentinel Dolphin blog now to see if i can find Home's prediction on the Sundays game.


Respectfully, I think you're nuts!! I don't want it done that way. I think you can get a young guy in the draft with a 1st or second pick and that's the way I'd prefer it. I don't want to see any more draft picks traded. How about we accumulate picks for a change.

Dying Breed and Pretzel Logic....

in total agreement with your comments.

Example Of How Clueless This FO Is:

Use a #1 pick on Odrick to move Starks to NT because they didnt like Soliai.

How It Played Out:

#1 pick Odrick misses entire season, Starks back to DE, and Soliai ends up being franchised for 12 million.

Totally clueless about thier own personel! LOL...

Until they get rid of that horendous Dolphin Fight Song, this team will be forever losers, just like the song. I say to change the losing culture you need to complete remodel the franchise. New logo, new uniforms, TOTAL new song, new coach, new GM, new QB and, most important of all, a NEW OWNER, who has a clue what he's doing.

Posted by: Frederico Dabus | September 20, 2011 at 04:41 PM

This is the point I've been trying to make and you guys don't see it coming-LOL.

Think about it. Wouldn't it be a lot easier just getting a new "Franchise" with Ross moving the Phins to Cali?

Reason Why This Team Will Always Have Glaring Issues Under The Present Regime:

Takes them 2-3yrs to fix a problem at key positions with a premium draft pick or fa signing. Takes them 2-3 seasons to become convinced an acorn isnt the fix!


Please dont get me started on Koa Misi. Please someone give me a time he made a play on the field where you said "wow". waiting......

Guys, before I go to the gym, wanted to bring your attention to Omar Kelley's post on the SS. Yeah, yeah, many here hate Omar (for what reason, I don't know, must be a S. Florida thing). But read his "No Accountability" post, you'll change your mind.

He basically says what we've been carping on here for weeks. And he doesn't blame 1 player (outright). He's blaming Ireland and Sparano.

And I'm in total agreement. Keep every player, and just get a new GM/Coach, and I bet this team would've been at the top 1/2 of the league this year. They aren't all that bad (from a personnel standpoint). With Henne progressing, they should be in much better shape (yes, I realize we're only 2 games into the Season). But these issues have been festering for weeks. He specifically brings up the "in-game adjustments" and that's a major issue we've all spoken about. He brings up keeping Spitler for Edds (who looked in Preseason like he would be better than Mitchell, but who am I?) and we've noted that too.

He makes all our points, and surely the organization will read what he wrote. He's absolutely, 100% right. And for that, this must be Ireland's/Sparano's last year with the team. They aren't the answer we were looking for. Sucks, waste of 4 years, but it is what it is. Time to cut the dead weight loose and move on.

Catch you on the other side.

The next issue is coaching. I have never been a fan of a 3 4 defense. Yes it does work but you have to be able to fill your roster with the right personnel to run it. News flash we do not have the right personnel to run a 3 4. That kind of defense feeds off of confusion. The confusion comes from which side is the pressure coming from. Well if you only have one outside lb that is effective at rushing the passer then the mystery is solved and the line can adjust to the that side making pass rush inexistent. Honestly think we have a better shot at running a 4 3. Wake and Taylor on the outsides with Dansby Misi and whoever else these ass clowns decide to put on the other side. Starks and Solia hold down the middle of the line and leave the two knuckle heads outside at corner to fend for themselves. I honestly think we have a better shot tis way at stopping the run and getting pressure on the QB. Our 3 4 defense seems to confuse us more than it confuses them. The other coaching fault other than not adapting scheme to personnel is the lack of concentration and knowing what to do in certain situations. I mean seriously how many penalties have kiled drives or given us bad field position? How many timeouts have we waisted? How out of shape is our team? This all boils down to coaching. We need to actually run in practice. Go over what we need to do and when. And we need to adapt our scheme to our players and stop asking them to do things they just can't do. Common sense answers to common sense question.

Koa Misi where are you?

oi vey... you're all so predictable. as soon as the team stumbles.. it's fire the coach! kill the quarterback. you know, the SAME things were being said of Shula and Marino when we went 6-8. the only difference was that in that case, you were right!

The oline totally sucked when this regime arrived. The fix:

Jake Long- A+

Grove/Smiley- Knew they were damaged goods before the signing. Give them a D grade only because Grove /Smiley had 1 good season.

Incognito is only a good signing because no one else wanted him. He's a bargain for wht we're getting but in no ways to be confused with future pro bowl potential.

Jerry- Just a long list of olinemen not drafted 1st-2nd rd where they should have been drafting to build a premium young oline.

Pouncey- A+ However when I was just beginning to think this fo was wising up they signed the turnstile Columbo as a starter.

Same coach, same results.

Armando after continually reading your posts i keep asking myself why i continue to do so. You are a horrible writer and know nothing of football and your investigative skills which are key to your job are just terrible. Ive recently started to read Omar Kellys blogs and they are great that man knows what hes talking about what a difference between a good and bad writer. His insight in the dolphins and his investigative skills are great not to mention his saturday show in 560 wqam which is far better than yours i mean the guy is constantly called in by michael irvin because of how good he is not to mention his frequent appearances on nfl network and espn i dont see you doing these things and i sure as hell dont see michael irvin asking you for your thoughts on dolphins. In addition, you should really cancel your show on 640 because it is just god awful

Picking up Dying Breed's point on Starks...
our illustrious HC actually said last pre-season, that "Starks is better than Jason Ferguson now...

that was his estimationof Starks at NT compared to a 14 year All Pro...
suddenly after the first game...Starks was back outside, and Solai had to redeem the defense with his NT play...
...another example of Tony S totally missing the boat...AGAIN!

...now it's one year later...and one week before the season opener, Sporano actually said he thought this team was "Poised and ready to go here, and make a run at this thing"!...
...then 2 weeks into the sesason we hear from JT that there are internal preparation problems....WTF!!
...talk about the HC being clueless!!!!!!


Greatest issue with 4-3 d now is who is your mlb? Zach Thomas had Crowder groomed a little before Parcells took over. If we went back to the 4-3 now we have to resign Crowder to play mlb and find two quicker, faster, smaller pass rush DE's.

At present we dont have a true mlb nor 4-3 DE's on the roster. We could never generate a great pass rush with these big ole slow DE's of the 3-4 d.

Lets use that extra roster spot to sign Lousaka Polite. Based on what I saw from thomas, he could use a legit FB to run behind.


I read your last post and agree with a great deal of what you said. This season will show it's time to move on from Sparano....it's time. He's been given the benefit of the doubt....ad naseum.

Two questions I have for you...you want Ireland gone. OK, I get that. But replaced by who? Carl Peterson? Wow!! Could be one step forward and two back. What if he brings Herm Edwards in to coach....wow!! Talk about steps back. I'm all for Jeff Fisher as Head Coach but I really don't have an answer for GM. Guys will HATE this idea but is there any way that bill Polian could be snatched away from Indy? I don't know what the answer is when it comes to GM. That part I really don't know enough about. I see teams all over the league messing up draft picks, so I'm not as critical on Ireland as am Sparano. For every good move a team makes there are usually lots of bad ones.

Im out you guys have a great day!


The other question I had for you, is it absolutely a foregone conclusion that we draft a QB first round next year? You saifd earlier we should keep Henne but I've also heard you say you want a new first round QB. With all the holes we think we have on the team, at RT, S, maybe CB, does a QB go first to us next year. I think so, but I wanted to hear what you had to say.

All I can say is that its hard being a finfan...after 42 years, its very hard...

Here we go again!! I have been a finfan since the late 60's and the Marino era, after that it's been a mess a total disaster!! Every year it's been, wait until next year, next year comes and it's worst than the year before, it's a bumbling circus every year!! I think it's time to jump off the band wagon I just can't take it any more...true fan? I have been but the front office are a bunch of jerks and don't know what their doing!! They need premier players not these second rate players spend some money you cheapskates and get the best of the best next time..I tried the Henne thing and I'm still not sold sorry!!

DB I see ur point on personell but still feel we are better suited for a 4 3. Ordrick and Langford are by no means suitable for 4 3. But I do believe Wake and Taylor would generate more pressure on the field than what we are currently going with now. I Believe that Dansby could do fairly well inside my only real question is what do we do on the outside at linebacker. Our team is currently in limbo bad personell moves have us in a spot where either defense bring chunks of questions. Misi is not an issue when it comes to rushing the qb which makes our 3 4 quite predictable and none existant. 4 3 at least puts tow good pass rushers outside and maybe starks and Solia can make room for Dansby to make some plays. I'm not saying it will work but I think we have a better shot then with what we are currently running.

One Last Thing:

Armando, when a reader calls you out for being an unimaginative writer. The appropriate action is not to delete his post. The appropriate action is to step up your writing game.

Dont pat yourself on the back for reporting Capt Obvious news. Is like rewarding yourself for finishing next to last place.

Great reporters create the the news. Bad reporters create uneducated gibberish for an uneducated reader base.

Let's admit it...We suck!

Posted by: We Suck | September 20, 2011 at 04:40 PM

Suck for Luck!!!


Its not just pass rush you have to think about making JT and Wake your DE's. Not to mention JT is no longer an every down player either.

Wake's on the smallish side to play 4-3 DE and on the biggish side to play 4-3 olb. You have to make a huge decision to bulk him up a little for DE or down for olb.

If you make him a DE then you still need to bring in true 4-3 olb's. So one way or the other changing over to the 4-3 we will need to add either true DE's or true olb's.

Like I said, presently we dont have the true personel to make it work. Not to mention a true mlb. May have to talk Crowder out of retirement, he was a true mlb protege under Zach Thomas.

After reading most of these I agree with just about everyone, We don't have TE, We don't have MLB, We don't have a running Game, We need a QB!...WE DON'T HAVE THIS AND THAT, YOU ARE ALL RIGHT, we don't have a team! THEY SUCK!! And it's all the fault of the front office, You cant Blame Sparano because he coaches what they give him, Garbage in- Garbage out! I have been a fan for many many years I have a right to be pissed!

Craig....without a premier QB in the NFL anymore, a team just cannot make it CONSISTENTLY to the post-season tounament.
And the best way you can acquire one is by drafting the college QB that everyone else wishes they had, ie P. Manning, Rogers, Bradford et al.
My view, draft the top notch QB first. Then fill the important spots around him in subsequent seasons, viz the LT, premier RB, a quality Center,and at least 2 elite WR's and a top notch TE.
That might take 5 years. So what? By then your QB is only 26-27 yrs old, everyone else you draft is younger, and your team finally has QUALITY and LONGEVITY simultaneously. Not one aspect chasing after the other.
That's called a workable, sensible plan. Time for a HC and FOI capable of formulating one.
But the center piece of the team HAS to be the QB..it's a passing league, and a copy cat one. Time to play copycat.

Playing a 4-3 defense with Wake at DE, you definitely have to bulk him up or offenses would run right at him. Also have to consider if bulking him up sacrifices some of that great pass rush speed.

Wake's pretty a one trick pass rush pony now relying only on his great speed. When he runs into olinemen that can handle his pass rush speed. He becomes basically a non factor.

"Great reporters create the the news. Bad reporters create uneducated gibberish for an uneducated reader base."

What are you saying Dying Breed, that you are uneducated, because you seem to love posting your gibberish.

What are you saying Dying Breed, that you are uneducated, because you seem to love posting your gibberish.

Posted by: AJ | September 20, 2011 at 05:44 PM

Troll Alert: Is what Im saying now! LOL................................................................

Ross can save some money by firing Ireland and Sparano and hiring a Head Coach/GM. Cowher anyone?
But maybe Cowher does not trust Ross after his trip to hire Harbaugh while Sparano was still in the payroll. Anyway you look at it, we are in for a very long ride before the Phins are a playoff team.

"But maybe Cowher does not trust Ross after his trip to hire Harbaugh while Sparano was still in the payroll."

Okay...so he fires Sporano FIRST! Problem solved seems to me.

Maybe we can get someone from the Ted Ginn family to play corner and cover TEs better :-/

Agree with the fact Omar Kelly is good. He is right on with the other article about the real quote about how he did not know what to do. And many here were caterwauling abiut how clueless Sparano is when the real quote shows he was right on. It was the press and people on here really made fools of themselves.

This is not the last time we will hear Larry Johnson is part of our team. He will be brought back by our smart Front Office when Bush/Thomas don't produce. It won't be long before this happens.

I just wish they would sign Darren Sharper already. That way he can help develop our other two safeties.

Hey Dumbass,

The other 31 nfl havent signed Sharper hasnt clued you in? Signing Sharper would be further evidence this fo doesnt have a clue.

Do you need more clues?

We dont have to waste a roster spot for Sharper to help develop our "young guys". We can make him an assistant coach for that!


Some of you make this terrible fo seem like a god send!


the next time someone wright that we should trade picks for a starting safety or what ever, please tell us how we are going to do that. Bill

How good have we been at 3 4 this year? I honestly think we would fair better because we have one good lb to play 3 4 and it's no mystery what he's doing so it's a wash. Wake rushes every down anyway so whats your point on bulking him up. I think with someone on the other side that can rush the passer he has a better chance than with Langford Solia and and Starks. None of those other guys has the speed to be an outside rusher. And none of our other LBs have any ability to rush the qb. Fact is this defense has not put pressure on the qb enough to get us a win. Fact is our 3 4 has our defense more confused then the opposing offense is. Fact is our 3 4 puts our line backers in bad spots to cover because they are trying disguise a blitz the offense really could care less about. I'm not saying we will be great at 4 3 but I am saying that we could fair better than the confused out of place zero pressure defense we have on the field now.

The good news is that Lex Hilliard is still here.
The bad news is when Lex Hilliard is your "good news"....

Someone wants to trade away what will end up being a high 1st round pick, for the new regime? Seriously?

How many years lookin for a Free Saftey?

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