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Bill Belichick's challenge: Win again in the playoffs

Many of you think the local media or some fans are too hard on the Dolphins.

Well, in New England, some folks are starting to look sideways at Bill Belichick. He was criticized by some for waiving Brandon Meriweather. His draft record has been the topic of much discussion, given that not one player from the 2007 draft is still on the team and the 2006 draft wasn't much better.

And the fact the Patriots have not won a playoff game since 2007, having lost three consecutive games that they were favored iwith two of those at home, hasn't gone unnoticed, either.

So today the Dolphins media kinda sort challenged Belichick on the topic during a conference call with the Patriots head coach.

One reporter asked Belichick if he feels pressure to go beyond having great regular seasons and produce playoff wins this season. "No," Belichick said abruptly. "Right now I'm thinking about Miami and that's it and that's plenty. Just trying to get ready for the Dolphins. That's all right now."

Another reporter asked Belichick to describe his feelings about having not won a playoff game in three years.

"Everything that's in the past is in the past," Belichick responded. "We all know what our records were in previous years and it doesn't really mean anything. We're just looking forward to Monday night and playing Miami and trying to get ready for that game. That's my focus right now."

[Big day today: There will be much said and done today, so check back often because the blog will update often. You can get the updates in real time on twitter. Please follow me.]


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Thats bill for ya

A team in decline. You heard it here first!

Bu they claimed edds, they're Super Bowl bound now for sure !

Belecheat lives off of Brady. Take away Brady and he has no SB wins and probably not alot of playoff wins either. Give Brady to Sparano and he might have a few SB's as well. The one year that he did play without Brady Miami won the division because we had a good QB, so much for him being the greatest coach of all time. Until he wins without Brady (which I suspect will never happen as he will retire when Brady does) he will never be considered the greatest coach ever. He also has fallen down as Gm because his last few drafts have been terrible. Miami is on the rise with young talent and NE and the Jests are on the way down with aging talent.

he said his focus is on miami signals that's it!

I think to be considered the greatest coach ever you have to win with more than on QB. That's why joe gibbs is one othe greatest coaches ever cause he won superbowls with multiple QBs

That's exactly right, a franchise qbs covers up a lot of flaws. The pats have traded down and given up the chance to get premium talent. 1st Rounders are graded higher than 2ndMiami Rounders for a reason. They are on average, more talented. You can on occasions find a better player in the 2ndmlb round but more often than not, the better players are in the 1st. Eventually it catches up and Brady is not getting any younger.

Loppy, hopefully letting Edds go doesn't come back to bite us (like Welker).

We'll gladly take Belichick if the Pats don't want him.

Bad comment Miamisam, sorry, I don't like the Patriots anymore than the next Dolphins fan but When New England won the first Super Bowl against the Rams (and arguably even their 2nd SB win)it had little to do with the performance of Tom Brady.

I love when the coaches give you TMZ style "reporters" nothing.

Dolphins ranked 29th because of all of the offseason turmoil. Ross-Sparano, the Orton ordeal, and huge uncertain the outsiders have about Henne's ability based on pass performance. That's why we're ranked 29th.

Outsiders are seeing us as a total clusterfvck from the top of the organization down. They dont see Bush as an every down rb, thier headscratching how a OC whose offense ranked even lower than Henning's in points scored can improve ours.

Guys, there are so many different components in the mix that have them sour-eyed on us. But I see so many areas where they can truly also be wrong too.

But all in all I absolutely love it. In 2011, there will be a "Us Against The World" mentality amongst our guys. This brings a great intangible of total team unity! LOL...

does anyone know when the team captains are picked? Have they done it already?

This should help put to rest that bill cheater is the greatest talent evaluator in the history of football like some of the idiotic fans we have on this blog are claiming ...

which is why I STILL SAY, J Ireland is a good young GM an doing a very good job...

when is garrard coming to town?

Henne needs to throw on time, avoid ints, and avoid those ever nagging tipped passes. Henne is the only 6'4 QB that plays like he is 5'7 LOL.

This is exactly what Parcells was trying to teel all of the idiots on the espn draft special:

"As a GM if you batt .500 you're doing great"!

Talent evaluation isnt an exact science. You guys cry every year bust here and bust there. If half the the talent you bring in sticks. Youre doing a fantastic job by nfl standards.

Maybe some of you should now reevaluate how you evaluate the performance of this fo's job performance.

This includes you too Armando! LOL...

I've come to the conclusion that a large percentage of the media don't know what the Hell they are talking about (this isn't directed at you Armando). I've read so many pieces this Summer that automatically have the Jets and Pats going to the playoffs and the Colts winning their division. To me this is nothing more than lazt journalism. Nobody takes Bill Bellichik to task for some of the moves they make or the draft picks they make but the reality is there are just as many questionable moves as anybody else. I'm fine with us being ranked 29th in the league. In fact, I hope they under-rate us and continue doing that all season. They picked us for last the year we went from 1-15 to 11-5 and it's possible lightning could strike twice. We'll know an awful lot more about this team when Monday night rolls around.


How do I know? We BEAT these teams fair-and-square in 3 of the last 4 weeks. So there is no way we are the 29th best team in football. In fact, Coach Sparano and I would like to think we are the SECOND BEST team in the NFL! We have Tampa Bay ranked #1 (since the beat us two weeks ago) and we rank ourselves #2. We are looking forward to perhaps getting a rematch with Tampa Bay in the Superbowl (if all goes according to plan).

Thank you for your support and enjoy the season!



Now look at this fo's draft track record. See the roster for yourselves, at least 3-4 players are still currently on the roster beginning with thier very first 2008 draft.

Not bad at all. However they have been severely challenged in the fa department. But as of late, with the additions of Marshall, Dansby, and Burnett. Things in this department are beginning to look up a little.

However the jury's still far from in on Columbo and his speedrusher issues.

"Another reporter asked Belichick to describe his feelings about having not won a playoff game in three years."

Wonder if they will ask Sparano what it feels like to have NEVER won a playoff game. LOL!

He lieddddddd!!!!!! He does care about last year and I know it! How can he lie to the fans like that!!!? He said he's thinking about Miami but he also has to be thinking about what he's going to have for lunch! Another lieeeeeeeee!!! (sarcasm)

I'll also prematurely add Bush as a good fa pickup until his past injury proness proves other wise. Despite the injury checkered past. I still percieve Bush as risk very well worth the reward.

Belichick captured lightning in a bottle when he had Crennel and Weiss as his coordinators and Pioli unearthing personnel. Kudos to him for putting that coaching staff together. Brady saved his bacon many times for sure, but Beli/Crennel and Pioli had seasons when they'd put Granny Goose and some waiver pick-up guy named Earthwind in the secondary and bamboozle Peyton Manning in the playoffs.
Although his teams were often top notch, Shula was never able to get back to the very top after Monte Clarke and Arnsparger left his magical coaching staff ensemble and Joe Thomas bolted the GM role. I suspect that Belichick may have similar challeges. Certain combinations of individuals simply have tremendous championship karma and finding the karma a second time is damn near impossible.

Heck, one of our best fa pickups maybe one that we let go in 2010. We all know who that is:


Bill HATES the press and can't wait for his "mandatory" appearences with them to end.
Of course Bill is pissed off he lost three playoff games in a row...but he will NEVER tell the press this. Why, because the press will replay it over and over and over again.

Gotta love his diciplined approach when it comes to the rabid press corps.

Oh yea, Fins 24 Pats 17 on Monday Night

to be fair i like bills attitude - the past is the past that's why u should be wary of bb he doesnt live off past glories and he has every intention of NOT underestimating miami (a la media)

still good thing is i think ts is not underestimating them either he's coached his team to beat the bills,pats and jets and i think we will

need a good start

The present Tom Brady = The past Dan Marino

Great Seasons but no rings in his future!

As we witnessed with Dan Marino, a great qb only has a certain amount of greatness wound into one very mortal mind and body.

Tom Brady maybe seeing his future with the arrival of Ryan Mallett. Beit maybe 3-4yrs down the road. Still his nfl mortality stares him right in face everyday of nfl practice.

I interrupt this envelope stuffing to bring you a very important message:

Tickets are selling VERY fast for the second game of the season against the Houston Oilers. You need to buy your tickets NOW before they sell-out if you want to go to this amazing match-up! Once we beat the NE Patriots on Monday Night, there is no way you are going to be able to get a ticket to the biggest game of the year against the Oilers. So get your tickets today.




i don't know why so many fans are upset about the miami dolphins fight song not being used at the home games anymore. all it was, was the corny houston oilers song recycled.

Lots of superlatives to look for Mondaynight against the Pats:

1. Henne looks to avenge 2010's poor home showings

2. Defense looks to avenge 2010's lethargic final game showing against Pats in 2010.

3. St's look to be vastly improved. They greatly contributed to at least the first loss to the Patsies.

4. The winner is in the catbird's seat of the afc east. The afc east championship will be thiers to lose.

Dont write us off just yet dolfans. I see too many reasons why our team could come out of the gates like a bunch of Secretariats!!!!!!


Well we have keept a few player from the 08,09,10 draft class as good starters,#77 #21 #24 (#07)#15 #20 #26 #28 #30 #63 #82 Our big FA have been#80 #19 #58 #22 #99 (#47) #91 in the past 3 years, the rest is just guys who are interchangable and make the rest of the team on almost every team.. we have New D Cordinator 2 year and New O cordinator 1 year other than YB and JT outr team is very yung. I'm looking foward to what they bring to the table this year.. Tha one thing I like about the FO if they make a mistake they CUT him right away no pride keeping somobody around becouse you draf him, eventually this leads to a better team, loved AJ but he was the 7 or 8 LB on the roster so bye bye, lets move on NE did not get him to play they got him to cheat and get OUR plays...

NHFINSFAN, bill didn't lose 3 playoff games in a row. He lost 2 and didn't go to playoffs 3 years ago when miami won the division

Pats 70
Fins 9


Plus, DuBoll had first hand input and witnessed a game plan used to totally stifle Tom Brady in the Browns vs Pats game last season. In this aspect alone DuBoll's a very valuable addition to our team.

With 14-2 2010 regular season record, The Pats vs the Browns may have quietly been the greatest regular of that entire year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breed, Don't forget Mr Brady does not like to play @ JoeRobie agains #99, his worst games have been here as well..

Just like somebody was comparing Brady to Marino, JT is to Brady what Bruce Smith was to Marino, a big royal PAIN

"greatest regular season upset"


I must have posted a thousand times JT is Brady's kryptonite! LOL.....

release the hounds!

DB, I bet the fact that daboll offense did well against both the jets and the pats had a little to do with his hiring. Do you remember the statue of liberty play against the pats from the 15 yard line last year? That was awesome

The young JT, not the tired wind bag JT.

All the rationalizations in the world won't matter. Mr. Brady is going to carve up the fins D like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Short, fast, ACCURATE passes, until the D is so Dizzy, in comes the bomb.

31-13. 2+ turnover ration for the Pats.

I have to say the WOLF has been starving...ha ha ha

Also, I see Brady's skills slowly eroding like Marino's. He'll skowly ride off into the sunset with no new championships to show for it.

But still he'll be a first ballot hof'er based on past accomplishments alone. Hopefully, JT and Brady goes into the hof at the same time. How ironic would that be?

It would be like Superman and Kryptonite again being in the same building!!! LOL.....

A. Luck, No no no the yung Wake chases Brady JT just waits for him with to console him with open arms...

jt has got to be amped for this game. i bet he's in brady's face all game. "hi tom, you want me to let you up now?"

Dying, Phinsider did a thing on this regimes draft history. Look in the archives for 9/5 if you're intersted.

A. Luck on his way,

Why do you think Crowder was dumped for Burnett? It was to create a little less operating room on quick underneath passing.

It also gave us ability to actually create more big plays on defense. Imagine that?.........

Also, I guess you're a fan of some other loser team. Most likely the loser team that will be getting Andrew Luck. Because it certainly wont be the dolphins! LOL...


I dont have to look into the archive because I already know thier draft success could be pitted against any successful fo in the nfl.

Certainly we missed on some early fa moves, but, even that has improved as of late. You only have to look at the last 2 offseasons to clearly see that.

Clearly this fo's ability to make decisions is getting better as our team moves forward. The only thing getting left behind is some dolfans overly pessimistic stale a*ss attitudes! LOL...

Giving some credit to the overly pessimistics, it took over a decade to develop such usless pessimism. So in fairness to them, I guess we shouldnt expect it to suddenly disappear overnight! LOL...

the game has passed him by. he's as relevant as CHuck Knoll.

"J Ireland is a good young GM an doing a very good job..."

Yep, as long as Dallas keeps supplying him with cast offs and he keeps passing up people like Dez Bryant for Jared Odrick he'll most certainly go down in history.

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it's a bit old, but it does reduce those hunger pains just a little at least while i'm reading

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Why would a beat reporter try to mess with Belichek? It doesn't work...he doesn't care. Waste of time.

Dying, you might be pleasantly surprised. It's not as bad as most think.


Crakheads say crack also reduces hunger pains!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

I could careless about those stinking pats. I just wonder how to Arman-hater keeps his job. He talks bad about the dolphins every chance he gets. Writes bad reports on the team, and half the time it doesn't make sense. Maybe the herald should be looking for a trade, because Armando is not a starting writer, at least not for this team.

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