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Off day take from the Dolphins offense, defense

The Dolphins worked on Labor Day. The players are off today.

When the team reconvenes on Wednesday, it will begin in earnest the final preparations for the Sept. 12 regular-season opener against the New England Patriots. (Yeah, get your tickets now because they are going fast.)

I do not believe, as some pundits insist, that this game will be a blowout. Yes, the Patriots were seven games better than Miami a season ago. Yes, the Patriots swept the Dolphins in their two games and won by a combined score of 79-21.

But this is a new season. These are new teams. New results?

Perhaps. The Dolphins are hopeful. I am hopeful for them.

Obviously, the Patriots will get the first fully unvarnished view of what the new Dolphins offense looks like with new star running back Reggie Bush. They will also get the first look at Miami's upgraded and deeper defense.

Bush brings a speed factor the Patriots haven't seen from a Miami team recently. Hey, now Miami is going to have more than one playmaker on the field at the same time versus New England.

But the Patriots will present a problem. You know what has Bush's attention?

Think beef -- as in enormous New England defensive linemen Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth. Check out what Bush says about them and then check in with the other side of the ball below that.


On defense, the elder statesman is Yeremiah Bell. He's been around since 2003 and he's seen a lot of players come and go.

He believes this year's crop of players is different than last year's because the swag quotient on this team is much higher. He sees a different attitude on this team he didn't see last year.

Bell explains:


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LV says Pats by 7 and you must believe that. Have any of you made any bread going against LV? Well, me, and a few very select others, over the long Haul, of course.

There is no "sure thing"; doesn't exist, never Will.

I have the feeling we'll have a few surprise plays with Clay.

This is a new season, enjoy it

Ha ha,

The Blog Hit troll was "Meth-ing" out big time last night.

Armando either employs two of them to work in shifts, or the one high on tweaks an awful lot.

You can see from 11:00 last night until four this morning he was the only one on. Talking away(to himself)and tweaking the F out-LOL.

He actually thought the Patricia stick was funny-ROTFLMAO! He must take a really giant "blast" of Meth, then thinks he posting something really hilarious, only to wake up and realize: WTF was I thinking.

That's OK though, he takes hs morning "Blast" and EVERYTHING makes sense again. Ahhhhhhhh, the life and times of chronic addiction.

I hope you saved a morning "Blast" Blog Hit Troll cause you know them knee pads ain't making you no money at the Rainbow room this early in the morning(he's thinking: C U M on lunch rush-Pathetic-lol).

Tweak on with yo bad self. Blog Hit, Meth Hit, Blog hit, Meth Hit...................

Posted by: odinseye | September 06, 2011 at 09:24 AM

Let me guess? The Rainbow room finally opened for "LUNCH"? Hope you didn't forget your Knee Pads ;)


Pats by 7 is the current "price" for wagering on the game. We believe it. So what?

We pass up on the stellar tight ends and then people get all hyped up on other teams cast offs. It's false hope really, these pickups are backups and practice squad players. Why don't any of these sports writers ask the team why they passed up on start TE's?

We see Vegas thinks straighter than the fans.

This game won't be a blowout. On the other hand, if it is, I'm afraid the team's psyche is too delicate to recover (Sparano's job security, faith in Henne, restless home crowd that isn't buying seats, etc...). If we get washed at home like we did last year it's all going to start crumbling and Sparano will be fired mid-season.

Craig, from the last blog:

Craig M,

Part of the reason Fox parted ways with Rosario is because of the signing of Free Agent TE Daniel Fells. 69 career receptions for 740 yards (10.9 avg.) and five touchdowns — all in the last three seasons as a member of the St. Louis Rams.

They drafted TE Julius Thomas, Portland State in the 4th round this year.

They also drafted TE Virgil, U of Nev. in the 7th this year as well.

Fells will be the starter until Thomas, their heir apparent is ready. They feel good enough about Thomas to count on him already this season.

I don't know what this says about Rosario, but Elway's TRYING to make a youth movement at TE.

Posted by: odinseye | September 06, 2011 at 11:06 AM

You is gonna bet on it, Carlitos?

I usually make a combination of over/under bets every year.

I changed up things this year.

Thanks to Armando I found a place that takes really specific bets(NOT BODOG-BTW, they're Bad News people).

Anyways, I put a Grand on Bush getting 350 receiving yards. I took the OVER!

He better do it to or I'm going to be drinking 5 O'clock for a long time(yikes).

Listen, nobody of Us really knows where this Thing is going and that's why we have to take in all kinds of opinions.

Daboll should roll Henne out to Haynesworth's side, that will take him out of the play. Haynesworth CANNOT run, doesn't want to run, will not run. Roll Henne out and he won't need to worry about Albert.

Also, NO RUNS UP THE MIDDLE. They won't work.


no, I is not gonna bet on it. Betting on NFL games is for fools. I'll leave that to you.

Hate to disagree oscar, but I know where this is going....Dolphins upset of the Patriots.


I have to agree. The only running Haynesworth does is for the oxygen masks.

He's nothing but a fire plug. As long as you don't run into him, you'll be fine.

DC, do you know which side Haynesworth plays in this 4-3? I'm not looking forward to the prospect of Wilfork liming up on Carey-Uggggggggh........

Hope the fins do surprise the Pats, Otherwise it could be a long season for the fans and a short one for the coach.

odin, Haynesworth will be on Wilfork's left, so he'll be on Carey and Wilfork will be on Pouncey (kinda worried about that too). But better Pouncey than Carey, you're right.

Haynesworth is so fat he may play both Right and left side of the line.At the same time.

Did anyone else notice that Cam Wake was dropping into coverage A LOT during passing situations in the preseason. It's good that they are expanding his abilities to make him a more well-rounded and less predictable OLB but I hope that doesn't become a regular trend.

Losing to the Patriots will not be the end of the season, it will be the end of game 1. No one except Dolphins fans expect the Dolphins to beat the Pats. That might be the best ammunition the Dolphins have to win this game right there.

A few things are for sure. If the Dolphins lose there will be a handful of knuckleheads in here who because they live through the team vicariously, will carry on and cry for days that they should fire the whole staff, cut the players and start over. The phrase "blow it up" will be sure to rear its ugly head at least once. Someone will refer to fist pumping and sunglasses in a negative light. And Chad Henne will once again become the poster boy for why this team just can not win.

If you buy tickets to the New England Patriots game, please be sure also to get your tickets for the Houston Texans game! They are selling out FAST! I would hate for anyone to miss the Texans game!



The Phins have everything to gain on Monday Night and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to lose.

The best QB in the NFL with the best regular season record last year. Only TWO teams managed to beat them all last season.

People are talking like this ONE SINGLE GAME is going to be the season. Like it's going to cost the Coach his job. GET REAL!

As pre game jitters begin to mount, the Chicken Littles are begining to crack-ROTFLMAO!

BRAWK, The sky MIGHT be falling, the sky MIGHT be falling, BrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwK! Too Funny!

I wonder if Cam Wake is getting scared-ROTFLMAO!

Lock and Load Chicken Littles.....or.....strap em on, it's going to be a rough ride!


You is smart, Carlitos.


I don't think it will be a regular trend.

I think Nolan's just keeping him on his toes for situations where we zone blitz from the opposite side.

Many teams will double team Wake this year. So with the extra blockers on Wakes side, look for Nolan to counter with some zone blitzes(safeties, corners, ilb's)from the strongside.

Look for the same if and when they try doubling Taylor as well.

Dont forget, it was the Dolphins special teams that killed them last year vs. NE. Sp. Teams essentially gave up 21 pts in the home loss.

If that isnt improved, it wont make much difference what Henne, Wilfork, Haynesworth, Pouncey, ect, do or dont do

The Phins have everything to gain on Monday Night and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to lose.

Posted by: odinseye | September 06, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Hate to break it to you but in the NFL a game against a division rival is not exactly NOTHING TO LOSE.

NE is no slam dunk this year. They were spanked by Detroit and they have alot of holes. Yes Brady covers up many of those holes but as Detroit and other teams have shown, if you pressure Brady he gets very average very quickly. Miami will bring pressure and maybe, just maybe we will have enough offense to beat the Pats and get the season started right. BTW Haynesworth is still the fat, lazy guy that played for Wash and Tenn, leopards, especially fat and lazy ones, do not change their spots. He will give up onplays just like before no matter how good of a game he talks in his sound bites. NE is getting old very quickly and Belecheats last few drafts have not been good enouogh to replace aging talent.

LouD @ 11:56,

In my own retarded way, that's what I was trying to say.


The Phins have everything to gain on Monday Night and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to lose.

Posted by: odinseye | September 06, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Hate to break it to you but in the NFL a game against a division rival is not exactly NOTHING TO LOSE.

Posted by: Jeepers | September 06, 2011 at 12:07 PM

So ah, you missed my point altogether?

Did you hear a whooshing sound as it went over your head?

Let me ask yo.........awwwwwww NEVR MIND!!!!


God help us if Carey and/or Columbo give up a sack (even if we end up winning).

I feel that one of the biggest Keys to this game will be the DB`s for both sides.

I expect will see our Corners in one on one early commiting the Safeties to the middle of the field working contain over the top with Burnett underneath to try and take away the Pat T.E.`s. I feel our 5 up front on the line with Dansby can more than handle N.E.`s weak rush attack, also Wake Vs. Matt Light should be interesting given he`s become the weakest link on there OL

We better keep Brady on his hind end!!! We cannot allow him time in the pocket. If we do its 0-1

On the Offensive side if Bush is effective in the pass game then Marshall should see some one on one with McCourty so Chad should have some shots, also interesting if Gates is on the field running fly patterns giving the Pats more to think about as well. Running will be tough sledding on both sides in this ball game.


No one should call for anyone to be fired based on 1 game, win or lose. Even the biggest anti Coach/Gm crowd here wouldn't do that. Myself included.

However, after the culmination of 3 lack luster years, the continued calls for Sparano & Ireland's head should continue & are more than justified. Few, if any, will jump on the anti bandwagon once the season starts. Those of us already on it shall stay on it until we have reason to believe otherwise.

They haven't done anything to merit their continued stay. In fact, after 2 sub .500 seasons & not being able to surpass the 2 elite teams in their division, they merit the opposite.

The goal is to find the right people & formula that works. Not sticking with one that hasn't. The same goes for Jacksonville, Houston & San Diego.

Living vicariously through the team has zero to do with it. It has more to do with common sense & seeing what's staring you in the face.

If you're happy with medioctiy, call us knuckleheads. If you want your team to stop being a laughing stock, root for them to change course when the opportunity arises.

when miami faced new england last year in week 4 of the season the pats avg staring field position was the 33 while miami's was the 18. dont see that happening this year. also the fins special teams where still in a shambles at that point with poor tackling and blocked punts still plaguing them from the preseason. the fins st's are much improved vs last year.
there are number of things you can point at this year vs last year that makes this an interesting match up. the experts are living in the past and don't see this team improving much over last year. however, the defense will be playing it's 2nd season under mike nolan. odrick is back and they have added burnett and jt. there is reason to be optimistic that the pats won't be able to easily move the ball up and down the field. the biggest question is going to be how successful miami's offense will be against the pats defense.

I'll take Miami and the 7 points for $500....any takers?

the Dolphins can win this game. I believe it and I am watching and I know that they are going to go for it.

Knock Brady on his butt a few times and don't let the tight ends beat us. Offensively we need a lot of running and screens in the first half to tire out that big O line of New Englands. then pound the rock in the second half. No fumbles or Ints and we win.


My only prediction is that Gates scores on a deep route.

Daboll knows Bellicheat and knows he'll at least have to try going deep to back off billy's defense.

I predict that early on Bellicheat gets caught pressing and Gates get behind them.

I don't want a war of attrition against the pats. I think we have to get an early lead and keep them off balance to WIN!

Patriots 58
Dolphins 2

Seems like Peyton, unfortunately, is fuc-ed up and might miss some Games and maybe the Season(those neck injuries are extremely dangerous). Can the Texans beat the Colts this Season without Peyton? No. As a matter of fact, we can beat Houston easily. Bet on it.

Hoping for a dolphins blow out

say 42-7 dolphins

that would at least shut up all the idiots who keep saying the dolphins are crap this year.......

Joe Schmoe,

our Tony did do the one thing the owner and the fans were calling for: hiring a new offensive coordinator to follow the most excellent hiring of Nolan (well done!).

Hope Ireland did a good enough job finding players for the OL, though.

I am also in favour of Excellence, Joe. We'll see.

the fins have a chance to domiante the pats with their defense. can't see the pats moving the ball too successfully on the ground. if that is the case brady may end up on the ground quite a bit. if the fins defense abuses the $h!t out of brady can belichek end up pulling him instead of risking the injury? probably not. i'm just hoping nolan cranks up the ABUSE DIAL for the defense and gets to brady throughout the game just like the jets did last season. if the jets can do it the fins can surely do it.

The game will be entertaining but I'll be watching more just to see Sparanos demeanor. He gets that worried to death look quite easily when his team is down. I've asked espn to reserve a camera just to show Tony in one corner of the screen at all times.


Sparano was given more say in player personnel & the oline has been his pet project since he came here. The blame would equally go to Sparano, if not, more than Ireland.

I believe Nolan's dad & Parcells were tight way back when. Nolan wasn't a Sparano hire as much as Tuna's.

The Dolphins may have upgraded the speed, added depth to the Defense, but they still have the "ole fist pumper" at HC. And I have absolutly no confidence in Sparano. Milk Toast comes to mind. And theres still Carey and Colombo manning the right side OL. Thats worth at least two TD's in turnovers for the Pats. Dont care of the games is black out or not,,,will not watch.

Pats 31 Dulphins 10

you know two things going into this game. nolan is definitely going to have the defense prepared and dabol is definitely going to have the offense prepared. the only question will be execution of the game plan. if miami executes the game plan well enough they should end up coming out on the winning side.


I agree they didn`t try anything like it with Gates (deep routes) in the Pre-Season after game one in Atl. I believe Belichik will respect any formation featuring Gates wide or in the slot with Bush in the backfield because either one can go to the house on a missed tackle. This alone should permitt Henne a little more time in the pocket with the LB`s lettng things develope in front of them as opposed to pinning there ears back while forced to commit a S. deep in contain.

The interesting thing for us will be Vontae and Smith because if they can keep the WR`s in check one on one and I think they get the shot to early then you can have our Safeties roaming the mddle of the field limmtng the TE`s. Also if JT can get the better of Volmer then he and Wake can cause problems remember they can`t stunt the interior linemen with Mankins peeling back on an outside rusher without leaving Soliai one on one inside.

There are match ups in this game that we measure up in nicely plus the element of suprise given they will adjust on there heels to a new look Miami O with the crowd. This is one of those games were I think we can pull out the win and if we do will be something to build on during the whole season. If we loose though like you said far from the end of the World.

For the 253rd time, those quick, speedy TE's have to be neutralized at the line of scrimmage; otherwise, they'll kill you. That's primarily the StrongLB's job, whoever it is.

My only wish is for the Fins not only win, but to run up the score... Just like what the Patsies do every year. Let's feed them a liitle bit of their medicine.
I honestly hate the "bend over" Patsies!!! I can't stand Bill-the-cheat Billichick.

The main problem I see still is that the HC is the dumbest person on the team. Did you see that luncheon speech?

We are going to win he says. What does that mean exactly? Win what? So vague.

Then he quotes the movie Gladiator, win the crowd and you'll win. He said that was pretty powerful? Oh really? Sounded trite to me. I think he still bores his players to death.

Let's see if they can come out on the field with more alacrity this season.

I had audio but the video was missing..all good I still got to hear what bush and bell said. I'm not sure if I'm sold yet..on our players I'd say more so I like the team better than last year...as far as our coaching and FO...thins down all the way...I don't believe we are playoff bound until the FO and coach culture changes down in Miami unfortunately. Not trying to be negative Nancy, I hope we do well of course!

The Detroit Lions drew up the blueprint for how to rattle Tom Brady this season....go back and watch the 1st half of the Lions/Pats preseason game and watch the fear in Brady's eyes as he scrambles for his life.

Patriots 98
Dolphins 6 (two fist pumps)

Hi Fin4life, there is no way we show our cards like that with gates during preseason or practices open to the media..but you better believe they worked on gates deep and more during private practices..at least they better have or we will be just as bad as we were last year...I mean the last 10 years lol

I'm glad you said that I was about to...Detroit did rattle them real good...I know it was the preseason but there is still something to their approach against the sucky Patty's

Now this guy says he wants to run up the score on NE. Hehe.

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