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Off day take from the Dolphins offense, defense

The Dolphins worked on Labor Day. The players are off today.

When the team reconvenes on Wednesday, it will begin in earnest the final preparations for the Sept. 12 regular-season opener against the New England Patriots. (Yeah, get your tickets now because they are going fast.)

I do not believe, as some pundits insist, that this game will be a blowout. Yes, the Patriots were seven games better than Miami a season ago. Yes, the Patriots swept the Dolphins in their two games and won by a combined score of 79-21.

But this is a new season. These are new teams. New results?

Perhaps. The Dolphins are hopeful. I am hopeful for them.

Obviously, the Patriots will get the first fully unvarnished view of what the new Dolphins offense looks like with new star running back Reggie Bush. They will also get the first look at Miami's upgraded and deeper defense.

Bush brings a speed factor the Patriots haven't seen from a Miami team recently. Hey, now Miami is going to have more than one playmaker on the field at the same time versus New England.

But the Patriots will present a problem. You know what has Bush's attention?

Think beef -- as in enormous New England defensive linemen Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth. Check out what Bush says about them and then check in with the other side of the ball below that.


On defense, the elder statesman is Yeremiah Bell. He's been around since 2003 and he's seen a lot of players come and go.

He believes this year's crop of players is different than last year's because the swag quotient on this team is much higher. He sees a different attitude on this team he didn't see last year.

Bell explains:


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You still haven`t told me what you think about our Safeties and Burnett matching up with N.E.`s Tight Ends. I get alot of your posts are meant with humor apparently not everybody else though.

Brady always gets rattled with the bull blitz,Jason Taylors best games were always Vs the Pats, He loves to hit brady.Look for Taylor to play a lot in the game, e seems to bring his A game against Tommy Boy.

Mark in Tornto,

Interesting news on Lemon. Barker was in his corner all season. Can't believe just how bad the Argos are this season. I seriously thought they would have a good season and challenge for the Cup.

I did some fly fishing on acid one time,But to have a gun while on Morphine?, Not sure about that one Odin.

Posted by: FP4FGs | September 06, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Well, don't just leave us hanging! Did you catch any fish, or not? C'mon man!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!! Dream the Impossible Dream!!! 5-11, 6-10 at best!!

I for one can not wait until Monday to see my Fins take the world by surprise. The offense is going to look great, it could have looked good last year but we had a bad OC, however that issue is over. Henne plays well we win, he plays ok, we still win, but if he plays bad all hell is going to break lose. Saying this doesnt mean anything because thats the same situation 29 other teams in the league are. If Brady plays bad guess what they will lose. So here comes the D for the stinking Pats. Get Brady down and keep him down and watch a team finally show the world what they have over looked for so long. Go Fins.

Aloco, I mean Cuban Menace, I mean Just the facts, The truth, I mean Scary, zig, 2watt, Bootris......., how about just plain old METH HEAD, your making stuff up again.

The Hunting trip is next week-ROTFLMAO! Unless your just bald face lying(AGAIN)ask Armando to explain to you what all these letter thingys mean-Bhwaaaaaa Haaaa haaa!

Is that the best you can do? Let me guess, you were way smarter and even had teeth before the Meth, RIGHT? Wink, wink, SURE you were.

Second shift already?

Meth Hit, Blog Hit, Meth Hit, Blog Hit.........

Acorn soup my arse, you don't have enough teeth left to eat chicken noodle soup.

Buh Bye Tweak ;)

Carlitos, I cant remember.

There are three things we have to do to win this game in this ORDER and they all transcend into every other game as well!

1. As GREG Z said we have to play to WIN NOT TO LOSE! If we take risks we increase our chance to make big plays by making the defense react to what we do! If we play the sparano conservative way not taking risks trying to keep it close we lose point blank period!(DAVE WANNSTEDT TRIED THIS APPROACH IT DOESNT WORK IN TODAYS PASS HAPPY NFL!)

2. Our defense has to stop giving up big pass plays! I know its almost impossible with all the rules favoring the receivers and every team except us likes to pass these days! But new england is the holy grail for pass happy offenses and unless we stop there little 5 wide pass every play style of offense were done point blank period!

3. Henne and the offense have to sustain drives and score TDS instead of making sparano fist pump for FGS! This keeps our defense fresh and gives them momentum and keeps the other offense off the field! To do this henne needs to grow a brain and stop with the bonehead plays that he makes in all pressure situations! Our O line has to start RUN blocking, be more aggressive and physical at the point of attack and open up holes for our running backs our run blocking has been atrocious for way way too long if you ask me.

If we do those things every game we will compete and can beat any team because it starts with a SCHEME, EFFORT and then reps, talent and etc.. I dont feel talent wise we lag behind anyone only at the QB position talent is questioned!

So, no, this one game isn't the end-all be-all. But this game + a loss against Houston will cause Sparano to walk very lightly around Mr. Ross' office. I still say best bet is to let Tony finish out the season (unless we go 1-7, 2-6), but starting 0-2 at home after a 1-7 home record last year will not sit well with Miami ticketholders (or possible ticket buyers).

DC Dolfan | September 06, 2011 at 02:08 PM


I agree it`s also worth noting that if you make the switch to Nolan mid-season then you better make him the Coach in 2012 because interim Coaches tend to walk otherwise. I would leave Sparano in that scenario in place at Seasons end make Nolan the highest paid DC/Assis. HC in the League like Dallas did with Garrett as OC and find us an O minded Coach to pick up the Offensive slack. No ofense to Nolan but he didn`t seem to have that flare as the Head man in S.F. but without a doubt one of the absolute best DC`s in Football, no shame in it D.Lebeau in Pitt. is the same.

Oder, Your the guy that posted it, Own up to it.

I did some fly fishing on acid one time,But to have a gun while on Morphine?, Not sure about that one Odin.

Posted by: FP4FGs | September 06, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Well, don't just leave us hanging! Did you catch any fish, or not? C'mon man!

Posted by: Carlitos Estevez | September 06, 2011 at 02:20 PM

Wild!! The surroundings must have had you busy much less hooking a fish.

Oh yeah I see the NE Pats are looking for Randy to come back. Looks like someone might be thinking that they need some more help. Well I don't care who they have on their team I believe the dolphins are ready to take back the AFC east with Henne at the QB. If he plays well we will win this year. I put my momma on it. Go fins

Fin4life, Again, Cant remember, Must have had a good time though.


No offense, but ah, do you need Armando to explain the letter thingys to you too?

I never said I was going hunting on Morphine.

The only reason you'd be asking that is?

Oh no, not you too. Please tell me you're not a part of it as well?

Pats added Gronkowski's brother today (or at least that's what reports are saying). He's not a great player. Interesting. My guess if they feel they need his blocking and short yardage.

Guys, on the deep passes.

Please remember that deep passes are not on the QB and the QB only. The reciever can be and is half of the time just as responsible.

If the receiver does not get off the bump well, or takes a wide route to avoid contact, that all comes into play since those passes are based on timing.

Also, The GOOD receivers with deep passes, like R.Moss, D.Jackson, A.Johnson, they all have the ability to see the ball in the air once and "Get to the spot".

Just to give you an example of someone not great at it, D.Hester. Great return man, but needs to look up and find the ball 4-5 times loosing stride and concentration. that is the main reason why he is not a "great" receiver.

all of our WR's have this problem, specifcally Hartline and the rookie Gates, they do not see the ball and get to the spot, they keep looking up to find the ball loosing stride and concentration.

That being said, it is still not Henne's strong point in the least, but his receivers are not helping him either.

Last years games are history. I'll say again history.

This is a new team, new offence, better DEF and in OUR HOUSE on a Monday night.

I have no doubt the FINS will be ready! They had all offseason to think about it.

Nolan will be coming after Brady all night!!

You guys are getting way over hyped up thinking other teams castoffs and late round rookies are going to be stars. This team stinks. You will smell it Monday evening.

Carlitos, I cant remember.

Posted by: FP4FGs |

dude. it was rainbow trout.lol

Odin,LOL, No I am not part of Mandos hit squad.

agreed f4life. I'm not really hoping Nolan becomes the Coach (mostly because I LOVE him as DC), so I'm really trying to think positive and hope Sparano does enough to keep his job. If we look promising, it makes it harder for Nolan to leave. Also, not sure he wants to just be the HC again (after the SF disaster). It would probably have to be a better situation (like a team already on the upswing, or at least with a better offense, since Nolan can fix the defense).

Here's to us doing no worse than 1-1 first 2 games.

I think we can win Monday night, and pray we do.

But our defense is going to need to have the best game they have ever had under Nolan. the only way to beat Brady is to hit him, and hit him early.

someone mentioned here that they looked beatable against detroit, and I agree, but it was pre-season, a different team will show for us on Monday.

But if our O-line holds up, aand our D gets to Brady early, I like our chances.

Nolan of course wants to be a HC again. No doubt, and he will get offers if not in Miami. OC/DC is one step away from the limelight and bigger salaries. Nolan will be a HC again and soon. He is not going to stick around if he has an offer for another HC gig.

poizen, the lions killed the pats and belly was pixxed, they will be ready.

Oder, Your the guy that posted it, Own up to it.

Posted by: Just the facts. | September 06, 2011 at 02:27 PM

Dude, plain and simple, show me Be-atch or admit your a lying punk. That sounds fair enough.

Show me the post where I said I took my kid hunting while on Morphine or just shut your stupid meth head trolling a s s up.

Here you guys go, "Just the Facts" ain't quite about the facts after all. If you ain't lying, show us the post where I said I took my kid hunting while I was high on Morphine.

The fact is, your a lying troll.


Buh Bye Tweak!

The Jags are cutting Gerrard maybe we should grab him as a good backup until he learns the system. He is a proven winner and if Henne (which i hope does well) doesnt do well. We can use a good QB and he is out there. Lets make a move dolphins before someone else does.

There may not be a time we face them that the Pats are more unsettled than they will be on Monday night. There are questions on offence and defence and with some of the guys they have brought in this offseason. We could really set the tone for them by stomping on them and adding to their questions. Or we could come up flat, as we did last year against them and let them find their legs. They didn't look good in the preseason, there are questions about their running game, DL and secondary. We can let them off the hook, as we've done with many teams in the past or we can set the tone and send a message for the season. It will be interesting to see what this team is made of and whether they want to continue to be mediocre or whether they are ready to step up. We'll know this time next Tuesday.

Odin,LOL, No I am not part of Mandos hit squad.

Posted by: FP4FGs | September 06, 2011 at 02:53 PM


I don't know if it's just one or two Mando Lackeys he's got going here, but they're pathetic.

Reading this blog is almost as intertaining as watching the game.

I sure hope miami does great this year , cause i hate not watching football around mid-november,cause miami is out of the picture. yeah thats right ! I dont like watching other teams play football , I only like watching miami dolphin football !!!
Glad everyone thinks miami will suck this year ! Last time that happened we won the AFC east and went to the playoffs ... GO DOLPHINS !

Oder this is your post.

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM


If Nolan already failed badly as a HC don't count on him getting too many offers to be a HC again (see Cam Cameron).

We can let them off the hook, as we've done with many teams in the past or we can set the tone and send a message for the season.

Posted by: Craig M | September 06, 2011 at 03:19 PM

When did we ever have them on the hook? LOL. Need to have them on the hook before we can let them off the hook.

People talk about NE deficiencies? Belichek, Brady, firmly established offensive game plan. Fins, new oline, new rb's, new oc, unestablished game plan. Who has the deficiencies here for the first game of the season?

Yeah we are motivated to beat them bad, but lets not forget they are going to be an angry team coming off that playoff loss to the Jets.


If Nolan already failed badly as a HC don't count on him getting too many offers to be a HC again (see Cam Cameron).

Posted by: Carlitos Estevez | September 06, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Ever hear of a guy named Bill Belichek? DC that failed on his first HC job too.

Know your stuff before you try to strut it!

Oder this is your post.

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

Posted by: Just The Facts. | September 06, 2011 at 03:23 PM

Great, now, put the pipe down long enough to point out exactly where it says I took my kid hunting while on Morphine.

You can't because it doesn't! The FACT is YOU were Lying!

Here you go people, Mando's Blog Hit Troll, that is for the moment calling himself "Just The Facts" is really "Just Exposed" as being a liar.

Not only are you a moron sir, but you are an Oxy-Moron-LOL.

Buh Bye Tweak!!!!

HC's are not easy to come by. Many teams will take a chance on a proven DC with HC experience than a completely unknown factor. Most HC's that haven't already failed somewhere are not available. How many HC gigs have Wade Phillips, Chan Gailey had? There are others.

David Garrard released by jax. Very interesting, Luke McCown is now their starter. Won't be ling before Gabbert starts


you sure would save the blog tons of trash posting about bs if you left your hunting and party stories off the blog. as far as i can tell, not a single person cares about them.


no need to be so emotional.

Everything is going to be ok, don't worry and don't be scared!


That's just crazy!! Why would the Jags release
Garrard at this point in time? No wonder Jacksonville does so poorly!! So what do you think? Do we go out and sign Garrard up or let the too guys we have slug it out for a while?

With Rosario, do we need Mastrud? How many TE's do we need? Clay, Mastrud, Roasrio, Yeatman & Fasano.

Waiver wire picks ups have to be on the 53 man roster for 1 month. At least Yeatman does, he can't go on the PS yet. I read that on the sentinel.

Are we really going to go into week 1 with 5 TE's on the 53 man roster? Seems like another mismanaged position eating up alot of real estate for the 1st 4 weeks of the season.

I do like Rosario dating back to Carolina. Made some big plays & he's young at 26. Hope they keep him around for awhile. Cook at 28, may be starting very soon.

I think they saw Columbo & Carey struggle. I can see Cook starting at either RG or RT & carey back out to tackle...



Don't you believe in ghosts?

David Garrard just released by Jags. Now that's some legitimate competition should Henne falter. 'Cause Moore ain't it.

So, I like what Henne's done this preseason. I have more hope about him than I have since, well, ever. It's only a couple of showings and there's much to prove but it's nice to have a little hope.

I like the WR corps for the most part.

I like the pick up at TE but think there were a lot better choices out there earlier in FA. This one? Jeffy got lucky, but I'm not convinced the guy is Gonzalez. HE is better than Fasano though. Which ain't sayin' much.

RB? Problems there. Reggie's injury history is worrisome but I dig what he's been doing. Thomas is a rookie. I never thought he was a good choice but I don't know everything. I felt they should have retained Ricky. Unless they bring in a veteran bruiser (Johnson? Who knows?) I think there will be trouble here.

OL? Okay so Cook is in but there are still a lot of issues. Not sure why O'Hara isn't here but I guess there is a reason why a sieve like Carey is thought to be better and why its thought that Pouncey will never have an injury? O'Hara is a better backup than - wait, who the hell is the back up center now that Berger is gone? Garner? Incognito? Still not sure why Jello Jerry is still here. This unit is a bit of a mess. Sparano shortened Long's career if not made him vulnerable for this season by playing him too long in that preseason game against Dallas where his knee was injured and then kept him playing with a bad shoulder injury through a losing season because he didn't want to have a worse season because he was afraid for his job. Way to make our best O-lineman an expendable piece of meat, Sparano. That one is squarely on him. Let's hope Long gets healthier. Or Sparano should be strung up by his testicles and beaten around the head with a spatula.

Jimmy, I think Sparano's nuts are in a vice & he's starting to feel the squeeze because of his mismanagement.

If Cook is remotely decent, he should play ahead of Columbo. There's a reason Dallas let him go, he stinks!

I can't tell if the Jags move to release Garrard is a financial move, a move to tank the season for Andrew Luck or a move for Del Rio to get fired and to get the Hell out of town. Regardless, he's now a dead man walking. Pretty sad franchise!! Would hate to be a Jags fan.

Like I said I hope the dolphins are paying attention grab Garrard and let's show Henne he can be replaced. Right now he knows Moore isnt going to take his job, but if we had David he would put the work in like he needs to. I liked what I saw from the preseason but that doesnt count for anything, but it does means he is getting better at reading Defense. I still would like to see them get David just in case Henne doesnt do what we expect, at least we will have someone there that is a proven winner. Let's go Fins dont let some other team get this one. Promise him a starting position if things dont work out with Henne he wants to play in Fla, so lets get to work.


you sure would save the blog tons of trash posting about bs if you left your hunting and party stories off the blog. as far as i can tell, not a single person cares about them.

Posted by: jim beam | September 06, 2011 at 03:35 PM

Real clever "Just Exposed" no one would ever suspect you to change your name once you were caught red handed.

I posted a three sentence sign off(I know, I know, I'll have to wait for Armando to read it and then explain it too you). 3, count them, sentences-Period.

You followed up with the lies, the trash and the BS.

Whats even more pathetic is this absurb tactic you're trying here. Your not fooling anyone, as I and many others have already pointed out to you.

You are accusing someone else of posting tons of trash? The trash, the lies and the BS that you yourself have posted just today? I was defending myslef from YOUR retarded lies!

Dude, Armando should just fire you because you are seriously eff'ed up on the Meth or SOMETHING very bad. Besides, the strikes over and the season is about to start, there's enough good posters here now. If anything you're costing the blog hits and more importantly, GOOD CONTRIBUTORS.

Buh Bye Tweak!!!!

If youR head was not so far up the Fins' "tushy", you would be able to see that the Pats are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Fins are still an uproven, 2nd tier team. AdditionallY, with all the roster changes, the Fins have not yet worked as a unit yet. Just hope the Fins don't embarass us and beome the TV late night circuit JOKE.

Odin, shut the hell up already! Nobody cares about your blog spat.


Man up you panzy! Ggo hide in your safe room. Nobody wants to read the drivel you spam this Blog with!

What's up fellas?

I know I'm late on this post but did a team that wants to run the ball really cut Lousaka Polite who is pretty damn good blocking FB?

This duo of Ireland/Sparano is dumb and dumber!

Charles Clay who hasn't done balls and dropped the only pass I saw thrown his way vs Carolina is listed as a FB!

I am a realistic fan of my team the Miami Dolphins and the facts are the glass is EMPTY! Miami will be in the mix for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes!

Andy, my brother from another NJ mother! How did you make out in the hurricane?

I'm with you but I think we win 5-7 this year. Not enough losses to get LuckY LOL

But, Polite wasn't a great blocker last year. With this Oline, it doesn't matter who the FB is. The right side of this line is too leaky!

It's funny, everyone was high on Jerry. DUD. Everyone was high on Edds - DUD. We have zero depth at LB or a truly reliable RB. I could go on, but, why bother? LOL

Just like a hurricane, I'm hoping for the best but bracing for the worst!


I was hoping Nolan reads this blog and takes my suggestion. Think of all the headaches a HC has, can't just worry about 1 side of the ball. I'm sure Nolan wants to be a HC too, but if we're on our way up, he might wait until we plateau before jumping ship. Also, I could see Ross enticing him to stay if a SB appearance (or deep Playoffs) is in our future. NO, not saying that's in the cards this year, or even next, but possibly in the next 2-3 years. If that's the case, Nolan might be enticed to stay to win a ring. Then he can have the pick of the litter and get seriously paid as a HC.

I know it's a longshot, but I can't think about losing him right now, that's too much to handle.

Andy/Joe, Polite dropping is the best news from my perspective. You said Andy "a team that wants to run the ball." NOT ANYMORE!!! Now we're FORCED to be a "run to open the pass game" team, and that's sweet music to my ears. Not sure how many times or ways I can say it, but: MIAMI CAN'T EVER, EVER, EVER WIN, BEING A RUN-FIRST TEAM!!! Just can't happen here in today's NFL. We're not the Jets, we're not the Chiefs, we don't have the personnel. We don't have the oline, RBs, even the QB who can handoff a billion times and then get hot real quick when they finally ask him to throw.

Henne's strength is get in a groove and be pass-happy. Yes, more likelihood for mistakes and INTs and all that, but that's when you get a QB to fit your scheme, not use an outdated scheme that can't win in the NFL today.

It's a new day, you guys (Craig, all the rest of you) need to get on the bus. We're going back to Dan Marino football. We'll run better than those days, but that's the direction. That will get us to the elite status. Even maybe to the SB. This time we just have to win it and all will be good.

And this ENTIRE blog will have me to thank, because I called it. Run to set up the pass. Throw, throw, throw. WRs, TEs, QBs and RBs that can catch out of the backfield (Reggie Bush). That's how you win. I love it!!!!


What's up bro? He wasn't great last year but he clearly fit the mold of a run blocking FB and was clearly one of the best 53 players on the roster.

I was fine. I went to bed around 1230 that night and was surprised I woke up with power because I have lost power in less wind and rain cause so many trees around here. But Im good. You?

Craig, I thought jax had a nice qbs pipeline going there with a good vet holding down the fort for a year or two. Oh well. I wouldn't oppose the signing but I'm hoping Bennett makes it a moot point. Not sure how much Garrard would be able to contribute coming on this late but he is more talented than any other of the available qbs last summer

Sorry, henne. Stupid autocorrect

pats 70
Fins 9



Pats 78
Fish 8 (two fist pumps and a safety/handshake)

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