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Bush-Thomas package on the way? Looks like it

On Sunday night I asked coach Tony Sparano if the team could find a way to get both Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the game during games in which Thomas is the hot hand as the running back.

The idea, obviously, is that Bush is a potentially dynamic player and it would be a waste to have him on the sideline serving as a spectator while Thomas runs the football. I figured, find a way to use him as a third-down guy. Use him as a punt returner. Use them both in the backfield and perhaps move him out to the slot -- thus forcing the defense to defend Bush with their base unit.

But coach wasn't buying any of that. He said what we saw is basically the way things are.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Well, today things are a bit different.

First of all, Sparano just told the media that Thomas was in for 33 plays while Bush was in for 25 plays. I know, it sure didn't feel like that. But those are the stats the coach repeated.

Then he said the club actually has a package that includes both Bush and Thomas and that they used it some Sunday. The problem was, he said, that with Thomas an uncertainty because of his recent injuries, the package is admittedly small.

Well, here's the deal: You should look for that package to expand. It has to happen if Dolphins coaches saw what everyone else did. It has to happen to use as many good players as possible at the same time. Makes sense.

Yes, you can be critical of the Dolphins for not being ready with an extensive package for both players versus Houston. But, again, the team's stated plan was to use Bush 70 percent of the time and Thomas about 30 percent. They didn't foresee Thomas having a breakout day while Bush continued to struggle on his runs.

And now my opinion:

I've seen enough of the Dolphins pushing Bush as a carry-the-load guy. He's not that guy. He's never been that guy. Bush is a fine talent. He's a matchup problem for base defenses. So use him that way. Use him closer to the way the Saints did.

And let the bigger back carry the load.

Seems like a good way to maximize both. Maybe even at the same time.


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Wow. The day isn't even out, and already one of my rants is coming to fruition. Very glad to see that coach is able to change his mind and do what's right. Hope to see this new "package" next game. A lot more is wrong with the Fins besides this, but step in the right direction. Too bad it took two losses to wise them up.
Now... about that defense...
And... the quarterback
And... the draft picks
and the O-line ...

One fix at a time?

Don't take the bait DC. And ironically I believe you are correct that Henne is the offensive MVP so far. That's not as much an endorsement as an admonishment of everyone else.

Skallywag, here's short and sweet for you. Obviously you have nothing to offer about the Dolphins, you're more here to debate a personality than debate about the team (hence the name, TROLL), so this will be my last post to you, promise. You have nothing (good)to offer the conversation, therefore, I will ignore you henceforth.

That is why this Coach sucks. First game, he over used Bush, having L. Johnson watching from the sidelines. Now he uses Thomas because he's got the hot hand. Bush watches. No surprises, so predictable. Bush doesn't return punts, one of his strengths. Meanwhile, L. Johnson still watches from the sidelines. No chances. These players will be getting discouraged, just like many of the players that didn't get a fair chance on this team, and are no longer here. The OL is still mediocre after all these years under an OL guru?
Can't fault Ireland for all failures, Sparano is also a big part of Draft day.
If things don't pick up immediately, Ross will be cutting the coach's contract short and proceed to contact Bill Cowher. (Quietly hoping for it...)


Stupid autocorrect on this android phone. I know who the right tackle is!!!

Miami has the Dolphins, a crappy football team Can't move the ball from goal to goal cause th coaching staff so green. Interception in the air, fumble on the ground their never in control. So when u say Miami don't mention SUPERBOWL!!!

I thought Columbia was just the femanine name for Columbo. Made sense to me.

I agree with everything that you said but I am referring to sunday's game and sunday's game only...that game was lost by the players and the players ONLY...they kept shooting themselves on the foot, period...i said i was not defending sparano and /or ireland, those 2 are a whole different subject all their own...

So glad Sparano rested all of the starters for the Cowboys game.

They obviously did NOT need the work!

Another reason why, this team is


In the interset of honest debate........

#1 Henne is the right call as opposed to what? He is the wrong call for this franchise long-term. He had a career night against New England, it is all downhill from here.

-So, the basis for your argument is what? Your pyschic ability? OK then.

#2 Thomas looks like Sammie Smith. An upright fumble-prone runner. Sparano looked more interested in trying to get Thomas 100 yards then trying to win the game! Pathetic. I would bet Thomas ends up being an average back, nothing special and certainly not an upgrade over Ronnie Brown. The jury is still out, but I don't think by any means you can determine it was the right call. I think there is still a better chance Thomas ends up being a bust.

You can denounce his position because.......he looks like Sammie? Or it is because the way Tony used him? Your logic gets a little confusing here. Do you mean avg? nothing special? Bust? Sheesh, which is it? His opion is obviously wrong......because YOU say there's a better chance he ends up being a bust. Nice debating there.

Well, I'm no psychic, but so far Thomas is averaging over 6 yards a carry.......in his.....you know......ROOKIE debut! Half empty/half full, dunno, but I was encouraged!

Posted by: IrelandSucks | September 19, 2011 at 01:49 PM

Antonio "Che" Montana,
You seem like a sensible guy. Yes, the players win and lose the games. However, this coaching staff and FO have done them a real disservice. If it was one game, I would agree with you. But when you have won 1 home game in almost 2 years, there are larger issues at stake...

DC, it is just crazy to me. It never ends, it is like everyone has marinoitus.

GET OVER IT, Henne is not MARINO AND NEVER WILL. We may never see a Marino again!

Henne is not perfect, but he has been a bright spot for this team. He had a sub par game, I agree. But he gave us chances to win while getting his butt handed to him by the Houston D.

2-3 posts in total about how bad Marshall was. He made a great play on a 50/50 down the left sideline. He caught a td by beating Jason Allen, who hasnt beat him? and he got that TD by a GREAT audible call by Henne. How he breaks plays off because he feels like it is unexcusible, especially when his QB is under so much pressure.

No one talking about Misi, Wake missing most of the games.

Now, we are talking about coaching at length, and Vonte/Smith/carroll.

columbo and the o-line, play calling in general by coaches.

People need to get off this henne thing, Hs is real good, not perfect, but the MVP for this team so far.

Reggie's role is where Reggie is??? WTF does that mean?? Is that even a sentence?

At the beginning of camp, I couldn't for the life of me figure what people saw in this D that they thought it was a op five unit. Other than wake, and he may be a one hit wonder, there are zero impact guys. Don't give me the Davis and Smith bvllshit. They are 3rd year guys and they are what they are. Average. Dansby is a terrible value for money he is paid. This D can't stop an average to good passing attack and can't pressure QB's. We all bought into the bull about how good the Dline is. This D is more of a problem than the offense.
A team with a great D can compete until the offense comes around. If you look at last years D, they suck against good offenses. This team is no better than the Cam Cameron days. In fact they may be worse because it is devoid of playmakers on both sides of the ball.

Most of the carries came in the 2nd half with Miami trailing. I am sure Houston was more concerned with giving up a quick TD to Miami through the air (even though that rarely happens). Sparano was more interested in getting Thomas 100 yards then trying to catch-up and win the game.

Posted by: IrelandSucks | September 19, 2011 at 02:02 PM

In the interest of honest debate, you said the same thing last week about Henne's passing yards.

So I guess mainly your point is, when we get any yardage whatsoever it's beause we suck and the defense is just giving it to us?

OK then, I'm starting to get it.........huh?

After 2 games I know this:

1. This D was overrated last year.

2. This O looks improved & more "modern" but, like last year, we still can't score.

3. Nolan Carrol should not be on the field

4. A new kicker should be trying out today

5. Tony Sparano never was, nor ever will be, a good NFL head coach. Not matter how much Bill Parcells think so.

6 Jeff Ireland never was, nor ever will be, a quality GM. No matter how much Bill Parcells think so.

7 Even though most people agree; insisting, believing or wishing that #22 would be an inside runner will never make it so. No matter how much Sparano & Ireland think so.

8. This offensive line is offensive

9. This team still does not have a FS

10. #24 is a fraud

11. #21 shouldn't make claims that he can't back up.

12. Cowboy fans were right, Columbo stinks

13A C. Gates is so promising he sees a whole 1 or 2 plays before the game is out of reach

13B Relying on late round rookies(Gates, Clay), to improve the offense, let alone make the team, was a pipe dream.

For those who bought into the hype, this rough start has got to be tough to swallow.


"It had to be expected that the new offense would take some time to gel. The defense has been the bigger downside surprise."

The pleasant surprises have all been on offense (inconsistent play by Marshall and Carpenter can hardly be considered surprising).

Many bizarre personnel moves were justified because they would help special teams- so we can add ST to unwelcome disappointing surprises.

Chris, do you think the offense (minus oline) has played THAT bad? I don't, I think it's how they're being used. Not sure if this is just growing pains in a new scheme, or if it's Sparano, maybe Thomas being hurt, not sure.

But for the most part, I don't really have a problem with the offense. They're still not efficient as they need to be (hence 13 points when there was more out there), but they've been pretty adequate for being in a new system. Again, besides the oline.

I'm really blaming the Coaches and GM here, they are most to blame I believe.

we're the joke of the league. Thanks Sparano. Thanks Ireland. I hope you're in the street by days end.

Poizen, I agree. As much as I've bashed Henne, he isn't TE problem. He hasn't had much time to throw and I think has acquitted himself well. Better than I thought. This team hasnt drafted well at all. Has signed any impact FA's at all and has made one decent trade for Marshall. He himself is trying to do too much, hence the dropped balls. This team need too much before the season started, to be successful. The frustrating part is it isn't any better and may be worse. That's what bothers me.

Dolphins good. I like Dolphins. Uhhhh...duuuh...good are Dolphins.

Poizen, on the Marshall "cut-off" play. Is that the one near the endzone, can't remember, 3rd or 4th qtr?

My take wasn't he just cut it off. My take is he saw the defender turn (as if to run with him to the back pylon), and was about 4-5 yards behind him in the endzone while he was like at the 4-5 yd line. So it looked (to me) like he improvised, thought he'd stop, and Henne would see that and just throw a dart or back shoulder, and he'd pretty much walk into the endzone (or at least get the 1st close to the goal line).

Obviously you didn't see it that way, but I'd like to know what happened. Either way, it was a miscue, and I don't put much stock in those, they'll happen in a new system.

I think the one play people CAN put on Henne was a slant pass to Clyde Gates. If he hit him in stride, Gates would have had a big play. But Henne threw it behind and low, and Gates couldn't catch it. I wish Henne could make those "in stride" plays more consistently.

Now, did that cost us the game, no. I don't blame Henne for not making every throw in a game. I just wish he could sometimes make those type of throws more consistently. With that said, we lost this game as a team, in all phases of the game, not by one player or one side or one play alone.

OMG Joe, I feel like I wrote your post. Exactly what I've been saying since day one. Nail on the head. Except I can add a few
14. Burnett is no better than Crowder and is a non factor.
15. Dansby is officially teetering on the edge of "Bustville".
16. Ability wise, the offensive line from incognito to the right are college level players at this point in their careers.
17. Very little playmaking ability on either side of the ball and that hasn't changed for three years despite all the drafting, trading and futile efforts.


Agree about the bizarre moves because of ST. Wasn't even considering ST.

Their talent appraisal in general makes no sense. After two weeks though, we are seeing many teams play up and down. I have no delusions about this team, other than to say, I won't write it all off if we can get to 2-2 at the bye.

That being said, I will never be a Sparano fan. He has to go. He is a dunce and an embarrassment.

One word: "Bill Cowher". Yeah, I know it's two words, but you get my point.

I just took a look at Cleveland. They lost to the Bengals and barely beat a peytonless colt team. I really think we may get a win up there. After the way I felt this morning I wouldnt have given the fins a snowballs chance. But I think if we can get our star (term used very loosely) players to get out there and hustle we might just have a chance!!! GOOO Phinnsss sniff sniff


The Colts are 0-2 (not happy with their QB, apparently). So are the Vikings. Plenty of good teams have suffered disappointing losses.

Compared to last year the offense has looked better, no doubt. Henne has improved in several areas and regardless of what many think I'm a huge Marshall supporter. The guy is on pace for over 1700 yards this year, drops or not.

The offense is however only averaging 18.5 points a game which is below average in the NFL. And my displeasure with another 0-2 start leads me to post in a more negative manner than usual.

I don't know about everyone else but, the most offensive thing about Tony Sparano is how condescending he is. He really tries to play the part. I can't stand stupidity and this regime is overflowing with it.

dolphin win make me happy and play good football...me likey.

Mike Nolan doesn't look as good as he used to either right now. For all those clamoring for him to be coach, this should tell you something.

Tony, they are NOT a good team.

Not sure why some guys are so worked up today. The team is playing like crap and some of you are going to get your wish and get rid of Sparano and very likely Henne. That's what you wanted. So sit back and try and enjoy and if the team suffers then it will be clear what the next steps are. The worst thing that can happen is the team finishes 8-8 or 9-7 and we're right back in that same boat where we don't know who should be back etc. If the boat sinks the captain and all his firstmates will go down with the ship. Seems to be it's a win-win for the fans. One thing Ross won't continue to tolerate is this constant losing at home. To me that's almost grounds for being fired right there. Good luck to the guys steering the ship but if things don't improve I'm all for having Jeff Fisher in charge next year.


It's funny, I've heard NOTHING from all the guys who wanted Mike Nolan as the next head coach. Where did all those guys go? Have they crawled silently over to SS?

Correct Craig. He's an assistant coach for a reason right now.

The worst part is that this team doesn't even know how to lose right. They will probably get like 6 or 7 wins taking us out of the Andrew Luck sweep stakes.

I honestly think we have good the players. We just have no Direction. Our game planning is HORRIBLE! Our execution Deplorable!

It's funny, I've heard NOTHING from all the guys who wanted Mike Nolan as the next head coach. Where did all those guys go? Have they crawled silently over to SS?

Posted by: Craig M | September 19, 2011 at 02:55 PM

We are waiting for you to tell us again how NE and NY did nothing to improve and that we improved the most. Who has gone silent? You or them?

Dolphin not play so good before but they play good next I hope. Me likey dolphins.

DC, My thought on that endzone play, was it was a 3 step drop and meant to be a 50/50 ball in the back of the end zone. Unfortunatly columbo was still in 3 point stance as the defender comes trucking around so Henne lofted it up to shere he thought Marshall would be. Marshall say the defender in good position and tried to improvise.

The big problem here is, Marshall knows football and knows when he is covered, so he they breaks things to give himself more chance to be open. This is a good trait to have when your QB has a moment to scan the play.

Marshall could have won a 50/50 jump ball on that play if he just went on with it. Maybe he looses and incomplete. the point being is that Henne threw the ball where Marshall was supposed to be as he was rushed.

Both did good things, the problem is they both did good opposite things. and that is where coaching needs to explain to Marshall and or Henne. "Our o-line sucks, so just go with the play, or have hand signals before the ball is snapped to alter the play. Dont just do it on the fly.

Finally, an intelligent and logical post. Thank you Jim. Go Phins!

Holy crap I can not type. If u need an interpreter for my last post, I understand. I just want ALOCO. LOL

Joe Schmoe. I owe you an apology, as of now your prediction on the season seems far closer than mine.

Of course it is...


Getting rid of Sparano/Ireland/Henne will please some. But most knowledgeable football viewers know a new regime has new problems and it takes awhile for everything to get sorted out before they make it work. So that's why I am not happy about that happening.

Well, qualification, I'd be happy if we are horrible this year, since I'll have lost all faith in the FO, but I'll know it'll be another 3-4 years of rebuilding, which doesn't make me happy (we're always in rebuild mode).

So, it's not the best option. Best option is the team does as well as Henne's progressing this year, and we don't need to get a new FO.

But I'm not optimistic that option will be available after another few losses.

Poizen, I understood. And I get what you're saying. I didn't remember Henne was pressured on that play, so that does make a difference, you're right.

Ugh, miscues. ALWAYS AT THE WRONG TIME, lol.

DC Dolfan is a moron.

I agree with Guest

I agree with guest

Poizen, whats up?

I'm not here to be right or have a desire to be. I just want to realistically talk about the phins with level headed people. Not hypothetically, optimistically, etc.

Sadly, I can't say I'm surprised by anything thats transpired the 1st 2 weeks. I take it you're dismayed by what you're seeing?

Seen several posts calling fro Sparano firing, and Cowher hiring. 2 things:
1. If Tony doesn't show some serious intelligence regarding his own faults, and his staff's, then YEP, he needs to go. Like Henne, he shows good signs, then blows important stuff.
2. Cowher shouldn't be #1 wish. Memory is fleeting. Before Roethlesberger won him a superbowl, Cowher came close to being fired. Since he left they won another superbowl, and attended yet another. All Cowher? Think not.
Think instead - JEFF FISHER!
Maybe even Gruden if Fisher doesn't say Yes.

Joe, you still going to the Giants game. Just found out I got tix, so if so you'll see me (I'll be the lone Dolphins fan getting tazed, lol).

This current GM/Coach/Owner make me ill. I sure do miss Shula days.

DC, after what I've seen the 1st 2 weeks, I don't want to go. LOL But, since I promised my neighbor & he took his friends ticket for me, I will be there.

Maybe I'll get tazed while I'm at it for sh*ts & giggles.

I feel you Joe. I'm not expecting it to be pretty (talking about the action on the field). Don't think I'll be in any position to boast about my team. Especially if we lose to the Jets before that. Ugh.

JEFF FISHER!!! C'mon JS! All he is Cowher without the ring! He goes 13-3 one year and 8-8 the next! I will pass!!!

As soon as they got in the red zone they abandoned the run. Thomas was rolling. Sounds like Tony bagga donuts is micromanaging the play calling to me.
10 times there, approx. 30+ plays and we ran it four times.
Theres your problem!! Same ol bad coaching.

DC, Poizen might be going to. We should all meet up & get drunk in the parking lot & listen to the game on transistor radio.

That might be more entertaining than going inside to watch the game.

when Sparano first metioned Bush being the primary back, I kinda thought it was just smoke and mirrors..I still think that now.I think this has been the plan all along..however,Is Thomas that good, or did he have a great game because Houston was unable to game plan for him? secondly, in our current offensive state, having two backs lined up will not have the same effect, due to the week OL..now one of those backs must be a blocker.A sfar as the defence, Im still trying to figure the huge change from last season..we were a top 5 defence, with the addition of JT. the only thing I can put my finger on is CROWDER is gone.. WELL YALL GOT YOUR WISH!! not paying out very well is it? And truly do you actually still believe Henne is the problem?? Hello!! anybody home out there??? Hav'nt been a Henne supporter, nor a basher..but um Henne is far from the problem this year...So now again everyone wants a new owner, heard that before too!! Oh yea a new coach, new GM, new cheer leaders, gold plated bathrooms..sometimes I wonder about the fans here..are you realy FANS?? Listen, you cant put a system, along with personel, staff, and players, together and expect it to work when you change the DANG regime every 2 to 4 years..Know Im no coach, Im not an owner, nor am I a pro scout, a Gm, or a pro player..and niether are yall..

lol Joe, I think you're right.

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