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Bush-Thomas package on the way? Looks like it

On Sunday night I asked coach Tony Sparano if the team could find a way to get both Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the game during games in which Thomas is the hot hand as the running back.

The idea, obviously, is that Bush is a potentially dynamic player and it would be a waste to have him on the sideline serving as a spectator while Thomas runs the football. I figured, find a way to use him as a third-down guy. Use him as a punt returner. Use them both in the backfield and perhaps move him out to the slot -- thus forcing the defense to defend Bush with their base unit.

But coach wasn't buying any of that. He said what we saw is basically the way things are.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Well, today things are a bit different.

First of all, Sparano just told the media that Thomas was in for 33 plays while Bush was in for 25 plays. I know, it sure didn't feel like that. But those are the stats the coach repeated.

Then he said the club actually has a package that includes both Bush and Thomas and that they used it some Sunday. The problem was, he said, that with Thomas an uncertainty because of his recent injuries, the package is admittedly small.

Well, here's the deal: You should look for that package to expand. It has to happen if Dolphins coaches saw what everyone else did. It has to happen to use as many good players as possible at the same time. Makes sense.

Yes, you can be critical of the Dolphins for not being ready with an extensive package for both players versus Houston. But, again, the team's stated plan was to use Bush 70 percent of the time and Thomas about 30 percent. They didn't foresee Thomas having a breakout day while Bush continued to struggle on his runs.

And now my opinion:

I've seen enough of the Dolphins pushing Bush as a carry-the-load guy. He's not that guy. He's never been that guy. Bush is a fine talent. He's a matchup problem for base defenses. So use him that way. Use him closer to the way the Saints did.

And let the bigger back carry the load.

Seems like a good way to maximize both. Maybe even at the same time.


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here is what I would do if I was Ross,Get rid of sparano and Ireland now.Make your OC and DC coaches Co head coaches for now with the understanding that neither one will be in the running for the HC job.Then you go out and hire the best HC and Gm duo you can get wheather it be cowher gruden or who ever Let them come in with their staff and see what we have .By doing this you pretty well have given up on the yr,but so what this yr is gone and it gives the new guys 14 games to fill the holes for next yr.

i know its early but this is a joke. You have to wonder about the personnel decisions.

We pass on Bradshaw, Meriweather, Miller, and McKinnie, Brown and Ricky

For Bush, LJ and Columbo!?!?!?

I like the Bush addition, but they either don't know how to use him effectively or they are the most stubborn organization in professional sports.

Momentum killer's have really hurt us. Games have swinging momentum throughout, but the team that can keep the momentum the longest and when it is needed the most usually wins. Missing 2 field goals and fumbling the ball are momentum killers, absolutely. Dropped passes as well. You can persevere through some of that stuff, but not all of it. Carpenter was the biggest surprise to me.

This is what I see after two games specifically around Offense.

1) The Offense generally looked solid during the Pats game but they couldn't score a few times at the Goal Line. They were successful passing the ball throughout the game spreading it to multiple receivers. They looked like a really Attack Style Offense. But the overall whipping the Fins took by the Pats put pressure on Sparano and so he obviously inserted himself. He pushed Dabol. So, week two the fins go back to a heavy dose of running. That is fine but it doesn't create big scores and that is what is needed because our Defese is now suddent uncapable of stopping anyone.

2) Where is Charles Clay? He was supposed to bring another exciting element to this offense. He is M.I.A. Is he hurt?

3) Why do we suddenly get fixed on Marshall as the only receiver? Why don't they continue to spread the ball around? Bess was open several times but Henne has clearly been told to focus on Marshall.

4) Clearly Bush is not big enough to run between the tackles as the primary back. That is OK because he is a stud in the open field. So get Thomas and Bush on the field together. Put Bush in motion, do some play action with Thomas and get Bush into the open field. Give the ball to Thomas a few times and give the ball to Bush in the open field a few times. Teams won't be able to handle that consistently . Football 101.

5) Clearly Colombo can't consistently handle top talent. Either get Carey back to tackle or start to mix in 3 step drop passes. That will require 4-5 receiver sets. Get Bush spread out with Bess, Beast, Gates and Hartline/Moore. Henne is very accurate throwing slants and outs. The 4-5 receiver sets with 3 steps drops will work!!

sean payton is sparano's friend. payton didnt use reggie between the tackles; reggie is a good receiver and that how payton used him. square peg in round hole again? also sean smith plays soft;avoids contact! we badly need vets and ballers! and GM and coach!

I betha anything reggie wished he stayed in new orleans right about now....very sad state of affairs in miami that is football related anyway...

Folks we have a toxic owner!!! after what he did to Sparano last year no coach or GM will work for him. thats why the ownership has to change. If you think for one min Gruden or Cowher comes into this mess with the baboon that owns this team you got another thing coming!!!! wont happen!!

sparano is very stubborn;remember wake sat all year behind bigmouth porter because tony said wake couldnt play the run? like porter could??????? and why no pressure on a tentative matt schaub??????

S.o.s!!! Same old shi#

How sick would it feel to see Buff, Wee York, and NE all in the playoffs this year....and miami sitting in the celler....if that doesnt fire ireland and sparano and clean house....then what will????

They should try v.Davis at safety .. Good speed hard hitter for a safety.. It's not gna solve all our problems but , I think he could be more of a playmaker from that position..

i'm very sorry to say my prediction will come true; buffalo will finish ahead of us with less talent but a very good coach!!!

Vegas ODDS

Dolphins Odds of going winless at home----2-1

Dolphins Odds at going 0-16---80-1

Dolphins Odds at having a new head coach next year----5-1

We changed our D 2 years ago. Our O last year. St every year. We already change everything every year anyway! If these incomeptent baffoons can do it, what makes anyone think a more competent GM/coach can't do it?


And to those blaming the players for missing tackles, dropping balls, giving up sacks...Who put those guys on the field to fail in the 1st place?

It's Sparano & Ireland. They haven't been able to bring in better people & this is what we have. Don't blame the players, they are who they are. Wishing or hoping they'd be better doesn't make them better!

That's the bottom line, it's a fact & it's irrefutable. Bad coaching or bad talent evaluation, it's Sparano & Ireland's doing. No way around it.

The sooner some of you realize that, the better off you'll be.


For every marshall/long we sign


Another 10-15 columbo/icognitos we have to pick up afterwards

Too late. The season is over. We suck.

What's the injury report today? Dansby, Davis? Got to get Trusnick off special teams. Too many penalties. What's the deal with the extra offensive lineman? Could Thomas be the real deal? I agree with Armando, we have to "Make Room For Daddy". For those too young to remember original part owner Danny Thomas had a hit TV show by that name.

Yea, I am still working on tix atm.

Joe, I will tell you I am really miffed by the lack of Defense. I was convinced Henne would be good, at least good enough, that is the only thing I got right.

Henne has looked a lot better than last year, but the D is awful to say the least. I thought maybe just maybe the o-line would be good, again giving the benefit of the doubt to the head coaches "strength". Special teams I thought would be better, i mean how could they get worse... oooppss...

My frustration his hit the max already in week 2. SOMEONE TAZE ME for F Sake! :)


who says that we can even blow out the chiefs or raiders right now, for that matter who can argue that we are in a better position than they are right now with one being 0-2 and the other 1-1........

U are what ur record indicates and everybody here would have loved to be 2-0 than 0=2 so yea, I wish we were playing like buffalo is right now....with confidence and aggression...

And yea they can at least win at home from time to time....

SINGAOOOOSSSSSSSSS! Sparano, descarao! Ojala que se te caiga el rabo!

I don't agree with people that say keep sparano until the bye week or week X before we fire him. I think he should be sent packing today. Make daboll the HC and give nolan complete control over the defense until we can get a real coach and GM in here next year.

Dolfins, SINGAOOOOOOSSSSSSS! Mariconcitos!!!!!!


hagard old carping lesbians happy to finally hear from you- for a while it almost seemed as if you wouldn't be checking in today.

It all comes down to coaching.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Sparano actually said this after the game? Are you kidding? "It all worked out good"?

I don't think SOOOOOO!
This is BAD coaching folks! Your best players should be on the field. This is what will give the Dolphins the best chance at winning. Put the players in position to take advantage of the defense's weakness.
Sparano can lie to Ross, but you can't get away with it the fans! WE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES COACH!

Tortilleras! Los Dolfins son unos comepingas!

Can somebody tell me how to get in touch w/Sparano? This A-hole is now starting to piss me off

Hialeah Resident, ENGLISH PLEASE!!!

Agreed, we have played two pretty good teams...it would have been nice to win 1 out of 2 but it didn't happen, lets just win the next one and go from there. I live in Massachusetts so all I get to watch are the Patriots and Jets and its 35 degrees in the morning already and its only middle of September. UHG!!! But I'm also realistic that if they couldn't win it with Marino how the heck they gonna win now.


I have been seriously considering going to the Giants game...me and the wife.....

Maybe I can get tix near you...

let me know....and we maybe can work something out thru e-mail....

Poizen, look on the bright side, Giants might lose tonight. Then they'll be 0-2 also. We might have a chance if they're just as bad as we are!

Hialeah Resident, ENGLISH PLEASE!!!

Posted by: Scallywag | September 19, 2011 at 04:15 PM

Oye pero que bola??? Tu me pareces un racista, brode. Ho diz fo Ingleesh meng, MIAMI SUX!!!

This team needs someone, who can evaluate talent. How can Belichek do it year after year. After Brady, I believe Mallett will haunt us for some years. I say Ireland must go

Ok, I'll find out where I'll be kris. I'll be with my wife too (she's a disgusting Giants fan though). Actually, I think it's Giants club seats, but I'll find out for sure and let you know.

Poizen, Henne has looked better. No question. Being objective & having no bias, I can say he just needs to work on the red zone passes. I do think he has shown better command, decision making & competency. But, in the end, it's about points.

We were decent between the 20's last year too. We always bog down in the red zone. Is it the run game? Play calling? The QB? Time will tell.

About the D. I don't know why you're surprised. We return 10 of 11 starters. If we forget the phony #6 ranking, let's look at the reality of last year. We were really good against bad teams & really bad againt good teams.

It's pretty much as simple as that.

I'm depressed. Let me go write another article praising Sparano for the high-quality of his spaghetti.

Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

"Top 5 things I like about the "Yeah" guy:

1) Consistency of purpose.

2) He tells it like it is.

3) Despite his Social Democratic roots, he sees the folly of Keynsianism and the crowding out effect of excessive government spending.

4) He appreciates that ultimately there is no freedom without the law.

5) He can win without making you lose."

Call me crazy but I find the Breadth and depth of his posts to be quite astounding.

You can tell he really loves the Dolphins in his post puncuality of all new articles that become availble to us viewers

My only problem with Mr. Yeah! is when he proclaims "#1" A little spit comes out of his mouth while he's posting, so when I read his post spit gets on my comuter monitor

Soiled :)

You know what this means don't you. They are gonna bring back the wildcat with Thomas as the trigger man and Reggie in motion.

Well guys, its on to Cleveland. Any suggestion?

You all seem to overlook ONE very BIG thing...The PAT's and The Texans are playoff bound teams. These are arguably a couple of the top teams in the NFL. We are still getting comfortable in our new skin right now and I think Henne is doing pretty good. Our D needs lots of work but if a couple of those passes had been caught and Thomas didn't fumble that ball, we may be sitting here at 1-1. I have little doubt that we will beat the Browns and this will be another game down and more time on the field for our boys. We will gel and look better as the year goes on. Stop bitching and watch as this team shakes off the rust and begins to win some games. The Chargers will be another playoff team...plain and simple, we have one of the toughest schedules and just one win against one of these teams and we might regain some swagger. I can see us going 10-6 still...Call me crazy if you want.

FU Miami, FU!

At the very least kris/Joe/Poizen we should all get up in the parking lot, put names to faces and everything. Family gotta stick together and all.

We should even invite the trolls. I wouldn't mind kickin' some *ss, even if it is fratricide, lol.

"It's baffling to me. I don't have any answers."
- General George Custer

"It's baffling to me. I don't have any answers."
- Captain Edward Smith, Titanic

"It's baffling to me. I don't have any answers."
- President George W. Bush, upon discovering no WMD in Iraq

"It's baffling to me. I don't have any answers."
- former coach Tony Sparano, upon asking what's 2+2

To Poizen and others.....

I know you guys see improvment in Henne...and yes...on the surface its their....

But when you dig just a bit deeper...you realize that he is still another "magical" 3 years from being a legit QB....

Balls batted down....

Still can only throw the pattern called (no room for recievers adjustment)...cant think that far ahead...

has ONE solid pass....the deep in.....everything else is suspect comming off his hand.....

Texans saw the tape on his scramble to the right between the tackle and guard.....were waiting for him every time.....

While he may be improved....his improvement is nearly that of QBs with lesser experince....

and that is unacceptable.....

There's a lot of hand-wringing about all the available players we "passed on". There's 32 teams with our salary cap going after the same players!

LOL cosmodo, thanks for the history lesson.

I can see us going 10-6 still...Call me crazy if you want.

Posted by: Scallywag | September 19, 2011 at 04:22 PM

You're crazy.

Can't wait to fry you fishies up when you come up here to Mass. Brady makes Marino look like JaMarcus Russell. By the way, how many rings does your boy Marino have anyway? Sorry, too insensitive on my part, lol.

Hahaha!! Nice one, I want. LOL!!

I can see us going 10-6 still...Call me crazy if you want.

Posted by: Scallywag | September 19, 2011 at 04:22 PM


Hector Albondigas, I wish you guys would stop speaking Mexican and speak English...Geeeez.

I agree DC....at least we can do that.....


You guys suck!

Ross is an inept owner.
But I am pretty sure that he made his mind yesterday after another bleak showing of the Dolphins: he'll fire Sparano one of these days.
I just hope he does that quickly.
Who can still believe that Sparano will lead us to respectability (not even talking playoffs here)?

I wish i had a Super Bowl Ring. Mr. Brady, can you show me yours? I would really really really like to hold it.....

Well guys, its on to Cleveland. Any suggestion?

Posted by: Tony Sparano | September 19, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Some of you guys just crack me the hell up...lol.....

=====SUCK 4 LUCK Sweepstakes:
I don't condone this, but keeping up with the statistics is interesting ----

**To date, the worst team records (all 0-2)**
Minnesota - have their guy in Ponder.
Carolina - have their guy in Newton.
Seattle - my 1st place prediction
Indi - All depends on Manning's neck.
Kansas City - looking possible so far.
Miami - not looking so ridiculous is it?

Will update next week.

In light of recent dvelopments, I've been working on some new rallying cries! I've narrowed it down to two.

"We can always get LUCKY!!!!"


"We can beat Cleveland.......can't we????"

Tough call, but me myself, I'm leaning towards the former.

Anywhoo.............that's all I got..........

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