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Bush-Thomas package on the way? Looks like it

On Sunday night I asked coach Tony Sparano if the team could find a way to get both Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the game during games in which Thomas is the hot hand as the running back.

The idea, obviously, is that Bush is a potentially dynamic player and it would be a waste to have him on the sideline serving as a spectator while Thomas runs the football. I figured, find a way to use him as a third-down guy. Use him as a punt returner. Use them both in the backfield and perhaps move him out to the slot -- thus forcing the defense to defend Bush with their base unit.

But coach wasn't buying any of that. He said what we saw is basically the way things are.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Well, today things are a bit different.

First of all, Sparano just told the media that Thomas was in for 33 plays while Bush was in for 25 plays. I know, it sure didn't feel like that. But those are the stats the coach repeated.

Then he said the club actually has a package that includes both Bush and Thomas and that they used it some Sunday. The problem was, he said, that with Thomas an uncertainty because of his recent injuries, the package is admittedly small.

Well, here's the deal: You should look for that package to expand. It has to happen if Dolphins coaches saw what everyone else did. It has to happen to use as many good players as possible at the same time. Makes sense.

Yes, you can be critical of the Dolphins for not being ready with an extensive package for both players versus Houston. But, again, the team's stated plan was to use Bush 70 percent of the time and Thomas about 30 percent. They didn't foresee Thomas having a breakout day while Bush continued to struggle on his runs.

And now my opinion:

I've seen enough of the Dolphins pushing Bush as a carry-the-load guy. He's not that guy. He's never been that guy. Bush is a fine talent. He's a matchup problem for base defenses. So use him that way. Use him closer to the way the Saints did.

And let the bigger back carry the load.

Seems like a good way to maximize both. Maybe even at the same time.


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No you suck!

OK, can we talk about something positive, 'cause it's only week 2 and most of us are sick of this team already. Unfortunately it looks like they're going nowhere fast, so let's see what exactly we have to look forward to. It's litte consolation I'm sure, but it was nice to see Thomas go over a 100 yards yesterday. That's one more game of someone going over a 100 yards than we had last year. The kid ran hard and actually looked good in the passing game too. Maybe one of the few bright lights yesterday.

Listen, it's a long season and I don't see any point in whining and complaining about the season. They lost two games, to two teams that are better than them. It doesn't excuse them but it's also the be expected. I don't see any way Sporano keeps his job next year and that likely means Henne will be going to. So, everyone wants Luck. The question is, if we don't get him is it a forgone conclusion that we take one of the other young QBs? Keep in mind, we have have lots of other holes on the team as we've seen. I'm not saying we shouldn't take one, I'm just saying, it's not the only hole. To me the defence has been the biggest disappointment so far, easily.

I would love to laugh along and have some fun with the person who is impersonating me but the posts make no sense. Jokes are supposed to be funny and understandable to those reading. And if you're going to impersonate me your grammar has to be accurate and your posts have to be loooonnnnngggggggg. Get with the program whomever you are! :)

"OK, can we talk about something positive"

No Craig, WE SUCK!

This blog has gone to the gutter. I'm out.

Stop it! Your hurting my feelings, Mr. Impersonator!

Well you addressed the first part but I still don't get the meaning. Oh well, at least you're having fun. Hey where are all of the racist rants against Italians today? Where is that guy? Was that you Devil? Is that why you're so mad at me? Did I get you in trouble by contacting Armando? God I hope that was you.


I concur. No question....

Awwwwwwwww, someone has a crush on me!

Here i am, Lou.

Stupid racist. ALL OF YOU!

Awwwwwwwww, someone has a crush on me!

Posted by: LouD | September 19, 2011 at 05:45 PM

Caught me. Damn!

lol, you Fins fans are such weirdo's.

So has OC danobol ever heard of a screen? christ we never run it. again is there anyone whos a thrat in the pass rush besides wake? misi is invisible we need a playmaker on that side to balance the defense and keep wake from double teams. Can solia do more than occupy space for 12mil? Can langford and merliong and odrik make their presence felt somtetime this year? christ and why is it henne overthrows every sideline and fade endzone route?

Cutting Benny Sapp wasn't enough. We need complete regime change. I've got no faith in this team. Makes me happy i haven't been to a game since 2007. Blackouts, please. Maybe that'll rattle Ross a bit.

Hey there he is,,,, the guy that's been impersonating me. But it CAN'T be Devils advocate,,, no way because he doesn't pay attention to the posts in here, at least that sign in name he uses doesn't. But one of the others must because low and behold someone is mad at me just like I said they would be right after I answered her post from earlier. HAHAHAHAHA Good stuff. The great thing is I will now just begin ignoring anyone who isn't on "the list". Love that list baby! Have fun making a fool out of yourself bud:) No one cares if you use our names, we don't know each other and this is an internet blog so go nuts.

Get over it, Lou.

Theaquablues is so right.. EvEn if we had the number 1 pick we would blow it for sure !!! No Andrew Luck....These idiots would get a draft bust with that pick and settle for a qb in the 2nd or 3rd round that never pans out.. I think there are alot of people on this blog that know more about talent then these guys do.. Jeff & Tony think if you add one real wr the passing game is fixed. When everyone knows teams will just double team that player because the others are just average players that dont scare anyone.. Good teams try and get as many studs as they can find and afford. Not these guys. Our corners arent playmakers do you see them trying to upgrade ? Of course not. Thats because they dont get it and need to go now!!!! Call me crazy but i would take T.Owens at this point just to have another playmaker.. who cares about character at this point i just want to win games. Tony & Jeff make enough to handle character issues.. Its not about them its about us the fans who follow this mess...

David Garrard is still available last time i checked. Not that he'll make too much of a difference.

YOU SUCK SPARANO! Season tickets my foot!

Sparano still has a shot at redeeming himself. I know it won't be easy but these are very winnable games we've got coming up. If we come out of this 0-5 though, i think he's probably done. At least i hope he would.

Craig I agree about the defense. I really hope they get a defensive minded coach and keep Daboll. I like the movement on the line of scrimmage and it's definitely causing some good mismatches and confusion for the defenses we play. So keep Daboll, and hire, (don't kill me), Cowher. Man I want to see Cowher on the sideline so bad. I just want a coach that can come in with some credentials for once. Enough with the assistants, it's not working and the players need someone who's been there and done that to follow. They need someone who commands respect, someone who has earned it. That's all tweak the defense, sign some real offensive linemen in free agency, and work on getting us a qb for the future. I really don't think this team is far off from contending. We have some good talent that is playing down to the level of their coach in my opinion. The guy is just full of stupid mistakes, there are so many we can't even count them on one hand and it's every game. In over his head, great guy, good assistant, poor head coach.

David Garrard is mediocre at best. The guy won't fit in to our system. We have to keep going with Henne, even though he tends to disappoint us. He's still young so there's definitely time for him to mature and just get better with time. But these road games we have coming up are critical. Sparano has to come out with at least one win or i think he's done.

Garrard was cut from Jacksonville because he came to camp completely out of shape and then worked his way all the way down the depth chart to number 3 QB. And he's making like 7 or 8 mill a season. You don't pay that much to your 3rd string and why would we want him if he couldn't even beat out McCown for the starting spot? Why would we wnat him if he couldn't even beat out his 3rd string back up. It makes no sense imo.

Wow somehow when I was writing my real post at 6:02 I was able to write a post at 6:01 without even knowing it. Damn I'm good!

I'm not saying Garrard will be the magical solution or anything, but why not just give it a shot? I mean we can't even get field goals in the FREAKING END ZONE! Why do we have to lose at this point?

Man, this crush just won't go away. Try sending me flowers, dude.

Hey person who is pretending to be me keep up the good work! Your posts are well thought out and make sense. I agree completely, with myself, so confused.

But now I will be changing my name for only the third time in 7 years. Congrats, you can now be LouD and I'll be someone else. Wow that was easy!


I agree on Garrard. Makes no sense to be bringing him at this point. Are guys seriously saying that Henne is the biggest reason we are 0-2 right now? Seriously? There's at least 20 guys I would point the finger at before I would point it at Henne. Take anyone you want on that defence and ask, 'where have they been for two weeks?'. Has anyone even noticed Misi or Dansby the first two weeks? I don't even want to go there. Defence has not been impressive to put it mildly. Where's the takeaways we keep talking about? Just not happening! I'm a big fan of Nolan's but if all this continues I think you can forget him being here under a new head coach. He'll bring his own guy in and likely his own OC too. Might be tough for this thing to get turned around in one year, especially with a rookie QB. I think we're in for a long ride.

Henne stinks and Sparano is in over his head keeping that guy on the roster. Yes i know, he's not the sole reason we stank, but he's not very good either.

I went to the game with my son and sat for almost 4 hours in the hot sun. I showed up an hour before kickoff and had to listen to Dan Marino's son Joey do his DJ job at the stadium which basically was playing gangsta rap. The noise (music) was so loud I could not have a conversation with my son at the ball park. I went to buy a pepsi for him it was 5 bucks, bottle of Aqua-fina 4 bucks, parking 25 bucks. On and on. I asked about a large pizza? 35 bucks.

I thought things could not get any worse, then the game started.

I won't get into the stupidity of the play calling or lack of effort and talent from our team. I will say that the 4th and 1 play near the end of the game that Henne could have sneaked for 1 yard but decided instead to call a timeout and punt the ball sent me and 20 thousand others out the gates.

Bottom line: I will not go back to the stadium, to sit in the hot sun while handing my hard earned money to Stephen Ross and his cronies. During every stop of play they blared gansta rap and showed idiots like Gloria Estefan and Pitbull with the Fins UP promo even though we were down by 13 points and getting your behinds violated by the Texans and Dolphin's owner.

Never again will I step foot in that Stadium until that snake oil salesman Stephen Ross sells this team to someone who will be responsible with it.

Don't get me wrong I was a Miami Dolphins fan long before these Baboons came on board (1977) and I will be a Miami Dolphins fan long after they are gone.

I am looking for forward later this year in December or early January when Ross under pressure will eventually fire the ass clown Sparano and the douche bag Ireland.

Hopefully sooner than later he will decide to sell the team.

Just saw the defense in a simple run of the runnigback Tate..Bell made the tackle than a couple of players like Misi''Langford''Smith were standing around doing nothing ' not knowing that the RB can carry bell for extra yardage...Sure enough he got 3 more yards after contact..That's the major problem the defense is not playing hard or together..WADE PHILLIPS VS. MIKE NOLAN..thats what it came down too ...enuff said!

Apologist fan #1: "It's OK being 0-2 because we lost to good teams. But we'll still go 14-2."

Sane human: "Uhhhhhhhh..."

Apologist fan #2: "It's OK if we lose, as long as we improve every game."

Sane human: "Uhhhhhhh...."


Great post at 6:19pm, man. Sounds like a lousy day!! I'm out of State so don't hear that kind of stuff. Doesn't make me proud to be a Dolphins fan. You're right, we can only hope that this guy hits the bricks and soon!! It would be nice if a guy like Kraft ever bought this team and actually cared about the fans' experience. I strongly suggest you said Ross and company aletter describing your experience. It'll make no difference but he needs to hear this message loud and clear!! What a ripoff!!

Mark in Toronto,
Quick question. I noticed you are still signing in through typepad or another outlet. Was wondering if you have to pay now or is it still free. Want to get back in the blue and wondering what I have to do.

Slipperysoap, are you paying for a typepad account or were you able to sign in for free using a different spot like Yahoo or something? Would be great if you could help me out. I'm trying to get my name back in blue and can't find out how.


I can't believe that TS is still here. 7 losses last year AT HOME and 2 this year. How can Ross even expect that people attend. Several year ago I took my son to his first game. Sitting in the north lower level where the sun shines well into November. 30 for a couple of imported beer. I'm done with JRS until such time as Ross puts a product on the field that merits attending. It's hot out there if our D's getting gassed out there, imagine the poor fans that spent big bucks on an inferior product.

Slipperysoap GREAT POST ...THIS SOUNDS LIKE MIKE DEES IDEA'S?The music showing of the latin artists ..and i'am latin too.sickening!


Watching the effort of the team...And having that sun burning your face and the back of your neck and the loud music..I swear that's how Hell feels!

Craig M, Someone is using my name now and talking to you. My only post to you was at 5:59. 95% of the others were fakes. I know you're just addressing a name but we've been in here a long time and I used to be NYScott. So I just wanted you to know if your conversation goes south with the "new LouD" that it is not me. I'm trying to figure out how to sign in through typepad to make it harder on the chick who's crushing on me but haven't had luck so far. This is what I get for being stand up and backing up my opinions using the same name. Now you can't even do that anymore because people (who troll under multiple names) get all bent over nothing and start stalking. So if I can't sign in for real (not paying $10 a month to blog) I will now have to keep changing my name every day to fend off the utterly f***ing useless waste of space that has nothing better to do then act like someone else on the internet in order to get revenge for a perceived injustice. What a putz. The worst thing is she's actually writing good posts! So no one will even know it's an impostor. None if the usual garble. She's a clever little bit*h.

LouD....or at least I think it's LouD,

It's happened to me lots of times too. People seem to think it's funny. Same thing, any time you have an opinion that you stick with and it's contrary to what the crowd has to say, people try to impersonate. Not even sure what it's about....it's the most foreign, childish thing I've ever come across. So much for freedom of speech and being allowed to have a difference of opinion. Best bet is to let Armando know about it. He's told me he's going to stomp it out and whenever possible kick people that do it off the blog. It's all I can suggest.

At this rate i guess i can forget about my half-off Papa John's Pizza. What a putrid franchise the Fins have become.

Craig M,

I dont think most sane people are blaming all the woes on Henne.

The thing is man he's been QB heer for awhile now. Its not his first season and the guy is the starting QB. He's the general of this offense and we are seeing the same crap again inside the 20s.

Now, it may not all be his fault but again, he's the main man of this offense and he needs to get with it. He needs to stop the madness already and get this team in the endzone. Because no matter what anyone here or anywhere else says, if the team doesnt win, its going to reflect on him to a large extent being the starting QB (especially since he's never had seasons of credibility like Manning, Brady etc.). Whether thats fair or not, doesn't matter, its the way it has always been and always will be. Your the starting QB of your team, you'd better get that offense in the endzone, period.

Princess Koo Koo,

Where do you store your avocado at night?

Wink wink!

The Fins have enough talent at enough positions to win consistently. They don't have coaching decisions that turn a losing team into a winner and thats sad for the players that want to win and sad for the fans that want a winner. Sporano's decisions pre and during the game are amazingly uncreative uninspiring and totally lack the common sense of using all your best players at the same time to their fullest potential each down, every game.
The coach we couldn't get this year to replace Sporano is turning a lesser talented group of players into a winner in SF. Too bad - our Fins are held back - with the less than mediocre decision makers lack of knowledge and lack of competence.

I use twitter to sign in. My experience at the stadium yesterday was so horrible and depressing that yes I will not go back as long as that Snake Oil Salesman owns the team.

At Halftime out of Aqua-Fina water I decided to take my empty water bottle and refill it at the water fountain next to the bathroom. I had to stand in line behind 20 people who where doing the exact same thing.

That was until Stadium security and Miami-Dade Police showed up and told the people standing in line that they were blocking the passageways and they either had to drink water or move or they would be escorted out of the stadium. My son and I had to go to the bathroom and fill up our water bottles from the sink. Very demeaning.

Never again.

Guys I'm still pissed about last nights game! If this was a baseball team, considering the last 2 years record AND our first 2 games, the manager/head coach would be gone!!!! TS can't get it done and was quoted as saying, "I don't have any answers for it!" I'm sorry, that's not acceptable!


What team could we possibly beat?

I think hell is coming for dinner!

Good for you to call out sparano. What the heck r they doing? Reggie should get passed the ball 5-8 times a game. Can't defend that! Started to do that in preseason and stopped in regular. It's like us running on 3rd and 15. It's almost like we bet against ourselves each week in Vegas so can't do the obvious to make sure we lose. High school coaches could come up with better plays. Reggie up the middle? Really? Our best half yard line play is a fade that we NEVER connect on? Who needs Polite right. Don't need Will Allen because there is someone cheaper. He sucks but he's cheaper. Don't need Crowder and we create a communication problem Crowder helped with. When we were tops in running the ball couple years ago we made sure to get rid of the starting off lineman for younger guys. How's that working for ya?



"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Sparano is delusional and it hasn't worked out good at all for the Fins with a coach like this.

The owner couldn't even embarass Sparano into resigning by publicly looking to sign another coach after last season.

I think the press and the fans need to pressure him into callin it quits - Sparano must have been honest with himself by now if not honest with South Fla - He isn't head coach material - he is a mediocre OC at best and he needs to open the door for a better higher paid coach to come in and lead the team forward.

Slipperysoap, way to go dude!!!! Did you spend the entire game moaning groaning and ruining it for your son to? I thought bringing your kid to the game a special experience between a dad and his son. Obviously not with you. You bring your kid one hour before the game instead of getting there early, bringing some food and tossing the ball around, rush him into the Stadium then complain about the team all day and then show your kid what a cheapskate you are. To top off the day you think blocking the passageway is ok and bring your kid into the bathroom to fill his water from a faucet I wouldn't let my dog drink out of. Nice going, you might make a-hole dad of the year.

we were 0-2 in '08! it ain't over! but DAMN am I pissed TOO!

What the hell??

I can't see the forest because all these trees are in my way!!

you CAN'T possibly tell me that this team has made no progress! what NO ONE saw coming is the DEFENSE laying an egg! I feel more optimistic now than I did with last year's 0-2 start (damn that's just funny SOUNDING lol). i just can't believe our defense is going to SUCK all season. and if they do, you won't be able to find a single soul on this planet that saw it coming. So stop blaming the play calling, stop calling for Sporono's head... it's the PLAYERS... THEY HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS and the have to STOP making STUPID plays. If they do that... they'll start winning - no matter WHO is coaching. But for now... our D inexplicably sucks!... Crap happens... deal with it. GO FINS!~

"you CAN'T possibly tell me that this team has made no progress!"

Its made no progress.

Coaches and coaching matters.

What are you guys talking about? It is time to blow this thing up and start over. I hate to say this but I am actually going to root for a 2-14 record so we can get a stud QB and start over with Cowher/Gruden/anybody but the Sparano/Ireland. How many bad drafts is this idiot owner going to stand for? The Dolphins can't win at home? Am I in bizarro world - look at their schedule guys - they may go 0-8 at home this year. I think Buffalo is their chance for a home win. This is a bad team getting worse under this coach/GM/owner combination. I've been a Dolphin fan for 39 years and I've never been this embarrassed to say I'm a Dolphin fan in Pittsburgh.

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