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Bush-Thomas package on the way? Looks like it

On Sunday night I asked coach Tony Sparano if the team could find a way to get both Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the game during games in which Thomas is the hot hand as the running back.

The idea, obviously, is that Bush is a potentially dynamic player and it would be a waste to have him on the sideline serving as a spectator while Thomas runs the football. I figured, find a way to use him as a third-down guy. Use him as a punt returner. Use them both in the backfield and perhaps move him out to the slot -- thus forcing the defense to defend Bush with their base unit.

But coach wasn't buying any of that. He said what we saw is basically the way things are.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Well, today things are a bit different.

First of all, Sparano just told the media that Thomas was in for 33 plays while Bush was in for 25 plays. I know, it sure didn't feel like that. But those are the stats the coach repeated.

Then he said the club actually has a package that includes both Bush and Thomas and that they used it some Sunday. The problem was, he said, that with Thomas an uncertainty because of his recent injuries, the package is admittedly small.

Well, here's the deal: You should look for that package to expand. It has to happen if Dolphins coaches saw what everyone else did. It has to happen to use as many good players as possible at the same time. Makes sense.

Yes, you can be critical of the Dolphins for not being ready with an extensive package for both players versus Houston. But, again, the team's stated plan was to use Bush 70 percent of the time and Thomas about 30 percent. They didn't foresee Thomas having a breakout day while Bush continued to struggle on his runs.

And now my opinion:

I've seen enough of the Dolphins pushing Bush as a carry-the-load guy. He's not that guy. He's never been that guy. Bush is a fine talent. He's a matchup problem for base defenses. So use him that way. Use him closer to the way the Saints did.

And let the bigger back carry the load.

Seems like a good way to maximize both. Maybe even at the same time.


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Scuba - I'm with you. Sparano is a nice guy, bad coach. Maybe he's a good OL coach, I'm not sure but I sure wish some other team would try to find out!

It is obvious that from the first loss that the Fins season is over. My prediction, last in the division, no home game wins, be a mircle if they win more than three games all season. Sperano lost it last year when he got arrogant about not getting rid of henne, unfortunately, it has gotten worse now, new coach time! its way too late to salvage the season. I have been a fan since the beginning, the last 16 years have sucked and no one is really doing anything about it. I canceled my Directv NFL ticket last year as I am sick of paying for such horrible play

Rick D - I'm with you. It's new regime time. Hire a good football guy to run the team and get a dynamic young coach here and give him some time to make something happen. If you look around the league teams that keep the same coaches usually are the top teams - Philly, New England, San Diego, New Orleans, etc. I'm not a fan of changing coaches every 5 years but the Dolphins just haven't gotten it right - starting with Jimma, then Wanny, then whoever and whoever and whoever, all bad choices. Get it right this time!!

Time out.



Oh, wait, now is not the time for a time out is it?

Its unlikely there will ever be a Sporano Trophy held up after a championship.
What did the Patriots play calling and offensive formations do to the Dolphin D?
Why can't our offense utilize all of our good RBs and WRs at the same time - why send someone up between 2 mediocre tackles after the 1st 2 dozen times that doesn't work - why put a lousy corner in any position to cover the best receiver? Why is there seemingly NO adjustments to a losing 1st half - when the play begins in the 2nd half?
The players aren't making all the bad decisions!

Detriot is 7-0 in their last seven regular season games. The Dolphins are 0-7 in their last seven regular season games. The world has ended and hell has officially frozen over.

It's funny, I've heard NOTHING from all the guys who wanted Mike Nolan as the next head coach. Where did all those guys go? Have they crawled silently over to SS?

Posted by: Craig M | September 19, 2011 at 02:55 PM

We are waiting for you to tell us again how NE and NY did nothing to improve and that we improved the most. Who has gone silent? You or them?

Posted by: ljo | September 19, 2011 at 02:58 PM


Now its time for a REAL Football guy, like myself, to give you some REAL insight .... The problem with the Dolphins, (and it's something that I noticed from the first game) is NOT the Team or the talent. The REAL problem with this team .... is the COACHING STAFF ! Miami, should have WON its home opener, but it was so obvious, that they looked un-prepared ! The blame for that falls on the COACHING STAFF. This team should have no reason for its 2 losses. NONE. Its is obvious that the new offense (which has show flashes of brilliance, at times) is not yet fully operational, but .... there is promise. Also, Chad Henne is NO LONGER THE PROBLEM. He has shown, thus far, very good leadership, gutsy plays, PLUS (the best part of all) he's not turning the ball over, like he did last year. The offense needs to find its nitch ... which I think, this offense should be clicking on all 12 by week 4. Miami, could use, ... another wide reciever, to stretch the field. Randy Moss appears to still be available, ... He would make a valuable addition to this offense (even at his age).

The other major problem is the Defense. A top 10 defense last year, is playing rather like a bottom 10. For Jason Taylor to come out and point this out after a game loss, ... tells me that the coaching staff is slipping. Plus, I think rather than waiting till the "loss-bomb" went off ... he should have pointed this out durring the practice week ... better yet the DEFENSIVE COACHING STAFF ... should have pointed this out. Not Taylor. I think there's still hope for the Phins, the season is not over yet, the Patriots defense, does not look like a respected defense in years past, the Jets haven't played against anyone truly worthy, and the same can be said about the Bills, with the only exception that, the Bills have mommentum, they've carried it over from last year, and they are the team thats looking up and heading up so, .... I would say that the Bills are scarier than the Jets are.

Miami, has great talent but, the coaching staff, needs to add more disciplain, they need to prepare better and be better organized, they need to get their crap together. Right now the team is reflecting their screw ups.

First of DAN... good one! I asked for it... I had it comin'!

ya'll want to blame the coaches... the ONLY place coaches make a REAL difference is in APRIL! PLAYERS MAKE THE PLAYS! and our player are NOT! end of story! the only plays they're making are BAD ONES! EVER thing they do BAD... the coaches have told them 1,000 times "DON'T DO THAT"... but in the game... THEY DID THAT! the Pats are brilliant because of A) Tom Brady B) Tom Brady C) personnel management. PERIOD! Do you think Belechic could win with OUR players? I blame the coaches when it comes to draft day decisions... past that THE PLAYER HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS!

The Pats D isn't great but they make PLAYS when they need too - in the Red Zone, on big third downs, etc. The Dolphins have the talent on D to be at least in the upper half of the league on defense. Its time for a new coach, a new GM and a new owner. Bottom line. Why can't the Dolphins get a Bill Polian, a Ted Thompson, a Kevin Colbert, one of these guys who knows how to pick players in the draft and knows how to put teams together.

Reporter # 1 - blah blah blah blah blah?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 2 - bling blah bling blah?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 3 - This that and the other?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 4 - gab gab gab gab gab?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 5 - rant rant rant rant?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 6 - gossip gossip gossip gossip?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 7 - chat chat chat chat chat?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

Reporter # 8 - conversate conversate conversate?
Coach Sparano - I don't have that answer.

If any of you jacknuts think I will be selling the team

Then your actually dumber in real life then on this blog

BTW: Neither Jeff nor Tony are going anywhere this year


CanadianFinsFan - you are crazy. Coaches are very important - I understand players make the plays but the coaches have to put them in position to make the plays - its called PREPARING your team to win.
Also, coaches need to run the stem of fear throughout their team - if you don't produce, you don't play. You don't play, you get paid. Yuo don't get paid, you don't get the cars, the girls, the commercials. I played for a coach in college - if you fumble, you're out. Thats it - you may as well grab your helmet and go to the locker room because your day is over. The Dolphins coaches watch the same players make the same mistakes over and over and over and nothing happens.

The Fins would have a winning season with Belichick as head coach - you know they would!

When a coach is standing on the sideline looking all befuddled - the players feed off of it - negatively.
When a coach like Cowher or Gruden is screaming, slappping guys helmets, spitting all over the place and getting into it - players feed off of that too - positively.

I'm no sports psychologist, but I'm wondering if Sparano's decision to cut Sapp after the first game of the season has had the opposite effect of motivating players. If I were on the team, here are things that would race through my mind:
1. I'd be darn nervous and tighten up, afraid to make any mistakes. And you can't play afraid - ask Henne last year when he was pounded by Sparano, Henning and Lee to not make mistakes.
2. I'd start having serious doubts about Sparano. Is he a knee-jerk reactionist after each loss? Maybe he's very desperate. And desperate people do desperate things. Players can't focus if they keep wondering if they'll be on the chopping block anytime soon.
3. I'd lose confidence in this team. If Sapp is already gone after one game, maybe this team isn't good enough after all.And having doubts become a self-fulfilling prophecy that multiplies after each loss.

For the sake of the season, they have to win next Sunday.

Thanks Mr. Ross. Why don't you sit in your plush office tomorrow and watch the value of your investment (my team) drop like a lead filled zeppelin.
By the time you get finished you'll owe money to the Dolphins.

totally agree Thomas by the way looks like the real deal considering the amount of playing experience at the RB position. He may turn out to be the steal of the draft in my opinion if his potential pans out.

To cosmodo: - numbers 1 through 3 of your prior post tell the story. Time to get a new coach. The players ARE NOT responding to this guy - it doesn't matter what the reason is.

Slipperysoap: man, that's one awful experience you had at the game. Same goes for the thousands of others there. I sure hope you send a message to Mike Dee because that's his department.

Bush is by no means invaluable he should definitely try out being a premier slot goto guy because he could be the best at what he does best it just isn't being that main guy. Payton saw it and its almost as good as confirmed from what we saw vs patriots but then again the pats may have one of the best d lines in the game period so... I'd say try to playcall around his strengths rather than force him up the middle 30 a game

Bush should never get a hand off. Only passes and pitches to the outside. If I were coaching, he'd never get a hand off. He'd return punts, kickoffs, catch passes out of the backfield and run a reverse or a pitch wide once in while to keep the D honest.

1 post says: the coach does NOTHING to make changes
next post says: i think sparano made the wrong decision in cutting sapp


no one has a CLUE why players don't do or do do what they do. as a high school hockey coach.. I can tell you... you DON'T get to know where the BUTTON is. THAT... is the player's problem. you can "GET THEM READY" to play all you want... but when they go out there and shank kicks, fumble the ball, blow coverages.. THAT IS ON THE PLAYERS.... and THAT is why we lost yesterday... NOT the coach.

With Henne getting rushed - I can't remember the last screen play the Fins attempted....with Henne showing he can run - if he makes the decision before the play -- since the reality is - he's not that accurate a passer - why not give the opposing D more to think about with Henne running more? Besides the back up QB is pretty decent...

the coaching needs to do a better job at being aggressive and they ned to do a better job grooming and improving their prospectable players. for instance why was it the Wake sat the bench most the year his first season when all evidence from real play time proved he was a defensive beast? He is our greatest defender now and how is it they couldn't see it immediately? It's not like he was a complete rookie. He was Defensive MVP 2 yrs in a row in CFL w/ stats that would've blown away NFL records... They don't do a good job with the personell they do have in the first place. Gates is obviously the fastest WR we have why don't we use him more?... Why trade up for a kid w/ huge potential just to let him go the first year we have to evaluate him coming off of injury? AJ Edds was a beast in college and a captain. He should have atleast been given the opportunity

&%ck it!! 49 years old and dont give a S%^t no more. wake me up when they get a signal caller

Why don't they let Sparano run the ball a few times? Without a uniform on? I'm all for that.


Even IF what you are saying is true.....even IF the players the are the problem.....

No self-respecting coach should EVER...and I mean NEVER....open their mouth and whisper such words....they should NEVER be typed on a keyboard...and a TRUE coach would NEVER let them enter his/her mind......

A coaches job is to coach....a : a private tutor

b : one who instructs or trains ; especially : one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and directs team strategy

See coach defined for English-language learners »

See coach defined for kids »

Courtesy of Webster's online....

You may want to look at yourself in the Mirror and see if you fit that definition....if not....it may be time to hang up the skates....

Canadian, you are right that players have to be accountable for their actions or inactions. A coach can coach till the cows come home, but if the players make mental mistakes, it's on them.

BUT we can point our fingers on Ireland and Sparano for selecting the players. You can coach till the cows come home, but if a player isn't talented or driven, he's not going to give you much. And Colombo is the poster child for "WTF were you thinking, Sparano?!"

Also a coach's job is to put the players and game plan in place for the best chance to win. You can't say that about the decision to put Carroll on Johnson yesterday in which Johnson (as reported) knew was a mismatch and easy TD.

I agree about Gates - the Fins ought to design some plays just for his unique speed and give Henne 3 or 4 targets -- instead of just telegraphing every pass attempt as Henne is known(to every D) by now, to do.
That assumes the OT can work together better - I guess the OT made need some help on technique and working with each other and their QB - from their coaches - what a concept?

Our secondary sucks so bad. Sean Smith is just brutal, get rid of that geek. Nolan Carroll?? Yeah, I thought so. Rashad Jones? Everybody at Georgia were saying he's a strong safety.Of course, this clueless front office is trying him at another position, just like they did with Jimmy Wilson. They ALWAYS seem to be playing guys at the WRONG positions. Why aren't we playing Pouncey at LG next to Long and Incognito at center?? Or Incognito could of played RG and O'Hara was available to play center?? These guys NEVER get it. They acquire Colombo, when EVERYONE knew he not only sucked last year but almost got Romo killed. What's Sparano'sresponse to that? He watched tape.What?? WTF are these guys smoking?? Are they on crack?? They have no f***ing idea how to run a football team, nothing but bad decisions. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross??

I'm out. Peace be to all fellow Dolfans. Love you guys.

- They would have to run Sparano in very short yardage situations - but not in the red zone - that is where the Fins coaches call hopeless pass plays that take forever to develop until the receiver is out of bounds jumping to get a hand on the pass.

b : one who instructs or trains ; especially : one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and directs team strategy

I don't know if your looking for a way to argue with the definition above....if you are you shoudn't waste your time.....that is pretty black and white.....

To me that means...those shanked kicks....those fumbles...those missed tackles....those are all FUNDAMENTALS.....again...teaching fundamentals is the responsibility of the COACH.....weather it is an assistant or the HC.......

Surley we would all be giving the praise to Sporano...if we were 2-0.....

So now he and ALL COACHes should take thier medicine when losing......


Not to beat a dead horse Canadianfinfan....but.....it kinda pisses me off when people in power don't take rsponsibility for their actions...and those of their subordiantes......remember the old saying...."the buck stops here"......

Me neither...before my time...but it still applies...especially in football....

Last thing.....

Just to drive the point home.....

In Armando's latest article...Jason Taylor is ripping the Dolphin's PRACTICE habits.....in essence...the player is ripping the COACH....

Because the COACH isn't doing his/thier jobs...teaching the fundamentals.....and the lack of coaching is carrying over in to game day.....right out of the rookie Daniel Thomas's mouth....

The buck stops here....with coaching....

We had a chance to get Rex Ryan, we chose Tony Sparano. We had a chance at a franchise QB, we chose a LT. We had a chance to draft one of the most exciting young players in the league (Dez Bryant), we chose Jared Odrick (despite our d-line having tons of depth).Our GM was hesitant to pull the trigger because of some concerns Bryan't mother may have been a prostitute.What?? WTF?? We could of signed a very good free safety in Ryan Clark but missed because he quickly realized our GM was a real dummy. We release A.J.Edds because he was injured all of his rookie year but he would of probably solved a problem Miami has had for quite some time now, covering a friggin tight end. What do we do? Release him without barely giving him a chance. Are you paying attention Mr.Ross???

Cowher turned down Ross because he wanted his own GM, didn't want anything to do with Ireland. Why do you think that is Mr.Ross???

#1 in Montreal......

That may be the best post I ever read...EVER.....PERIOD......

the one @ 9:26 PM.....

jeff fischer

kris, I'm just a pissed off fan right now. I'm sick and tired of watching my favorite team playing like crap year in and year out. Listen to what Don Shula has to say. Listen to what the former Dolphin greats have to say. Very disturbing to say the least. Hard to disagree with any of them.

Very hard Montreal......and I am with you....now that Wake has been scouted......our defense is nuetralized....and we have no plan B.....

``reggies role is where reggie is"....who speaks like this? i mean, i am no intellectual snob, but how can a man who can barely articulate a sentence be expected to adjust to intricate schemes in this fast-paced league? he is an offensive line coach, period. if any of us spoke this sentence in a serious job interview, it is very unlikely we would get the job.

"I don't have any answers" = everything you need to know about Sparano. The Dolphins are a flabby, shambolic, disorganized mess and it all falls on the coach & the GM. "I don't have any answers"...remember that quote and try using it at your own job when you botch it all up: see where it gets you. "I don't have any answers"...oh, OK Tony, just stand there confusedly then, it's not like finding those answers is your job or anything. That is the single dumbest thing I've ever heard from a HC, just incredible.

kris, everyone knew we needed ANOTHER PASS RUSHER to go along with Wake. Misi hasn't been convincing at all. You're the GM and you KNOW you'll play Tom Brady twice a year, + Sanchez, and now all of a sudden Fitzpatrick is pretty darn good. You're also going to face Rivers and Schaub. Wouldn't you THINK getting some pass rushers would HELP?? I mean it's quite obvious if you give these guys all the time in the world they'll just kill you. Sure getting JT is a nice move, but he's not 26 anymore. Did you see how much pressure Henne had versus the Texans? Pressure by Williams, J.J.Watt, etc...How much pressure did we apply on Schaub? Not much. Eveybody says the NFL is now a passing league. How do you defend it? Make the QB run for his life and I garantee you it will make his life much more difficult. Ireland is just an idiot.

Do you see anyone passing for 300+yards against the Jets? It happens, but rarely. Why? Because Ryan ALWAYS finds a way to pressure the QB. ALWAYS. That's the key. He could of coached the Dolphins. Parcells chose his buddy puppy dog Sparano, the o-line expert. What a f***ing joke that is.

I know that the popular thing to do on these boards is to scream that everyone should be fired, however I think we just need to get adjusted with the new Offense, and young players. I think the middle and second half the season will tell us if we are heading in the right direction.


We need some of that fire to rub off on the players and coaches.....

I need to send you and DC to Clevland to deliver the pre-game speach......

Or at least get Tony to read your guys post to the team.....

I was wondering when I would hear the "new OC excuse"....

I have been predicting that one would come since he was hired......

DaBoll IS more creative than Henning....No argument there......

But he needs a leash...one that comes with a choke chain.....

With all that wasted money on college boy Saban and overrated useless Parcells, the Dolphins could of kept all that $$ and feed half of Somalia. What a waste! Ironically, both of them took the money and ran when things got ugly. Real nice cowards. Man I miss Don Shula. Best coach ever. That's what happens when you get spoiled for so long.

Henne throwing 50 times a game is a recipe for 0 and how ever many games we will play....

DaBoll needs to bring a little more balance....stop treating these games like they are all job interviews for his next team....

kris, 10:02PM, agreed 100%. You can be creative but it's also smart to let go the gas pedal in certain situations. Anyway, time to snooze. Take it easy kris, nice talking with you. I'll catch you another time perhaps.

Montreal....nice talking with yo as well...

I got to hit the sack as well....4:45 AM comes early.....

5-11 w. or w.o Wildcat 2.0
Goodbye Sparono the Moron-o!
Clean up your resume Ireland.

Man I miss Don Shula. Best coach ever. That's what happens when you get spoiled for so long.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | September 19, 2011 at 10:03 PM

AMEN, bro....

..I thought we had very good balance on offense yesterday. We still cannot score in the redzone. To many wasted trips that need to be converted into TD's..Until we can figure this out(if ever) We will continue to lose games we should have won.. Seriously, we handed that game to the Texan yesterday. We can find excuses, and do the "What if" bit all night...Good teams find ways into the endzone on the reg. We find way to stay out....on the reg. In a bizzare way, maybe Carpenter blowing those easy field goal attempts will bring about a change in the philosophy. Seriously. We have counted on his sweet hair cut to long. If he is going south(I don't think this is the case, but maybe) we may be forced to ditch the reliance on 3 points. Get with the times, and score some TD's.

I want a Rob Ryan, a pit bull as a coach, Gruden is too polished! So is Cowher! I want someone to push the envelope, Ryan will do that, just to beat his brother!

i'm glad I got so much play on the "it ain't the coaches" post. but let me clarify... of COURSE the coach is important. but it's a 70/30 split in favor of the players. and I agree with an earlier post "the coaches are responsible for PICKING those players"... and said as much in my first post. It's perplexing at best. 1-12 at home WTF!?! everyone's saying we coulda got this guy or that guy?... do you think they REALLY knew what they were getting when they hired Belechik - and how do you think Cleveland feels about running him out of town. ALL of this takes time. Saw a post that said "get rid of Smith"... it took Madison a few seasons before he was considered great. It's a crap shoot at best... and it takes patience ABOVE ALL to let a good team become great. And the FANS have the bigger task there of all of 'em. GO FINS!

Lame Duck Head Coach=:Losing Season.....

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