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Bush-Thomas package on the way? Looks like it

On Sunday night I asked coach Tony Sparano if the team could find a way to get both Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush in the game during games in which Thomas is the hot hand as the running back.

The idea, obviously, is that Bush is a potentially dynamic player and it would be a waste to have him on the sideline serving as a spectator while Thomas runs the football. I figured, find a way to use him as a third-down guy. Use him as a punt returner. Use them both in the backfield and perhaps move him out to the slot -- thus forcing the defense to defend Bush with their base unit.

But coach wasn't buying any of that. He said what we saw is basically the way things are.

"Reggie‟s role is where Reggie is," Sparano answered. "Thomas was going good today, you know, and that‟s where we were. It was that kind of game. It worked out good."

Well, today things are a bit different.

First of all, Sparano just told the media that Thomas was in for 33 plays while Bush was in for 25 plays. I know, it sure didn't feel like that. But those are the stats the coach repeated.

Then he said the club actually has a package that includes both Bush and Thomas and that they used it some Sunday. The problem was, he said, that with Thomas an uncertainty because of his recent injuries, the package is admittedly small.

Well, here's the deal: You should look for that package to expand. It has to happen if Dolphins coaches saw what everyone else did. It has to happen to use as many good players as possible at the same time. Makes sense.

Yes, you can be critical of the Dolphins for not being ready with an extensive package for both players versus Houston. But, again, the team's stated plan was to use Bush 70 percent of the time and Thomas about 30 percent. They didn't foresee Thomas having a breakout day while Bush continued to struggle on his runs.

And now my opinion:

I've seen enough of the Dolphins pushing Bush as a carry-the-load guy. He's not that guy. He's never been that guy. Bush is a fine talent. He's a matchup problem for base defenses. So use him that way. Use him closer to the way the Saints did.

And let the bigger back carry the load.

Seems like a good way to maximize both. Maybe even at the same time.


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oh yeah.... and a big BRAVO to FinsFan76 - now that's the level headed kind of post I've come to expect from the fins faithful... NOT!

Darryl, balance

Darryl, balance

Give me Rob Ryan, that's balance!

This 0-2 start has forced me to re-think everything.

The one problem I keep coming back to is who can we promote from within? Who gets the interim head coaching job? I don't think anybody outside comes in PERIOD!

Nolan has to get the edge on Daboll for all the obvious reasons including his prior stint in San Fran. The problem is, Nolan seems to be a big question mark. I point to one recent incedent-IN ADDITION-to many. How can we promote him to interim Head Coach, when he thought putting Carrol on Andre Johnson with the game on the line was a good idea? Especially after the patritots game. I don't care if he was supposed to have safety help or not! Nolan Carrol on Andre Johnson? C'mon!

Anyways, I don't have any reason to have confidence in Daboll(as an interim head coach) either. But, somethings got to give and neither can be as bad as SpOrano.

The other thing we need to do right now is a big flip flop on my part. Still, after re-thinking the big picture, I think the best thing we can do at this point is bring in another QB to back Moore and put Henne on the blocks.

There's a deep QB draft coming up and a team like the Jags or someone that needs a back up should be willing to at least give up a 5th or maybe even a 4th for Henne.

Worst case scenario Moore plays as bad as Henne and we get a good pick next year. Best case scenario, mabe he's the answer to our red zone woes.

I don't think Ireland will get the ax during the season, regardless of what happens. We need to cut our losses with Henne and SpOrano. Promote Nolan or Daboll as the interim, start Moore and stock pile some picks for next years draft.

I know some don't want to hear it and ALoco will probably call me a bigger flip flopper than DB, but the facts are the facts!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lets not wait till the last second to start fixing things we can address now!





wasn't the Wildcat pushing the envelope? It won the division for us! but those same coaches are all of a sudden stupid idiot lame ducks. let's bring back EVERYONE's FIRST choice... Nick the Dick Saban! I loved Teflon-Don Shula too... but his last 10 years were pretty lame! All those years with Marino and the ONLY time he had a defense is when Jimmy came in-long after his expiration date. I'm glad Hiezinga (sp? wow-butchered that one!) had the stones to show him the door (and Marino) WITH CLASS! it's a crap shoot kids. and we're all the victims of an incredibly unlucky stretch. But it always comes around. Before they got Brady, NE could only beat Miami for the 20 years preceding. You never know when where or who your savior is. We had Marino for all those years... and STILL got nuthin' out of it. When, where, how, and who will be the next great Dolphin hope? No one knows.... I just hope I'm alive to see it. GO FINS!




don't know if Cowher is too polished- he reminds me of a hillbilly village idiot, frankly.

I'll take the other Ryan, the one that looks like the dude from the Big Lebowski.

...If Sparano does get the sack..The one guy that nobody talks about(I'm not campaigning for the guy) But does have some recent musings with this team is Eric Mangini. I wouldn't be at all suprised if he is the next head coach here. Like I said. He is not my first choice. But he is very familiar with the teams in this division, and with Daboll. Just throwing his name out there...



Ross won't hire Mangini. For one he was fired from his last two jobs very quickly. Ross will hire a 'name brand' coach. Not another loser pasta head Italiano.

ALoco...What up??

The only reason I bring up Mangini. Didn't the Phins use him as a consultant last offseason for a few matters? Like I said. I'm not a fan. But he is a Bellichek guy, and he did have a little bit of recent success in the division. He is younger, and more current then perhaps a bigger name.. And like you said, he has recently been a loser...Would fit right in!



...Recent success, recent failure....What gives? What I meant is Mangini won a few games with the jets(not enough to win the Division..Go Phins) and he lost a bunch with Cleveland...Don't get me wrong. I am not supproting him as a possibility. Just thowing his name out there as a replacement to what looks like a coach that is going to request his last meal here...BTW..what do you think Sparano's last meal request would be here in Miami?? Joe's Stone Crab? Norman Van Aiken, or something from Michelle Bernstein?


ALoco...The weather is cold..It snowed this weekend..Supposed to warm back up tommorow, into the rest of the week Which is good. I'm taking a guy fishing tommorow..Hopefully there will be some Blue winged olives on the water so he can dry fly fish. People hate coming all the way out here to fish with Nymphs under the water...BTW the perferred method if you want to catch bigger trout.

Who is crazy enought to compare Sean Smith to Sam Madison? Smith can't even tackle and he is supposed to be the biggest in the league. To Daboll, if u want to score points, run go routes with Gates and Bush all day.




Do We,collectively speaking,really think Mr. Ross won't right this ship? We fail to recall he bought Our team with Parcells and his regime included. If anything, he has been kind and courteous to coach Sparano and Ireland by given them at least a decent shot to prove themselves. Most employees, as myself, would love for their new boss to afford us an oppurtunity to prove oneself before being dismissed. I am a Miami Dolphins fan. Stop the blasphemy of Our beloved team relocating! If you advocate such profanity then you ouhgt to root for the jest,clowns!I meant the team from NJ.

last year nolan was a god. now he's to go into exile. 1 year. what's more likely, the complexities and challenges of an over-rated defense got the best of them? or 1 coach got real stupid in 8 months?



Ross is a business man. No fans in the seats, no mulah in De Pocket.

Belive me, he's ALREADY considering moving the team.

Talk about cleaning house-LOL! Wouldn't that be something?


Stinky fishies. New year same results. Mid sept and you d bags are already talking draft. Who's going to be your next saviour? No one is going to want to work for Ross or coach in such a listless football town. Good luck.

Up yours in regards to relocation! Root for someone else traitor!!

Move the stink fish. Giving away tickets for an NFL game n September is a total community failure. Terrible football town. Get out of Miami NFL.

Your just a disgruntled jest fan who thinks they play in NY! Advocate that relocation. Put the name of the city where you exist instead where you like to be from.

Go MIAMI Dolphins!!

Maybe Nevin Shapiro could be the next Fishy GM. He could bring back all his old U thugs and they would rule the NFL.

Another misnomer by you! The only tortured Dolphin I know of is a rw by the name of Brandon Marshall.

Uh, they still get the TV share regardless of what City Ross moves headquarters too.

Apparently you haven't followed football since the Colts were in Baltimore.

Hello - 0 - 0 - 0 - O - O - O - o - o - o..........

Joe, your saying Pittsburg was a bad team last year???

Please keep sprano and ireland until the end.
We need LUCK!!!!!

The Chargers are going to LA huh?

Mr. Ross! How does the San Diego Dolphins sound?

PS: It's a coastal city, it'll still makes sense.

I almost became a Chargers fan years ago. After Csonk, Kiick and Warfield bailed and then when we traded Merc to the Chargers........almost man.....ALMOST!

I had to stick with Shula though, but ah, he ain't here anymore.

San Diego Dolphins.........Hmmmmmmmmmmm.........?

There is no reason to fire the dummy twins.
Just let them work their magic and Luck will come to the fins!!!

I am actually hoping Ross keeps the whole thing intact, it's our ticket to the luck Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire SpOrano and trade Henne!

Get a pick while we Kin, promote from within!

My only worry is the game against KC!
That's the Luck bowl.

Fire SpOrano and trade Henne!

Get a pick while we Kin, promote from within!

Fire SpOrano and trade Henne!

Get a pick while we Kin, promote from within!

Fire SpOrano and trade Henne!

Get a pick while we Kin, promote from within!

I was worried about Denver, but I forgot we are playing at home!!!!
Guaranteed loss.

No wonder you repute the relocation. Almost only counts with hand grenades and the horseshoe tossing game! You are and will Always be a traitor! Please change your name to Benedict Arnold The Snoopy Eye!

I would bet money that Jax or Denver would give us a 5th rounder for Henne right now BEFORE the trade deadline.

Possibly a couple of others as well.

We might not have a realistic shot at Luck, but we need all the ammo we can get. Besides, Luc isn't the only good looking QB coming out. We need to be able to move up if necessary.

Odin (@ 10:33 PM)

I'm not sure that there IS a viable interum coaching candidate within the organization. (I have to say that I've lost a bit of faith in Nolan during the past two weeks...)

But here's something else that you may
want to consider after the season ends...

There is NO guarentee that Cowher would be willing to work for Stephen Ross, (who is rapidly gaining a reputation, within the League, for being a cross between Dan Snyder, Al Davis, ....and a frustrated D.J.)

Jon Gruden is NOT the answer because he basically won his ring with all of Dungy's players and presided over a team that declined every year there after. His Offensive prowess is more of a MYTH than reality.
The truth about Gruden is that you have to keep him way draft table.
If you don't,
then he'll take 4 quarterbacks and 4 receivers......EVERY YEAR.

I know this because I lived in Tampa for 4 years and I got to see the crazy things this guy did, as a coach, on a daily basis. The guy also apparently has character issues....most of his own players didn't trust that he was being honest with them from time to time.

As far as the the Dolphins go I 'm fed up.....

Since the owner is so worried about losses, and selling music to dumb people......then maybe he should cut his losses and SELL THE TEAM.

We have to keep Henne as a bargaining chip. He is done in Miami/LA (LOL).
He will put up good numbers this season and we can trade him in the 2012 draft for picks or to move up.
If I am correct, we will be in the first 5 rounds next year. So Chad needs to step it up, so we can get more value.
He is not a starting QB, but a good backup.


You must be 155 years old. Give it a rest. NOBODY in South Florida wants ROSS and the gang or the team. Besides, he aint going to sell. He doesn't need to clean house, he needs to load the trucks and clear out of South Florida!

Think about it, the markets too big to be ignored. Miami will eventually get a new team.

This way, EVERYBODY ends up happy.

It's going to happen, yo can bank on it.

PS: Trade Henne before it's too late.

Luck is within reach, but we need to start stockpiling draft picks, in case it comes down to a bidding war with a team like the panthers who have a superstar and willing to trade down.

If I am ross, thank god I'm not so f....stupid!
I would keep this team and staff intact.
The implosion has already begin.
With all the injuries to teams with a legit shot at the Ring, we can trade some of our players for picks. I would even trade marshall to a legit SB team for a second round.

Maybe he SHOULD move the team to LA.

Stephan Ross would love that...

He could turn the LA Coliseum into a GIANT HOLLYWOOD SET.
The 'Entertainment Arm' of the business could 'shoot' RAP videos while the Football Games are in progress !!!

Fans would get to watch live movies being made...AND, (every so often,) GLACE OVER AT THE FOOTBALL GAME !!!

This year is over, Ross needs to start thinking about what you can salvage.
Blow this team up and get as many 2012 picks as possible.
We will be in the Luck bowl, but we need to have ammunition to move up and get him if need be.

He is not a starting QB, but a good backup.

Posted by: killer bees | September 20, 2011 at 12:15 AM

Two things:

1. There's two many good quarterbacks coming out. The closer we get to the draft, the less value he'll have. Besides, he'll be a free agent. If anybody was going to make a move on him, they'll wait until after the draft.

2. If he torpedo's this season as most think he will, his value decreases even more. Who is going to give up anything for a QB that goes 7-9 twice and follows up with a 4-12? If were going to get ANYTHING for him, we have o do it NOW. Otherwise he just ends up walking for free, like so many others.

Anybody trading for him at this point doesn't even have to worry about Salary. The guy makes the same money as the ball boys.

Trade Henne now! Fire Sporano!

One last point. Luck has looked great so far!
If he wins the Heisman and national championship.......Would you pull a Dikta and trade all your drafts for him?

Since the owner is so worried about losses, and selling music to dumb people......then maybe he should cut his losses and SELL THE TEAM.

Posted by: Cooz | September 20, 2011 at 12:15 AM

I agree whole heartedly with your entire post.......except for the above copy/paste.

Ross is a business man, BOTTOM LINE! To him, this team is a cash cow and he ain't letting go come hell or highwater!

He would consider moving this team TEN TIMES before he even thinks of selling once.

Andrew Luck & Bill Cowher, Here we come!

Miami Fans are the worst fans in the world!!
Panther fans coming off a 1-15 year are more loyal and supportive of their guys. If the Fins ever won at home it would be a miracle they hear more insults at home than on the road. When a coach has to prepare his team for the crowd noise before a home game it is over. If the Dolphins moved to LA I would be fine with that at least they would have fans that wanted them

I thought about Marshall too. The thing is, you won't be able to get a third, let alone a 2nd in trading him.

Since coming to Miami the only thing he does consitantly is drop passes. Sure he'll make an awesome TD every once in awhile, but he drops FAR MORE of them than he catches.

Nobody is going to give up those kind of picks on a head case whose best years are already bhind him.

It's harsh I know, but it is what it is.

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