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Dolphins' Ross may be one who needs to 'stop quitting'

CLEVELAND -- Perhaps it was a parapraxis. Or perhaps it was just a tragically constructed sentence.

Either way, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne uttered this sentence after the Dolphins 17-16 loss to the Browns on Sunday: "I know one thing about these guys," Henne said, "they're not going to stop quitting."


Look, the Dolphins haven't quit. Players haven't. Coaches haven't. They are not getting results because they're not good enough or smart enough or whatever other reason you might cite. But because they quit?

No way.

Here's someone I fear might have quit on this team to a degree: Owner Stephen Ross.

My column in today Miami Herald discusses the topic.

The column discusses how Ross may be as much at fault for Miami's problems as the players and coaches. Why? The man apparently hasn't been fully invested in player acquisition this year.

In short, the column tells you where the Dolphins rank in player expenditure this year. It is a terrible ranking, perhaps the worst the team has ever had. And that, against the backdrop of Miami being second in the NFL behind only the New York Giants in player salaries in 2009, is stark.

So why the significant change? Simply, the Dolphins have been losing money at an alarming rate this year. So they're trying to trim back in certain areas. Player salaries is apparently one of those.

It is so well-known within the organization that two sources have suggested to me Ross has quit on his team this year and set them up for failure.

As the column tells you, I tried to get answers about this and other matters from Ross. Chased him as he was leaving Cleveland Browns Stadium. He didn't want to answer any questions.

Well, until he does, the questions will linger: Has Ross set up the Dolphins to fail this year because he limited expenditures on player acquisitions?

The evidence is damning.


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That game was the precursor for the rest of the season being blacked out in Miami for home games.
Change has to be made. I had predicted 3-13 when I thought we would split one with the Bills. I'd like to adjust my prediction to 2-14. What sucks is that a team like KC or Seattle is going to be 1-15 or tied with us, and we'll end up with #2...
I miss Joe Robbie and Don Shula. Hell, I miss Danny Thomas running down the sideline screaming like a cheerleader (old school, I know, but look it up).
God, what has happened to this team?

Yeah....the Dolphins just got thier 15 seconds on Sports Center......

Last year we beat a good team decimated by injuries (the pack).....

This year we van't beat the Browns without Payton Hillis.......

It doesn't look good folks.....

These self-made Millionaires and Billionaires, whatever personal faults they might have, know their business and you MUST let them make the decisions (although I was not impressed at all by Huizinga).

0-7 dating back to last year.....if we lose next week.....it will be equivelent of a half a season since the FINS have won.....

the team sucks; from the top to the bottom. the idea that ross has set this team up for failure is so wrong it isn't even funny. ross has made a fortune in real estate. HE is a businessman who knows how to make money. he isn't going to do something that doesn't make him money or where he is going to lose money. not making the necessary player acquisitions to make the team better not only loses him money in the short term, as in ticket sales, but in the long term if he ever plans to sell the team. so, you have no idea of the mindset of a billionire if you're suggesting that he would do such a thing.

the team had one of the best defenses in the league last year. most of those parts are still in place but this year the defense has been terrible thru three games. so suggesting that the acquisitions haven't been there is ludicrous. they have one of the deepest d-lines in football and a solid group of linebackers. the only question mark on the defense was at the db position and how well they would perform this year. but, they did nothing to prove themselves this year.
they signed solai who had a fantastic year last year but now has thus proven himself to be a bust.
they acquired dansby and burnett.
they acquired brandon marshall.
but, they keep signing rejects from the cowboys.
if they can sign dansby, burnett and marshall why can't they acquire another running back, a tight end and a couple of offensive linemen who know how to play the game?
i was all ready to watch this team be much improved over last year. they acquired reggie bush and there was much excitement over that. they played well in the preseason. what happened? what happened is when the season hit they decided to lay down on the down.
this team plays with no heart. watch the monday night game again. it is unbelievable how poorly the defense tackled. they DIDN'T EVEN TRY.
like i said before, these guys need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves how much they want to win. that's the difference between the great teams and what this team has become. they don't want it. if they did they would be out there fighting for it. i haven't seen them fight one down so far.

kris, numbers don't lie. Yesterday I brought up a movie I saw, "Moneyball" about the Oakland A's and GM Billy Beane. People got all upset because apparently many don't respect Beane.

However, in the movie (not sure if this was true) Beane was working with an Owner that didn't want to spend money. Last year, yes, we spent money (unwisely IMO, and that's the GM's fault). But no one was coming to the games (for obvious reasons). Then the lockout. Now, still no one at games. Ross IS bleeding money. I don't doubt for a minute that he feels this was going to be a wasted year (I don't think he suddenly found confidence in Sparano, the guy he was about to fire last Season). So I think it's legitimate to ask if the GM was given a directive of how much he could spend this year.

And as we all know, if you don't have talent, you don't win. In any sport. Period.

On top of mediocre talent, we have HORRIBLE coaching and inconsistent execution from players. Sounds like a recipe for being the worst (or one of the worst) teams in football.

On to the next!

P.S. DD and others, from yesterday, what was that about our fans not wanting the skimp approach from Billy Beane? Sounds like we already have a skimp approach from our Owner/GM. How's the traditional talent acquisition game going for us? Right, 0-3. I sure wouldn't mind trying something out of the box right now.

However, just want to say, I read some from yesterday after the game, and it's the same old story. Everyone picks their least favorite player and pins the entire team's woes on them.


EVERYONE is at fault here. GM. HC. OC. DC. Every player at EVERY position EXCEPT maybe Brandon Fields. I couldn't really find anything he did to assist in the loss. Everyone else, yeah, they're to blame.

Since when did Nolan turn into Paul Pasqualoni? Last year's approach was blitz/pressure the QB, aggressive.

This year, it's attack QB with 3 guys, drop 8 to look around while receivers get open. Our ENTIRE defensive PHILOSOPHY this year has been prevent defense. Not sure why they went to it at the end of the game yesterday.

Same old story. Nolan's going to learn just like every other DC that's tried it here, THIS SECONDARY CAN'T COVER ANYONE!!! I would blitz 6 every play, at least then the QB will have to get the ball out early enough not be able to make a huge play downfield.

I see an offensive line that is horrid
I see special teams that still suck
I see a defense that sucks and cant cover anyone
I see corners that don't look back at the ball
I see a 2nd TE that has no business being on an NFL roster, but he actually plays, well if you call it that Mastrud
Middle LB Burnett is a bust.
S is a major concern

DC....I agree with you...

what I am saying is this.....in the PAST BOSS ROSS gave the knickle heads everything they asked for...and the pis#ed it away and came back asking for more......following the lead of bill parcells.....

If....Ross has decieded to tighten the purse string....and wait to open the check book for the next HC/GM....then I am OK with that...

The man has spent more than enough for these clowns....and they have given him ZERO on his return....

Simply put, he doesn't trust these guys to do the shopping anymore, and that is just being business smart. He didn't get the coach he wanted, so he is forcing the hand of these guys to produce with what he has already paid for.

It's hard to fathom Sparano being back, and who knows about Ireland, but once changes are made in the FO, I think we will see Ross spending again.

Mondo, you go from killing the personal department to killing the owner. Ross didnt hire the personal department, the very old Tuna did. Watched some of the game yeaterday, saw a better one Vikings vs Lions. The difference between these two games is "guts" Having the intestinal fortitude, which the Dolphins lack in all most every area of the game. The Lions down 20 zip halftime came back and won in overtime 26-23. GUTs, GUTs, GUTs. The Dolphins have no intestinal fortitude. The coaching staff has no intestinal fortitude. Ross has no GUTs to do what must be done. Fire Sparano and Co. get rid of dead wood, players who dont contrubute. Or loafers like Brandon Marshall, if he's elete player IM a monkeys uncle. As a Dolfan for more yrs then you've been alive, the Dulls yesterday were, are, the laughing stock of the NFL. I mean Buffalo beat New England. My advise to the Dolphin players, grow some acorns. And start hitting, get some fines from the Commish, do something unususal, like fight during a game, get nasty. Your being pushed around like jello and your being laughed at. Get it? Its up to you(players) not that silly coaching staff.

dm1, with all due respect, it was either last year or the year before, we were 17th in Payroll in the NFL. In that year, every Playoff team but one had spent more on players than us.

There are teams who consistently don't spend on talent (Cleveland, Cinncinati, etc.), and they're usually at the bottom of the league. If Miami isn't top 10 in spending, then how will they EVER dig out of the hole of the last decade?

I'm not blaming this all on the Owner, but the Owner makes many of the most important decisions. It was THIS Owner who pushed the league to take away 1pm games early in the Season. It was THIS Owner who made a fool of the franchise by first making moves to dump the ineffective HC, then when he was made into a decoy, did a 180 and gave the HC a raise.

All the money spent on all that other crap that goes on at the stadium, to make the "game experience" more enjoyable, doesn't amount to a HILL OF BEANS if you don't win. And if you don't invest in the people who actually do the winning, then what are we talking about?

Again, this is a franchise that is completely incompetent. I don't want to single anyone out. I want to blame the whole stinking fish, from the head to the tail.

As I said above, it's the Owner's fault, the GM, the HC, the OC, the DC, every exec working for the team, every player with a jersey, EVERYONE. They are ALL to blame. This entire organization SUCKS.

The proof is in the pudding, all the evidence is right there for everyone to see, not sure why anyone would be disputing this statement.

The worst-kept secret in the NFL is that the Chargers will announce they're moving to Los Angeles as soon as their lease ends next March.

They will play in the Rose Bowl for a couple of seasons until the new downtown LA stadium financed by Philip Anschultz is built.

These guys like "jake" and others blowing steam out their ass about the "LA Dolphins" are completely clueless as to the actual facts. The team is going nowhere and the NFL would never let Ross abandon the 5th largest metro in the country.

It will be the Chargers moving. Miami is not (and never has been) even a remote possibility in that conversation, jake and you other clueless nitwits.


Going back a week or so, your responded to a comment I made about Crowder. I can see most are not a fan of his and its not even popular to write his name here.

Still, can you think of a more prominent thing that has changed on the Defense? Same DC, same front line, same corners (until recent injuries), same safeties. Maybe, I suggest, Crowders real value was not in highlight plays, but in the intangibles and calling the D. The players themselves said they would miss his football smarts, and um, all I can say is, something is missing.

Wow. I've watched the Dolphins fail for years now, and was a loyal fan for every game, even in the 1-15 season. However I'm not going to pull for a team that isn't legitimately trying to be the best it can be. If Ross is internally sabotaging the team ...I'm done. I'll just have to learn to be a Tampa Bay fan.

Why spend money for guys that you are going to replace? What the "insiders", probably Armandos source is the guy that cleans the trash bins, are saying means nothing because right now this team has talent and has not utilized it correctly. Over paying for Orton would have been a bad move as it would of been overpaying for any free agent. The best teams build through the draft and win with their own players. Ross might not be the best owner but he is not Snyder or Jones (who overspend and still have bad teams).

The blame lies with one guy Bill Parcells. He hand picked these coaches, GM and players and now they are failing. He jumped ship and took his money because he saw that he made many mistakes and was not willing to work to fix those mistakes. His drafting was spotty and his F/A choices were terrible. Once the year is over and Ross picks the next regime (he inherited this one) then he can be blamed for things, but these are not his guys and will not be his guys in a few months. It is now time to play bad, get a high pick and finally draft a QB #1 and let him become a stud, because that is what wins in the NFL today.

BTW, Armando has some sort of grudge against Ross and always has, this is just more of that.





sign old old players ,jt and colombo ?

(( buffet of knowledge ))

kris, yes, I agree with what you said. Ross did come in and try to help. When he saw what he had, he became unconvinced this was the group to get us out of the pits.

My question then is: Why wait? Why not fire Sparano LAST year like he was going to? He could have found a HC (hell, he could of given the job to Nolan). Or Karl Dorrell (was HC at UCLA). So there WERE options.

If Ross lost faith last Season, why not pull the trigger? Like dm1 said above, he's a smart businessman. Not like he doesn't know how to make money. Is it wise to put a poor product on the field when you're trying to generate interest in the team? And if he's waiting one more year, why? What was the holdup?

He's new to this league, and he just made a huge mistake. He 2nd-guessed himself. He forgot he was a billionaire and business is business. He never would have allowed anyone to stay in their job managing his real estate ventures, so why did he do it here?

I'm asking rhetorical questions here, as I believe you see it the way I do. Simple truth, I think we all need to repeat rest of year, this whole operation is incompetent. I don't have faith in anyone who works for the Dolphins to either know how to fix things, or actually go about doing what they need to do to fix things. I think we've just become one of the worst franchises in the history of sports. We're like the Bucs from the 70's and 80's. We're like the Pirates of the last decade. We're the lowest of the low. We're no longer mediocre (we'll come to miss those days).


ireland the auto shop manger traded for r.bush the bust for our best player on ST...............





ALoco, best post you might have written ever @ 8:58am.

DA, I do see a difference in the defense this year from last (other than Crowder). By the way, I was a supporter of Crowder, but that's neither here nor there.

Nolan's scheme/play calling this year has been much closer to Paul Pasqualoni's 2 years ago than it has been to Nolan's scheme last year. If you noticed, we're only bringing 3-4 guys to the QB, dropping the rest. PP tried that, and found out he doesn't have the secondary to cover anyone.

Well, Nolan's finding out the same thing. Nolan changed that last year by pressuring more. This year, not sure why, but he's not doing it.

I think Nolan's doing a WORSE job than PP, because PP didn't really have anyone on defense to work with. Nolan has 2 CBs in their 3rd season, 2 safeties in their 2nd season, DLs who were supposed to be the strength of the team, and a group of LBs everyone agreed were some of the best that's been here in a long time.

So, what's the problem with Nolan?

I know there are many needs and areas for improvement. I am not arguing any of that.

But...plain and simple...

If Carpenter kicked field goals well, we would be 2-1 right now.

Really, he needs to go!

...It was Ross who fumbled in the red zone
...it was Ross who decided to kick field goals
...it was Ross who dropped that pass
...it was Ross who missed a sure INT for a TD
...it was Ross who threw a pick to end the game.

...get a clue Armando, either you LOVE to play football or not.

The players need to be held accountable, especially the ones making MILLIONS of DOLLARS and not even coming remotely close to performing at value.

Ross cuts the checks, Ireland shops for the players, Sparano game plans and the players execute.

WHY is this Ross's fault????

DC....THE ISSUE WITH NOLAN...............



As Barkley would say this team is turrible...I agree with Jack 07:33 AM....team has to spend under the new CBA and Ross did buy up the unsold tix for the Houston game...this must be Mando tying to stir the pot.

Interesting how I hardly see any finger pointing @ Ireland!! Why does he gat a pass? Who pulled the trigger on Gibril Wilson and that other over priced moron from Jacksonville? Yes it goes back to Parcells, but as the lynch mob calls fot Coach Tony, Ireland continues to push him in front of the bus! Ireland needs to go 1ST!







AnonymousCane: Yes manning both eli and peyton are great qb's but look where they landed...They got picked by REAL football organizations....colts and giants have great football tradition and great front offices something that miami lacks. So if you draft a promising francise QB like LUCK and a team like miami picks him ,i personally don't see this rookie leading the phins out of pergatory....He needs coaching and class players around him people he can learn from like bob griese did with earl morral and dan marino with don strock & company.... Who is LUCK gonna get help and advice from HENNE and the cleveland off.coordinator reject DABOLL???We just have to reorganize at the top first! I hate to say it but it's gonna take time ....rome wasn't built in a year....It took JOE ROBBIE from 66'to 1970 to start winning for real!

No question it starts right at the top. It's the chicken and egg syndrome. Owner won't put money into the team until he starts making money and the fans won't come out to the games and put money in the owner's pockets until he starts spending to improve the product on the field.

However, with all that being said, take a look at what Buffalo is doing in the NFL. Take a look at their roster. It's made up of 4th-7th round picks with a whole bunch of guys not even being drafted into the NFL. There's a ton of them. Stevie Johnson is only one example. Can't remember if he went undrafted or was a seventh round pick but he's becoming a star in this league. The Bills are busting their butts every week and very easily could have rolled over and died yesterday after being down 21-0 early. Our guy? They would have quit. So it's fine to blame the owner (and I'll agree that he is part of it) but Ralph Wilson isn't exactly throwing Benjamins around and his team are busting their butts every week. It starts and stops with the players and the effort just isn't there. The fact that the defence wasn't able to come up with a stop against a pedestrian Cleveland offence to end the game tells us all we need to know about this team. Somethings missing and to me it looks like full out effort. Defence is by FAR the most disappointing element on this team so far this year.

I've been saying it for weeks. Ross has tightened the wallet on these clowns because he's seen the horrible drafting & wasted dollars thrown to FA's.

Just because Ross has the money doesn't mean he needs to throw it away!

Fire Ireland NOW. Sparano right after. Not after 8 weeks, not at the end of season. NOW. They should have been fired last year, every L that goes by makes it clearer than ever.

Allowing them to keep their jobs for the sake of continuity, fear of the lockout, etc is horse sh*t! It's about WINNING, not having continuity LOSING!

Yea, the Niners sure struggled with the change at 2-1. Titans at 2-1 too.

Yet, the teams that DIDN'T make coaching changes? Miami, Jags, Bengals, 0-3 or 1-2. Change brings hope, excitement. As we see, no change means more of the same.

This 4 year 80's Giant reclamation project is OVER. Even if a year too late, THANK GOD!

You hit it right on the money Armando!!

Ross is very cheap.. He didn't bring a super start this year, and decided to go cheap with Reggie Bush... Burnett doesn't count because he's replacing Crowder's salary...


he just wants the team to fail for the Andrew Luck pick...

FINS = programmed to fail...

That's why I refuse to spend any penny on them this year...

Ross is becoming another Jeffrey Loria...

Have I learned about about Football!


We would be 2-1 if he were any good at all


Be as gentle as you possibly can.


Devils Advocate.....

I can see how you are making a case for Crowder.....but to me....there is NO CASE to be made....

Crowder was a part of the 1-15 season....

Crowder was part of the last years D...the one that coudn't get of the field on third and forever last year......

Crowder is/was garbage...I cite is unemployment status as proof....

No team wanted to pick him up....retirement my.........

The only intangible he has is his inability to cover a tight end....

Miss a RB on a draw play he read.....

I submit to you Mr. Advocate.....that Crowders loss is insignificant....perhaps we should be looking into the addition of JT....and se what he has done....other than call out...and therefore bring unwanted attention on the coaching staff....

AnonymousCane: Yes manning both eli and peyton are great qb's but look where they landed...They got picked by REAL football organizations....colts and giants have great football tradition and great front offices something that miami lacks. So if you draft a promising francise QB like LUCK and a team like miami picks him ,i personally don't see this rookie leading the phins out of pergatory....He needs coaching and class players around him people he can learn from like bob griese did with earl morral and dan marino with don strock & company.... Who is LUCK gonna get help and advice from HENNE and the cleveland off.coordinator reject DABOLL???We just have to reorganize at the top first! I hate to say it but it's gonna take time ....rome wasn't built in a year....It took JOE ROBBIE from 66'to 1970 to start winning for real!

DC, nothing wrong with Nolan at all. Guys should watch the games & understand what's going on.


Why don't we blitz like last year? It's because our secondary is Pee Wee League material. Blitzing will only expose them more. Nolan has no choice but to play coverage!

Nolan is a scapegoat for fans because fans refused to see the signs last year. Every good O ate us up. We couldn't get off the field on third down. Anybody who wanted to see it, could have seen it last year.

This defense was HIGHLY overrated. Same coaches, same players, how else do you explain it? With common sense, they weren't that good to begin with!

Good defenses play well against ALL teams, have a bad game once opr twice a season. We have bad games every week. The only time we play well is against poor competition.

It can't get any simpler than that!

That's it! I'm finished with these scumbags! From now on my food stamp card will be used exclusively for food instead of exchanging it for Fins tix!

I'm tired of Monday morning quaterbacking the shortcomings of millionaires & billionaires.
...life beckons and I must return.

Good luck in the real world NH.....

When Ross is running from you TACKLE him!! Make him talk. Squeeze him.

Heck, maybe Ross is fully in the Suck 4 Luck camp?

Why not? If so, I'm all for him. But, if he hires a chump like Chucky for HC I'm done, it's over, I'm outta here.


Whatever, bro. I ain't losing any money over these guys.

there is no light at the end of the tunnel. you could look at it and say, "well, they're getting closer to winning with each game they play and they will, eventually, turn things around this season and then everything will be alright." not going to happen. they're 0-3 and they will be 0-4 after they play the chargers. they have every bit the talent of the teams they played and they haven't won a game yet. they should be 2-1 at worst and they are 0-3 and the reason they are is because they dont' want to win. you have to want to win and they don't. if they did they would have played much better. solai would have played like an animal so they would need to double team him and that would free up other guys to make plays. but, he hasn't shown up for a game yet. he's m.i.a.
it seems like everyone is standing on the field waiting for someone else to start playing hard before they do. like children. "well, if he's not going to try and make a tackle, then i'm not either. why should i do all of the work?"
all i have to say is the guys who were posting another 7-9 season are still wrong. this team is going 3-13 at best.

I agree with this but I think Ross' biggest mistake was shopping for a coach with Sparano still under contract. He showed a lack of confidence in Sparano, and I think that has resulted in the players lacking confidence in their selves and in the coaching staff.

When you preform noticeably worse in critical situations than you have the rest of the game (3rd downs, red zone) I think it has more to do with confidence than talent. We have zero swagger. As much as I hate the tub of lard, its hard not to wonder how this team would look under a coach like Rex Ryan. Even false confidence is better than no confidence.

I'm breaking my silence, Mandy. I'm sucking for Luck. Just getting everybody prepared for it.

I have to agree with Koe Schmoe.....

I believe he and I were among the sparse few to not buy into the over hyped defense....

I even stated before the season started that they need to strive to be a LEGIT top 12 for the FINS to have a chance at the playoffs....

Looks like it ain't gonna happen....and neither will the playoffs......


I'm with NH on this one. Not going to spend the week talking about these chumps. Most of us are putting in a better effort on this blog all week than they're putting in every Sunday. They're going down to the Chargers on Sunday and we're going to be sitting here next week with them sitting at 0-4, saying "Fire Sparano.....fire Ireland'....yawn!!

Have a good week fellas....

Craig M....

What would you prefer we talk about....

I'm open to all suggestions....

Especially since you spent an entire off-season telling us how this regime was improving this team....


The defense was rated #6 last year, but n ONLY one stat, which I think was rushing yards. They were like 24th in pass coverage. So yes, the D was over rated, fans went overboard on one stat and never stopped to look that wasn't for the D as a whole.

I am not so quick to blame Nolan as much as the quality of the players either. Fans got on Dom Capers for being too out of touch with 'modern' defenses (the nonsense fans come up with as if they knew 1/10th of these pro's know), and all Capers did was move on to Green Bay and help them win a SuperBowl.

Just saw on ESPN.....Adam Schefter commenting on the Sporano being on the HOT SEAT.....

But why should be posters talk about what the National Madia is talking about....

"yawn"....lets just bury our heads in the sand....that will make things better.....

Kris, your post aboout the season and the QB were right on point.

Even when Nolan dials up the blitz we are not getting to the QB. Whats killing us is the lack of talent from the draft picks that we have (Ireland). Lets see who's a bust, please bare with me this is going to take a while.

Busts: Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, John Jerry, Rashard Jones, Chad Henne is a backup IMO

Hits: Jake Long, Daniel Thomas looks good thus far.

If you can't draft you don't win! Sparano is just in over his head, did anyone see the reaction Sparano had for our last FG made it's just sicking someone can be so excited over a FG.

Prediction: Were cleaning house after the season prepare for rebuilding mode guys. :(

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