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Dolphins' Ross may be one who needs to 'stop quitting'

CLEVELAND -- Perhaps it was a parapraxis. Or perhaps it was just a tragically constructed sentence.

Either way, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne uttered this sentence after the Dolphins 17-16 loss to the Browns on Sunday: "I know one thing about these guys," Henne said, "they're not going to stop quitting."


Look, the Dolphins haven't quit. Players haven't. Coaches haven't. They are not getting results because they're not good enough or smart enough or whatever other reason you might cite. But because they quit?

No way.

Here's someone I fear might have quit on this team to a degree: Owner Stephen Ross.

My column in today Miami Herald discusses the topic.

The column discusses how Ross may be as much at fault for Miami's problems as the players and coaches. Why? The man apparently hasn't been fully invested in player acquisition this year.

In short, the column tells you where the Dolphins rank in player expenditure this year. It is a terrible ranking, perhaps the worst the team has ever had. And that, against the backdrop of Miami being second in the NFL behind only the New York Giants in player salaries in 2009, is stark.

So why the significant change? Simply, the Dolphins have been losing money at an alarming rate this year. So they're trying to trim back in certain areas. Player salaries is apparently one of those.

It is so well-known within the organization that two sources have suggested to me Ross has quit on his team this year and set them up for failure.

As the column tells you, I tried to get answers about this and other matters from Ross. Chased him as he was leaving Cleveland Browns Stadium. He didn't want to answer any questions.

Well, until he does, the questions will linger: Has Ross set up the Dolphins to fail this year because he limited expenditures on player acquisitions?

The evidence is damning.


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So, the theory is that Ross cuts player salaries to save money yet is too stupid to understand that, by producing an inferior product, his customers will not make any purchases thus driving his profits even lower?

Ross may have foolish ideas about celebrity and breaking tradition but he is a good businessman and understands bottom line quite well. A superior product = superior profits. Unless he and Jeffrey Luria (sp?) have gotten together to find the "optimal" profit:expenditure ratio. It must somehow work for the Marlins to have 5000 people in attendance each game. I don't think Ross is about that. I think he wants to win. He may not be NFL-owner savvy yet. So, there has to be an ulterior motive here - I HOPE. Or maybe he is just a fool and lucked into his money.

I had a lot of hope for this team, but it is fading fast. Henne, Daniel Thomas, and the wide receivers have been solid. We basically suck everywhere else. I like Sparano, but I see him make questionable game time calls. Reggie Bush has just been a huge disappointment. I think Ireland does ok in the draft, but handles free agency poorly. Not looking good this year; and that will mean rebuilding next year. Again.

Even when Nolan dials up the blitz we are not getting to the QB. Whats killing us is the lack of talent from the draft picks that we have (Ireland). Lets see who's a bust, please bare with me this is going to take a while.

Busts: Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, John Jerry, Rashard Jones, Chad Henne is a backup IMO

Hits: Jake Long, Daniel Thomas looks good thus far.

If you can't draft you don't win! Sparano is just in over his head, did anyone see the reaction Sparano had for our last FG made it's just sicking someone can be so excited over a FG.

Prediction: Were cleaning house after the season prepare for rebuilding mode guys. :(


As one of Henne's biggest critics...its only right that I give him his props when they are due.....

He is by NO MEANS a super star...as evidenced by his inability to move the ball 20-25 yards in 43 seconds to get the team in position for a FG try....


He is without a doubt improved....he seems to REALLY know the playbook...and Armando's stupid off-season photo aside....he seems like he really worked on...and improved his craft......he is the un-questioned QB of this team......

The problem Poizen....is that he may be a day late...and a dollar short....

When Sporano Goes...so does Henne.....and that may turn out to be an unfortunate fact.....

New coach...usually wants HIS guys...not someone eles's....

Looks like everybody is quitting on the Fans. So I think is time for us to quit on them.

Bwaaaaaahahahahaha. Hopeless in Miami. Owner doesn't care. Last in spending last in the standings. Makes sense. Fans stopped caring too judging by all the empty seats in September. Just don't move the team Mr Ross the division needs a nice little holiday and rest for it's players and teams each year. Miami fits the bill quite nicely.

Well Mando if this true and it's only pure speculation now. The fans should boycot this team and not go to the games anymore. The roster churning does seem suspisious cutting players and them bringing them back LJ, and Will Allen to name a few. Sparano is not a good gameday coach that is his downfall the decisions on Sunday are puzzleing as is the play calling.Ross wanted another coach at the end of last season so in all fairness to Sparano he was a lame duck anyway. There is no trust in the organization anymore. I agree with Oscar when Joe Robbie died he took the Dolphins with him.

After studying the tape, Reggie Bush was arm tackled on multiple occasions.

I noticed that at times, a defensive lineman would just look hard at Bush and Bush would fall to the ground in fear like a 90 pound female.

DC, Sorry this happened on your birthday!

FIRE SPARONO NOW! Fire Nolan, Let Daboll have fun as a head coach for half a year.

I know no one will agree with this, but Brandon Marshall is useless. He complains and plays half ass more than he plays with 100% effort. 3 drops for TD's in 3 games, all on his hands! Last play of the game, he was not even looking for the ball and made no effort. He is a selfish player!

Koa Misi, Cam Wake??? Are they on this team?

Jake Long is struggeling with pass coverage? What the hell happened there? Does Columbo block anything besides a DE's fart?

What has happened to Carpenter?

HOLY SH*%!!!!!! This sucks!

Why wait, clean house now, get rid of the coaching staff so someone new can spend the rest of the year assessing what we have

Not sure who would take a job after 4 games, but anyone is better then these clowns....

John Gruden maybe?, are we allowed to hire somoene elses coach in during the season?, Rob Ryan maybe...

I can't take much more of this crappy OL either, 5 Sacks?...constant pressure on Henne..

Scratch and sniff Bush. Why can't the Dolphins get him to do what the Saints couldn't for five years. LOL it's so perplexing.

Yea Kris, Here is the deal, I am a fan of Henne since he is our QB and he has made the most progress improving that anyone.

He is a casualty of this pathetic coaching staff, and he is a good player in my opinion.

I will be a fan of the guy we have next year, more than Henne, but I think Henne will make us look stupid in the end and becaome a very good QB.

The new QBR, wich is improved this year takes into account situational passing and drops, Henne was ranked 6th this week!

But the BIGGEST GRIPE ABOUT some bloggers here is that somehow this gets blamed on Henne again! Marshall on 4th down could have made a play, and he half assd it! Clyde Gates gets run out of bounds by a single corner... WTF?

This is a mess.

After studying the tape, I noticed Sean Smith was flapping his pie hole and carrying himself like he was the king of the earth.

Josh Cribbs is writing a letter to Sean Smith asking "Who's your daddy?"

Salary cap: the question on everybody's mind!

More than a few comments on this site about Ross the billionaire not wanting to spend. We're lucky to have the bargain basement Henne.

You wrote the story last week about Solai's contract negotiations without ever talking about salary cap.
Then you wrote the story about TE's we didn't get and you never mentioned salary cap.
You have never mentioned that this is Henne's last season and he either has to be tendered or signed and that means salary cap.
And if Henne walks and we have to draft a QB then that means salary cap.

You're the reporter get with the real story.

I didn't see the game but what happened on the last series where we had ball on the 50 and Henne threw 3 incompletes and interception. someone please fill me in.


I can not remember the 1st down play at all and not sure why.

2nd down was a streak pass play down field, where clyde gates got nudged out of bounds by the corner and gates contunued to run his route out of bounds. Henne put the ball where only he could get it, out of bounds. If it was thrown in bounds it would have been picked by corner or closing safety.

3rd down, I think there was a poor pass by Henne, cant remember.

4th down Pass thrown to Marshall, half assn a route and made no effort to catch a ball thrown to him over the middle, he wasn not even looking at the QB. It was like he quit before the play. int.

Join me in bein dead wrong about everything phins for the last year! Don't know me yet?

Here's a clue...From experience, hot sauce will help swallow all that crow!


1st pass: Henne threw to Bess for incomplete. Look like it wasn an out route pretty well covered

2nd pass: Henne threw to Marshall (incomplete)

3rd pass: Henne is pressured throws inaccurate pass

4th pass: Marshall runs a crappy route half ass the catch pass intercepted. Marshall fault

"The evidence is damning"

" Some people are going so far as saying Ross ordered the Dolphins’ personnel department to put the reins on spending for talent.
"If" that is correct, and one highly placed Dolphins source insists it is,".

This is what I didn't understand. The evidence is that Ross set the team up for failure but in the article you say "some people" and "If that is correct". It just doesn't sound like concrete evidence. But the fact that they didn't sign any big free agents is telling. Sounds like Ross really hates Tony. He should have just bit the bullet last year and fired him after not landing Harbaugh. Now we have to wait through another ugly loss.

And I don't buy into blaming the owner that this team can't win. They won last year 7 times with the same guys and added Burnett,Odrick,Allen, . Offense not getting enough talent with their only real acquisition being Bush but the #6 defense added talent in Burnett and are now dead last in the league. How is that Ross' fault?


Your right about the second pass I forgot.

The problem is NOT Chad Henne. He has played very well this season. The problem is, no pass rush. The secondary is poop. Reggie Bush was a big waste. We couldve signed Ricky Williams for 1/4 of the price. Brandon Marshall has scored 2 touchdowns in 2 years. Some beast huh? Our offensive line is STILL in shambles...jake long and mike pouncey are very good. The rest of the line is really really bad. Our linebackers arent too good either, whens the last time they have made a big play?? I like dansby, but he has been sub par as well. The defense never creates turnovers. Sean Smith is a punk, Vontae Davis is always hurt. They went from being the "best tandem" to being busts in just over 3 weeks. haha. Bad player moves, bad drafting over the past 6 years. I love Daniel Thomas though, he breaks tackles on every carry and moves the pile 3 yards after that. Not scoring touchdowns in the red zone has been the biggest weakness! If we score touchdowns instead of field goals, honestly we might be 3-0. Still sticking behind the phins, one year we will get it right. hopefully.

I can't belive i taught we where going to be 10-6 this year we are lucky to get 1 win!!

Point is, there was no one open on any of those plays, and what we can blame Henne for is that the ball was not perfectly thrown to a receiver to make the miracle play. Maybe Marshall, the BEAST could have tried to, or for the third game straight maybe not drop a ball in his hands in the end zone!

The NFL has changed over the past 5 years, many college coaches and coordinators have come in and brought the spread offense and the versatile players, and the athletic freaks. The NFL has changed the rules so that the passing game can thrive.

Dolphins have done nothing to keep up with this progress. This is not about saving money. This is about strategy and utilizing the wrong strategy.

The wrong strategy on draft day, the wrong strategy signing free agents, the wrong strategy developing the playbook, the wrong strategy at practice and the wrong strategy on game day. We can't even execute our poor strategy, or better yet, it looks as if we don't even have one.

It is difficult to watch the mismanagement of every single game, it is difficult to watch the two decades old philosophy, it is difficult to watch when 3/4 of the NFL is putting a modern product out there.

The real question is: Who are the coaches and F.O., that will have the vision to lead this team into the modern era? We have a reasonably good core group of players and they are young enough that we shouldn't have turn the entire roster.

So, who is the answer?

FIRE SPARONO NOW! Fire Nolan, Let Daboll have fun as a head coach for half a year.

Posted by: Poizen | September 26, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Fire Nolan? Come on, man! You're losing your mind like some of the others here in blindly trying to blame Nolan.

Nolan is a scapegoat! Did he forget how to coach? Players forget to play? We have 10 of 11 returning starters! This is the ONE coach who is NOT to blame. You can only do so much with what you have!

It's time to practice the realistic, common sense approach! This Defense WASN'T top 6 last year. Nolan has a TERRIBLE secondary & it's beat up to boot!

It's time to come to grips with the fact that: A. This D was over rated in 2010
B. The talent is NOWHERE near what it needs to be to be competitive.

These are Sparano & Ireland's faults, NOT Nolans!

Poizen ur exactly right the beast has to step up and be an elite WR!!!

Join me in bein dead wrong about everything phins for the last year! Don't know me yet?

Here's a clue...From experience, hot sauce will help swallow all that crow!

Posted by: Show of hands fellas, put em up high!!! | September 26, 2011 at 10:34 AM


"Andy luck will look like crap behind that line"

^This. He'll be Vinny T with the Bucs all over again.

Poizen, I've lost all faith in Nolan as well. Joe Schmoe says it's not his fault, that he doesn't want to expose the secondary by bringing pressure. Excuse me? Isn't it that you bring pressure to HELP the secondary.

Quick, someone tell me a defense that CAN cover all receivers if the QB has all day to throw?

The reason you blitz is to prevent the long ball (there's just no time for receivers to get that far if QB is always making his hot read).

So, I see it exactly opposite. Nolan knows our secondary can't cover anyone, so then HELP THEM by bringing pressure on the QB (especially a young QB who will make mistakes).

Instead, Nolan's playing Paul Pasqualoni's defensive scheme which is worthless in the NFL.

Now, I'm on to fire Sparano and hire interim Coach....Karl Dorrell. Why, cause he seems to have done pretty good work with Henne (being the QB Coach, though Daboll has a lot to do with it too). And the stuff Henne still lacks (accuracy, consistency) isn't really on the Coach, that's kind of on Henne (and I'm not blaming Henne for anything, he didn't lose the game, but he also didn't win any game either).

Also, hope everyone realizes, WHEN (not if) Sparano gets fired, and a new HC comes in, doubt he'll keep Nolan. Usually they clean house and bring in their own staff. So that's why to me Nolan is expendable (unless he's going to be interim HC).

Dude at 10:34. Real creepy man. Real creepy to have such an obsession with another poster that you think about him when you're not in here. Hoping the team sucks because that was the side you took while he hoped for the best. Now that you're right you want him to give you a slap on the back and won't stop with the "crow" shtick. You are a sad and lonely individual. Same guy that was accusing someone of running and hiding yesterday I presume. Here's the thing numb nuts, by fighting and obsessing over people in here and then changing your name every day you're the one who is hiding. Craig, Dying and others post under those names and take the criticisms that come along with adamantly stating their opinions under those names. You post under a name for a few days, make everyone angry, and then go and hide under a new name. You're a coward, enjoy your cowardly day.

the personal decisions from the front office is terrible. This front office can't juge talent.that's the bigest problem!!!

Another losing season 5-11..

The Fins did not lose because they didn't have players (ie Spend Money). They still have NO QB. This was evitent with 45 seconds to left and first and on Browns side of fields, they only needed 5-10 yards to get in field goal range, but when the presure is on Henne has 4 incompletes for 0 yards. Not even an attempted field goal for a win. Our nugget finding GM should have gotten a QB not a Center with #1. But not to worry since we are so bad we will be getting Luck who hopefully will be lucky for Fins.

crazyfin, I'm not even sure if it's a talent "evaluation" issue. It's a philosophy.

We're in this bigger is better mold. Today's NFL is not that way anymore. THAT'S THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.

I'm sure the players they've brought in are decent enough, but they don't succeed in todays game.

Joe, I get the secondary excuses, but why is there NO pressure on the QB EVER? Last year, we got to QB's this year nothing. Where are the creative blitzes for a team with weaknesses?


Why don't you use your real name? You obviously know everything about everyone here yet the first time I saw your name was yesterday.

Silly boy.

There it is again, Now Louis, It is all the QB, REALLY? Are you high?

Those 4 incomplete passes had NO ONE OPEN, and your prized #1 receiver half assd it. Our deep play our receiver runs out of bounds...

This is the stuff that makes me nute, He comes here and blames the QB.

Nothing about Marshall(3 dropped TD's in 3 games), Nothing about missed tackles, Wake and Misi invisible, nothing about carpenter, nothing about Columbo and the pass rush. Nothing about Sean Smith, he just points at the QB.

OUR QB was ranked #6 out of all the QB's that played yesterday, which takes into account situation plays and drops! Please open your eyes, Henne is NOT THE PROBLEM HERE. OR at least not even in the top 5 of problems that we have... get off it already.

John Gruden maybe?, are we allowed to hire somoene elses coach in during the season?, Rob Ryan maybe...

I can't take much more of this crappy OL either, 5 Sacks?...constant pressure on Henne..

Posted by: craig | September 26, 2011 at 10:19 AM


In answer to your question, no, it is not allowed. You cannot hire a coach under contract to another team during the season.

Nor would any of the "name" guys out there such as Gruden, Fisher, etc. even REMOTELY entertain the notion of coming aboard DURING the season. Not only would it would be ludicrous for them to inherit a coaching staff and players they had ZERO input in constructing, it would also preclude them from exploring ALL their offseason options, which nobody would do.

We seriously need to stop this silliness, guys. The only option for change during the season is from the inside. That's just how it is.

The offseason is when major changes can be made.


Are my beloved Miami Dolphins marching down the losers path as my Baltimore Orioles? I mean, is Ross, the "New" Peter Angelo of Baltimore fame; who cares more about using the team as an investment tool to make (although the Dolphins lose games) but [Ross] makes a fortune in his evil Ponzi scheme?

Personally, I think it's time that ALL NFL team owners return to hard core football and STOP this foolishness of trying to have half baked celebrities adhere to a minuscule ownership. Personally speaking, I am a (34) year Dolphin fan club, I hate the likes of Gloria Estafan, her whining husband, the Williams sisters, and Mark Anthony having influence over my Miami Dolphins.

Maybe it's time for Ross to get back to reality of things, and that is Miami Dolphins football. If Ross, wants to mingle around these have baked celebrities....go ahead but on your nickle and dime; Ross (Angelos) SELL your 51% majority ownership of the Dolphins

DC, sorry. I think you're 100% dead wrong. I respectfully disagree. Certainly it's all opinion & you can dissect it any number of ways. To me:

Blitzing leaves DB's 1 on 1. A decent QB can pick apart a blitz. Didn't Brady & Schaub kill us when we blitzed? How did blitzing help exactly??

Have you seen Nolan Carrol 1 on 1 this year? SADLY, he has to play which IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, NOT CAUSED BY M. NOLAN. How many TD's has he given up? You want to blitz to leave him exposed more often? That's insanity!

And yes, you play coverage because that's the weak link. You try to protect them. Blitzing doesn't help them, it exposes them leaving them more vulnerable!

Now, why can't you come to grips that this D was over rated last year & is playing like it did last year?? That would explain EVERYTHING, logically.

If you bought into the hype about how "good" they were, that's not Nolan's fault either.

This D sucked at times last year & to expect anything better with the same players is also insanity..

Dude at 10:34. Real creepy man. Real creepy to have such an obsession with another poster that you think about him when you're not in here.

Posted by: jeff | September 26, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Real creepy that you too are so obsessed with what another poster is saying about another poster.

Unless jeff = Craig M.

Just sayin. (we know you are not 'jeff')

The "celebrity" thing is annoying as hell but they have absolutely zero 'influence' on the team.

Those that think they have an actual ownership stake are probably unaware that these are "token" shares that Ross threw at them that literally amount to nothing combined.

It's silly---as is Ross' obsession with these B-listers---but it's also completely meaningless to the football end of things.

Tell me, how has NE improved this year? Huh? Tell me that.

Tell me, how has NY improved this year? Huh? Tell me that. What have they done?

We are the most improved team in this offseason, why don't any of you fools talk about that, huh buds?

Want some hot sauce with your crow now?

Joe, I get the secondary excuses, but why is there NO pressure on the QB EVER? Last year, we got to QB's this year nothing. Where are the creative blitzes for a team with weaknesses?

Posted by: Poizen | September 26, 2011 at 10:54 AM

Poizen, let me say this. Most here agreed we needed a new pass rush threat because aside from Wake, no one ever really gets to the QB.

Did we get that guy? No. Have teams figured out how to contain Wake better? Yes.

If you agree with the above, it should solve your quandry. A contained Wake plus no other legit pass rush threat, equals no pressure.

Blitzing will lead to Nolan Carrol being exposed in coverage, man to man. Blitzing will not help when the secondary is pure junk.

As an example, why do the Jets blitz so often? They have the corners & safeties who CAN cover man to man. We don't!


Thanks for filling me in guys. Sounds like Marshall being Marshall. Maybe his medication runs out at certain times of the game. All we gotta do is beat S.D and then the Jets and we'll be on our way!!!


You going to start that crap again? A guy can't express an opinion without it being someone else trying to impersonate him? How about you contact Armando and find out who jeff is and while you're at it ask him hw many times I've impersonated somebody else on this blog. You need to get your facts right before you start throwing your accusations around. I don't know jeff but I'm sure he can speak for himself.

I already know who 'crow' is. I've had it confirmed. But I'm going to let him continue with his stupid games.


Where are all of you fans now making excuses for this pathetic front office?

Jeff Ireland --- PATHETIC.
Tony Sparano --- PATHETIC.

And now you can add Stephen Ross to the list.

This is worse then the 1-15 team because at least that team was worth rooting for.

Congrats Stephen Ross. You have turned this proud franchise into the laughing stock in the NFL.



Posted by: ALoco | September 26, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Weren't you apologizing to me for being right the other day about this team? Again, what does right & wrong have to do with it anyway? I don't understand how telling the truth yields so much resentment here.

I've never seen a more delusional fan base so out of touch with reality.

I'm speaking from a common sense perspective. I don't expect you & your buffet of whatever you have to grasp it. LOL

Joe, the hole I see in your argument is. If we play off and just rush 3-4 we get no pressure at all and a QB gets all day, ala Patriots. we have to win a shoot out.

Then we blitz more, we lose to TEXANS yet, if Marshall catches a ball or Carpenter could kick a field goal we win, and the game is a "possible" win.

the truth is, not all teams have a Brady, and Shaub is top 10. Putting pressure on a colt Mccoy causes turnovers.

I would rather lose knowing we put a hurt on a QB, than lose by our D chasing receivers all around the field while the QB has 12 seconds to throw a a ball.

And that gets me to my point, how many sacks do we have?

Nolan was touted as a genious with a D, although I agree last year we were OVER rated, this year we are the worst D in the entire league.

that is considered a HUGE step backwards, not just a slip back.



Is this saying it 100% Sparano/Ireland after all for the fvcked persomel decisions?

Well, Mr. Ross Dolfans have news for you:

"if you dont spend the money to put a superior product on the field they're not coming out to the game"!

We wont buy Fin memorabl;ia, jerseys, nothing Dolphins. So enjoy your tv split money Mr. Ross!

Urban Meyer will be the next head coach of YOUR Miami Dolphins. Remember, you heard it here first!







I have no idea what you are talking about. This is the "real" jrljr2 and have not made any comments bout you. Obviously, someone hacked my account.

No wonder we're going with Colombo. Ross wouldnt pay for an upgrade. Has anyone else noticed, even in the redzone, we have to take the TE outta the game just so we can put an extra lineman in the game next to Columbo?

Maybe that's part of the redzone problem. We have to take a reciever outta the game for added pass protection which doesnt materialize anyway. What a mess we have in Miami!


WORST RECORD IN ST ....................

Playing for our last field goal at first and ten at the Browns' 23- was that Daboll calling the plays or our Tony?

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