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Dolphins' Ross may be one who needs to 'stop quitting'

CLEVELAND -- Perhaps it was a parapraxis. Or perhaps it was just a tragically constructed sentence.

Either way, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne uttered this sentence after the Dolphins 17-16 loss to the Browns on Sunday: "I know one thing about these guys," Henne said, "they're not going to stop quitting."


Look, the Dolphins haven't quit. Players haven't. Coaches haven't. They are not getting results because they're not good enough or smart enough or whatever other reason you might cite. But because they quit?

No way.

Here's someone I fear might have quit on this team to a degree: Owner Stephen Ross.

My column in today Miami Herald discusses the topic.

The column discusses how Ross may be as much at fault for Miami's problems as the players and coaches. Why? The man apparently hasn't been fully invested in player acquisition this year.

In short, the column tells you where the Dolphins rank in player expenditure this year. It is a terrible ranking, perhaps the worst the team has ever had. And that, against the backdrop of Miami being second in the NFL behind only the New York Giants in player salaries in 2009, is stark.

So why the significant change? Simply, the Dolphins have been losing money at an alarming rate this year. So they're trying to trim back in certain areas. Player salaries is apparently one of those.

It is so well-known within the organization that two sources have suggested to me Ross has quit on his team this year and set them up for failure.

As the column tells you, I tried to get answers about this and other matters from Ross. Chased him as he was leaving Cleveland Browns Stadium. He didn't want to answer any questions.

Well, until he does, the questions will linger: Has Ross set up the Dolphins to fail this year because he limited expenditures on player acquisitions?

The evidence is damning.


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Ross Wants LUCK!

This is like a nightmare everyone wished they could be awakened from.

We've gone from two SB winning owner(Joe Robby), to King of garbage ownerWayne Huizenga), and now to slumm lord supreme owner(Steve Ross).

The light at the end of the tunnel just seems to be nowhere near in sight!


OK, thanks bud. Way too much of this crap going on on this blog....way too much!!

Poizen, solid retort.

I guess I can summarize like this:

I'm not shocked the D isn't playing well. That's all I know.

Is it a hunch? Based on last year? I just don't see alot of differences. Most of us agreed last year that our 3rd down D was abysmal & if teams take Wake away, we're in trouble.

That's exactly what we're seeing.

sad thing is this team could've won the last two games, but they only know how to lose, evry game they find the best way to fail

ross doesn't help but seems like lack of focus and just plain getting it done is a feature of this teams overall problem

i'm not long for this world

Look on the plus side...at least if we're fortunate to be able to draft Luck we won't have to play him the ludicrious money that teams would have had to play first overall picks in year's past. This should make Mr Weasel.....I mean, Mr Ross very happy!

Well why dont we all put our money together and buy the team from Stephen Ross?

Ross Wants LUCK!

Posted by: killerdolphin | September 26, 2011 at 11:37 AM

IMO, Ross wants to run this town into the ground so badly no one will oppose him moving the team to LA. I seems so far his plan his working perfectly!

Anyone seen a point spread yet for this weekend? It HAS to be doubel-digits! I have to think SD will be fired up for this game after a sloppy performance and an almost last minute loss against bottom-feeders KC.

1st pass: Henne threw to Bess for incomplete. Look like it wasn an out route pretty well covered

2nd pass: Henne threw to Marshall (incomplete)

3rd pass: Henne is pressured throws inaccurate pass

4th pass: Marshall runs a crappy route half ass the catch pass intercepted. Marshall fault

Posted by: DKM | September 26, 2011 at 10:35 AM

From the 50 with a chance to salt away the game. Why would any H.C., approve of 4 straight passes? 10-15 yards at least gives us a look at the F.G. and a possible 19-10 lead.

The Dolphins are competitive, you can look at several bone-headed coaching decisions per game that change the flow or momentum of the game. This staff has no feel for the flow of the game.

Thomas was for the most part able to move the football, and that series is where our OL needs to nut up and help our rookie RB get a 1st down or two!

We have 3-5 head scratching moments every game!!

Yes, but what about the new disco at the stadium? Loud music! Is it open during the week? There's lots of parking spaces!

Joe, We both do agree the D SUCKS!

The O-line sucks.

WOW! This whole season just sucks!

I get not supporting the team as far as going to home games to support this crap. But I think as fans we need to watch what we wish for!

We have an owner that may have quit on this team, and LA waiting for its next team.

An owner with these thoughts seeing no phin fans in the stadium could make an EPIC deadly decision.

I would prefer our crowd to show up bigger than ever with signs asking for coaches to be fired!!! That would be the better way to make a point!

I would rather have a bad team in Miami than NO team in Miami!

Just my thoughts to season ticket holders.

Put yourselves in Ross's shoes for 1 minute.

If you look at Sparano, Ireland & Parcells track record in Miami...would you open your wallet?

To do what? Waste it? They waste more money in 1 year than teams waste in 5! Which is WHY he should have gone with his gut & fired them last year.

Cutting them off finacially & making them earn their extended contracts is bad ownership. He essentially wasted a season & lost the fan base.

Rookie owner with a 1st time coach & GM. Hate the owner for not firing them sooner. Not for refusing to let these clowns throw his money away.

Experiment = Failure

i don't get the logic of the coaching and people on this board.

i do not think ireland should go. this was his first draft where it was all his decisions without parcels staring over his shoulder. i don't know how anyone could think it was a bad draft. pouncey, in three games, has already shown signs of being a franchise center to go along with jake long at tackle. daniel thomas is the best running back that was drafted. yes, better than the one drafted ahead of him. he is not being used enough yet. he should be the first option getting 50% of the offensive touches. clyde gates hasn't made to many catches yet but he was a great pick. anyone can see how he stretches the defense. we had yet to see clay but the staff cut polite because of him. so hopefully when he gets on the field he will be as good as they think. yes, the bills scored their last TD on wilson but he wasn't out of position. if he would have timed his jump better? but he made plenty of other plays. he had an int and several pass defenses. i see him starting next week and being the nickel when davis comes back. he was a steal in the 7th. the only pick who hasn't really had a chance to show anything is kearse. one possible bad pick and 4 for sure great picks and one unknown. that's a pretty good draft. add pat devlin on the practice squad.

my problem with the coaches are pretty easy. why isn't thomas being used more on offense?? yes, henne has been sooooo much better than his 1st 2 seasons, no question. this offense suits him and he's shown better decision making and a whole lot of heart both standing in the pocket and running the ball. but in just 2 games thomas has shown he is both a pile driver who doesn't lose yards, a nifty one cut running who has speed to go with that power, and can catch! i know bush want to be an every down back but sorry regg, thomas is more deserving. go back to the role you played on N.O.shift out of the backfield and beat the LB's and S's. thomas used to be a QB. run that play the raiders ran with mcfadden.

on defense why aren't we blitzing more?? has nolan lost his edge?? we have a talent laden front 7 and seem to only rush the same 4 guys 50% of the time!! the defense looks complacent. i wanna see them look more like last season!!

as far as the fans go, fair weathered doesn't describe them poorly enough. for some reason half thought we would be contenders this year. the other half just know how to spew venom about every decision. i'm so very glad they don't run this team!! most would have passed on pouncey to draft ingram or REALLY reach and take a QB that wasn't drafted till the second round. ireland made the right choice.in the second round, if you didn't get the QB you would have grabbed mallet instead of thomas. i saw thousands of posts berating the pick, and even after game one and all during preseason thomas was called a bust and a wasted pick. well, wrong again. if the staff starts using him properly he will be in the running for ROY. him and newton. then i see stupid posts every time i read about trades that no team would ever agree to or trades that would handcuff this team for years. do you still wish we gave up a second for kyle orton?? we'd be no better off at QB and not have daniel thomas!! another good move by ireland!!!

the fins are not a playoff team yet. especially in this division. but they will be in most games and be more exciting to watch. if the staff starts growing some balls and using it's personnel better they will even win quite a few games. more blitzing and disguising the defense better on defense and more daniel thomas on offense. i'd like to see bush and thomas in the backfield together. thomas doesn't need a FB. do some things similar to the wildcat. fake handoff to thomas pitch to bush or vice versa. send bush in motion to pull a guy out of the box or ge a mismatch on a LB or S. these seem like simple common sense things so why aren't they doing them??

Ross is intentionally alienating the fan base so they wont attend games. Look, the guy has even scheduled a Gator national championship game celebration in the backyard of the Canes.

No one else sees this all could be a carefully orchestrated plan to move the team to LA totally unopposed? His primary selling point to the league office would be he's grossly losing money in Miami.

Yes, grossly losing money's the primary plan to force the city of Miami to lose its pro football team. Ross just may not be nearly as dumb as he makes himself seem. In the end the city of Miami will be left looking like the dummies!

While one can not underestimate the importance of coaching, even the best coaches will look incapable with poor talent. You can not coach a Cleo Lemon to become a Drew Brees.

In our case, I fault the head coach and the talent pool we have equally.

I have not lost confidence in Nolan. I have to believe he simply does not have good enough players to do what he would like to do. Whether he can be a good HC or not I really don't know. But you can be sure someone will offer him another chance at HC. There are only so many people available that have his level of experience, and he will get a second chance somewhere. Just like Belichek did.

Hope you guys enjoy your new:


That's probably exactly what they'll be called within the next 5yrs!

Miami can rename it's next new nfl team the:


In rememberance and to mock the old owner who came in and "stole" thier old team!


why do you think people in LA are so enamored of the NFL?
Ross will abandon his stadium to play in the stadium Al Davis fled?

off to lunch, talk to you all in an hour or so.

@devilsadvocate. nolan has almost exactly the same group as last season's 5th ranked defense. but he has added burnett, allen, taylor, and odrick. it is his fault because he has made this a vanilla offense 50
5 of the plays. where are all the blitzes and pre snap disguises? we are running zone far more often and leaving holes for TE's to run through.


Your going a bit overboard with this LA Dolphins talk.

Ross doesnt care anything about a stadium as long as gets to rub elbows with all of the Hollywood stars. Have you taken a list at our minority owners list lately?

Ross is more enamored of limelight and star fellowship than anything else. He'll spend like crazy once he gets the team to LA!

Fan since 1971 and I agree that this is actually a lower point than the 1-15 season.
Is it sheer laziness or lack of confidence in the pro personel division that keeps the constant stream of Ireland-scouted Cowboy rejects flowing into Miami? I understand that New England and Pittsburgh make cuts as well - why not consider their trash? Why the total inability to recognize that the league is now dominated by receiving TEs - and that neither Fasano or Mastruud (??) don't belong on an NFL starting roster in 2011. Why the inability to identify LB's who have the ablity to cover TE's - when this has clearly been Miami's defensive downfall for the past 3-4 seasons. Burnett has been nothing short of a disaster and Dansby continues to regress. No one in his right mind considered Reggie Bush to be 20 touch per game RB - he is a gadget/change of pace player that operates in space. Why would this regime believe that he was going to move the pile? Finally the issue of Henne. He is not a red zone QB and tightens-up close to the goal line. He can't throw a fade. The game was gift wrapped for him to win yesterday. 15 yds was all that would be needed for a makeable FG attempt with almost 40 seconds and a TO. 3 incompletions incuding a low % deep fade to the rookie who was well out of bounds (when 15 yds is all that is needed) followed by an INT. Marino would have the green light to throw a deep pass to a well covered receiver - not Henne. Could they not throw short to D. Thomas or Bush and ask them to use their legs to grid-out a few extra yards to get closer?

The most damning thing about Sparano is his inability to produce even an average OL. Carey's move to G can only be looked at as a bust. John Jerry should have been cut in PS.
Columbo is an aging turnstile. Only Pouncy and Long seem to be keepers.

Finally, this is the WORST team I have ever seen for squandering TOs early so that they ear left with nothing if the game is on the line in the final minute. Shula always preserved his TO's and guarded them like treasure for use at the end of the game.

Wait until the bye week and chop the HC and GM.
It would send a message to the fan base that ownership is watching and gives damn.


Your going a bit overboard with this LA Dolphins talk.

Posted by: DKM | September 26, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Exactly what Ross wants all dolfans to presently think. I can guarantee you one thing. I'll never be a fan of the LOS ANGELES DOLPHINS!


I saw positives with the O in the NE loss.

Since then, I've seen 2 teams carve them up maybe better than we did.

I saw negatives with our O struggle to score points vs. an over rated Houston D.

Then watch the Saints, without their best WR put up more than double the points than we did.

The D? Is a train wreck. Saw the signs last year.

Wwent into the offseasons needing a FS, a nickel corner & more pass rush. We addressed these needs by signing a 36 year old Taylor, no FS & cutting W. Allen. The Benny Sapp, who on his worst day, is better than Carrol.

What more needs to be said?


We did not have the 5th ranked defense last year. Don't be so quick to rely on blog comments that say that. We did have a #6 rating in one stat only, rush defense, something like that, but we were 24th in pass defense. Overall our defense was not #6 and you are stretching it to #5.

Burnett has not shown anything yet. Nada. 2 tackles against the Browns? Wow. And JT is not an addition. He is 37 years old, over the hill and only capable of a good play once in awhile. Allen was cut and got no offers, he is injury prone and on his downhill side of performing. So I don't see that this is an improved defense player wise in any way.


I think to not put the blame on the players AND the coaches isn't accurate. Joe Shmoe you want to run Sparano out of town because the team isn't getting the job done but you want to give Noaln a free pass because the defence isn't getting the job done? What gives? Yes, I put most of it on the players for their lack of execution and perhaps lack of talent on that side of the ball. But Nolan is a part of all this too. Don't think he isn't involved in the personnel discussions and the scheming each week. I'm not saying he's to blame but to excuse him from what we've seen the first three weeks is, well....INEXCUSABLE. The one benefit of the doubt he will give him is he's had very little time to get these guys in game shape and ready to go. That I will grant you. It's not his fault if guys show up not ready to play when the season starts and if they're not ready to play each week. But he is ultimately responsible for the product in the field and I think he shares in the blame for the fact that the defence couldn't shut Cleveland down at the end of the game. If we're going to give him praise when the defence is playing badly then he also needs to share in the blame when things aren't going good.

That should have said 'praise when the defence is playing WELL'....

Fingers not working as fast as my brain today...

totally disagree; the owner is doing a fine enough job and the talent level on this team has been upgraded... miami should arguably be 2-1 right now

the offense is not finishing in the red zone

and for some reason we can all see teams going after and being wildly successful targeting nolan carroll but we refuse to make any adjustments

What I think is clear that this FO and the coaching staff over-rated the defence (as Joe has said). It was clear as they drafted this year mostly on offence and felt the DA was in good shape. That's has been shown not to be true (again, as Joe has stated). If that trend continues, the coach and GM should be held responsible and again shoudl influence whether either should be kept or not.

all I need to know about Nolan is to look at the browns last drive yesterday. 4th and 4. he calls a ILB blitz leaving wake to cover the rb out of the back field. That was by far the worst call of the day. That was the game right there.
The coaching of this team has been terrible to say the least. I'd say a different coach with these same players would have us at least playing for a wild card spot. Right now we'd be lucky to win 5 games this year. Sparano, nolan and all the other coaches should be gone at the end of year. Bring in cowher or fisher.

We've gone from two SB winning owner(Joe Robby), to King of garbage ownerWayne Huizenga), and now to slumm lord supreme owner(Steve Ross).

The light at the end of the tunnel just seems to be nowhere near in sight!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 26, 2011 at 11:38 AM

I think even the casual fan should know how to spell the team FOUNDER'S name correctly. It's "Robbie."

The actual family name was 'Arabi' (Joe was of Lebanese Arab descent, as was co-founder Danny Thomas)but it was 'Americanized' to Robbie.

He's the guy who hired Dawn Shoela, you know.


To hang out with celebrities Ross could get into the movie business, buy a tv production company etc. etc.. Bringing an expansion pro football team to a half-empty LA Coliseum will not impress Paris Hilton as much as you imagine!

The Chargers are the franchise moving to Los Angeles. It is the worst kept secret in the NFL and will be announced when their San Diego lease expires next March.

Those suggesting the Dolphins (who play in the 5th largest metropolitan area in the country) will be heading west are absolutely clueless and ignorant of the facts.

They are not even remotely in the discussion.

Many of the players on this team are just not as good as many fans thought. It's that simple.

1. Those two corners should be excelling by now and instead they are giving doubts as to whether they should be starters.

2. We have only two good solid offensive lineman.

3. The safeties are still learning on the job.
4. Bush is averaging 2.2 yards a carry and basically just wasting downs for us.

5. Marshall does not have good hands, he plays distracted as though he has too much on his mind.

6. Gates has yet to show he is an NFL player.

I like Thomas so far, that pick is looking good, but otherwise we really have no offensive weapons. The defense is needs help in all areas.

What gets me is the game plan we ran against NE put up 500+ yards.
In the 1st half yesterday we were on that pace.
Then in the 2nd half we stopped throwing.

it's a clusterf$ck from the top on down. Too many bad draft picks. Too many free agent signing's underperforming. Cam Cam, Saban, Sparano coaches that are not head coach material in the NFL. Switching systems on not very talented players every other year.
Then hire Tuna, who builds based on a blueprint of the NFL of the 80's when the league has changed to a pass first league.
Tuna leaves and leaves Ireland (incompetent) Sparano (nice guy, bad coach) and then team is sold to guy who doesn't know football.
Robert Kraft doesn't know football, but his employees do. There's a big difference.
Ross is so inept that he can't see Ireland is clueless. So what does he do? He brings in C list celebs thinking that will distract fans from product on the field.
So what to do...
Ross listen to me.
1. Fire Ireland. Hire GM (Head scout of Packers)
2. Fire Sparano and throw money at Bill Cohwer. Doubt he will come here because why would he? He's got a cush job.
3. Get a Rob Ryan.
4. Build team to compete with Patriots.


Blame the DC? Have you really taken a objective look at this talent on the defense?

There isnt a DC past or present that could get very much more out of the defensive talent on this team.

You can get more out of superior talent and inferior coaching. Than you can get out superior coaching and inferior talent.

On Defense:

* Way overrated d-line
* Overrated lb corps
* Overrates corners
* Garbage safeties

We're fortunate offenses arent yet putting up 40pts a game on us. To turn a volkswagon into a formula one race car. First you gotta have a formula one race car engine. Just putting a formula one race car body over a volkswagon chasis does not make it a formula one race car.

"Joe Shmoe you want to run Sparano out of town because the team isn't getting the job done but you want to give Noaln a free pass because the defence isn't getting the job done? What gives?"

Posted by: Craig M | September 26, 2011 at 12:06 PM

I wasn't blinded last year into believing this D was 6th last. There were fatal flaws people refused to acknowledge because the stats said we were good. Bologna!

Same flaws still exist today which are componded by injuries & an utter lack of roster management.

Last years D lacked pass rush without blitzing(sound familiar?), quality DB's(sound familiar?), quality FS(you get it by now).

Those flaws cost us to get embarassed by every good offense we faced. Go look at the game books against the good teams we played.

This year, we played an elite O and were embarassed. Just like last year. Played a very good O in Houston & weren't good. Like last year.

Then, we play an average O in Cleveland and look pretty good. Like last year. Same coach, same players, same system....EXACTLY THE SAME RESULTS!

Nolan cannot overcome defeciencies on his roster. He does not do the shopping for players, he just has say on the one's Ireland gives him.

Seriously, those of you who actually think the Dolphins are headed to Los Angeles (or anywhere else) can officially classify yourselves as COMPLETELY clueless.

Do you even follow the NFL? The CHARGERS are headed there and it's basically been a done deal for over a year at this point. As a matter of fact, the LA Times and other media outlets out there already refer to the team as the LA Chargers in numerous articles and columns.

The Chargers will play in the Rose Bowl until a new downtown stadium financed by Phillip Anschultz is completed as part of his huge "LA Live" complex.

The NFL will not stand in the way of this move as the Chargers have an antiquated stadium, they want a franchise in LA, and the team, will still be based in Southern California. The Chargers actually originated in Los Angeles, in fact.

IF Los Angeles acquires another team, it would be in the NFC. With (ironically) the Rams as the best possibility, followed by the Vikings (if they don't get a stadium). The Jaguars or Bills are remote possibilities.

There is ZERO talk of the Dolphins aside from inside the minds a some seriously deluded people on this message board. None. Zip. Nada.

It is time their ignorance of the facts is exposed. And that time is now.

JRS, at this point, who REALLY cares if they move? Most fans don't. If they pass up games when the team is here, they'd be OK with not having em in town at all.

They're tired of it. The team is a laughing stock.

If this team is 0-4 at the bye, and potentially 0-5 going back home, the stadium will be a ghost town.



Armando...your obviously not of the right business mind to criticize a billionaire, he got there for a reason.

First, the fact we have one of the highest payrolls and have nothing to show for it only enforces ross to make spo/ireland make do with what they have because thats whole they dug themselves into in the first place. why put more money into a sinking ship? are you not watching this economy and our gov't?

Second, ross has proven to give out big paydays to the players his ppl brought to him (marshall, long, dansby) how in the hell has he set the fins up for failure? Its the mngmt he hired that has let him and all of us down...



Ross has made the team the Marlins (but without the periodic success) or the Indians from the Major League movie. Unbelievable.

Joe Schmoe: good points @ 11:47.

Ross had serious remorse after extending Ireland and Sparano's contracts and going in the front of the cameras telling everyone he's confident Sparano is the right man for the job.

If Armando's report is true, then my biggest concern about Ross is that he's not to be trusted. If he's cutting expenditure to see them fail, then what quality GM and HC would want to come work for someone who set them up to fail? And what fan base could possibly support an owner like that? This is a huge PR disaster.

This front office is a joke..remember when they gave Jason Ferguson a new contract even if he was gonna miss the first 6 games and then retired...what about when they sign Ethan Kilmer a safety and he quit in camp..or when they gave all that money to Ernest Wilford a WR with no speed or quickness and bad hands..or when they signed a LB named Boomer Grisby to play FB...how about Gerbil Wilson and Chris Crocker...wasted money!

Sorry to have burst your delusional bubble, Dying Breed.

The fact remains the ONLY scenario of a "Los Angeles Dolphins" exists in your confused and fact-bereft imagination. There is ZERO actual talk of such a possibility.

In the REAL WORLD of facts and among those who actually follow actual NFL news, it's the Chargers who are headed to Los Angeles. It will almost assuredly be announced next March when their 'escape clause' in their San Diego lease kicks in. This has been in the news, repeatedly, for months.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy guy.


I agree with you on Fieldler. He was a gamer. He had a questionable arm, but the dude came to play AND he had a good winning record as a starter.

Cosmodo, I think he is cutting the spending because the results have not merited continued wasteful spending. Sounds an awful lot like the government

Ross is just the money bags....he puts his trust in the people he hired to build this team on the advice of Parcells and Huzenga (when he bought the team). This team sucks because there is no competent offensive line (Long and Pouncey is it), and the defense can not stop anyone when it matters. They never make a big play when they have to. As any "billionaire" will do, he will replace his advisors at the end of the season. Ireland and Sporano will probably be fired and this team will again be in rebuild mode. You can only hope the people that are brought in will be more competent....

That's why ROSS likes IRELAND cause he helps him save money when PARCELLS spend on anybody.

I think there is no comparison to Chad Henne of the past and this year. He's doing his job. Daniel Thomas is the real deal. Should have kept Ricky or Ronnie and we would wear some people down. Five sack's on Chad? That's going to kill his body. How many years have we been working on a OLine, fair in some spots and junk in other positions. Mr.Ross we want a football team not a entertainment center. Mr. Joe Robbie's tears are flowing on his beloved Dolphins. Play calling in the Red Zone is terrible. Reggie Bush needs to step up if he really wants to contribute but so far he hasn't. Devon Bess is the best reciever we have and put's out effort. He is a over achiever and gives it his all. First and 5 for a touchdown and can't punch it in, c'mon.


Just who is coaching that vaunted Bills team you described this morning? Specifically, who is the head coach and defensive coordinator? Can you tell me their relevance to Miami? I hope so, or you, sir, are a very new, or very young fan...

Joe Schmoe---by your logic, Lions fans would have been absolutely DELIGHTED to see their franchise relocate as well.

After all, no team in the NFL better personified abject futility for DECADES than that one.

Any Lions fan would LAUGH at a Miami fan (or anyone else) going on about their "suffering" in contrast to what THEY went through.

That's no excuse for the futility of the Dolphins right now. But your reasoning that a fan base would happily see a team they've spent a lifetime rooting for relocate because of some down years is ludicrous in the extreme. For a lot of us, it's our HOMETOWN team and our loyalty remains even if the frustration right now is undeniable.

You certainly don't speak for me on this matter, and I've been a fan for over 40 years.

Really not much money to be made as a sports team owner. If the guy's lucky it takes 10yrs to see a real profit(repay the bank for the loan).

All of the money is tied up in annuities(rising value of the team). Sure he can always borrow against the annuities, but its still borrowing and borrowing is never really profitting.

The only real way to actually make profits as an owner is to be fortunate enough to repay the loan as quickly as possible, sell the team at the huge increased profit, or do both.

Until the the above is done, owners are actually more into it for thier ego and prestige more so than actual pocketed profits!

John DOE, you are obviously not a ticket buyer. If I find out a team owner is asking me to pay full freight for 10 tickets but he's instructing his FO to do it on the cheap, I feel ripped off. I want him to be all in, along with the FO and coaches and players.

If he's not, I'm not buying any more tickets because he's broken trust with me and my family.


Get a clue.

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