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Dolphins' Ross may be one who needs to 'stop quitting'

CLEVELAND -- Perhaps it was a parapraxis. Or perhaps it was just a tragically constructed sentence.

Either way, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne uttered this sentence after the Dolphins 17-16 loss to the Browns on Sunday: "I know one thing about these guys," Henne said, "they're not going to stop quitting."


Look, the Dolphins haven't quit. Players haven't. Coaches haven't. They are not getting results because they're not good enough or smart enough or whatever other reason you might cite. But because they quit?

No way.

Here's someone I fear might have quit on this team to a degree: Owner Stephen Ross.

My column in today Miami Herald discusses the topic.

The column discusses how Ross may be as much at fault for Miami's problems as the players and coaches. Why? The man apparently hasn't been fully invested in player acquisition this year.

In short, the column tells you where the Dolphins rank in player expenditure this year. It is a terrible ranking, perhaps the worst the team has ever had. And that, against the backdrop of Miami being second in the NFL behind only the New York Giants in player salaries in 2009, is stark.

So why the significant change? Simply, the Dolphins have been losing money at an alarming rate this year. So they're trying to trim back in certain areas. Player salaries is apparently one of those.

It is so well-known within the organization that two sources have suggested to me Ross has quit on his team this year and set them up for failure.

As the column tells you, I tried to get answers about this and other matters from Ross. Chased him as he was leaving Cleveland Browns Stadium. He didn't want to answer any questions.

Well, until he does, the questions will linger: Has Ross set up the Dolphins to fail this year because he limited expenditures on player acquisitions?

The evidence is damning.


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You echoed my choice as who I want to be the next head coach also. No disrespect to Cowher, who I also like, but I believe Fisher would be the right coach for this team. He put his heart and sole into coaching the Oilers and later the Titans, despite ahving an owner who liked to meddle and wouldn't spend the money in FA. It's my hope that taking the year off will re-energize him and bring him back ready for a new challenge. None of us ACTUALLY know if Cowher is even interested in coaching again, something that Fisher has in fact stated.







Bill Cowher 149-90
Jeff Fisher 142-120
Cowher did it with bums at qb like Neil O'Donnell, Mike Tomzcak, Bubby Brister, Kordell Stewart, Tommy Maddux. And yet, he should have won a Super Bowl and was consistently taking his teams deep in the playoffs. Its a QB driven league and you need an elite QB, or someone close to win it all. It wasnt untill he had an elite QB that he won a Super Bowl, and it only took him 2 years to win one with Roethlisberger. Fisher atleast had stability in McNair all those years, he may not have been an elite QB, but was much better and was voted MVP once thats alot more than what Cowher had to work with.

Has anyone started a pool yet when this team will get their first win? I don't see it coming this week and I think the Jets will be tough in New York, even with us coming off a bye. I'll have to look at our schedule closer but I have to say, this season is starting to feel an awful lot like the 1-15 season.....which of course, may not be a bad thing.

I have no issues with Florida. I have issue with their fans, like her.

Who in one breath, call North East fans, like myself, fake. Make fun of where we live & say we have no right to criticize them for not showing up to games or getting outvoiced in their own stadium.

Then, in the next breath, praise our local teams for their loyal fan bases win or lose.

What a hypocritical shelp!!

just don't go to games, because who should be loyal to who, he takes your hard earned money and gives you what 0-3 and a coach who says I I REALLY DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK. boycott,boycott,boycott thats when they will care and listen call Mike Shula I think he's in North Carolina

I think Ross plans on getting rid of Sparano this year. That was probably his plan all along and then get the big name in here next year.

Theyll be winless going into the monday night game against the Jets, they will get embarrassed AGAIN on national television the players will tank it, home games will resemble Marlin crowds and I dont see a single win on that schedule maybe at KC or home against Denver.

To all the Fisher supporters with the claims that he won consistently I want to ask this. Mind you, I'm not saying your opinion of wanting him is wrong. But, what are you using to make those claims?

In 16 seasons, he won more than 8 games only 6 times. He won 8 games or less 10 times.

The fact is, he lost more consisntently than he won. The claim that he won or won more consisently is factually incorrect.

In fact, it isn't even close to being accurate.


I really do feel bad for Tony Sparano. Stephen Ross is easily the worst thing to happen to the Dolphins since Wayne Huzienga thought it was a good idea to hire Cam Cameron as head coach.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! I long for the days of Marino and Shula... no, they never won a Super Bowl together, but at least the Dolphins mattered back then.

Tj, I agree with your post & the ownership/team has to play a role in it.

But, because Cowher comes from a successful organization with a proven track record of getting things done, IMHO, I think that makes Cowher the obvious choice. That factor should work in his favor, not held against him.

I would HOPE he would bring the Pitt way of doing things here. Why wouldn't he not try to duplicate his previous successes? He'd be dumb not to.

First thing this team needs is an identity & a philosophy. Not one that needs a new D after 2 years or a new O after 3. I don't think with Cowher, that would be a problem.

Hey sucka, just read your comments u F'kn pussyass. Use your real name and then maybe you will have some credibility. If not blow your opinion out your cowardly ass


And you other two pussasses, Joe Blow and Bill (I changed my name cause I've been wrong for 4 years) Dusty Bottoms. How many times do I have to tell you I can care less what two out of state TROLLS think?? Your opinion means nothing to me. I can care less what you two pukes think about the Dolphins. Ny and KC, two places I can give two shyts about. Go shovel snow or something.

Cowher has been out of the league for 5 years now...let him be at peace in retirement. Hire a dynamic coordinator who is ready to step up with fresh new ideas and stop going after retreads who are out of the game at this time...

Sounds like a conspiracy theory Mando. Let's assume that Ross did set up the Fins to lose. What is the advantage of doing that? Why extend Spuds contract to only have to eat it if he gets fired now or later?

I think, for what it is worth, that Ross has thinned out his money by trying to do more than just put a winning team on the field. You can't go spending on perks when the money could be used to bring in better coaches and players.

Ross is going to feel the pinch and the pain really soon. When the stadium goes empty for the next few games and blackouts become the norm rather than the exception, he will bleed cash profusely. He will have three choices at that time: 1. Change the regime in its entirety and I mean everyone must go; rebuild from scratch 2. He can continue the status quo and lose his arse until there is no more arse to lose or 3. he will sell the team and take a tax break.

TJ, Cowher took a losing team and turned it to a division winner in 1 year. He was in the title game after 3-4 years. SB soon after.

He was always in the hunt & produced almost every year. And like most teams, when he got a QB, he won it all. You can give a guy a longer leash if he produces. Cowher deserved the time because you saw success.

Sparano / Ireland have had 4 years and zilch. Who needs FA if you're pulling elite players in the draft? No one will miss it.

Just my $.02

I live in Pittsburgh and I hate the Steelers more than I hate the Jets, Pats, etc. Cowher won the division (a tough division at that time with the Warren Moon Oilers, etc.)in his first year. He cut their first round pick from the year before after 5 practices (some stiff from Florida, Huey Something). He knows how to draft linebackers to play in the 3-4 defense - his teams always have the nastiest, baddest ass LB corps in the league. He lost some playoffs games he was supposed to win but he won the division I think 8 times in 13 years (my math on this may be off by a bit). He's not a perfect coach but he is better than what we have. We still need a QB though.

Are we at least competitive?

Since Coach loves numbers, I decided to crunch some. I used just the 11 teams left on our schedule.

They averaged a PF of 24 and a PA of almost 23.

The Dolphins? PF of almost 18 and a PA of 26.

Only Denver, KC, and the Eagles don't have winning records so far. Everyone else has at least 2 wins (with Buffalo at 3-0).

The only team with less total points scored than us; KC.

Our defense is only slightly worse than the Pats, and only slightly better than Oakland, but 10 points better than KC in points allowed.

So, the answer is: No, we're not very competitive when compared to the teams that we've yet to play.

Only the KC game looks to be a sure win at this point.


A lot of good points man. You echo my thoughts exactly. Again, I have NOTHING against Cowher but we have no idea if he's even interested in getting back into coaching. There's been a lot of talk that he'll only go somewhere if he has complete control and I'm saying where is it shown that he's a good talent evaluator? Very good coach?....no question. But he's never been on the personnel side before. He's always had someone do that job for him. After what we went through with Parcells, where we gave him complete control to run things, I'm not prepared to do that for anyone. Same with Fisher. If that's what he wants then that's a deal breaker. Fisher is well repsected around the league (as is Cowher) and I'm sure there will be competent personnel men around the league who would want to work with Fisher to build things up again. I'm already looking past this miserable season and getting excited about who the new guys might be and who we might be able to draft in April! Pretty sad, considering it's only September and the season is only 3 weeks old. I've already seen enough!!

How about Shula for President of the Fins.

Marino for GM

Gruden, Rob Ryan or some other up and coming younger coach with new school ideas for HC. No more old fudly dudleys with old school crap being HCs.

Sporano for head water boy. wink wink @ Henne

Ireland working for janatorial services in charge of toilets since he loves crap (no offense to hard working janitors out there).

I said this yesterday, the first guy that coach Fisher would cut (or Cowher) would be Sean Smith. His inconsitent effort and mental mistakes is killing this team. Is there ONE big play he has made this season. Fisher would have chopped him after that debacle on Monday night against the Pats. Those types of decisions will get to smarten up in a hurry. Cutting Benny Sappy doesn't do it.

It's the curse of the Joe Robbie Statue...

Noticed how Ross was searching for it? Idiot.. it's too late... you cursed the stadium...

Fisher. He'd be good too. Anything over what we have now is an improvmemnt.

What do we do now?

I know I'll catch flack for this, but here are some suggestions:

1) Trade Brandon Marshall before the October 18th deadline. You can get something for him before he starts to become a cancer in the locker-room.

2) Fire Sparano during the Bye-Week (or at the end of the season). Bothe Cowher and Gruden have expressed interest in the job.

3) Sit Nolan Carroll. He's not ready and may be a bust.

4) Replace Colombo. With anyone else.

5) Find a replacement for Dan Carpenter. Fast!

6) Sign a good pass-catching Tight End. And get rid of the project TE's on the roster that are just taking up space.

7) Use Reggie Bush in space. The way New Orleans did.

8) Get Jimmy Wilson more reps. So, he doesn't make rookie mistakes.

These are my opinions and as opinions go, they are flawed. The fact is, the Dolphins need to do SOMETHING! Because, what we're currently doing isn't working!

Go Fins!!!

South Americans(and their descendants ) are envious, just as Anglo-Saxons are resentful and Negroes in this Country are hateful. What would make you think that We would think otherwise? Now, now.....

Craig M - Cowher not having control over personnel is not true. If you remember he won a power struggle with Tom Donohoe, who was the Player Personnel Director for the Steelers for many years - he and Cowher did not see eye to eye and the Rooneys had to choose bewteen the two - needless to say, Cowher won. The Steelers ended up hiring Kevin Colbert as Player Personnel Director but Cowher had full power on drafts, etc. Colbert was still green at the time and he deferred to Cowher on the choosing of players. He may not have had 100% control but he had 95% control for sure. I do agree with you that he hasn't said he was interested but I can think of $5 million reasons why he would want to get back into it.


I stand corrected. I was under the impression that someone else always made the personnel decisions for the Steelers. You're closer to the situation than I am. I was under the impression Donohoe was let go because of incompetence. Didn't realize it was a power struggle with Cowher.


I can see where you are coming from and must agree on just about everything. Actually, it all makes sense. It is funny how us mere fans can see things and those that get paid the big bucks don't, won't or can't.

Here is Bill Cowher's record:

1992: 11-5 (Lost to BUF in AFC Div Game)
1993: 9-7 (Lost to KC in AFC WC Game)
1994: 12-4 (Lost to SD in AFC Champ Game)
1995: 11-5 (Lost to DAL in Super Bowl)
1996: 10-6 (Lost to NE in AFC Div Game)
1997: 11-5 (Lost to DEN in AFC Champ Game)
1998: 7-9
1999: 6-10
2000: 9-7
2001: 13-3 (Lost to NE in AFC Champ Game)
2002: 10-5 (Lost to TEN in AFC Div Game)
2003: 9-10
2004: 15-1 (Lost to NE in AFC Champ Game)
2005: 11-5 (Won SB Championchip)
2006: 8-8

Craig M - I agree with you though (which I failed to say) - I'm not sure I want him doing both jobs alone - I'd rather him have a good GM that he can work - as long as his name isn't Ireland!

To all the Gruden fans...

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Gurden took over the Bucs from Tony Dungey and in his first year won the SB against the Raddddders...

He had to credit Dungey for setting the team up for years and Gruden was on Dungeys coattails. After 7 years with the Bucs Gruden was FIRED and went to da Raders.

95–81–0 (Regular Season)
5–4 (Postseason)
100–85–0 (Overall)

COWHER is the logical choice and is much, much more experienced and disciplined and the Fins if under Cowhers control against NE would have been prepared vs the embarrassment like Wake being tossed around by a rookie Guard all day and the cramping and conditioning was a failure on the HC and all his kids.

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

Now folks... If you don't like COWHER that's fine BUT you can NOT argue that COWHER IS the best choice as he has a proven record and TODAY, Mike Tomlin reps from what COWHER built with the Rooney family backing him up.

This is a no brainier.. COWHER IS the first choice. Give him the tools and guaranteed the Fins will be turned around as one of the best Teams in the NFL since Shula.

Gruden has never proven and cant hold the apron strings for Cowher as there is just no comparison whatsoever and mentioning Gruden in the same sentence as Cowher as better is being naive as the numbers don't lie.

Jeff Fisher would be my second choice but COWHER is my first by shere numbers and experiance.


Just read a bit on your guy Kevin Colbert. Did you know he used to work for the Dolphins at one time as a scout? In his ten years with the Lions they made the playoffs 5 times. Yeah, those Lions! I don't read where it says he deferred to Cowher on drafts and the chosing of players. You'll have to send me the link on that. What he did say is they used the same draft system they used in Detroit under Ron Hughes, who joined the team in 2003. Wikipedia also says he is widely credited with building the Pittsburgh Super Bowl teams. I'll look out for the link from you.

dan - You are correct - usually the best coaches/GMs were marginal players - this is true in all sports - not just football.
There are exceptions to the rule (Ditka, Kirk Gibson, Ozzie Newsome, etc.). But guys like Fat Fraud Jimma Johnson, Fatter Fraud Bill Parcells, Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, Mike McCarthy, Andy Reid, John Gruden, John Madden, Chuck Noll, Don Shula,etc. were all marginal players at best buy excellent coaches and/or GMs.

How about Marty Shoenheimer to replace Tony Sparano during the bye week?

dfins006 - the key year amongst Cowher tenure in Pittsburgh is 1994 (their record was 5-10 - you have a typo 9-10) - this was the shi**y year that allowed them to pick Roethlisberger - the rest is history. This is what the Dolphins need this year. Keep Sparano, get the first pick - take Luck, hire a new coach and go from there.

A lot of people are quick to blame the coach for Miami's failures. Ross is the real problem here. How the hell do you let a coach go 1-9 at HOME with 6 LOSSES IN A ROW. Even the worse teams in football over the last 2 years haven't come close to doing that crap. Miami never lost games like this at home until Ross brought the team. I can't blame him for that but I sure can blame him for watching a guy coach to 9 loses in 10 weeks. Even the worse payrolls in any sport can win more than this at home. Hell, I believe I could have coached this team to atleast a .200 winning pct by just telling them to hit knock the crap out of the guy in the other uniform. Win atleast 40% of your games at home should be the minimum for any coach to keep his job.

dfins006 - I meant 2003 was the key year in Cowher's tenure, not 1994 - my fault.

There's a name that NOBODY talks about as the next Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins....andy Reid. Not saying I want him as the next head coach but the Eagles are 1-2 right now and things aren't going that great for the Dream Team and now Vick is going to miss 3-4 weeks with a broken hand. They spent a ton of money this offseason and a lot of people thought they were going to waltz to the Superbowl. Reid's been there a long time and has no Super Bowls to show for it. Maybe, just maybe he gets canned at the end of this season. Again, I'm not saying he's my first choice, or even my second choice but he has to be considered for the job. If the Philly job becomes available, I would think that would be Jeff Fisher's first choice, maybe even the type of job that would entice Cowher back into the game.

dan is right - who cares who coaches the rest of this year? - I say leave Sparano there so we can get that first pick. You cannot make a permanent change in the middle of the season.
THE DOLPHINS START ANEW IN 2012!! since they've ruined this football season for me this year. Go Lions!, I guess.

I conseder Schottenheimer beacuse he is a great motivator, and in the supposed case we retain all others coaches. (no GM of course).

Dan, you present valid questions and I'd like to answer you.

First, Shula is 80 but I don't see the years, I see the wisdom. I don't see wrinkles, I see the markings of experience, of having been there and done that. But most importantly, in this crutial and critical time in Dolphin history where the Fin's identity, pride, honor and legacy has been tarnished, Shula can provide, even if it is just for an initial jolt, a sense of what Miami was and can be again.

You are correct about Marino, but the same can be said of anyone. Talent evaluation, even for those who consider themselves pros at it, is not that easy. I mentioned Marino because he was a talent, been around, continues to be around, and is in constant discussion with other players and coaches who are talented and that would leave me to believe that he must know something about evaluating players.

Look, even us fans put in our two cents on who we think is talented, and more times than not, we tend to be right. Why else do fans get all bent out of shape when other teams take players that we pass on and those players turn out great, usually. And we're not even close to knowing what people like Marino and others in the field know. Marino is also a legend here in S. Florida, so that too will bring a sense of unity, of pride, of hope back into the franchise.

Will it work? I don't know but it sure as heck can't be any worse than what we have had here the last few years if not the last decade. Yes, Marino and Shula are the past, and yes we need to move forward, but at times we need to take advantage of the wisdom of those who have plenty to share.

Anyway, it was just a thought and probably a penny's worth if that.

Steve Ross is a disaster. Since he took over, he:

1. Brought back the awful orange uniforms
2. Gave up the heat homefield advantage
3. Chased Parcells out of town
4. Partnered with NBC to cater to illegal immigrants
5. Hasn't spent enough money on players.

The Dolphins will not be good again until Steve Ross sells the team. I cancelled my NFL Sunday ticket this year purely because of Ross. I can't stand the guy.

1. I like orange uniforms

2. We got beat by the pats with less heat, if we played @1 half our team would be dead.

3. Fatcells, Thank god he is gone.

4. Good point, will not argue that one.

5. Would you spend money on players to be coached by these buttmonkeys? He could not get the guy he wanted, didnt want to bring in a sub par second best. hopefully wait out this year and bring in a good replacement.

I dont think ross has been good for fans per say, but your list does not add up to him being bad in my opinion.

Just friendly debate. I am leaving now though. :)

Ross is an idiot but, if you want to lynch someone it's the F... Tuna

If it is true this says to me Ross has no faith in Ireland or sporano to make any decisions. N I wouldn't blame him for that at all! I expect a total enema of all the carp this offseason!


Suffer one year and we will have the second coming of Dan Marino. Luck is not Leaf, he is the real deal you have to suck for Luck. Ross is doing that, whether his gamble pays off or not depends on how bad we are.
You can argue all you want, but with the number one pick (LUCK), Cowher will come to miami and achieve something no coach has ever achieved. Win superbowls with 2 different team.

Well, at least Steve Ross is a loyal Republican who contributes heavily to their campaign war chests.

Oh, wait. That sucks too.

Posted by: Ross the Boss of Loss | September 26, 2011 at 05:55 PM

Just to be fair about thing...Democrats suck donkey d!ck.

see that's the problem, it is henne's fault, not all, but mostly. if he was such a great qb and has been so good and has progressed so much why didn't they get the ball in the endzone more than one time? because marshall dropped another pass, or someone ran the wrong rout or now it's dabolls fault because he is as bad as henning was. bottom line henne is not worth a damn. same qb he's been for 3years now. less than average.

Cowher, Fisher wont come to miami unless they have Andrew Luck. Look what big ben did for cowher. This is a passing league now.
I think either ross is an idiot, or smarter than we think.
In business you win and make billions by thinking ten step ahead.
Step one: Suffer a year of loss and criticism.
Step two: Keep the losing intact.
Step three: Do all you can to hand cuff the clowns you inherit from parcells.
Step four: Make sure your stars are guaranteed a job if they drop balls and miss short field goals or tell Long to lay down.
We get Luck and Cowher, gruden, billick, and even Old shula will be in line for the job

Suck For Luck, Suck For Luck, Suck For Luck

Holy crap 8 pages. Well I just got home and now there is nothing for me to add here. You guys probably covered it all. Hey is the guy who was crushing on me as LouD still here? Can I go back to that name or will someone start using it again? And does anyone know if Armando is okay with people being impersonated? If you inform him will he kick the offenders out?

Watch the movie with Robert Redford called the Natural. Are we naive enough to believe Ross has not had private conversations with Long, Carpenter, Marshall.

well, we know that the suckphins will be 0-7 leading up to that exciting matchup against kc. good times ahead!

Fisher is my choice over Cowher, because he is hungry. Does any one remember a guy named Dick Vermeil? He was a great coach and finally cashed in. I think that is fisher. I would consider Shothenheimer, but he is old. But if Peterson is in Ross's ear, Marty might get his last chance to win the SB.
This all hinges on Luck.

Must lose to chiefs!!!!!

Was reading thru the happenings of what happened on the blog today....

I get to page 5...and ....

BLAMO....JRS is Cyber-slapping the P*SS out of dyingbreed.....

Man down....Man down!!!!!!!

Be back after reading more.....hehe

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