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Crappy NFL online video policy bites

Did everyone like the video premiere of the Dolphins' coordinators Thursday? The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Well, that's the last you'll see it.

The Miami Dolphins have informed me the video of Brian Daboll's and Mike Nolan's press conferences must come down because they violate NFL policy. I was surprised that the league which is struggling to sell out games throughout the country, including Miami, even had such a policy.

Nevertheless, I wrote the Dolphins -- the league's enforcement arm in this matter -- a respectful e-mail thanking them for so faithfully checking in with my blog and informing them the video post would be unpublished.

So it is.

The videos apparently violate the NFL's 2011 Non-Game Online Content policy. Per that ridiculous, moronic, stupid, asinine, myopic, undoubtedly money-driven policy, a credentialed member of the media (me) is allowed to attend a press conference, tape the press conference, and post the entire freakin' transcript of the press conference ...

... But I cannot video the press conference and show it to you --the fans that want to see such a presser after it happens.

Don't blame the Dolphins. They are simply the enforcement arm of the NFL. They are just the ones who asked I scrub the videos. The policy is from the NFL itself.

So there you are.

Now, I suppose the NFL would like you to go buy some tickets to a game. Anyway, this post is simply to explain why the previous post has been taken down. There's stuff going on at Dolphins camp today. I'll update the blog as necessary.

Just not with video exceeding 90 seconds for today.