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Crappy NFL online video policy bites

Did everyone like the video premiere of the Dolphins' coordinators Thursday? The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Well, that's the last you'll see it.

The Miami Dolphins have informed me the video of Brian Daboll's and Mike Nolan's press conferences must come down because they violate NFL policy. I was surprised that the league which is struggling to sell out games throughout the country, including Miami, even had such a policy.

Nevertheless, I wrote the Dolphins -- the league's enforcement arm in this matter -- a respectful e-mail thanking them for so faithfully checking in with my blog and informing them the video post would be unpublished.

So it is.

The videos apparently violate the NFL's 2011 Non-Game Online Content policy. Per that ridiculous, moronic, stupid, asinine, myopic, undoubtedly money-driven policy, a credentialed member of the media (me) is allowed to attend a press conference, tape the press conference, and post the entire freakin' transcript of the press conference ...

... But I cannot video the press conference and show it to you --the fans that want to see such a presser after it happens.

Don't blame the Dolphins. They are simply the enforcement arm of the NFL. They are just the ones who asked I scrub the videos. The policy is from the NFL itself.

So there you are.

Now, I suppose the NFL would like you to go buy some tickets to a game. Anyway, this post is simply to explain why the previous post has been taken down. There's stuff going on at Dolphins camp today. I'll update the blog as necessary.

Just not with video exceeding 90 seconds for today.


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Ahh the ever-enlightened NFL, keeping up with the times & treating fans and media equally shabbily.

Ha! The trolls are really NFL enforcement types. I knew it. Coincidentally, the sweaty, super-humid monday night game is sold out.

I watched it this am, and dont get the reasoning for teh policy?? I live in NC and have been a phins fan for 36yrs, the advent of teh internet and these online clips have been awsome over teh last 10yrs or so. I am so much better informed and dont feel like i live 1000 miles away. Through these venues (PBP, MH, SS) I have been become an even more rabid fan. Why would the NFL not want to further my dedication? Keep chasing the money NFL, and eventually you will be chasing to fill your stadiums. TV/internet are great options.

What is the contact information so we can petition and complain to the NFL about the policy?


That is truely an assinine league rule, I can`t see how you re-broadcasting an interview affects the NFL. The Dolphins to a certain extent should have just turned a blind eye it`s not like you were giving away information on Natl. Security or something.

No Fun League at it's finest!

I wish I had seen it while it was still up...
Mando shot it himself and posted it? Then they contacted him and made him take it down?


Show some cajones and leave it up! Take a cue from Rosa Parks!

Thats the problem, to many minorities in this country now, they don't have the 'fight against the establishment spirit' and just accept whatever hogwash is handed them like they are living in a dictatorship.

Armando, may I suggest you link to the video on the legal NFL website? That way you show the video, without showing it.

isn't everything about money? greed by people who have everything and just are not satified until they get more and then they are still not satisfied. sad!


The Pressers were a HUGE hit with me, I totally approve. I'm sorry that The Man...umm...NFL policy forbids it. Not that I'm surprised with all these proprietary rules nowadays. That's why we need to go underground, "ATTICA! ATTICA!"

Thanks for trying though. I appreciate you trying to bring us more information and keep us in the loop to what the powers that be are doing.

Hummmm, one would think they are setting up for the take over... Soon the only way to watch a NFL game will be in some form of pay-per-view. I can hear it now.

"Included in your package are exclusive weekly interviews with the offensive and defensive coordinators of your favorite team. They can only be seen when you purchase your exclusive pay-per-view package."

Greed my friends, pure greed will be the end of the game we love. Someday we'll look back and reminisce about the days when we could watch pro football for free.

Hey man no prob. I just want a W on monday night!!

Miami 10- 6

Number 1 Defense in the 2011 NFL


when you do watch nfl games for free you're still subjected to two hours of asinine, brain numbing ads--when you're not doing other things during the endless, never ending commercial breaks.

That's assuming that the prattlin' Dan Dierdorf isn't "announcing" and you haven't turned the volume off.

Armando, the NFL can be so ridiculous ... I remember the 1980s, when the league OFFICIALLY discouraged fantasy football as some form of gambling. (Like they really discourage gambling...) Now the NFL wants their teams to show fantasy-type stats in every ballpark because they've come to realize that millions of fantasy fans are, you know, customers. Reminds me of the 1970s, when the phone company would charge you an arm and a leg for an extension phone, because they didn't understand that the more phones you have, the higher the phone bill you'll run up.

Eventually, people learn to promote their product to their audience, but they sure seem to fight it along the way.

Damn Mandy, no stones. I would have left that vid up and running. Call me if you need any more advice, bruh. I ain't doin' nothin' much these days.

Mando, I wondered why I couldn't post. I guess it was because you were taking the last post down. It's okay though. I couldn't watch the thing on my crackberry anyways. So, I never saw them. That means I'm not in violation of any of the NFL's policies, I guess. Who cares, anywho? Stupid billionaires, huh? Okay, maybe now I can post what I've been trying to all morning. Stay tuned!

Yeah I didn't really have an opinion on the video clips myself. I'm not sure there was much there to digest. I appreciate information and this was information. Ridiculous rule that the NFL would have a problem having this stuff shown. So, I'm guessing it's Ok for some TV channel to show clips but it's not OK for it to be shown in another form? This is what happens when lawyers get involved. Crazy stuff!!

Alright....almost the weekend. Time to start thinking about the big Monday night matchup...

Mando, great job anyway for trying to bring us up to date dolphin news. But business is business I suppose, everyone is trying to protect what their's.

but definitely would appreciate all the 90 second videos you can post.

Cynic that I am, I find that I'm surprised that the NFL has a Non-Game Online Content policy. I guess I wasn't aware that they sold the exclusive broadcast rights to all team press conferences to the NFL Network.

And the NFL wonders why the fans tended to side with the players during the lockout...

From bleacher report:

Only one spot left on the practise squad. Dolphins release Allen Barbre (O-line) from injured reserve (unknown injury) and Brett Brackett, Rookie TE, from the Practise Squad (broken hand). Brackett may come back once he's healthy.

Also, Miami worked out Free Agent Safeties Mark LeGree (pick 156 in April), Appalachian State, released by the Seahawks, and Darcel McBath (6'1", 196 lbs.) Texas Tech (48th in 2009 draft) released by the Broncos.

You're welcome!


Whine much dude!
We all have rules to abide by in our industries. Clearly you are not used to having any rules, being. 'journalist' and all.

Home!!! You're alive! I was afraid the stupid trolls on this blog had done something to ya. (I think they're in league with the government, home, so watch yourself, okay?).


The next time I hear someone complain about the lack of drafting this front office did, I want to bring up a few tidbits from yesterday's game.

Patrick Robinson, 1st round pick, New Orleans couldn't cover anyone

Derrick Sherrod, 1st pick, Green bay, not dressed.

Malcolm Jenkins, 1st pick, new Orleans, continually burnt last night.

Any of the 1st picks the Dolphins had in this regime are better than all of these players so far ... easily. Be greatful - but give me a darn QB and give the position the utmost respect... that's all I ask.

Keys to Monday night's game:

Henne needs to be on Fire! Maybe, I should say that louder...HENNE NEEDS TO BE ON FIRE!!!

Fire up the fans by scoring quickly and often! Don't let all those Pats fans in the stadium take over. Let them know it's our house, not theirs!

Our Wide Reciever's need a BIG NIGHT! (Yes, I'm talking to you, Brandon Marshall!).

Reggie Bush (and, LJ) need to make plays when called upon.

The right side of the O-line needs to show us something! Hold it together if you want to stay on the team, Colombo!

Special Teams! Ours needs to be better than theirs for a change.

We've got to shutdown NE's RUN GAME! Yes, they do have one and if we don't stop it...

Our Defensive Seven needs to be in Brady's face like Lionel Richie...ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Reshad Jones HAS to shut down Wes Welker! 'Nuff said.

SOMEONE has to cover their Tight Ends! (Y. Bell, Burnett, Dansby, etc. Take Note!)

Oh, and one last thing...Sparano! Come up with something besides the fistpump! It's old and dated and you should retire it like Dan Henning. This is a new team, find a new thang to do, okay? (That'll really confuse the other team!).


Mando will someday rule the earth. I promise.

LOL @1:46

GREAT POST Tracy474!

Damn. Couldn't have typed it better myself!!

I'm loving this town more and more every day!
South Florida people speak their minds. I Love it!

The same idiots deemed that the NFL Sunday ticket would only be on Direct TV. So a Dolphin fan in DC like myself with Verizon FIOS, Comcast, or who subscribes to any other provider other than Direct TV (a new exclusive contract through 2014) cannot watch my team except illegally online (which I faithfully do) or unless I have a friend in Soth Fl. with Slingbox. I would even gladly pay per view online if they made it legal (ala MLB.com offering), but no - the offering is like a crappy programming schedule from the 1970's. The rationale they offer is to protect their local network affiliates who also carry the game and would supposedly lose customers. Except that no fool in his right mind living in the same market as his team would buy ppv of use another provider since they wouldn't need to! Freaking jerks. Dumb too.

Gotta be some fresh stuff to video in the gift shop Manny

Tracy474, good post. But man, that's a lot of keys. Phins will need an awful big keychain.

Some guy named Mosul over at The Phinsider did a comparison of the AFC East Drafts from 2008-11. I'll try to summarize for ya:

Team (percent kept/percent starters)

Miami (65/31)
NY (63/27.5)
Bills (61/19)
NE (57.5/20)

So, it seems that more of the Dolphin's draft picks are kept and are starters than any other team in the AFC East. That could be a good thing, or that could be a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.


Some guy named Mosul over at The Phinsider did a comparison of the AFC East Drafts from 2008-11. I'll try to summarize for ya:

Team (percent kept/percent starters)

Miami (65/31)
NY (63/27.5)
Bills (61/19)
NE (57.5/20)

So, it seems that more of the Dolphin's draft picks are kept and are starters than any other team in the AFC East. That could be a good thing, or that could be a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.


No, this proves the opposite. Miami had NO TALENT on their roster due to poor drafting, therefore these draft picks had a better chance of making Miami's team.

The word is "asinine," even though we WANT it to be spelled with two esses.

You know what's funny. Ya can't even blame the NFL! Most of the blame should go right at the ambulance chasing lawyers. you're allowed to "attend a press conference, tape the press conference, and post the entire freakin' transcript of the press conference" ...and the only thing that is left is the fans actually seeing with our own two eyes what the coordinators are saying. The tape.

And all I can think of is that the NFL is afraid of a million frivolous lawsuits over ,,whatever, you name it someone will sue over it. They're probably also afraid that in this day and age with all of our technology that a video tape can be doctored to somehow make the NFL or it's teams look bad.

It definitely sucks but I'm not surprised. Our freedoms in this country have been slowly eroding ever since 9/11.

Mark in Toronto I agree to a certain extent. And let me say first I NEVER complain about draft picks until there's a body of work to judge by. I like to give rookies 2 full years and usually start judging them in their third year so I'm not one of those people you're talking about.

But I will say, and I warned people of this since the lockout lifted, this years rookie draft class can not be judged on the same scale as past rookies. It actually would be incredibly stupid and short sighted to hold them to the same standards considering they had no OTAs, playbooks, etc. until 4 weeks ago. Usually rookies get to work full time the week after their drafted. They missed 8 weeks! So I do agree with you but will not hold any other rookies in the league responsible for making early showings. Just like I warned against judging D. Thomas yet. Give him 8 more weeks and lets see how tentative he is then.

I will say RBs get a much shorter time with me. They traditionally have had less to acclimate to compared to WRs,QBs, and others. D. Thomas should be showing us a little something by week 8. And then we definitely will know what we have at the end of next years training camp.

NFL Network and all NFL online content is worthless anyways. I'll never subsribe to any of it. They just love their little monopoly. We can thank Mr. Kraft as well.


Even though my opinion doesn't matter to some............
It ist time to show everyone.....
GO FINS !!!!

This is one of many stupid NFL policies that alienate the fan. The NFL has a looooong way to go to be more fan friendly.


This is crazy. We are NFL fans and the more exposure we get to the game as a whole, the better the overall experience. Plus, if the team itself is allowing it, why would the league not?

Perhaps it has something to do with NFL.com or the NFL network, which is pay for subscription, and they have those useless "Team Cams"?

I suggest you get a real sense of what fans want across the country and post the issue to the pages of the different sports writers that cover all the teams and start short petitions for fan driven changes: http://www.ipetitions.com/ I've used this website for my own work: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/granada_declaration/ and it worked well.

One silver lining: you know you are doing something right if your pissing off a couple of authorities along the way. Power to the fans, man! Keep up the great reporting!

Its all about the money, that is why they are republicans, money is God to them. Bill

I love this great country but as the Bible says money is the root of all evil..I think there should be some type of exception to report and give more info as you are able to especially if the team allows you or a company or corporation allows....the problem in the US is too much monopolization and it's not warranted...but Mando keep up the good work... Even if there are some idiots on this blog that thinks your comments suck! But again thanks for the videos and great comments.


On their next transcript, include their body language to the minor details. You are great at articulating to the point that can be visualized.

However, I will still go to the game with or without seeing videos of these coordinators. Their press conferences mean nothing to me, at least until they rank on the top five in the league.

Peace out. Go Phins

I am so much better informed and dont feel like i live 1000 miles away. Through these venues (PBP, MH, SS) I have been become an even more rabid fan. Why would the NFL not want to further my dedication..

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