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Dolphins agenda: Get well and on to Houston

The good news for the Dolphins is that rookies Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay both practiced full, without limitations today, according to the injury report.

Barring setbacks in the coming couple of practices, both will play against the Houston Texans Sunday.

"I'm hoping," coach Tony Sparano said. "Daniel practiced today. We'll see what happens. We've got a couple of days to go before the game. If no setbacks, then the depth is better."

If neither suffer a setback from their hamstring injuries, both will make their regular-season debuts.

The Dolphins have, as I told you on my twitter this morning, Will Allen has signed back with the Dolphins. He was a starting CB with the team from 2006-2009 but his role has shifted. It's a safe bet to expect to see Allen used primarily as a nickel (slot) CB from now on even though Sparano says he can definitely play outside as well.

"At the end of the day where we were evaluating Will the most prior to the cutdown is whether or not he could play inside," Sparano said. "The competition was really amongst the two players we just had this deal with here."

Sparano was talking about Benny Sapp, who made the team ahead of Allen the first week of the season but was cut Tuesday in favor of Allen after giving up two TDs versus New England. 

Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?

Also, why would the Dolphins ask Vontae Davis and Sean Smith to work inside when they've never really done that?

Will Allen is a slot CB for the immediate future.

When Sparano addressed his team Wednesday his message was clear: Put the New England loss in the rear view mirror and concentrate on Houston. He told the players to think about Houston, talk about Houston and not discuss New England any further -- particularly with the media.

This according to two players.

And the locker room fell into line. Players declined to take any more questions about New England. Hey, as long as they learned from the Patriots loss, why should they continue to relive it? I agree with the approach.

The focus on Houston also has a practical reason for existing. Houston is the next game. The Dolphins cannot beat the Patriots now by thinking about them. And the Texans are not up ahead, the coach sees them as being ahead of his team in prep work.

"That was the message," Sparano confirmed. "Absolutely, because it's Wednesday. Those guys have two days on us right now. "

Oh, by the way, I recognize the Dolphins are on to the Texans. That's team policy. I'm a free agent and I can be onto anything I want. So:

The NFL stats say Miami is ranked No. 4 in pass offense and No. 2 in overall offense based on its performance verssus New England. The defense, however, isn't rated well for obvious reasons.

The Miami defense is No. 32 in the NFL in total defense -- 20th against the run and dead last (32) against the pass. Obviously, the ratings are based off just one week.

"We have 15 more games to go," outside linebacker Cameron Wake said. "We'll see where we are at the end of the season."


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cowher in 2012!

Craig M, please tell us again how NE and NY did nothing to improve themselves this off season and how we did.....

Well that's convenient. On to the Texans game. To hell with any explanations. Wonderful. What's he going to say if we lose to the Texans....bring on Cleveland? I bet that will put the fans back in the stands. !!!

lol cafe crow, i keep seeing u put this on here. will he ever answer it??

Virtually a must win game vs Houston if we want to have any hope of making the playoffs. Or am I just dreaming with that thought. Yeah it's only week 2 but you stat geeks out there how many teams have dropped their first two games, both on home field, and made the playoffs?

fins zero chance at playoffs man, we will finish last in our own div

dusty = cafe crow

nope sorry, more than one realist in here just, bias fans are the worst

JOE- In case you missed it on the last post:

JOe, I don't agree with you very often, but this is probably true. It PAINS me to agree with you.

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 14, 2011 at 12:52 PM

If you're a man of common sense & realistic views, it wouldn't pain you & you'd agree with me more.

For 1 reason: I don't base my views on what I think I know, I base them off what I do know.

You probably want to agree with me more but the echoing voice of optimism & the perception of me being Mr. Negative is prohibiting you of making the leap of faith.

When you're ready to take the plunge, I'll welcome you with open arms.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | September 14, 2011 at 02:08 PM


Don't get crazy on me. I just agreed with one statement, and yes, I do on very rare occassions agree with you. You're not a COMPLETE idiot like I thought the first day I read your posts ( when I called you Joe Blow Me).

But for the most part you seem bitter and disgruntled, probably have a miserable life and come here to take out your frustrations. You ARE Mr. negative. Sorry, dude, that's not me. I won't be joining your club anytime soon (ever).

Posted by: finsfan72 | September 14, 2011 at 06:10 PM

Why would they play Will Allen outside? Simple. If Vontae or Smith go down with an injury, he'd step in for them instead of Carroll, who was terrible when Vontae went out with cramps.

So let's see now....we cut someone for giving up two TDs, despite the pass play he read and broke up, creating a tip that resulted in an interception for a score of our own.

Maybe if D Thomas fumbles two times, they'll cut him and sign back Polite, so that next opportunity we have someone to hand the ball on the 4th and goal from the 1/2 yard line.

Next, if Aron Splitzer misses a couple more tackles, they can cut him and re-sign AJ Edds......oh no wait, the Pats already snatched him up...like they did Wes Welker.

Oh well, one for two isn't bad...kinda like our draft pick success percentage.

Hey, this unique approach may just work out.

The team equipment guys could maybe have player T-shirts printed up that say "Who's Next?" !!!!!

Sparano is whistling past the graveyard. He knows Ross Airways is warming up the engines to bring in his successor, so he is correct to continue to pretend he has assembled a winner here.


And now to risk making myself endlessly ridiculed on the blog...

Something has to be said about the elephant in the room. Nobody has said it yet or I haven't seen it. Maybe nobody else dares? The elephant is in the room where all the chatter about the defense has taken place, but nobody has acknowledged this beast.

But first, a look quick look back to the previous two seasons. In 2009 we had the #4 running game in the league. Pretty good. In 2010 the running game disappeared. What changed? Nope, I didn't ask whose fault it was, I asked, what changed? I'll tell ya, Grove and Smiley were too injured to continue playing for us. Some ask why did we cut them? Well, one never played another down of football, retired, and the other sat on Jax bench for a few months before retiring too. They were spent. End of that story and on to the elephant.

2011, whats CHANGED on the defense? What is the biggest change? Channing Crowder. Hold your chuckles for 15 seconds now. All the players raved about his football intelligence and ability to call the Defense. Even super star Dansby. They sure seemed sincere to me. It very well could be he had a more prominent impact on the game which went under the radar to us fans who could count his game changing highlight plays on a snakes toes.

I thought it worthy of thought after the defense handed Brady the best performance of any NE QB in their franchise history. This was not a few missed reads, this was a total collapse by the defense.

The Message should be 0-5 vs. Houston!

An NFL season consists of 16 games. Each game is equally important. So far our team has played only one game. Fifteen games remain. The Fins can still go 12-4.

Another point I've seen no one mention, including Armando, is the switch made in the secondary this off season.

Davis and Smith switched sides on the corners.

I don't know how this affected their performance. Hard to judge in the middle of that mess.

However, it is something to be considered.

As for Armando's question:

Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?

-While I understand this is just another shot at SpOrano, it's lame. SpOrano has a lot of legitimate things he can be held accountable for, where he CAN play Allen isn't one of them. This is below your already questionable standards Mando.

Tony was simply pointing out that Allen gives them more flexibility where as Sapp didn't. Smith worked inside in a lot of situations last season.

He's was merely pointing out that these three are basically interchangable(not so much Davis on the inside, but he can't be any worse there than Sapp was), giving us an upgrade and overall flexibility.

Armando, not to interupt your meaningless attempts at cheap shoting SpOrano, but uh, any other news you can think of? Like maybe, how they felt about the offense? How they used Bush and will it continue that way?

I know, how about something on the Guy you called a bust basically single handedly getting us a no. 2 overall offensive production?

You know, the bust that led us in passing yards and rushing yards?

I noticed you've avoided this topic ALTOGETHER.............Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.................

And your Blog Hit Troll thinks Craig should eat some crow...............(ahem), yeah, right!

I read this break down on the PFT comments, just throwing it out there for discussion.

The whole total yards is a little misleading
this is Miami’s drive chart for the first half

12 plays 84 yrds. TD
3 plays 8 yrds punt
6 plays 31 yrds punt
3 plays 1 yrd punt
4 plays 24 yrds punt
1 play -1 yrd half-time

They had 157 yrds in the first half

From that point on till 8:48 left in the 4th they had
another 98 yrds.

The next 213 yrds came in the end when they were trailing and NE was sitting back in the stupid prevent D.

and Miami was only 2-14 on 3rd down.

Sometimes stats can be a little misleading.

Joe Schmoe,

Hows T-Choke doing?

He make any bad throws lately?

Oh wait, that puke will NEVER even see the field-ROTFLMAO!

Brady and Henne - 900 plus baby!!!!

A report from the National Post this morning says that the Pats will cut Ocho and/or Haynesworth before the season starts. Show of hands from all those guys that lauded these moves from the Pats and how Ireland never does anything special. Hands up nice and high so we can all see them fellas....

On the same note....how's Plaxico Burress working out fellas? Yeah I thought so....try a little hot sauce on your crow....it's easier to get down.

Posted by: Craig M | August 14, 2011 at 10:43 AM

odinseye = blog hit troll

Ignore him.

Sometimes stats can be a little misleading.

Posted by: Fusstr8tedfinfan | September 14, 2011 at 06:33 PM

Good observations! From those stats you don't get any idea of how truly horrible and non existent the blocking/run game really was.

I think this is even more of a testement to how well Henne truly played!

Great point!

I dnt care where we rank ....as long as we get to playoffs n win a stinkn game ...forget stats n win games !!


We'll see what Henne is all about this weekend. Will he revert back to the Henne of old or will he build on his solid performance against New England? Henne wasn't great Monday but most of us don't expect him to be.

Lol Crow.....

What's that old adage about once it comes out of ones mouth one can't get it back?.....

...and once it's down on paper, it stays there !

Nice researching.

I can't take credit for the point/observation it was a comment on a patriots article, I just thought it was good food for thought if it is accurate.

Nothing to say?

Yeah, that's what I thought?

Don't worry though, there's 15 games left and plenty of chances for Henne to lay an egg. Then you can be happy again because you were right all along!


Why don't you pick one screen name and go with it-ROTFLMAO!

I mean, it's not like anyone here doesn't know you're talking to yourself-sheesh.

If you have an issue with Craig, just be man enough to choose a sign in name and stick with it.

I even have a good one for you, check it out:

Blog Hit Troll........huh? Sounds good........don't it? You like it, I can tell.

No need to thank me, your WELCOME(snicker, snicker)!!!!

Craig M

Dear Valued Client

It has come to our attention you have had an outstanding bill for some time now. Numerous hypothetical claims that were wrong coupled with blogger ridiculing that turned out to be unjust and unfair. We would appreciate your attention in resolving this matter at your earliest convenience.

No credit cards.
No checks.
No cash.

Just a sincere admission on the blog you were wrong in these matters will suffice in order to close this matter. Since you are always asking others to own up and not run away, we believe it is only fair to ask you to do the same.

Thank you.

Ireland brought in five (5) RBs yesterday for workouts.

Do you see a pattern here? HINT: Go back and look at last season after the draft. Highest signings in the league.

Still don't get it? Evaluation. Evaluation of what you've got. Evaluation of what's available.

Bring on Chucky 2012

Crow Cafe

Dear Valued Client

It has come to our attention you have had an outstanding bill for some time now. Numerous hypothetical claims that were wrong coupled with blogger ridiculing that turned out to be unjust and unfair. We would appreciate your attention in resolving this matter at your earliest convenience.

No credit cards.
No checks.
No cash.

Just a sincere admission on the blog you were not only wrong, but wrong under multiple sign in names.

Since you are always asking others to own up and not run away, we believe it is only fair to ask you to do the same.

Thank you.

Why didn't they move cam wake in the middle and have him rush like a insidebacker....why is kendall langford who can't rush the qb at all pass rushing? or merling another bad pass rusher...why didn't they blitz in the middle not only in the corners ..brady had a great view in the middle..and last why were they not more prepared on defense when you have been waiting for this game all offseason the team that made u look like garbage in the last game last year!p.s for those not going to see the game ...get ready for jimmy cefalo's flawless play by play!


Well? What's the scoop on cramp-gate?

Too many practices in the air-conditioned bubble?
Gatorade instead of wheat grass juice?
Idleness by slacker players in the off-season?
Ross should have petitioned NFL for more away games?

You tell em' Cam, get some revenge on the Texans.

Hey Mando I can answer this question if no one has
"Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?"

Because when Vontae went down with cramps and they looked down at the bench and saw the rookie and Nolan they s**t their pants! If Allen is playing inside and one of these guys goes down they have the ability now to move him out which is something Sapp couldn't do. At that point Nolan or Wilson can man the Nickle spot easier that being an every down corner.

The real question is why didn't they see this possible problem before it came up in a game? How short sighted are Jeff and Tony? That's the question to be asked right?

Plain to see some of you don't know what was up with the D in the NE game. Brady can actually read defenses. To fool/confuse him, you have to disguise the formation.

This wasn't all of it. DBs taking bad angles...stuff like that but you can't let a good QB know what you're doing.

Good question, LouD. Cutting Will Allen was a major head scratcher for me. They were lucky nobody else came calling.

Hope in one hand want in another, it is what it is.

This is the hand we got for now, so this is the hand we have to play.

Anybody know where the Texans ranked on Defense last year?

Against the run? Against the pass?

Another topic:

Who thinks our D "bounces back" and why?

Who thinks we don't and why?

Trolls are back, or troll with multiples. Refer to "the list" for your reminder of who is who. lol

Hey cocoajoe the funny thing is they WERE disguising their defense. Cna you believe it? The commentators were talking about how they were disguising and Brady was still picking it up. If you see it again notice how we only have two downed linemen a lot of the time while the other linemen and LBs are roaming around near the line trying to confuse him.

Hey Loud it's me.. Kingsmith! I've been working hard on the practice squad, has anyone dropped off the list yet? If so I'm ready!


You said it better than I did, but thta's exactly what I posted at 6:33-LOL!

I thin Armando is just frustrated(with good reason)and taking shots every chance he gets.

He missed the point on this one obviously.

Hey odinseye I think the defense will bounce back. With Jason Taylor, Bryan Cox, AND now thank God Will Allen (who is a locker room leader) in the locker room I bet they get these young guys fired up. I think Vontae and Sean got the proverbial spanking they needed after the "we are the best tandem" talk and they will play harder and smarter. I think the line get after the qb a bunch because they're going to want blood. And Reshad will play safer and let the ball come to him instead of over chasing and getting fooled on play fakes because he so badly wants to be that playmaker everyone says he is. I think that's what it was with him and he just needs to relax and let the game come to him a bit.

I'm obviously not happy with Tony and Jeff right now but winning changes perception. I was thinking about it and I believe if this defense does have any b**ls that first game could propel into a great season. It could have been the best thing to happen to a bunch who were proclaiming greatness. Being humbled now might be a good thing. I can't wait to see how they respond on Sunday.

Many grammatical and spelling errors tonight for me. sheesh

later people

Defence will be fine. Offence has improved.

The GM and coach need to go. Cutting a good cornerback and bringing him back after one week is just a small glimpse into the magnitude of true ineptitude these two possess.

On the bye week, Will Allen will be cut. Sapp will be resigned, and Vontae and Sean will switch sides again.

I've been pretty open-minded to the FO and feel that they've brought in some good talent. My main issue is that they always seem to put some of these people in the wrong roles for some reason. I think this has been mentioned before but examples are

R. Bush- a third down back used as a primary back
Pouncey- natural pulling guard used as center
Incognito- a guard who is probably better suited for center at this time
Carey- Probably more effective back at tackle than he is at guard
Columbo-a turnstile impersonating a RT
Clay0 haven't seen him play but what is he a TE or a FB-an HB?
J Wilson-probably a more natural safety than corner

I am sure I am missing some things but I don;t get it.

PFT just listed their weekly Coaches on the Hotseat list. Guess who was No. 1?

BuckeyeFinFan here are a few more.

Jeff Ireland - Caddy
Tony Sparano - Speech therapist
Ross - Vegas Night Club Owner

Actually, the biggest spread is Pitt vs Seattle. By 14. Wow!

..As people here are flying off the handle(common response) I understand that what other teams in the league do have little or no consequence to how our team performs at this point in the season. Tons of secondaries got lit up last weekend, including New Englands. It was clear that the offenses are much farther ahead then the defenses around the league. Never before in the history of the NFL were there so many games where both quarterbacks(winning and losing) threw for over 300 yards.

We can cry about how awful our team is, and how there is no chance..blah..blah ..blah. But fact is. We do not know. This goes for the offense as well. Really was anyone that shocked that we lost that game?The gaudy numbers were on par with the whole league. We just recieved the brunt of the punishment.

2011, whats CHANGED on the defense? What is the biggest change? Channing Crowder.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | September 14, 2011 at 06:24 PM

Devils.....don't take this the wrong way.....but tell me again how many points the Pats scored against us last year....with our "elephant" (CHANNING CROWDER) lead defence.....

an Elephant Channing is not.....however....he is a missed tackle....burnt toast when trying to cover a TE......and to some players his face looks like a spittoon......IE.....the Ravens.....

but a difference maker....lol.....

Lets let a few games play out before we proclaim Channing Crowder the missing piece.....

My prediction is if the Dolphins beat the Texans that dummy Craig M will claim Miami has a chance to win the Super Bowl. A few others as well. You watch.

The Tixins switched to a 3-4 this year under new DC Wade Phillips. Last years defense was one of the worst in the league, hence the hiring of Phillips. They finished 6-10.

A Manning-less Colts team is not the ideal matchup from which to draw any conclusions.

We know what their offense is capable of with Shaub and Johnson. Arian Foster is out, but his back up, 2010 2nd round pick Ben Tate put up 116 yards on the Colts D.

Provided our Defensive showing Monday night was an anomaly, I think we're due a victory against Houston.

Johnson is great and Shaub is good, but their not the Patsies!

This was being said, that Teams would be short of preparation at the beginning of this Season(due to the lockout). Belichick just took advantage of it. Kudos to him.

Good lord, Brady just completed another one

Recurring Nightmare.


I'm not sure on the numbers exactly, but out of the top 5 QB's that attempted over 35 passes, only one was a winner.

What was that you were saying just the other night-LOL?

It is certain that LV thinks that established Football Teams should be back on their feet by Week 2. Young Teams? Hmm..

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