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Dolphins agenda: Get well and on to Houston

The good news for the Dolphins is that rookies Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay both practiced full, without limitations today, according to the injury report.

Barring setbacks in the coming couple of practices, both will play against the Houston Texans Sunday.

"I'm hoping," coach Tony Sparano said. "Daniel practiced today. We'll see what happens. We've got a couple of days to go before the game. If no setbacks, then the depth is better."

If neither suffer a setback from their hamstring injuries, both will make their regular-season debuts.

The Dolphins have, as I told you on my twitter this morning, Will Allen has signed back with the Dolphins. He was a starting CB with the team from 2006-2009 but his role has shifted. It's a safe bet to expect to see Allen used primarily as a nickel (slot) CB from now on even though Sparano says he can definitely play outside as well.

"At the end of the day where we were evaluating Will the most prior to the cutdown is whether or not he could play inside," Sparano said. "The competition was really amongst the two players we just had this deal with here."

Sparano was talking about Benny Sapp, who made the team ahead of Allen the first week of the season but was cut Tuesday in favor of Allen after giving up two TDs versus New England. 

Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?

Also, why would the Dolphins ask Vontae Davis and Sean Smith to work inside when they've never really done that?

Will Allen is a slot CB for the immediate future.

When Sparano addressed his team Wednesday his message was clear: Put the New England loss in the rear view mirror and concentrate on Houston. He told the players to think about Houston, talk about Houston and not discuss New England any further -- particularly with the media.

This according to two players.

And the locker room fell into line. Players declined to take any more questions about New England. Hey, as long as they learned from the Patriots loss, why should they continue to relive it? I agree with the approach.

The focus on Houston also has a practical reason for existing. Houston is the next game. The Dolphins cannot beat the Patriots now by thinking about them. And the Texans are not up ahead, the coach sees them as being ahead of his team in prep work.

"That was the message," Sparano confirmed. "Absolutely, because it's Wednesday. Those guys have two days on us right now. "

Oh, by the way, I recognize the Dolphins are on to the Texans. That's team policy. I'm a free agent and I can be onto anything I want. So:

The NFL stats say Miami is ranked No. 4 in pass offense and No. 2 in overall offense based on its performance verssus New England. The defense, however, isn't rated well for obvious reasons.

The Miami defense is No. 32 in the NFL in total defense -- 20th against the run and dead last (32) against the pass. Obviously, the ratings are based off just one week.

"We have 15 more games to go," outside linebacker Cameron Wake said. "We'll see where we are at the end of the season."


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Speaking of Nightmares, Guess whats on NFL Network.

Speaking of Nightmares, Guess whats on NFL Network.

Posted by: FP5FGs | September 14, 2011 at 08:37 PM

A replay of the 1972 Super Bowl.............?

We are not an established Team, but neither is Houston. From my perspective,even $.

I wouldn't consider them an established team either.

Though I would venture they're the best 6-10 team out there.

They lost a lot of close ones that could've easily went either way.

...The secondary deserves some critique. The inside linebackers got schooled, and looked bad(maybe Dansby's worst game as a Phin)..They get a little bit of a pass from me just because 1 we were out schemed, and 2 we couldn't touch Brady. Watching the replay now. And I counted twice the times Brady was pressured in the first half... No secondary on the planet can keep coverage when faced with little help from the defensive front..

This loss should be a learning manual for the whole team. In a lot of ways a thrashing is probably a better outcome(from a teaching angle) then a close loss. This sounds crazy. But if you play your worse game week 1..You would think the team would have to get better.

The Texans will beat the Dolphins im sorry the Texans are a great team with a top 5 offense and a potent new 3-4 defense. I dont see the Dolphins winning this one sorry.



not many predicting upset this week. belichek just taught the whole league how to beat us. tony is going to be in a very awkward position if they go 0-2. they really should win, but we need to see it.

They were 6-10, odin? That's a sign of serious dysfunction.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

If you need someone to whip your defense into shape, Brady is the guy to do it.

After last Mondat night, guys like Flacco, Shaub and Sanchez should be a cake walk.

An NFL season consists of 16 games. Each game is equally important. So far our team has played only one game. Fifteen games remain. The Fins can still go 12-4.

Posted by: Fins 38 Patsies 9

Would you mind giving me some of what yr smokin??

LOL At Odin, Naw, The Monday night nightmare, Any hoo, I didnt see much pressure Presure on brady, Seemed like he had enough time to drink a couple Martini's back there, It looks like the entire Defense took the night off. IMHO.

Bellicheat might have shown the whole league how to beat us, but still there's a problem.

He won't be loaning them Brady!

Jim Kelly never even ran the no huddle to such perfection.

Good Luck on that!

Even money.

You know Armando has been saying all along what a Tight end(Odin Too)(But I think he was talking about something else though)Can do for your Offense, and even commented on it before the live blog.He(Armando) Was right., Imagine that.My Guess is you throw enough darts,sooner or later your gonna hit a bulls-eye.

Odin...There were actually 3 out of 10 that won with that many pass attampts. Brady, Rivers, and Sanchez.. I'm going to stick to my guns on this subject. The evidence from this past week, and last year supports my theory.

I do understand where those who disagree are coming from though. What I think the opposing point is this. You cannot stay in the game by running the ball if the other team is putting up points. True to a point. But My point is this is a team game. The defense has to find a way to stop someone. If we cannot, we will find ourselves in a position like last week, where we threw it 44 times or whatever it was.

There are very few quarterbacks in this league who can perform on this level that their teams actually want them throwing it that many times. This is just the way it is. I would be willing to bet, if we win this week. We will establish some sort of effective run game. We have to. Another thing that worries me about Henne having to pass so much is that unlike the Pats who barely run it, but they do it enought to keep the defense honest. Our team when we pass it so much, the whole stadium knows what is coming..no suprise. What worries me is the hits Henne is going to take through the year if this is what we fall into the trap of doing. By the end of last weeks game, he was getting crushed.

Again..Just my opinion on this matter. I'll keep a mental track throughout the season, and at the end of the year re-visit this. And it could end up being wrong, and that is fine. BTW..this was the subject on the radio today..Teams that are falling(I know 1 week)in love with the pass, when they need to establish the run to be competitve...Just sayin.

how do some of you maintain your positive outlook in the face of sheer incompetence? 1-9 at home against good teams and terrible teams. a coach that can't ever make up his mind about which player should play where. a gm that isn't old enough to enter a titty bar. an owner who things miami is in las vegas. a whole slew of recent embarrassing performances.

do any of you really see this as a recipe for success?

Hatian Cabbies got a point, But just IMAGINE if there the fist.LOL

nolan carroll's roster spot would make more of an impact if occupied by LOUSAKA POLITE. the pats showed us what kaos a 3 tight-end formation can create, so much so that even after a year since being unveiled, we still have NO answers for it! ENTER lousaka polite! use lousaka more in the passing game to go along with fasano and clay! there you go! 3 bruisers running around in the secondary, maximizing every penny spent on LOU, as LOU will be there to shore up the short yardage game as well as supplying the team with the hammer it is currently lacking, lou makes the offense multidemensional, and reggie will thrive in the short passing game because of it. the goal line fizzle on monday night will NOT continue to haunt us all season long if LOU is resigned, and maybe just once, MIAMI will get smart. and by smart i mean... the pats created a new offense that will be duplicated by many teams in the next few years(3 tight-end set). you think miami learned anything from monday night? i learned that even after seeing this a year ago, we still can't defend it! SIGN LOU! give him a bigger role to justify the money and roster spot, and together, fasano, polite, and clay might have an answer for the next time we see brady, we might even learn how to defend it if we practice it on our own offense. there's nothing wrong if you copy something that works, look at all the teams that implamented the wild-cat after ronnie tore it up. just saying...

budki, Again With the Lousaka Stuff?, Iam wondering were was Larry Johnson during the game? Has that been adressed? Just wondering?

* * BULLETIN * *


just in... no wander we got wacked for 500 yards in the air!!!!

the pats CAUGHT cheating again!!!!!

yep! billicheat is up to his old tricks again!!!

you cheater...

Budtki really??? Wouldn't surprise me the way we got ripped.. Where is this coming from??

If true they should have to forfeit the win... Lol

N Brady should lose all his stats from last game as punishment!!! Lol

I Bet it was'nt broadcasted(The Cheating) On ESPN, The Pats and the Jets are there flagship teams.(Soon the Bills will be added)(There Bermans team you know).

maybe EDDS spilled the beans??

Incompetence (if any) was there last Year, also.

No Doubt, The Pats did it last year with Turner, They cut him the week after they played.

Didn't all of you get the message? The Excuse Factory has been closed since Saturday. No more excuses will be manufactured. Operations have been outsourced to the China National Badminton Team.

bogus blogg, but it might not be that far fetched... at least maybe some of the NFL network announcers who are now airing the monday night replay might bring this up, i mean he did it before, he's probably doing it again! it certainly looked like he had our defensive playbook!

budtki got excuses stuck up his budtki.

...I would call out Lex Hilliard if he deserved so.. The play on the goal line was stymied from the start.. Soliai crashed the B gap, and Mastrud missed the block on McCourty. The play IMO was designed to go off tackle. The whole left side of the line was actually pushed back to where the tackle was made by the untouched McCourty. Nothing Polite, ot Johnson, or Hilliard, or Walter Payton could have done on that play.. Going back to my point above. We have to at least give the apperance we can run it. Especially in the redzone. The 2 plays after the first down were poor execution as well. I would have liked to see the Phins try and run it another time. Use LJ if they have to.. Same with the possestion before the long Pat td..What is the better odds. Trying to pound it for a yard, or having Henne try and throw a fade?

Budki, I think Bray is that damn good, I dont think they needed to know what Miamis D was going to do, Bray hit 85% of those passes with what seemed like a goverment Laser beam, The guy might just be that damn good.

Sorry Brady.

lj was not good enough to play on the other 31 teams, what makes some of you think he becomes a good player for us? tony salami didn't even use him.

reggie 11 for 38
lex 2 for 1
lj 0 for 0

I Think Henne is Miamis top rusher.

they totally f'd up the running game. they fixed the passing game and broke the running game. fixed special teams and broke defense. amateurs. a haitian cabbe could do better.

Maybe " Even A caveman can do it", Might also apply here.

To my view, most People are obtuse. But they are really not. They are, well, let's say .....too emotional.

look, there is no doubt that the patriots used information from edds against the miami defense. no one is that good (or bad). in any case, miami is free to sign patriots cast-offs and use any information they can glean. but our coaching staff is not capable of using the info effectively. in any case, it doesn't matter now. its time to move on to the texans. i don't see schaub replicating what we saw on monday. if henne is competent again, i see no reason miami can't win this game.

austin the master LV sees reason, houston by 3.

Im a Dolphins fan for 25 years and only 34 and Im telling you all get off of Henne he played great what more do u want thats the best game by a Miami qb that Ive seen in 11 years they werent ready on def if they fix that we will be in the playoffs

Austin, Not to pee on your parade but 200 yds of hennes yds camew when the pats were 21 points up., Trust me Brady could have put up another 100 yards easy.Dont forget the fins were at the 1 yard 2 different times during the game and came away with a FG(Fist pump city, baby), Another words, This teams in more trouble then you think, and if you think everythings fine, Please tell me were to get thoughs drugs your on.

henne looks very good when it matters least. when it matters most, well there are a million excuses...

More loser talk. Hit the treadmills, boys, then perhaps you won't be dead on your feet in the 4th quarter THIS week.

Bro, were you that aware when you were 9 Y/O? Usually by that Time kids are beginnig to je=k off and have very little mind for anything else. Kudos to you, also.

Well, with no blocking, no run game, pressure every down and the defense knowing exactly what's coming?

200 MORE yards!

Hmmmmmmmmm..............you guys keep making Henne sound better and better!

I hope calos dasby brings his A game. he missed many tackles and was out of position a few times against the pats. We have to stop houston's run to beat them.

Ok guys, Dinner calls.

I bet that it is less than even money that if you guys had your way with me, I wouldn't be posting here any more. But, hey, don't lose hope. They just threw me out of a Batistian, Santero, low filth Blog just because I told them so. Well.

"Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?

Also, why would the Dolphins ask Vontae Davis and Sean Smith to work inside when they've never really done that?

Will Allen is a slot CB for the immediate future."

I'm shocked at what I assume to be your feigned ignorance, as I assume you watched the game. The coach's reference to outside or inside regarding Will Allen is obvious. If Sean or Vontae goes down (cramps up?), Will provides someone who is able to take over an outside position as Nolan was unable to do. I'm surprised at your lack of analysis on this point, as, again, I assume you watched the game. Also, perhaps, the coach is considering moving Sean inside for some specific matchups (tight ends?) in some specific situations and needs a legitimate outside corner to take up the slack.

Do us all a favor and either think before you write or be more explicit in your satire...

Finally, I'm taking my nightcap. It has been a long day for me(Good).

I understand letting what happened Monday Night fade into the woodwork and focusing on the Texans. We'll worry about New England when we play them again.
There's only a few problems with that; teams are going to watch the tape and they're going to go "no-huddle" and use their TE's until the Defence shows that they can stop it! Expect to see a lot of it from the Texans and any other team that we play this year!

Sapp was burnt at least 6 times Monday Night. He's supposed to be a veteran! That's why he's gone. Sparano can spin it any way that he wants to, but bringing Allen back because he can play both inside or outside is more smoke and mirrors! Allen was let go because Sapp was younger and looked like an upgrade on paper. He wasn't. Now, it's Allen's turn. Produce or you're gone!

Crowder is probably fishing or hunting gators. If he really was the "brains" behind our D, then why hasn't someone snatched him up yet? He's still young enough to play. But, not even NE has given him a tryout. It wouldn't surprise me if NE releases Edds soon. They only signed him to gain intell for the Miami game. Belicheat can't video anymore so he cheats any way that he can!

Henne looked "serviceable" against NE. That doesn't mean he'll be any good against the Texans. This team has a problem putting it all together at the same time. This week the Defence may step up, but the Offence may struggle. Or, maybe it's gonna be Special Teams that screws up. Who knows?

Despite all of this, I really would like to see Miami win this next game. I'm a Miami Dolphins fan, win or lose. It's just more fun when we win!


The latest-ROTFLMAO!

He can't throw a fade and 200 of his 400 plus yards came in the second half while down by three scores. Duh, wut QB spoused da do win he behind, Duh? Get REAL!

I guess you guys have to STFU about accuracy, touch, robotics, leadership, pre snap reads, reading defenses, staring down receivers, emotionless, etc, etc.

Henne has REDUCED you nimrods to sniveling idiots(I hate to keep typing ROTFLMAO, but.....)-ROTFLMAO!

You're crying about 400 plus yards of passing and SIXTY(count em)60 yards rushing-LOL. That's Vick like numbers and still you cry. That's not even the best part, wait for it........wait.........you guys said Henne was a baby and got his feelings hurt-Bhwaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa. Who's crying now????-LOL ;)

Whaaaaaaaaaa, yeah but he was terrible on 5 out of 50 passes, whine, whimper-ROTFLMAO!

Q: Ah, what exactly did Bree's do when he was down in the second half last Thursday?

A: The same thing as Henne, he lit it the FVCK UP!!!! Yeah Baby!!!!

That IS the QB's job Einsteins, especially when it's a ONE MAN SHOW-Ah Ha HA!

But ah, ya'll people that called Henne a whimp, you keep on crying about those 5 passes and the fade, that's all you got left! Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

That's ALL you got?

THAT's all you GOT?


Wait for it....wait....ROTFLMAO(whoomp, dere it is) ;)

tracy, we took one of their te's before they took edds. its a wash. i like that excuse factory guy. excuses are for losers. the team lost and that is that. next game.

That's no problem at all, Tracy. We'll hurry up on them, also.

bottom line, we are last in the division right out of the shoot.


Sean Smith did play some inside last year against certain teams. For the reason you mentioned, the TE coverage.

I agree with your post on all points. Nice!

If you think Belichick is going to use the same strategy for our next Game with them, then I guess you don't know him.(Belichick).

Odin, we know u are Henne. Yes u suck! Time after time u stink it up in the red zone. We should change Qb's inside the 10. Your no touch is costing us points and games.

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