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Dolphins agenda: Get well and on to Houston

The good news for the Dolphins is that rookies Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay both practiced full, without limitations today, according to the injury report.

Barring setbacks in the coming couple of practices, both will play against the Houston Texans Sunday.

"I'm hoping," coach Tony Sparano said. "Daniel practiced today. We'll see what happens. We've got a couple of days to go before the game. If no setbacks, then the depth is better."

If neither suffer a setback from their hamstring injuries, both will make their regular-season debuts.

The Dolphins have, as I told you on my twitter this morning, Will Allen has signed back with the Dolphins. He was a starting CB with the team from 2006-2009 but his role has shifted. It's a safe bet to expect to see Allen used primarily as a nickel (slot) CB from now on even though Sparano says he can definitely play outside as well.

"At the end of the day where we were evaluating Will the most prior to the cutdown is whether or not he could play inside," Sparano said. "The competition was really amongst the two players we just had this deal with here."

Sparano was talking about Benny Sapp, who made the team ahead of Allen the first week of the season but was cut Tuesday in favor of Allen after giving up two TDs versus New England. 

Sparano went on to say Allen gives him the luxury of deciding to put him inside or outside with someone else inside. But why would the Dolphins use Allen outside if they were evaluating him inside and the competition he has now won against Sapp was inside?

Also, why would the Dolphins ask Vontae Davis and Sean Smith to work inside when they've never really done that?

Will Allen is a slot CB for the immediate future.

When Sparano addressed his team Wednesday his message was clear: Put the New England loss in the rear view mirror and concentrate on Houston. He told the players to think about Houston, talk about Houston and not discuss New England any further -- particularly with the media.

This according to two players.

And the locker room fell into line. Players declined to take any more questions about New England. Hey, as long as they learned from the Patriots loss, why should they continue to relive it? I agree with the approach.

The focus on Houston also has a practical reason for existing. Houston is the next game. The Dolphins cannot beat the Patriots now by thinking about them. And the Texans are not up ahead, the coach sees them as being ahead of his team in prep work.

"That was the message," Sparano confirmed. "Absolutely, because it's Wednesday. Those guys have two days on us right now. "

Oh, by the way, I recognize the Dolphins are on to the Texans. That's team policy. I'm a free agent and I can be onto anything I want. So:

The NFL stats say Miami is ranked No. 4 in pass offense and No. 2 in overall offense based on its performance verssus New England. The defense, however, isn't rated well for obvious reasons.

The Miami defense is No. 32 in the NFL in total defense -- 20th against the run and dead last (32) against the pass. Obviously, the ratings are based off just one week.

"We have 15 more games to go," outside linebacker Cameron Wake said. "We'll see where we are at the end of the season."


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WOW, The way it is starting to look the team is going for the SUCK FOR LUCK plan.If we finish last in our division we won't be far from the goal. This year is gone and so is Tony
with a new coach next year and Luck we will be on our way to the playoff's. The front office is always slow to see what is going on i think they will understand lots of empty seats and TV blackouts. So goodbye to Tony and Jeff and please save a seat on the out of town bus for Henne. He may have looked ok monday nite but look close at the stats and the score, Huston will tell a story you may not want to see, i wish it wasn't so but it is going to be a tough year.

"It's the little things that matter!"

Paying attention to details leads to success. That's what's wrong with this team. Coaches concentrate on A in practise, then come gametime, B jumps up and bites the team in the butt! During games, the Dolphins look unorganized and confused. Little mistakes start turning into big mistakes. And, then it snowballs. One mistake leads to another. The next thing you know, you're in over your head.

This is on their coaching staff. You prepare the same way that you play. And, in their first game, the Dolphins were not prepared for what happened. Time to step up the preparation and coaching for this team.

Beat the Texans!!! Or, you won't have to worry about stadium noise the next time you play at home because no one will be there!


One game we were supposed to lose, and the season's over? WOW. we went 11-5 just 3 short years ago, following a 1-15 season. We LOST the 1st 2 games. The 2nd was a blowout by the cards.
I think we are due against the texans. It will be a good game, 2 good offenses!


Armamdo u have a story here. Look at the video clip carefully, that is Sarah Palin.

In any case dont look at strawberry's neck. Cheech and Chong vintage lol, I would say I have memories of those days but they are hazy.


This is leadership, Bear Bryant. Tony should watch some videos of him. It may be a long year, but I could see Pats as favorites to win the SB. Henne did the best ive ever seen him do, hopefully we continue that.

Kill Houston, and they will come!


The speech Tony Meatball should have given at halftime. I would love to see his actual speech. It should have been feed the Deer. The Deer seem to be lead by a skunk. U better pick it up meatball.

Now that its obvious this season is shot, 6-10 at best, we need to look at these next games and figure out where we need to draft. Thomas is not going to be much, Gates doesn't even look like a football player, so two busts there. Clay is still unknown. Wilson maybe will be a valuable player...if these fools give him a chance to play. Remember how they sat Wake on the bench all that time and for what???

Much will depend on the new regime. It's more obvious than ever that Sparano is in way over his head. Ross will have someone lined up ahead of time if he hasn't already.

redsky 2:56 Rad post!


damn...made a post but it disappeared.

I usually copy them before posting but noooooo.


That's all I can write, I can't write no more!

Try, try again... later.


We've never beaten the Texans...explain to me just how we will this year with basically the same team and FO...


What does all this Gator Day, Hispanic Day(even if we were born in Cuba) crap have to do with Professional Football and us Dolphins Fans? Sheeesssssssssss

There are no Hispanic here, Man(or any other Nationality for that matter). We is all Americans.

6-10 fellas...is what our great coach and GM will bring, no 2-ways about it....great wishes for a season of frustration, but I will not go to another game till we hire new org. people...

Bro, am I pissed off today. It is not enough that we get our a-s smeared in front of a National audience then we have tolerate the tremendous incompetence that runs from the Owner on down...

No more excuses. You have until Sunday at 8PM to produce an acceptable result; otherwise, you will be downgraded.


LETS GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!

We must win this home game because there's five weeks until the next one (2 away games, bye week, 1 away game). You can't go until pretty much mid-season before winning a home game.

If last week was "put-it-all-on-the-line" type of week, this week SURELY is. Blitz packages need to be installed (not sure why Nolan doesn't see that the only way to get good offenses off their game is to pressure them constantly), offense needs to stay explosive, Coach needs to take chances. This is a MUST WIN!

Heya DC, Not sure if you read the earlier posts, but you would see the hate that drove me support Henne.

Even after last game, you read he sucks, or Henne did not play great but a little better.

Amazingly stupid comments. Henne got hit on more than half of his completions HARD, and the receivers he hit die not have 3 step seperation.

Most of Brady's passes the receiver had seperation, and no one touched Brady.

the 5 times we got to brady, it was a sack, 3 incomplete passes to wide open pass catchers, and a throw away.

See the logic that drives me nuts!! LOL

that being said, Henne needs to be consistantly that good. If so, we will have a good sesaon, if the defense and running game can be half better than it was Monday.

The Phins are last on passing D. NO S@#$.

Poizen, I've seen a lot of those ignorant comments. I understand the reasoning behind it (unfortunately Henne came to a team without a QB since Marino, and so there's no patience for anyone to develop in that position). I was also one who lost patience. But I also accepted that Henning's offense could just have been so AWFUL, so INEPT, that NO QB could succeed in it. And, in the end, THAT was the main reason behind Henne's problems (if he proves he can be consistent this year). And I think he will.

Henne is seeing the field better, making better throws, leading the team better, MOVING BETTER IN THE POCKET!!! These are all issues I had with him last year. Now, there's still throws he's not good at, oh well, either he'll improve, or message to Daboll: PLAY TO HENNE'S STRENGTHS!!!

Anyway, the truth is we don't have Brady, we don't have Manning, we don't have Brees, we have Henne. And since Marino, minus probably Pennington, Henne is probably the best QB we've had here.

My issue now is why can't all sides of the ball get hot at the same time? To me that's coaching. Not sure what Nolan was doing last week, but didn't see many adjustments (before or after halftime). Sparano says the defense was in shape and hydrated. So, what was the problem then? We haven't got a good answer to that. And if you don't know the problem, how can you fix it (and I can't believe it's just Will Allen). Maybe Clemons would have lined people up better, maybe Crowder would have seen some things better, but whatever it is, it's gotta get fixed before Sunday, because if we go 0-2 at home, with this angry fan base, I'm thinking it might destroy any good will towards the team.

Mondo, please ask Vontae Davie and the other cramping DB if they need some vagasil to clear up those cramps. "Vontae, you need Vagasil with that"?

Texans are gonna Bar-B-Q the fish,

Texans 31 Dolphins 10. And dont forget the vagisil for them there cramps.

Does this "Yeah!" poster sit around refreshing the Herald Dolphins page all day so he can be the first to post on every friggen story? What a clown.

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