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Dolphins claim RB Steve Slaton from Houston

The Dolphins have claimed and been awarded running back Steve Slaton off waivers from the Houston Texans.

The team assumes the remaining portion of running back''s $1.2 million salary. And now it gets interesting in the backfield.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins from a team that had a crowded stable of runners. The Dolphins have a crowded stable also. But only one of those players -- rookie Daniel Thomas -- is so far producing to satisfactory levels.

The same cannot be said of primary back and starter Reggie Bush, who has only 80 yards on 28 carries. Bush has also been nursing a tender groin.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins in his fourth NFL season. His best year was 2008 when he gained 1,282 yards and averaged 4.8 yards a carry in 16 games. It hasn't been nearly as good since.

In 2009 his production dropped to only 437 yards and a 3.3 average in 11 games and then he had only 93 yards on 19 carries all of last season. That season, Slaton fumbled four times in four games early in the season, leading to his limited use. He worked his way back into good graces but then on Dec. 9 sustained a shoulder injury and was placed on injured reserve.

The Texans have Arian Foster, the NFL rushing champion from a year ago, and Ben Tate in their backfield so Slaton was expendable. This year Slaton had 20 yards on seven carries, a 2.9 average.

The Dolphins are clearly searching for talent at running back since parting ways with Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. Earlier this year they signed, cut, signed and cut again running back Larry Johnson.

They've also worked out players such as Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber. No, none of this means Slaton will compete for the starting job.

It is not yet clear whom the Dolphins will cut.

List of candidates: Will Yeatman (they can always put him on practice squad), Nate Jones, Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Ryan Baker, or, yes, Phillip Merling. This is just speculation on my part. Just stirrin' [poopie], as I was told by someone within the organization today.

[Yup, yet another update: The unlucky player cut is Ryan Baker. Good guy. Tough guy.]


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mando sucks aka, i suck!


You're my new bro!! Thanks for that post you beat me to it. If the Patriots pick him up it is genius move!!

Oh by the way, AJ Edds was claimed from the Patriot practise squad!!! So much for him too. All you idiots that bitched about cutting him! Some player!!

Unfortunately, ClydeG does not have the strenght to break tackles during kick-offs.

Why dont we start Moore at QB this week .. I bet he can hit the long ball and throw some strikes in the red zone.. IM not saying he is the answer just thinking we have nothing to lose but another game which will happen if Henne starts anyway.. Why not see what happens.. I think we win at San Diego with Moore starting.. I just think we have nothing to lose.. Why not tweak the QB position this week they are tweaking everything else and getting the same result..

(didn't they know this before now)

Not sure why everyone is complaining, we need more talent, and he is more talented and gives us 3 or 4 decent RB's now. He does fumble a bit, but that seemed to be in the past.

like the pickup actually, he is young, has run for a lot of yards, and maybe pushes people to improve. He also is a bit more proven in short yardage then anyone on the roster today, just sayin

thomas has been more than adequate..so again, i ask what they are looking for in another running back?

Posted by: austin | September 28, 2011 at 06:41 PM


Its because its rare that a RB will make it the entire 16 week season without scratches and boo-boos.....let alone the flat-out injury.....we need depth at this postion....

Also, he was a waiver pickup, was anyone else out there this week waived to pick up at TE, DB, etc....NO

Everyone knocks Jeff Ireland. The guy drafts Pouncey first. Seems to be on his of being a good player. Trades back into the 2nd round to get Daniel Thomas and guy seems to be the real deal. Gates is taking kickoff and is the 4th reciever and getting better. Clay we haven't seen much yet. Sounds to me like it has been a successful draft to me so far.

Ben Volin PBP, says that Ryan Baker(who has been cut) started ahead of Philip Merling last weekend. Is that so?

because the loser coach is so stuck on suck boy henne. you would think if he actually wanted to save his job, which he doesn't believe is in jepordy figure that one out, then you pull the plug on henne and start moore but no, sticking with henne will cost him his job anyway.

ryan baker is a big loss. he's a no flash,just steady,lunch pail guy. ireland ought to resign. we gave away amaya too. unreal! i'm done with this bunch of idiots.

This is resembling, more and more, a Manicomio(Mental Hospital).

Henne is 70 percent of the Dolphins problem. The guy can hit long balls and is playing real conservative to keep the bashers off his back. When its 3rd and 16 Henne will throw the 7 yard pass that has no chance for a first down instead of taking a shot down field to move the chains and throwing a ball that gets picked or sails out of bounds that is killing us but keeps the blame of his shoulders..In the red zone his balls are almost uncatchable so he throws a 2 yard pass or a pass that sails out of bounds and we end up with 3 points.. I know some of this is on the receivers but most on Chad.. Look how bad indy is without Peyton and how good they are with Peyton.. Two diffrent teams.. Wish we could borrow Peyton for 5 games then put Henne back in there..People would see he is the weakest link..

Ryan baker average player---Slaton has some talent--also ran that wildcat like Spread at WVU with pat white---not bad for 3 or 4th RB

Who is ultimately responsible for cutting Players? For signing them? (I can't afford to go crazy, you know).

Maybe we resign Tim McKyer now to help out in the defensive backfield.

That cross eye'd Baboon could keep one eye on the QB and the other on the WR.

He made the Homer Simpson look work for him!

pmeadows, that is a laughable arguement, there is no comparing Chad to Peyton, Peyton is one of the all time greats, he can make most bad teams look good

Not saying Chad is not part of the problem, but nowhere near 70%...how about some more creative calling then fades when we get down there, where is the over the middle, we have no TE...and the OL can't give him any time other then to through fades.

He has to get better yes, but not 70% of the problem

How is Ryan Baker a loss....

He struggled to make the team every year....he has been cut an re-signed every year....signed in 2009 as an UNDRAFTED FA.....another one of those ACORNS that most on this blog hate.......now we miss our acorns.......

Wow! Could the Lphins just have resigned Lousaka Polite?

These geniuses amke me wanna quit caring about football.

I guess soon se will read that the dreaded patriots signed him...and...."he will haunt us for years"......


kris, randy starks was asked who most impressed him on the D-line for the dolphins. his answer suprised alot of people; it was ryan baker. baker was very proud of that when i mentioned it to him at training camp last year. baker can also play NT if called upon. he is unassuming but vgood. ireland has no idea what he's doing.


I was employing some sarcastic humor earlier.

In all seriousness, Ryan Baker has been steadily improving and is probably a SOLID backup now.

Still, it's not so much that Baker was such a big loss. The rub is, look we kept instead. Mastrud, Yeats and two others whose names I can't even recall.

I just don't get what their thinking most of the time.

O.K. guys, listen: TS & JI found out that in
the most recent polls, KC was rated lower than
we were. So, what did they do, get another RB
By doing this they're hoping, than in the next
week polls, we r rated lower than KC. That way
we stay in the hunt for Luck. Either that or
they are trying to save their jobs. TS is so a
rrogant, that he said, that he doesn't care
what happens to him. Watch how many teams will
be fighting to employ him.Well he hopes.
this is beyond sad, hapless, whatever...
The owner needs to fire all of them NOW. AT the
very least, we'll not have to go thru this next
year. We start rebuilding NOW.

2012 Draft Interesting note:
Besides 3 QBs, the vast majority of players in the top 15 are OT's. If we miss out on Luck, Barkley, or Jones, .. OMG the remainder may just make folks want to go postal. Weedon, and Griffin are considered 2nd rounders, and I'm not sure what to make of Moore.
Would we actually do it again? Actually pick an OT first, and a QB 2nd again?
BTW, Griifin-lovers, don't get too attached to that pick. He's etxraodinarily talented, but very raw. I'm not sure desperate, starving Fins fans want to lend the patience necessary to groom him. Better hope for the top 3 dudes (above).

Got it....Thomas at QB, Hilliard at FB, Bush anD Slaton at slot backs and run Navy's offense, the triple option. It might solve the red zone issues!?!?!? Thomas can pass a little right?


I am not arguing or stating anything. I am just asking,who is responsible for all these very questionable personnel moves? Nobody seems to answer me so I'm going to take my best shot at it. Cutting a Player is strictly on Tony Sparano. Signing a Player is strictly on Jeff Ireland. How does that sound to you People?

Greg Z....I have no inside information.....and I can only make judgements about what my eyes tell me....

and they haven't seen hyde nor hair of Mr. Baker....or MR. Starks for that matter.....

To be honest....I wasn't really sure Starks was even still on the roster....

Only we would move a PRO BOWL DE to NT........so in a way.....that kinda proves your point....

I went to several Dolphins Practices this summer, and Ryan Baker was the only player to walk down the entire fence and sign every autograph and speak to every kid. The man truly is like Armando said, a good guy and a tough guy. Last year when he was given the opportunity to play he played very well and had several tackles. I know its a business and even though the average fan dont know who he is if he stood right infront of them, Miami will truly miss a classy guy like Ryan Baker. I wish him and his family the best.

Odin....while I can't defend keeping Baker.....

I do understand your point....heck...how is Trunsik HOLDING on to a roster spot....

you get that...holding.......

I really don't understand why they don't fire Jeff Ireland now. Then, we can always fire Sparano at the end of the season. It's time to stop the bleeding, in my opinion.

NT Frank Kearse was signed by Carolina off of our practice squad.

Baker was the backup NT(I think). So is Starks now the backup NT, AGAIN?

Kris, I thought Starks was leading Defensive Lineman in tackles so far this year?

Oh well, at least we still have 5 TE's! What other team can say THAT?

bgballer40, glad you wrote that about baker. he is whats right about football;he is the nicest person and player! he did all the grunt work no one sees. starks is v.good also. baker outworked everyone and gets released????? unreal! sad day. amaya was another good one.

you get that...holding.......

Posted by: kris | September 28, 2011 at 07:26 PM

Good one-ROTFLMAO!

Wait a minute..........that's not funny........

Slaton is a great addition. I'm hoping to see bush just swallow the bullet and change positions to slot WR.

starks is excellent;often draws a double team; leads the d-line in tackles.


Not sure what your defintion of "several" tackles is....but according to ESPN.com he had 4 tackles....maybe 4 qualifies as several.....

My point is really this......

It sounds like you...Armando...and Greg Z.....believe he should win the NFL man of the year award.......and that may be true.......

But I am sure our locker room is full of those types of guys.....yes men if you will......

i think we will get along without him......

he rarely played as it was.......

Why don't all these reporters press the Men. - Why did Ryan Baker start ahead of Philip Merling last week and got cut today? -. They are going to get something like, -It was a Coach's decision-. - Can you elaborate on that, Sir?-. And so on.

Greg Z......

you are right....Starks has been excellent....10 tackles......ALL solo.....nobody should complain about that.......I take what I said back....

How did what I wrote sound to you People? I'm waiting for a reply. Yes, No, Maybe? Don't be afraid, it's only opinions.

Would someone tell that stubborn mule named Sporano to give Hiliard a chance??? I think he can produce. He a physical style like Thomas. Give the ball to Lex.

Oh, you mean take away the ball out of D. Thomas' hands? Brilliant.

the dolfans' decision-makers are simply too brilliant!... their collective good sense is so mind-numbingly precise that i often wonder how any team even manages to stay in a game with them. if ross has any brains himself, he'll sign this group of team handlers to double-digit extended contracts and just watch as the victories roll in. there's just no quit in this team. like the clippers of the nba, they are destined for a level of greatness that only a longtime fan can truly appreciate. Like the clippers, this team is all about win win win! you just try to take a win away from tony sparano, or dick nolan, or even chad henne. the browns tried to dress this team down and you saw how the fins responded. you can't buy that kind of commitment. sparano has the team primed to rip out the throat of any team that threatens their greatness. god bless jeff "i swear i have a brain"" ireland, tony "so i can't speak english" sparano, dick "i-love-d" nolan. such a collection of brilliance

slaton? great! now bring back pat white and run the spread offense!

For me theis orginization needs to stop treating the QB position like its just another position. The idea that We can do it with band-aids and 2nd round pics. Or if we are lucky a journeymen that can get us in the playoffs, so then we can get smacked in 1st round.

We havn't invested a high top15 pick on a QB once since Marino--that is the one Constant in every regime we have had.

And if you look at that last 5 drafts you can see that the idea of missing on a QB in the top 15 is less common. OBs are getting better and better in college im a huge college football Fan---and if we want to turn around this franchise we have to make the investment-

Andrew luck is tremendous and evryone knows his name--but i have to watch him more-

I have seen a ton of Nick Foles---to me he is a less athletic Big Ben but more accurate downfield--best deep ball accuracy in country to me.

Jury out on Matt barkely--(leaning towards Not a fan)

On the fence with Landry Jones---

Make the investment whoever is calln the shots next year

Hey, Dolphin fans, get ready for a thorough whupping this week courtesy of the "Superbowl bound Chargers". The word in town is that this game is already counted as an easy win along with the game against the Broncos. In fact, it has been quoted that the real NFL Season doesn't begin for the "Super Chargers" till the game against the NY Jets. What a bunch of disrespect!! The ONLY way to address this disrespect is to go into San Diego and knock some teeth out and come away with a victory. They are ripe for the picking, just ask the Chiefs which almost took them down last week. Just put some pressure on Rivers as he doesn't like to get hit or dirty. Don't worry, he will be talking some smack to you guys so this "upset" will be especially sweet. Look for the dump offs to the running backs and watch out for "the constant deep pass to Jackson" they are one dimensional. Live and die by the pass. Good luck!!

Franchise of clowns.

After I wrote a commentary during the Game last week(D. Thomas is the real thing, and more, ClydeG is underperforming,, etc) I think it was ALoco that replied to me, OSCAR WHY DO I GET THE FEELING THAT YOU ENJOY OUR MISERY...
Nah, Man, it's only business. Nothing personal, you know.

Franchise of clowns.

organization run by retards. Cut the players that couldve actually helped us (Ricky williams, lousaka polite.) sign other teams junk for more money????? great approach to the game. How many more cowboy players are we gonna sign too? I have lost all faith until we get some brains running the organization. How many impact players do we have? I bet they can be counted on one hand.

It is a fact that when most People are confronted by the Truth, they either change, or implode.

Marino was a late 1st rd pick

So Ireland cut Baker? You cannot make me believe this was the worst guy left on the team, ESPECIALLY on that totally UNDERACHIEVING D-LIne. To me, we lost a good player. Have the Pats, or Jets claimed him yet?

So Ireland cut Baker? You cannot make me believe this was the worst guy left on the team, ESPECIALLY on that totall UNDERACHIEVING D-LIne. To me, we lost a good player. Have the Pats, or Jets claimed him yet?

Mistake cutting Baker. I had been waiting (hoping) for him to work into the D-Line rotation over Merling and/or Langford.

This is basically an admission that they screwed up. They signed Reggie, cut Polite, signed LJ, cut LJ, signed LJ, cut LJ, looked at Portis and Barber, and now three games into the season they are picking up another RB. We needed one, since Reggie is not producing, he is at career lows, but the fact we needed another RB only 3 games into the season tells you they can't judge talent and continue to be in denial about the level of talent they have.

Everything about these two clods says bye bye.

Ireland is most likely a pretty good scout, tell him what you want and he will find where the options are. As far as being a GM, building a team, knowing how the pieces of the puzzle go together, he is in over his head, not ready to be a GM.

For three years they build a running team. Suddenly, they have an epiphany, bring in Reggie Bush and Clyde Gates and instantly they expect magic, the greatest show on turf. It doesn't work that way.

Change is a process, not a finger snap.


we're pretty decent when we run with DT- it's the Bush up the middle runs that aren't quite so clever.

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