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Dolphins claim RB Steve Slaton from Houston

The Dolphins have claimed and been awarded running back Steve Slaton off waivers from the Houston Texans.

The team assumes the remaining portion of running back''s $1.2 million salary. And now it gets interesting in the backfield.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins from a team that had a crowded stable of runners. The Dolphins have a crowded stable also. But only one of those players -- rookie Daniel Thomas -- is so far producing to satisfactory levels.

The same cannot be said of primary back and starter Reggie Bush, who has only 80 yards on 28 carries. Bush has also been nursing a tender groin.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins in his fourth NFL season. His best year was 2008 when he gained 1,282 yards and averaged 4.8 yards a carry in 16 games. It hasn't been nearly as good since.

In 2009 his production dropped to only 437 yards and a 3.3 average in 11 games and then he had only 93 yards on 19 carries all of last season. That season, Slaton fumbled four times in four games early in the season, leading to his limited use. He worked his way back into good graces but then on Dec. 9 sustained a shoulder injury and was placed on injured reserve.

The Texans have Arian Foster, the NFL rushing champion from a year ago, and Ben Tate in their backfield so Slaton was expendable. This year Slaton had 20 yards on seven carries, a 2.9 average.

The Dolphins are clearly searching for talent at running back since parting ways with Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. Earlier this year they signed, cut, signed and cut again running back Larry Johnson.

They've also worked out players such as Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber. No, none of this means Slaton will compete for the starting job.

It is not yet clear whom the Dolphins will cut.

List of candidates: Will Yeatman (they can always put him on practice squad), Nate Jones, Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Ryan Baker, or, yes, Phillip Merling. This is just speculation on my part. Just stirrin' [poopie], as I was told by someone within the organization today.

[Yup, yet another update: The unlucky player cut is Ryan Baker. Good guy. Tough guy.]


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Slaton had 10 fumbles combined for the 2008 & 2009 seasons - As per NFL.com.

Hey guys does anything this regime suprise us!!! NO NO NO!!! Is the season over yet??? Because I can't wait till it's over so
JEFF TONY GET FIRED. that's going to be my super bowl and I will party and get drunk after these two clowns get caned!!

We haven't been looking to upgrade the backfield since Ricky & Ronnie left.
We needed to upgrade because Rick and Ronny were here.
They were the 31st rated tandem in the NFL last year according to you.
Not 1 100 yard game between the 2 of them last year.
Makes you wonder who the fo was really covering up for when they rolled out the BACKDOOR wildcat offense: NoodleArm or Ricky&Ronnie.
Chad Henne had them all dismissed from this team!

What excuse will they use when Henne loses another one sunday. Wake up folks this guy sucks. He sucked last year and the year before and he sucks this year too. You folks are to kind to this guy, he sucks, and if jeff and tony keep him he will suck this year and next year and the year after that. Watch the game with an honest eye and after it all you will see Henne lost another one cause he sucks.

I love the words BACKDOOR and ho-mo. They have a nice ring ;)

Armando, Please do an article on Henne after he loses the game on sunday, this guy just plain sucks.Everyone is coming up with excuses for the fins and are missing the main problem, Henne sucks. He might look good at times to fool the average guy but a knowledgeable person like yourself can expose Henne for what he is---- he sucks. i'm sure this will take a lot of pressure off everyone who is in doubt and is hesitant to say what we all know and have known for over a year, HENNE SUCKS.

The defense is simply undeacheiveing big time.

There is no way that they suddenly got this bad in one off season. I say it's got to be about 50/50, coaching and lack of execution. Out of shape, unprepared and unfocused.

Henne and the pass game has improved despite Marshall and the O-lines regression.

Thomas indeed looks like the real deal and thanks to Henne contributing with some nice runs, were 7th in the league in rushing. WITH THIS ROTTEN O-line! That's an achievement in itself!

Bush, even when underacheiving, at the very least still presents match up problems and helps keep defenses honest.

So there it is, that's the puzzle they have to figure out.

1. The defense has to get healthy and get their heads out of their arses. Even though it should have already been done(coaching), they have to get better conditioned during their weeks of practice.

2. Nolan has to figure out how to get his guys to cover a TE-PERIOD. If he can't figure out how to scheme some coverage up to answer the TE at this late stage, he needs to resign, plain and simple. With Dansby, Burnett, Davis, Smith, Allen and Wilson, what are the odds none of them can cover a TE? Get it figured out now or just do us all a favor and quit NOW!

3. Henne and his receiver's week should be filled with nothing but two minute drills and Red Zone work. That's it-PERIOD! Our offense has little trouble between the twenties. Commit all practice time to the two minute drill and Red Zone work. At this point in practice nothing else should be of any concern.

4. Dan Carpenter's a ss should be feeling the heat moreso than SpOrano! His failure to convert a couple of chip shots costs us at least a game, probably two. Unacceptable for a guy that's been as solid and consistent and he has. Late last year something happened to the guy. I dunno, maybe he caught his boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on him. Whatever it is, he has to put it behind him and get his head in the game!

5. The O-line is simply a matter of personal blunders. Probably the biggest SINGLE issue with the team. 100% on the GM and Coach. We all know who Carey and Colombo are and they're playing just as terrible as they always have. The only people that seem confused about it are Ireland and SpOrano. Unforgivable and unacceptable. When they moved Carey and brought in Colombo, I posted that they just sealed their fate. They hitched their wagons to some bum horses. Errors don't become mistakes until you fail to correct them. Change it, bench somebody, bring somebody/ANYBODY in! Do something now, there's still time for an outside chance if you act now. If nothing else, put Ryan Cook in there and maybe even Nate Garner. They can't do any worse than Carey/Colombo(5 sacks/8 knockdowns and 15 hurries in just the last game ALONE).

Ross is not the problem here. He's opened his wallet and stayed out of the football guys way. His biggest crime was mishandling an effort to MAKE THIS TEAM better by going after what was the hottest name out there at the time. Did he make a mistake in doing so? Yes! Was his sole and prime motivation to make this team better? YES! Ross is doing the best he can with what he's got. Fatcells bullshyt leftovers.

Ultimately Ross needs to fire some peoples high up and find a right hand man that will give him good advice and can be counted on to make the tough calls.

I have an appointment to go turn in an app for the Cheerleaders Bikini Waxer Job. While I'm there I'm going to submit a resume and app for Mike Dees replacement. I need some endorsements guys, so please blow up Ross' E-mail and let him know: Odinseye is THE Guy!

PS: Of course if I get the Bikini Waxing Job just disregard the request for endorsements. It's all about PRIORITIES!

I'm the only one that's going to respond to you because at least you keep it real!! The other guys on this blog think they know it all, I believe anybody can get beat on any Sunday, but the fact of the matter is that this team always find a way to loose the game....it's rare that this team finds a way to win, but with that said I just don't have the confidence you do for a win this Sunday!
Again I wish my team good luck on Sunday

I will party and get drunk after these two clowns get caned!!

Posted by: ray | September 28, 2011 at 10:04 PM

I'm ALL IN! I'll bring some Jack Daniels and a cane.

If I can't find a Bamboo Cane is alright if I just steal some blind mans Cane?

Oh YEAH! This is gonna be GOOD!

San Diego 7 point favorites. They don't have a great defense, but....Rivers is going to throw for 600 yards.



It's just a BS move, Slaton is finished and will barely even see the field as a Dolphin. This is basically an admission that Reggie Bush sucks so much he can't even be relied upon to relieve a rookie RB who's clearly a better starting option at this point. But that's what happens when you adopt a "good enough" attitude about your skill position players, you get stuck with Hennes, Bushes and Marshalls.

What excuse will they use when Henne loses another one sunday. Wake up folks this guy sucks. He sucked last year and the year before and he sucks this year too. You folks are to kind to this guy, he sucks, and if jeff and tony keep him he will suck this year and next year and the year after that. Watch the game with an honest eye and after it all you will see Henne lost another one cause he sucks.

Posted by: blindref | September 28, 2011 at 10:30 PM

I don't care what QB or what team you want to talk about. Any other QB, ANY OTHER QB ANYWHERE plays the way Henne played so far this year and NOBODY says he lost a any game for any team PERIOD. No Players, No coaches, No Personel Guru's, no Talking Heads, nadda. They look at this team this year and they've all said pretty much the same thing. Henne has made vasts improvements. None of them point to Chad Henne as being the problem here in Miami.

Now come on, realitically, what are the chances that everybody in the world, save you and a few other misinformed posters here, are all wrong?

You impeach your own credibility when you post straight up garbage like this.

You have every right to be disillusioned by Marino's Ghost. You have evry right to be extremely biased and.....well.......BLIND.

However, it doesn't change the fact that you make yourself look uninformed(to be polite)when you try to blame ANY SINGLE player for all of this teams shortcomings thus far this season. Let alone, when you try to blame losses on the one guy that's playing head and shoulders above the rest.

Anywhoo, you were always a pretty big Brady Quinn fan, you think Luck will pan out any better-ROTFLMAO ;P

How about picking up a good O lineman instead of another RB...oh yeah and fire Columbo while your at it ... Or is that to obvious Ireland and TS?

r.bush is A BUST

Hahaha exactly they are going to need one after they get canned!!! Or kick in the a s s after the door hits the on the way out!! LMAO!!!


Yeah Henne has improved...but when the game is on the line he blows it time and time again. Some think different but not me..I say if you did put a Breese, Brady, Rivers, etc, on this team right now I bet the farm that we would score in the red zone...our D might still be not living up to it's potential but we'd get some wins... Example...look at NE, their D is rated 32nd, that's dead last in the NFL...but guess what, they have Brady and they score points in and outside of the red zone...
Is it all henne's fault..no, but he IS a part of the bad thing we call our team these days...


The "D" looks just like it did last year....the only diffence is that it has been exposed early.....as opposed to 6-7 games into the season.....

We got the pats game 1....and they wasted no time showing the league IN PRIME TIME.....how over rated that #6 ranking was.....

and I know you keep harping on Marshall's drops....and they are inexcusable.....

but you should also note we lost to the Texans WITHOUT ARIAN FOSTER.....

and the Browns WITHOUT PEYTON HILLIS...that has to count for something.....

The drops were drops....granted....

but missing your staring RB has to be taken into account.....

Aloco, you funny man, I enjoyed your player-coach assessments lol. Have any good swisschard lately man?


The problem is the entire organization...it stinks from the bottom all the way up to it's shriveled wrinkly head we call Ross... It took a whole organization to stink it up this badly lol

Ok Henne has shown improvements but is he really the future???? Is he going to be elite??? 90%. Of the GM in this league except Jeff and the Vikings GM you know who he is exdolphin GM believe he won't be.
As a quality Backup that can still make 2 to 3 mil. Per year any team will take him and pay him well..

Aloco.. How many tomes do we have to yell you... His name is Reggie Kardashian man!




Where is Dyingbreed???? And honorable Dyingbreed really?? HAHAHAHA
Now that's funny!

gotta get some zzzzzzz's

Colorado time zone is throwing off my schedule.....

Later FIN FANS.....


I'm with blindref...Henne sucks and sucks the life out of this team! Moore would have won the game against the Browns! It's just true. I feel badly that Sparano doesn't see it...he will go down with Henne.

Flying Under The Radar:

Jake Long isnt 100%. Long has given 2-3 sacks this season and far more qb pressures than normal for this time of year. Has he regressed? I think not.

Long being held out the entire preseason tells me one think. He was being saved for the start of the regular because he's only 85-90% of his fully helthy self. Its the 10-15% of his dominant healthy self that has allowed pass rushers to sort of "catch up" with him a little.

Not syaing it will happpen, but I think we run serious risk of career ending injury to Jake Long playing him at present state. How ironic would it be if Sparano/Ireland's parting gift to us is to end Jake Long's career in Miami too.

TC....stop joking dude Moore better than Henne?? Hahahahahahahaha Stop ! Hahahahahahahaha my stomach hurts Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stop!!

Please Stop!!! Oops I just pissed my pants.

Not for nothing but before the season started I posted almost the samething
Here that Jake is not 100% and he was going to be rusty and out of football shape because of the no playing time in preseason!
And now!! Well you see.

Steve Slaton? Why didnt we just resign Pat White too. They were West Virginia's dynamic duo during tenure together there.

If you were'nt sol on Pat White while he was here. Then why would you be sold on his obvious crime fighting partner after he clearly underperformed in Houston?

Hey Jeff Ireland, though I agree with letting Ronnie Brown walk, Ricky Williams looks awfully good right now, doesnt he!

Adds depth cheap, I won't complain...

Dear Dyingbreed
This is Jeff Ireland Yes I do regret it but one thing I don't regret is all the cowboys reject I signed especially TS Fasano Colombo Nate Jones and Myself!

Our primary problem doesnt seem to be running the ball. Its seems to be redzone scoring offense.

Can "ANYONE" explain to me how dropping a promising young defensive player like Ryan Baker in exchange for the fumblematic washed uppe Steve Slaton addresses that? If anything, signining a fumblematic washed upped rb will only add to your redzone woes.

This fo again is clearly "Reaching" in the Slaton acquisition. However, just as always, what they've reached for is true mediocrity!

ray...sorry about the mess. Yes...I think a lot of QB's could have gotten 1 first down in that situation, including Moore.

Cheap!! One dollar is too much bro!

Aloco...report back pronto on the swisschard situation! Did you hear that a huge crop of swisschard was ruined by Mexican water? It's crazy man, darn montezuma !

I changed please dude don't make laugh that hard please, but I feel your frustration
But who knows at this point!!

Gates 0 catches


Dyingbreed... There is NO explanation to get rid of him...he coils have been really good, now I bet NE or some other team will snatch up Ryan and we will be sorry once again. We should have released Columbo in my opinion....

Wilson 1 pick

The best corner tandem in Football?
0 picks.

Slaton adds depth? You gotta be kidding me!

What Slaton truly adds is another potential HUGE offensive problem. Slaton seems to fumble the ball worse than Porky Pig fumbles over his words.

Everytime this guy touches the football in a Dolphin uniform I will now cringe and you should too.

List of good players on the defense:

Randy Starks.

End of list.

Wake is already done. Figured out. He's a one trick pony with no more tricks.


Why would Sparano wanna get rid of Columbo? Doesnt it make since to have to put a sixth olineman next to him on passing plays because he's a qb to the turf turnstile?

Koa Misi-ing in Action.

No wonder Marshall drops passes, he is shocked the ball is on target.

Reggie Bush, trying to prove what he has proven he can't prove. (waste of time and money)

There are only 5 people we need on this team

Tony Sparano Jr pro bowl equipment manager

We are not even good enough to rebuild. First we have to build up some before we can even start rebuilding.

List of good players on the defense:

Randy Starks.

End of list.

Posted by: Zapped | September 29, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Last season we didnt have a run defense without Channing Crowder. Had the 6th rated pass defense because of Cameron Wake.

Crowder's gone, Wake's exposed as a one trick pony, and we're now the 31st ranked nfl defense.

4 bum TE's do not equal one good TE. New Math.

Zapped WOW!!!
Who is that mask poster!! Man you going off bro!!! I like it though!

Burnett < Crowder

The team is in really bad shape. Not much can be salvaged on this current team. We have a lot of good #2 players, not many #1's.


There are two good players on defense right now:

1. Randy Starks
2. Jimmy Wilson.

Wilson should be a starting corner. The kid was within 6 inches of where he was supposed to be on the game winning ball. It was just a greta throw and catch that jmade the difference.

If that throw is off 3-4 inches it would have ended in Wilson's 2nd pick of the game or an incompletion. Football indeed is a game of inches.

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