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Dolphins claim RB Steve Slaton from Houston

The Dolphins have claimed and been awarded running back Steve Slaton off waivers from the Houston Texans.

The team assumes the remaining portion of running back''s $1.2 million salary. And now it gets interesting in the backfield.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins from a team that had a crowded stable of runners. The Dolphins have a crowded stable also. But only one of those players -- rookie Daniel Thomas -- is so far producing to satisfactory levels.

The same cannot be said of primary back and starter Reggie Bush, who has only 80 yards on 28 carries. Bush has also been nursing a tender groin.

Slaton comes to the Dolphins in his fourth NFL season. His best year was 2008 when he gained 1,282 yards and averaged 4.8 yards a carry in 16 games. It hasn't been nearly as good since.

In 2009 his production dropped to only 437 yards and a 3.3 average in 11 games and then he had only 93 yards on 19 carries all of last season. That season, Slaton fumbled four times in four games early in the season, leading to his limited use. He worked his way back into good graces but then on Dec. 9 sustained a shoulder injury and was placed on injured reserve.

The Texans have Arian Foster, the NFL rushing champion from a year ago, and Ben Tate in their backfield so Slaton was expendable. This year Slaton had 20 yards on seven carries, a 2.9 average.

The Dolphins are clearly searching for talent at running back since parting ways with Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. Earlier this year they signed, cut, signed and cut again running back Larry Johnson.

They've also worked out players such as Clinton Portis and Tiki Barber. No, none of this means Slaton will compete for the starting job.

It is not yet clear whom the Dolphins will cut.

List of candidates: Will Yeatman (they can always put him on practice squad), Nate Jones, Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Ryan Baker, or, yes, Phillip Merling. This is just speculation on my part. Just stirrin' [poopie], as I was told by someone within the organization today.

[Yup, yet another update: The unlucky player cut is Ryan Baker. Good guy. Tough guy.]


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The Blog Hit Troll is so quick to expose his.........Ignorance-ROTFLMAO!

he said Davis, not Wilson.


Posted by: odinbooze | September 29, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Retard, do you even read the posts you respond to-ROTFLMAO! Sure, we'll pay special attention to your idiotic comments and opinions-LOL.

He actually said Wilson was playing out of position and would make a better safety BEFORE he agreed with another poster in the same regards on Davis.

Jesus Freaking Christ! I'm smarter than your ignorant a ss when I'm totally ripped-Ha ha!

I'm drunk and you're stupid! Tomorrow I'll be sober and you........you'll still be a dumba ss-ROTFLMAO!

There's a cure for alcoholism, but there ain't aint no cure for STOOPID :P

Sucks to be You!!!!


Passed out on my KeyPad there!

What Happened?

Bottom's Up!!!!



Duh :O

Henne's skills and talent is not the problem. It's poor communication and a lack of professionalism that exists on this team. IMO it all starts with the Coach. Then it trickles down to the vets and leaders on this team that aren't doing their part in motivating the work that needs to be done to address these issues from the young ones. Easier said than done but in order for it to get through they need to set an example of it first. If Jason Taylor got up and said something to the locker room back in his DPOY situation it might've sent a clear message. It needs to be guys like Marshall and Dansby that get up and address the team but they can't even do that cuz they are part of the problem. I don't know if its lack of conditioning or mental breakdowns what have you but it just seems that it isn't working. I think the obvious most important Captain should be the QB. If the locker room is split and he is unable to thrive with the team around him it may just be immaturity. I just think he needs to get his confidence up with good play. And that in return would make it easier for him to step up and people listen. Do you think anyone would shake their heads or not listen to Brady if he got up and voiced concerns? That's cuz he has earned respect. Marshall needs to figure out how to gain that and be an impact player that they signed him to be




What's the difference? They both get toasted and we all end up in the TOILET BOWL!

PS: I like butter on my TOAST!

Odin, WTF man, same post over and over! Don't make me come up to MI to straighten you out :-) LOL!

Maybe I should come up there Odin, I'll buy!

Odin, honey butter is better on toast!

gonna watch the Jets Oakland game to see a beating

whoa whoa whoa... Did Leno just take a shot at my dolphins??? never imagined it would come to this.

Are you guys all zombies or what? Another worthless move that will get us to 0-4. We got Bush and everyone was thinking the skies the limit but again a worthless move and you ALL are excited by some back up runner. You guys are hopeless. Stupid is as stupid does.

We can't find someone to replace Nolan Carrol? Aren't there any CB's on Dallas' practice squad?

Some need to tell Marshall that his wife is cheating on with Sparano Mybe he'll stab him and us all a Fav

It's late F-this Go! Phins

lots of jet trolls on here even though they got smacked.lol

henne is the worst qb i have ever seen. its not even close. and ive seen some bad ones. henne needs to get yanked and sparano needs to get canned. until that happens we will not win another game. henne will never win another game in the nfl.

instead of all of you GMs making roster moves for us, why doesnt somebody focus on the fact that our team is not prepared to play. we have the players, our coaching staff fuking blows. these guys obviously are done playing for sparano. he is a pathetic coach

My boyfriend just asked "is Chad Henne Ross' secret love child!"


Never mind a running back...GET A QB MIAMI!!!!!

This team needs a spark. Play Matt Moore. Play Pat Devlin. Play Mickey Mouse.

Ricky and Ronnie must be laughing their collective azzs off right bout now, I would and do. The three blind mice, Sparano, Ireland and Ross. See how they run, see how they fall down, see how they screw up, see how they get fired. Can anyone say Laughing Stock?

what good are all these rb's if the line can't effectively block the air in front of them?

Mr save the season Steve Slaton. WTF! still getting rejects from texas, first dallas now houston oh freakin! Great!

Armando, this is why YOU and the rest of South Florida deserve the Dolphins and Ross as an OWNER... You say RB Thomas is satisfactory!!!!...... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!....... the guy is doing great!!!, but you don't praise him YOU GUYS ARE ONLY GOOD AT BASHING AND NEGATIVE ISSUES WHICH YOU AND ALL HERALD WRITERS DID SINCE THE PRE-SEASON!!!!!!..... Thomas is #12 in rushing yards as of this week in the NFL with almost 5yards per carry and in a very mediocre team...... thats satisfactory????? PLEASE NAME THE LAST MIAMI DOLPHIN RB TO HAVE A 5YRD PER CARRY AVERAGE..... EVEN IN WEEK 3.

Fins are a joke and these signings make no sense.

We all knew and wondered about certain positions and players before the start of the Season. We like fans in other NFL Cities jumped on the bandwagon and started drinkning the Kool Aid a month before the Season but in all frankness I can mention alot of regular posters on here including myself who womdered aloud about the questionable moves. I prefered in all honesty the signing of A.Bradshaw and wondered why a healthy more durable D.Sproles wasn't signed instead of trading for the often injured Bush.

It's week 4 of the Season and low and behold Bush is nursing an injury and people are wondering why he has been seldom used for a couple of weeks?? Like it wasn't talked to death on here about him and the injuries while Sproles is blowing it up in N.O. You work your way down the list at T.E.,DB, MLB, OLB, Tackle, Guard ect.. Then you read an article like the one Mando put up a few days back regarding Ross and his Leon Hess, Hugh Culverhouse styled penny pinching ways and there is blame there but there is plenty to go around.

Take the deal for Bush as an example and you can't put that on Ross that ones all Ireland. He takes a potential future player at Safety in Amaya and up and trades him with draft picks for Reggie who by the way signes his extention at an averege of 5.5 per then you see the more durable Sproles who the Saints pick up after moving Bush for nothing at an averege of 4.5 per, HUHHH!!!! This organization isn't snake bit as some have alluded, it's being run incompetently by mediocre Football execs and an ignorant owner.

thought baker played well in pre season

was thinking he'd see field more as season progressed

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