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Dolphins inactives and live blog here

The good news? Browns starting RB Peyton Hillis is not playing for the Browns today. Starting RT Tony Pashos is also not playing today so backup tackle Artis Hicks is starting in his place.

So there's that.

The Dolphins have some injuries, as you know, so those players -- Vontae Davis, Roberto Wallace, Tony McDaniel -- are inactive. But there's the healthy scratch that raises eyebrows: Phillip Merling.

Merling, a second-round pick in 2008, will not play today even though he is healthy. So he's obviously not as good, in the coaching staff's eyes, as Igor Olshansky and Ryan Baker who are active ahead of him. Olshansky was signed four days ago.

Call it another instance of a player not playing up to the talent the team believed he would have.

I wrote about that on this blog yesterday. I wrote about it today in my column in The Herald. Bottom line?

I think the Dolphins will beat the Browns today. But I do not believe this win will change a whole lot about what we know of this team. The column explains why.

There is a live blog today. Go to the comments section below for the first quarter festivities.  


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Good to hear you enjoyed it. Looking forward to it. Come on Dolphins!!!....


someone know the site to watch the game online?

Internet extremely slow here in Cleveland press box folks so hang in there with me.

What did I say Mando? Tony's taking my suggestion!

Im in FLA, it maybe more interesting watching Cam put up 400yds passing against the Jags than watching the dolphins game!

Let's get a quick score.

Ahhh ... the Marshall plan :)

Hilliard, wasn't that Clay's play?

Fasano below average TE front office didn't upgrade

This team is so un-disciplined.

attitude reflects leadership

Damn u Bess!

Bess was in first down territory and ran backward to lose the first down.

Welker gets that first down :(

WTF Henne gets the ball to someone for the first down and they run backwards?!

Take that back peeps. BRANDON FIELDS has been our MVP this year!

You guys miss Cognito's pull where he hit no one on Bush's run loss. Pathetic!

There is no way we should lose with Peyton Hillis[sic] is out.

Will Allen will be the nickel back today.

Gates very unimpressive draft pick so far

Again, it's mental mistakes and people not making a MUST-HAVE play. Story of the Dolphins. Hope defense steps up!

So far this game plan is to play not to lose. I would have came out throwing bombs on every down.

That was a good throw by Henne to Bess with guys right in his face.

link anyone?

bess, really?

anyone have the link? I'm in Orlando guys...

Misi, nice hold on the ankle.

Yeremiah Bell on the blitz. Picked up. First down.

Eh ... even Ben Watson makes that play :(

cant get off the field as usual. And TE gets a 1st.

TE again no QB pressure

God we suck so bad. Can't even stop anybody.

Surprise they are going to go after Carroll all day...


Loving the Jimmy Wilson pick

I knew Jimmy Wilson needed to play more!!

Meh, even i could have made that play.

Hey ... hey ... he held on! A momentum changer, leggo!

link please?

What foreign thing just occurred? Was it an eclipse? Was dis our defensive player catch the ball?

These boys might give cleveland a run for their money.

This might turn out to be the ugliest game of the week.


Wow Jimmy Wilson is out best DB he actually can hold onto INTs

Jimmy Wilson with first career interception of his career. That is also the first interception of the year by a Miami DB.

Hey! What is that thing called when the Defense catches the QB's throw?
Jimmy Wilson just somehow caught one. I can't remember the Iast time I've seen that happen.

Yes!!! Jimmy Wilson!!! What a success story!

Also the first reception that led to a first down for Miami in 9 quarters!

Your welcome, guys.

Armando, the stadium is empty

Henne is throwing the ball well with the pressure he is facing

Uh oh...red zone. Let's see what happens.



Live near NYC anyone have link to game on computer? I know last week there was one going




that was a hell of a screen play..nice call there

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