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Dolphins inactives and live blog here

The good news? Browns starting RB Peyton Hillis is not playing for the Browns today. Starting RT Tony Pashos is also not playing today so backup tackle Artis Hicks is starting in his place.

So there's that.

The Dolphins have some injuries, as you know, so those players -- Vontae Davis, Roberto Wallace, Tony McDaniel -- are inactive. But there's the healthy scratch that raises eyebrows: Phillip Merling.

Merling, a second-round pick in 2008, will not play today even though he is healthy. So he's obviously not as good, in the coaching staff's eyes, as Igor Olshansky and Ryan Baker who are active ahead of him. Olshansky was signed four days ago.

Call it another instance of a player not playing up to the talent the team believed he would have.

I wrote about that on this blog yesterday. I wrote about it today in my column in The Herald. Bottom line?

I think the Dolphins will beat the Browns today. But I do not believe this win will change a whole lot about what we know of this team. The column explains why.

There is a live blog today. Go to the comments section below for the first quarter festivities.  


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Okay, now that we have the lead let's see what Tony and Daboll do with it.

Brian DABOLL. That's what I'm talking about MANDO! WHAT!!!

Ricky Williams would have slipped and fell down at the 3-yard line.


Boy, what a screen pass execution! We do that consistently, Cleveland can forget it.

Thomas is the real deal.

Daniel Thomas-what excellent set up + blocking-can we do it again and again?

I picked our D today for fantasy football!

How can we evaluate Henne if the line keeps letting everyone in? How,,, ahhh whatever this line sucks! On a good note Daniel Thomas looks explosive in his first two games. Guess he's not the bust people (ignorant fans) were saying he was after the preseason.

Jay, and Henne JUST avoided another batted ball. Everything had to be executed flawlessly, and they EXECUTED!!!

That was a great screen. Nice job by Henne letting the play develop and Thomas with the running.

Rookies looking good great red zone play.

Hmmmm, that wasn't exactly what i had in mind. Don't worry, guys, next time we'll go for the field goal.

How refreshing.That was very professional looking...innovation and execution. Holy Smokes!

Mando, that drive was Henne! Didi you notice the guy all over him on the td throw!

I said it earlier, this game depends on HENNE!

This was one of the fins best draft in many years. Pouncey is a stud, Thomas is a stud, gates has already proved his worth blowing the top off defenses, Jimmy Wilson will be the nickel back soon. Hopefully clay gets to show something today.

I don't think Ireland or sporano should be fired. Give the time time to gell. They lost to two of the best teams in the NFL. Wait till they get used to the new offense.

Did our D just cover a TE for an incompletion?

Great play call on that TD. Even better is they cashed in off a TURNOVER!

Nolan Carroll blown coverage

McCoy no sirve. El tipo es un dichavao.

Reshad Jones, OUT OF COVERAGE again. Why's he right near Carrol?

Right away, you can see the superiority of Miami's personnel.

LOL, Cribb was WIDE open...do Nolan Carrol and our safeties speak the same language?

Carroll can't stay with anyone.

WHY IS CRIBBS THAT WIDE OPEN! Brady would have just scored on us!

Wait Reggie Bush returning a punt... did this staff finally learn how to use him?

Brady would of torch us on that play!!

Nolan Carroll is playing in this team because his mom is vice gob. in the state

let's go Offense!! No stopping now!

What was jones doing? Better get Clemons healthy soon. He and carrol are going to kill us!

3 and out coming up, guys.

Maybe when David talked about Miami having the best DB tandem in the league he was talking about Smith and Wilson....LOL.

Yeah they will continue to look towards Carroll after he and Jones got beat by Cribbs.

DAVIS rather...

Yeah I know she is the Lt. Gov. I am not proud to say I know the family...

@The One-that was more jones than carrol. Jone had deep coverage but came forward.

marshall coming wide open on the sideline there

Yep, that's our offense.

Pouncy down fiel blocking for Bush. This guy is the real deal at center.

marshall is running open....

I had thought Jones was out of position but he seemed pretty upset and went straight over to carroll heated about it so I figured it was probably more on Carroll... yeah your right jones should have been over the top

Can we stop with the dumb penalties!

Link 1 (in HD) seems to be stuttering and seriously delayed compared to live action.

Great now Carey is injured


Carey doesn't want to play.

Matt L,

Switch to link 2 on front row. Its not stuttering like link 1. I switched to link 2 and its perfect!

The season is over. Thanks for watching, guys.

Anyone have a better link the the http://www.firstrowsports.tv one?

Jones is straight sorry. He has no idea what's going on. I cant believe he was really in competition with Clemons

Go for it

go for it!

link 2 doesnt have sound.

Don't worry guys, next time we'll punt.

Maybe clemons will start when he gets healthy... I am really liking what I am seeing from Daniel Thomas

Lovely pitch and catch!


That's it Tony!!

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