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Dolphins inactives and live blog here

The good news? Browns starting RB Peyton Hillis is not playing for the Browns today. Starting RT Tony Pashos is also not playing today so backup tackle Artis Hicks is starting in his place.

So there's that.

The Dolphins have some injuries, as you know, so those players -- Vontae Davis, Roberto Wallace, Tony McDaniel -- are inactive. But there's the healthy scratch that raises eyebrows: Phillip Merling.

Merling, a second-round pick in 2008, will not play today even though he is healthy. So he's obviously not as good, in the coaching staff's eyes, as Igor Olshansky and Ryan Baker who are active ahead of him. Olshansky was signed four days ago.

Call it another instance of a player not playing up to the talent the team believed he would have.

I wrote about that on this blog yesterday. I wrote about it today in my column in The Herald. Bottom line?

I think the Dolphins will beat the Browns today. But I do not believe this win will change a whole lot about what we know of this team. The column explains why.

There is a live blog today. Go to the comments section below for the first quarter festivities.  


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Freaking Fumble by Bush on a good drive

Yep, we suck.

Thanks Reggie!!!


horrible, why have bush do that play?

Again a turnover in the redzone

They need to keep Thomas in the game!

Sparano is king of statistics, so why can't he figure out that every time Bush runs inside its not a great play?

Stop running Reggie in the middle. He's not a inside runner

As typical as that was, Iam glad that wasn't DT.
Poor Reggie.Almost 3 games and it looks like he don't have it no mo.

Miss me yet?

yep thats our inside rusher.... good trade





Posted by: DyingBreed | September 25, 2011 at 01:40 PM

That's not saying much.

Is this Henne's first time ever making it through the 1st Quarter without calling a timeout?


Henne...throw the ball up to BM, he's been wide slap open many a time...Hayden can't cover him... Go deep punk!

Reggie Bush is like a crappy toy that looks good so you keep playing with it. He should be in the slot and nothing else. It's inexcusable to keep running him between the tackles. At least the next coaching staff will have Daniel Thomas to use properly.

not ggod enuff to over come fumbles... keep bush on the outside

This is no contest in favor of Miami.

Finally, an offense clearly inferior to our own! LOL.................................

Ricky Williams....no not missing you per say...just your herbal bags of good-ness

Browns offense so pathetic, guys 7pts may be enough to win this game! LOL...


Switch to link 2 on front row. Its not stuttering like link 1. I switched to link 2 and its perfect!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 25, 2011 at 01:32 PM

Longest Henne's had to throw all season on that play!

Thomas IS A BEAST!!!

One thing for sure, we don't need a new QB. This offense is perfect for him. That shows how bad henning's offense was!!

Epic fail, dude.

One thing for sure, we don't need a new QB. This offense is perfect for him. That shows how bad henning's offense was!!

Posted by: Jaison | September 25, 2011 at 01:45 PM

Or maybe, just maybe, this means the Brownies defense is realllllyyyyy bad.

D Thomas wiffed on the blitzing lb.

Jaison I agree Henne is not the problem we just need an offensive line to give him sometime... and a new field goal kicker... and new corners and some tightends

Come on Carpenter

punt the dmn ball...

Bring back Olindo Mare.

hard being a finfan, even after 40 years of it...perhaps the Texans need more fans...

We just can't miss FG's. We have to put this team away and not keep them in the game!

punt the dmn ball...

Posted by: mntnmanfinfan | September 25, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Why? So the Browns can take it at the 20? Gee, what a difference.

That L side of the OL are panckaking the Browns.

That sack was on the right side again.

Carpenter not kicking like last year. Can't rely on FGs. Need to think of going for it

Need for Carpenter to regain his confidence.

Of oourse... We can't score touchdowns AND field goals. That would be unfair.

Carpenter is a streaky damn kicker. Can't be streaky as a kicker. But when he's on he's as good as anybody. sadly he ain't on lately.

Brady has thrown for 12,000 yards already today...simple routes, easy passes, routine...

Estos Dolfins no sirven, brode.

A game miami is really dominating and yet they only have 7 pts on the board.......what else can go wrong for this team when things look to be going well???*lol*

Carpenter just isn't reliable anymore. He doesn't make long kicks. He doesn't make short kicks.

And now Miami has given Cleveland reasonably good field position. They've dominated the game so far, but they keep leaving points on the field. They're going to wind up in a dogfight against a team that they are dominating statistically.

They shouldn't try any more long field goals. Just go for it. They're chances of converting are as good as Carpenter actually making a kick.

We should be up by 17-0, but of course, that would be asking too much from this team.

Henne is not the problem he has played well overall so far ... our defense needs to step up

Carpenter become unreliable could be the best thing for this offense.

What else can go wrong?? Chargers, Jets, Broncos and Giants...that is what else can go wrong...have we become the Lions of the past??

Nice defense.


lol, Miami.

WTF was sean smith doing? He has size on cribbs

Toast- our corners are terrible!!

Is there a worse secondary in the NFL.

Yep, everything is going as planned. We suck.

Sean Smith sucks...always has. Way to use the height advantage.

I guess McCoy now has a 20+ yard reception.

Cribbs outplayed Smith. There's a surprise.

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