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Dolphins inactives and live blog here

The good news? Browns starting RB Peyton Hillis is not playing for the Browns today. Starting RT Tony Pashos is also not playing today so backup tackle Artis Hicks is starting in his place.

So there's that.

The Dolphins have some injuries, as you know, so those players -- Vontae Davis, Roberto Wallace, Tony McDaniel -- are inactive. But there's the healthy scratch that raises eyebrows: Phillip Merling.

Merling, a second-round pick in 2008, will not play today even though he is healthy. So he's obviously not as good, in the coaching staff's eyes, as Igor Olshansky and Ryan Baker who are active ahead of him. Olshansky was signed four days ago.

Call it another instance of a player not playing up to the talent the team believed he would have.

I wrote about that on this blog yesterday. I wrote about it today in my column in The Herald. Bottom line?

I think the Dolphins will beat the Browns today. But I do not believe this win will change a whole lot about what we know of this team. The column explains why.

There is a live blog today. Go to the comments section below for the first quarter festivities.  


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I fuckng hate soprano celebrating field goals


Actually if Nolan's defense starts to play like last year, they CAN compete against Brady

(...and, by the way, Sanchez isn't even in the same conversation LOL)

Miami is the vastly superior Team and still we are only 10-7. Execution has been up and down so it's a matter of being consistent.


We could've been up by 24 instead.


Actually if Nolan's defense starts to play like last year, they CAN compete against Brady

(...and, by the way, Sanchez isn't even in the same conversation LOL)

Posted by: Robin Williams | September 25, 2011 at 02:21 PM

"If", lol, good luck with that. Miami has been the "if" team since 1973.

Hey Andee, f*ck yourself!

Henne is getting better and better as the Season progresses.

Ryan Fitzpatrick! You can have him and Sanchez with their rag arms!

So, what you bloggers think, are we going to win. Or not?

Hey Andee, f*ck yourself!

Posted by: TONY'S CLIP BOARD | September 25, 2011 at 02:23 PM

LOL! Keep sticking to those field goals, clip board. See how far they take ya against the Pats, Jets, and even the friggin Billies. LMFAO!

So, what you bloggers think, are we going to win. Or not?

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 25, 2011 at 02:25 PM



Fair enough.

But most of us here are Dolphin FAN's which means (until they
lose their first six games.)
we have
h o p e.

What's YOUR story?

Just as you wish.

Henne is getting better and better as the Season progresses.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 25, 2011 at 02:23 PM

Put that little weasel up against us and see what happens. Oh that's right, you already did, lol.

We will see! Another non dolphin fan who thinks he knows something! Andrew Luck will another Jake Locker! Came out the wrong year and will be sitting on the bench!

Why is Cleveland still in this game! Sheesh!

We can see also that Game planning was also lacking. Therefore, 1/2 time adjustments will not be there. We just might be screwed with that scrappy QB they have.

That DB they have covering Marshall is a hell of a player.

shud b up by at least 2 td

Gotta give credit to Henne for eating up the clock and keeping defense well rested.

so much 4 half time adjustments

God awful tackling!

Here it comes again!

guys getting paid millions n can't do their jobs. cant tackle can't cover can't make 51 yard field goal

Miami D slowing, getting down. Thank goodness for YB!

There is absolutely no discipline on this team. Sparano has no business being a head coach in this League!

Listen, you players don't want to play here? Well accomodate you, quickly!

Can this O-Line block at all!

Running Bush up the middle. From inside our 20. Right!

Looking no good.

The right side of the O line is beyond pathetic! The O line is supposed to be Sparano's strength. What a joke this guy is.

Nice Chad!

I just can't believe the dumb penalties!


Thx brandon for that!!!

The R side of our OL is killing us.

D. Thomas is a hell of a load.

Yet another wasted opportunity!

Really, this is getting very old.

I'm so sick of Sperano and his celebrating of field goals!

Thx YB for that one!


Get Bush off the field! Thomas please!

How many penalties can kill drives!

Poor Coaching, once again.

That idiot number 95 should be cut ASAP!

By all means, sign more Cowboys castoffs!

Long wingspan of S. Smith.


Please, you, post a + commentary once in a while.

noway the blowfish win, not with 100 yards in penalties. This is poor coaching and poor practice, Shula would not have tolerated all these penalties. Morano needs to go!

Whether they win or loose one thing is crystal clear, Sparano & Ireland have no business in the NFL!


keep pounding the ball!

wow, if only we had a chance to pick up darwin sproles instead of bush..... opps that right we did... good move wiff ireland!


here we go.... td over nolan

My stomach is in knots right now!!

The probablities of winning are on our favor.

Concentrate on winning. Well see about the rest of the stuff later.

remeber the the blowfish and the pats two minute drill.... not good.... d can't make a play


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