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Dolphins lead Browns 10-7 to start third quarter

The Dolphins are holding on so far at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Yes, they gave up a TD pass from Colt McCoy to Josh Cribbs that victimized Sean Smith in one-on-one coverage. That tied the game at 7-7 in the second quarter. McCoy has otherwise struggled, completed only 5 of 14 passes for 73 yards. He has a 47.6 rating right now.

But Dan Carpenter connected on a 23-yard field goal to give the Dolphins back the lead at 10-7.

Chad Henne is playing very well so far. He's completed 15 of 19 for 191 yards and one TD. His quarterback rating is 126.1.

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incognito is a big boy!

It's Deja Vu all over again.

Is Hayden that good or is Marshall losing his ability to get open? Carpenter making one that counts...is he back?


Repeat of last year. Get in the red zone area and come away with field goals.

arm tackling CBs at their finest

Bad feeling here. Carroll is gonna get burned.

Why was Henne not in shotgun last 2 series maybe 3? Henning offense...with Reggie Bush.

Ok, Nolan....you really don't need the HC $. Can you blitz Colt Freaking McCoy?

Wilson giving us hope!

2 plays in a row by our DBs!

Philip Rivers.....OMG!

We will lose

Bring on the new regime!

How about those Dollphins?

Thats too bad cuz Wilson was showing some good dynamics

Fire sparanO and cut Henne after the final whistle.

somebody put Soprano out of his misery and fire him already!

Are you all really surprised? Sparano won't be fired until lAst two or three weeks of season. Ross is clueless. Hey at least we really do suck for Luck.

blowfish suck anytime and all the time!!!
FIRE MARANO NOW.... CAN'T DO ANY WORSE THE LOSERS ARE TOAST. Gee how will practice go this week.... can we keep the penatlites under a 100 yards... LOSERS.... 0-15 COMING UP!!!

paying the price for 30 years with only 2 losing seasons.... now we must have 30 years with 2 winning seasons, but wait mayber we can reach our for another blowhard GM like BLOWCELLS and he will turn it around!!!
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15
THEY SUCK!!!! 0-15

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