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Dolphins lead Browns 13-10 to start fourth quarter

It's money time.

The Dolphins are one quarter from their first victory of 2011. That's good. But can't say it's been scintilating.

The teams traded field goals in the third quarter. The Dolphins lead 13-10.

The live blog, on the other hand, is scintilating. Join us in the comments section below.


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Of course Carroll worst player on team

Look at the bright side: it's not the Bengals-49ers. 3-3 in the 4th quarter. Yeesh!


Miami burned their 2nd timeout to set up a pass interference penalty.

Nice going, fellas.


we should cut carrol...but we have noone to replace him!!!!

Yep I think that's fair DC....you're last comment.

I take that I am a FAN

Extremely poorly coached team!

Igor-trying to give the game away are we?

How can the Lions get Calvin wide open in the EZ, and the phins can't do similar with Marshall?

We are just a losers magnet

I'm now rooting 4 fins loss

Penalties! Let's give the game away!


Whats the difference he would just drop the ball any way.

Watch the defense just fold after those two penalties.

former cowboy reject kills us again....*LMAO*

OK, what is everyone taking away from this game?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 25, 2011 at 03:22 PM

The Dolphin's only problem is personnel: players and coaches. Little talent either way.

Blow up the Sparano regime, Mr Ross.

Now they're reachin, good play Smith!

Craig M,

So you expect something to matter for the rest of the season? By that logic you must think we're good (comparatively speaking to the rest of the NFL).

Did you expect to start 0-2??? If not, how many games do you "expect" us to win this season with the product that we have put on the field, thus far???

Put it away right here...please

FYI..."Suck for Luck" is no longer funny nor clever. You may as well post it along with a spinning bow-tie and a squirting flower on your lapel.

Odds we turn the ball over to hand browns the win? We r experts at choking

Henne to Hartline for a TD! Right now!

3 and out and Brownies win 17-13. Bet your house on it.

A good team will put this thing away right now.

Ok Craig, here's where Henne earns his money. DON'T PUT THIS ON THE DEFENSE. Can't go 3-and-out. Gotta eat up clock, gotta move the ball downfield.

I spotlight Henne both because he's the key to the offense and because he's been the leader of the offense today (and all season actually).

What I take away. Henne is a tough and good QB. Thomas is a stud, we take too many penalties. The oline is the weakest part of this team, in pass protection. This has been our best draft in years. Thomas, pouncey, gates and Wilson will all be good. Hopefully clay will get to show what he can do soon.

Big stop by the defense and Bess sets the offense up with great field position.

A good team puts the game away in a situation like this. (A good team would have long since dispatched this Browns team.)

The defense did its job today. The offense has blown a lot of scoring opportunities. They need to stick the ball the end zone here.

Who has had more than 6 beers:

1. ctphinsfan


Watch conservative offense now

Not the right call IMO (that's on Daboll).

I regret the Phins will probably eek out a win and prop up the failed Tony Sparano regime for another week.

FYI..."Suck for Luck" is no longer funny nor clever. You may as well post it along with a spinning bow-tie and a squirting flower on your lapel.

Posted by: Sideshow Bill | September 25, 2011 at 03:32 PM

Your right. The Fins don't have the stones to draft me even if they did have the #1 pick.

Please, mother of God, not another FG.

Thomas is a beast.

I think they signed Igor Olshansky because he has a scary name. Hopefully they sign Frankenstein Jones and Satan P. Wolfenstein off the waiver wire this week.

this kid Thomas is the real Mccoy

Oh looks like Tony finally figured out to run thomas on 1st down, hey only took 3 and a half quarters!

SideShow Bill,

"Suck For Luck" isnt designed to be clever nor funny. Its a very realistic assesetion of our team.

Where have you been?

If the Dolphins win how much credit do I give Miami's big 3....Ireland/Sparano/Daboll ?

Thomas must have 100

This game is pathetic. No fire. No passion. Offense stinks and so does defense What a joke. Ireland and Sparanus MUST go

FG will not do it.

Henne has some nuts... alot of runs this year!!

Daniel thomas is at 90 yards. The Dolphins say no Miami rookie has ever had back-to-back 100-yard games.

Looks like a Henning drive so far, here comes another 3 and hopefully browns score one to win so we can get this coach and gm the hell out of here!

we kick a FG, get a fist pump, then browns score a TD we lose

Thomas is real deal... Our running game is the best part of our game

I hate to admit, it's nice to be able to run out the clock. Good execution by the oline.

17-16 Brownies.

Good one, Sideshow. They didn't sign him for his talent.

"Suck For Luck" isnt designed to be clever nor funny. Its a very realistic assesetion of our team.

Where have you been?

Posted by: DyingBreed

I disagree. You don't root for your team to lose. At least I don't. I understand where the sentiment comes from but I don't invest myself in this team to hope for a 1-15 season. If that's where it goes, so be it. But I refuse to hope for that.

prevent prevent

How many yards does bush have running?

and neither will thomas because the coaching staff doesn't have the foresight to make it happen for the kid.


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