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Dolphins lead Browns 13-10 to start fourth quarter

It's money time.

The Dolphins are one quarter from their first victory of 2011. That's good. But can't say it's been scintilating.

The teams traded field goals in the third quarter. The Dolphins lead 13-10.

The live blog, on the other hand, is scintilating. Join us in the comments section below.


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Henne is slowly deteriorating

FG Sad

lets go for that kill blow that is a FG!!!

Let's see. A month ago henne was the problem. Then columbo who has played well today. The defense has let us down.

Hold defense

Same OLD BS....this coachging staff has NO killer instict...clearly playing for a FG there


Y can't our receivers get open?

Now the d needs to show

Our O line sucks

SideShow Bill,

I never root for this team to lose. They dont need any help!

fist pump

Good one, Sideshow. They didn't sign him for his talent.

Posted by: Angry Elf

My pleasure. I needed a laugh too.

Wow can't score TDs. Bad team

nooooooooooooo can't bear to watch

Fist Pump!!!

Red Zone problem continue...execution

Another nailbiter. Glad to be on this side of the score though.

called it, here we go, time for the defense to show their true colors and allow a game winning drive while missing and int or two.

Roflmao this is to priceless honestly every 3rd down except maybe once we always throw it 5 yds short of where we need to be

Vomit vomit vomit vomit uuuughhhhhhhhhhhh no no no no another FG!!!!

Did you see Sparano reaction the the FG. Please FIRE this guy!!!

Conservative, guys, always conservative.

Woo Hoo! Another field goal! Can I get a fist pump!


hey can kick off but he can barely make fg's


Way too conservative after the penalty call. And dialing up Bush between the tackles was just a bad idea.

The FG leaves the door open for Cleveland. They haven't moved the ball much today, but the Dolphin defense has a history of giving up TD's in situations like this. The philosophy should have been TD-or-bust once they got inside the Cleveland 30.

Dolfans are not rooting for the team to lose. We're just predicting best case scenario for them to end up based on the play theyve been showing.

If they're going to lose, best case scenario for fans is "Suck For Luck"!

Cmon browns go down the field....if fins win it feels fake

The Dolphins were 11-5 during Sparano's first yr because of two words: Chad Pennington. They have been atrocious ever since.

Here we go!

who has had 8 beers?:
1. ctphins fan

Here we go. We are screwed.


Yes, I expected the team to lose their first two games. They lost to two better teams. No doubt about it. Hopefully they hang on to this game and no I don't think they will beat the Chargers next week. I have to look at their schedule closer but I have them finishing about where they were last year, which as we all know isn't good enough.

It's up to our d? we're done

I knew they were playing for a fg. Everyone watching could see. "Dont make a mistake chad, dont throw the ball and take any chances here, our defense will hold just get the three. Pathetic.

No way they won't blow this.

who has had 8 beers?:
1. ctphins fan

Posted by: ctphinsfan | September 25, 2011 at 03:41 PM

11, bro.

16-16.. we block xp

If this wasn't a lockout year this team would be much better. A totally new offense needs time. They are getting better and learning who is going to succeed. Before the season started most on this blog were berating henne and calling Thomas a bust. I think both are looking like great players.


its too ironic that cleveland can still win the game.....sparano must be the happiest person alive right now on this team.....he GOT three Fist Pumps today!!!!

Hilarious, saved the no huddle to beat us with it when theyre not expecting it


k taylor kick some ass...

Good thing we stunned Cleveland with those FG's when we had the chance.

How many people wish we had Buffalo's offense? Yes Buffalo :'(

Don't worry guys, even if we lose there's plenty of good things to take away from this loss.

Really need the defence to step on this drive.

It just occurred to me that the knock on Thomas all pre-season was that he was soft hitting the hole. Yet in the 2 games he's played the dude explodes into the hole.

So is that because he was properly coached or because the coaching staff was wrong? Hmmm.....I think we all know the answer to that one.

Here comes our defensive krytonite. The 2 minute offense. I think I'll close my eyes!

oh yeah carpenter missed one

Buffalo just tied NE 24-24, watch out for the Bills! Nice comeback. Wish we could do that.

"Good thing we stunned Cleveland with those FG's when we had the chance."


Prevent=us from winning!!!

D line which is supposed to be our strength has no sacks

i love prevent!!! prevent us from stopping them

Does TS lose his job if they blow this game?

once again, we get in the red zone and come away with a field goal. Pathetic.

Lets go Traitor. You so owe us.

We need an INT or a Fumble. Otherwise they're going to score.

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