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Dolphins lead Browns 13-10 to start fourth quarter

It's money time.

The Dolphins are one quarter from their first victory of 2011. That's good. But can't say it's been scintilating.

The teams traded field goals in the third quarter. The Dolphins lead 13-10.

The live blog, on the other hand, is scintilating. Join us in the comments section below.


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armando what is the attendance, the stadium is empty

Sideshow. How about the reporters. Sun sentinel did not say he did not hit The hole

Come on defense stand up and win

Buffalo tied with the Pats in 4th quarter.

wilson playing good

If they're just going to keep sending 4, McCoy is going to lead a TD drive.

They need to heat the kid up.

JIMMY WILSON is by far our best CB after VD

Craig M,

Which is to acknowledge my initial point... We are not a very good football team!!!


Yes, I expected the team to lose their first two games. They lost to two better teams. No doubt about it. Hopefully they hang on to this game and no I don't think they will beat the Chargers next week. I have to look at their schedule closer but I have them finishing about where they were last year, which as we all know isn't good enough.

Posted by: Craig M | September 25, 2011 at 03:42 PM

Bills wont win. They are just proving the Dolphins are clearly the worst team in the afc east!

td coming up here when d expects run

We suck. Its over.


Of that we are in agreement. I'm just saying, I'd rather be up 16-10 right now than down 16-10.

This is how to lose a game!!!

Hiiiilllaaarrrious!! Go defense!!! hahaha

wow i envy buffalo

our linebackers can not cover.


we r awful...absolutely-The Bills are way better than us

buf winning

Wouldn't even be in this game without Tony's patented "Mildcat" offense.

Guess Bills just made a liar out of me. Now they are up 31-24 on the Pats! LOL...

yes yes HUGE 4TH DOWN.......GO BROWNS.

Wilson is a beast.


Jason Taylor stinks.

Sideshow. How about the reporters. Sun sentinel did not say he did not hit The hole

Posted by: ltcdolphin

I don't read the SS (I'm in Illinois) so I will take your word for it. I know what I got from this paper is he was hesitant and tippy-toed.

Terrible by Taylor. You just can't be offsides in that situation.

bills are fun to watch

This is what happens when you settle for field goals

We are going to lose this game.

U can blame Henne all u want but our D sucks

This game is gonna be lost because the Dolphins should have let D T continue running the ball and not give it to Bush. That is why we lost this game. Fire the coach

We Lose!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is looking like Cleveland is absolutely going to steal a win today.


Perfect. Crank up the jet Mr Ross.

exactly 72, read my mind.

here we go again

OMG!!! sigh

Wow. If they lose this game....wow. LOL. Mike Nolan should hide his head in shame.

Time for a new coach

for as conservative as miami has been in this game.....why not blow it on the last drive.....Fist pump that spordraino!!!

Did i do that?

17-16 lol many of you were right

This is f***ing perfect! Mando still think they should wait on firing the coach? No reason to wait, this team isn't even sniffing the playoffs, no need to keep letting a bad coach instill bad habits into our young players. Get em out now!

Wow.... I might just cry


I told you all. This coach needs to be fired now for his incompetence.

0-16 Mando.. Thoughts?

Just didn't execute....fist pump....


yes beer, and 16 poijts vs browns? lol awful we are the worst team in the nfl. this is the best thing that could happen to us this year. new staff, andrew luck!

And there you have it.


Yep. That's what happens when you continually come away with FGs instead of TDs inside the 10. You get beat.

As many keep saying here, the QB needs to come up with touchdowns in the redzone. It comes back to bite every time.

TOUCHDOWN................HELL YEAH

Nicely done. Sparano has to be fired. The constant FG's do not cut it.

These are your fvcking 2011 Miami Dolphins, 0-3!

SEYA IRELAND, SEEYA ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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