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Dolphins lead Browns 13-10 to start fourth quarter

It's money time.

The Dolphins are one quarter from their first victory of 2011. That's good. But can't say it's been scintilating.

The teams traded field goals in the third quarter. The Dolphins lead 13-10.

The live blog, on the other hand, is scintilating. Join us in the comments section below.


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And only one TO left
Fire Sporano and Ireland

Sorry, guys. Maybe next time, lol.

That's what happens when you don't put 7s on the board in the red zone.

It's probably a good thing Miami burned two timeouts early in the half. They don't need those now.

Playing not to lose will make you lose every time in 2011.

Rush three men all season long you stupid f@#$%.

lol, want me yet?

Sparano, pack your stuff, YOUR FIRED!!!

Can't be conservative now. Didn't show much confidence in Henne last drive.

fist pump!!!

the best is now coming.......... Henne interception

Just one more field goal and we can win this

When is the last time we blocked a a crucial kick?

Got 'em right where we want 'em, all we need is a FG to win.

I'm happy, we deserved to lose, we are not going anywhere be 0-5 with sparano fired i'd be happy, on the way to a franchise qb and legit coach.

Henne can not put the team on his back like McCoy just did to score a TOUCHDOWN and WIN.

Sparano has SO lost this team. Other than Henne...a back up

Im glad we lost so we really now to fire Sparno. And Henne sucks folks

SUCK FOR ME!!!!!!!!

Look on the bright side, all we need is a field goal!

Why is Reggie not returning this?

How does sparano keep his job after this???*lmao*....just goes to show you when cleveland throws it up for grabs....they have confidense in their playmakers......we DONT!!!!

Is Olivadotti still our D coordinator?

He was famous for not holding leads in the 4th quarter.

Still, I blame this on the O. Giving up 17 points isn't so bad. You gotta score more than 16 against this sorry team.

Not over!!

Nice field position. Could've used those time outs though.


aww crap bet we win

I will not stop calling for this coach to be fired. Man, I am so mad.....

not so fast the Brownies might give us this one

Browns are dumber than dolphins.

Well, there's really no excuse for not at least getting into field goal range now and having a chance to win it. They need about 20 yards.

Nah nah nah nahh, nah nah nah nah,,, hey hey hey ,,,,goodbyeeeeeeeee! Mr. Ross fire these chumps before they even get on the plane. Do not allow them to stink up the plane with their collective s#%t, they've done enough damage. Thanks Tuna! Way to go you pom-pass wind bag!

Shoulda saved the TO to freeze Carpenter!!

The refs will win this for us, we can't. They owe us from last year.


Play calling sucks.

Gotta play it conservative, guys.

Henne doesnt play 2 min drill dum dums

The one time Henne needs to throw it with some zip, and he lobs it to Bess!!!

Bad play calling

nfl network has it on radio, yeah woopee

O god...dont go winning this now!!!!!

Don't play to the sidelines. Throw up the seam!

We need six yds, not sixty dumbson.

I'm gonna need another live chicken!

The one time Henne needs to throw it with some zip, and he lobs it to Bess!!!

The play calling lost this game. ja ja ja ja

We can't even get ONE yard against the Browns!!!!


lol yeah henne is great

Henne Picked as usual



phew we lost

They really don't know what they ate doing


Sporano just lost his job.


I am excited for something to change fast!

lol..omfg! We suck soooooooo bad!

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