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Dolphins lead Browns 13-10 to start fourth quarter

It's money time.

The Dolphins are one quarter from their first victory of 2011. That's good. But can't say it's been scintilating.

The teams traded field goals in the third quarter. The Dolphins lead 13-10.

The live blog, on the other hand, is scintilating. Join us in the comments section below.


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it dont matter fo will stay the same this year, he wont get canned

Matt L, For the remainder of this seaon, who cares?

Prior to this I refused to believe we were this bad.
I thought we were a middle of the pack team that lost to 2 playoff teams.
But this team is horrible.
Now I admit it.

It's time for the owners to start listening to the fans. Clean house.

...This one burns bad. WTF. That was 2 bad teams out there. Why is that we are so immune to touchdowns in the redzone? It is, or has to be a mental thing now. It isn't pro football, it is amatuer hour.

So now pats lose and we gain 0 ground on them. Doesn't even matter anymore.

I can't take this crap anymore with Sparano.

I don't know what happened to the D this year, DC$ is becoming the opposite of that, we get in the redzone and CAN'T get TD's....

Someone has to coach the team! What lame duck are they going to get to coach for a couple of months?

Clean House. Trade for draft picks

bills td will be overturned

Wow! I got a headline for you mando "Dolphins get steamed in Cleveland" boy this team stinks! Ross should fire morono and ireland in cleveland them find their own way home... 1 & 15 here we come!!!

Well it's time to clean house

If I were Norv Turner, I rest my starters. Seriously.


As usual the mental mistakes took over the Dolphins again 0-3.

El guru - what team can this team beat to go 1 and 15?

Ross' check list for Monday morning.
1. Fire the coach
2. Make Nolan interim head coach (let him know you're replacing him at seasons end).
3. Season ends hire Cowher, Fischer, or Shottenheimer.
4. Put Ireland on notice.
5. Let new coach fire Ireland after he finds his own GM.

Fins were given a gift on the kick off return but couldn't pick up 5 yards in 4 plays to win the game Pathetic

Let's look at the positives. First theres... And second .... Nope I got nothing

Come on guys, quit sugar coating it, tell us how you really feel.

Yo,,,Sparano, try JobSearch.com.
Did u "homers" see this sorry assed excuse of a football team get bet by the worst team in the NFL, UFL, or anyother leaque????? Mondo, I told u the fish have no heart, no soul, no nothing.

well folks, it's that time of the weekend to start the henne bashing. what a pathetic loser. not a leader, never will be a leader period. if you expect to be a nfl qb then you fuc$ing score tds, but no let's settle for fg's. oh 4th and 10 let's throw a pick. same old sh$t. but there will be those henne di$k suckers that will say it wasn't his fault. bottom line suckrano, henne, ireland. the 3 muskaqueers!

Epic fail by "Bad" Henne and the offense. All we needed was 7 yards to get in FG range for Carpenter and the wildly incaccurate and robitic Bad Henne guarantees defeat. ANY other NFL team gets thos 7 yards agains Cleveland! Thanks Bad!

We can't blame Dan Henning for Henne's performance today! LMAO!

All you clowns who gave me grief for calling Henne a stiff can APLOGIZE TO ME RIGHT NOW! C'mon be a man!

Embarassing time to be a fin fan.Coaches suck,players suck.Has Sparano been fired yet?

looks like u guys are finally all on board with me now. told u in august how bad this team was. fire tony today

Chad Henne 36 seconds to play ball on Cleveland 47 incomplete, incomplete,incomplete, and interception. Now thats Chad Henne.

Mando, what I'm taking from this game is both these teams are incredibly undisciplined, play dumb foot ball at times, but we squander our red zone opportunities MORE than a team with our inadequacies can afford.

I believe we should leave both Sporano and Ireland right where they are till season's end.

Then, FIRST AND FOREMOST, get a REAL GM...not AJ Smith, please.
But who to coach this team?
Who would WANT to?

It almost doesn't matter for the next 2 years, but what DIOES matter is player acquisition.

We have NO consistent playmakers on either side of the ball. I attribute some of the problem to our coaching staff's inability, as Mando referenced to the improper utilization of players, not only on the O-Line, but in nearly EVERY phase of the game.
I have no doubt that Tony's conservatism is making Daboll's job twice as hard.

Still, d a 7-9 record (assuming Nolan takes over) gets us nowhere.
Lets ride this bus all the way to 4-12.

Where's that one Henne defender? Drinking.

D E P R E S S I N G!!!!! We are the worst team in the league! But TS will say "0-3 ain't so bad, we've been at 0-2, that's only one more! We can still have a decent mediocre season!"


exactly chris.

Some of you are so pathetic. It's a team game and everyone lost, how do you not see that you fat wastes of space. Maybe if you had played sports instead of eating yourself into obesity you would understand what a team is. The coach lost because he's in over his head, the kicker lost because he missed a fg that would have been the difference in a win for us, Marshall dropped a td that would have been the difference in a win for us, the defense let up a 80 plus yard winning td drive to a qb who couyldn't do crap the whole game colt mccoy, Henne couldn't drive when it mattered, Taylor with an awful penalty, daboll using Hennings playbook on last fg drive, etc. Should I go on or do you numb nuts understand that the entire team lost the game together? Stop freaking out and get a life so you don't have a hgeart attack over a sport.

Heres what i would do if i we Ross. Take Sparano with me to the airport, then have him watch as i take off to find another coach.

Posted by: Angry Elf | September 25, 2011 at 04:08 PM


Buffalo wins

Wow... The bills just beat the pats.....

I love it! "waaah it hennes fault" no waaaahhhh it's Sparanos fault,, no waaahhhh its marshalls fault"!. LMAO, They all lost you stupid morons.





Stop making excuses for Henne, you low-life POS!!

When it mattered, Henne was....Henne!

This team could seriously end the season 1 - 15. Let's just hope Luck comes out this year.


Daniel Thomas looks good. The kick returner looks good. Henne was better than last week. New OC is better than the last one.

I thought we might be near .500 or a little better this year...I now see the Dolphins getting 3 wins max. Losing to Cleveland without their best running back is bad. Real bad.

This is a demoralizing loss. It's really difficult being a Dolphins' fan. I say this nearly every year now, but this is just painful to watch.

What a wasted effort from Brian Hartline...made very good catches today!!


"Daniel Thomas looks good. The kick returner looks good. Henne was better than last week. New OC is better than the last one."

Posted by: thepirate19 | September 25, 2011 at 04:27 PM

And the the results were......????
Another pathetic loss.
DB's post at 4:23 PM is concise, and sadly all too accurate.

Shannon Sharpe, CBS post-game show, said, "There's a moving van pulling up to Tony Sparano's house right now!"

The Lions are 3-0, Bills 3-0, Browns 2-1. If the Lions can turn it around in 3 years then WTF is wrong with Miami. Poor coaching and personel moves, man there was a crap load of free agent studs out there on O and D and we just keep the same crap or take Cowboy rejects and they are not that good so the rejects are worse that what we already have. it's obvious. If we go winless into the bye then let Daboll coach the team, the season is over anyway. If miracles happen we will be the same as last year, 7-9.

Henne was terrible that last series but played pretty well the rest of the game. For all the Henne bashers what are your options - Matt Moore?

Maybe if we didn't blow our TOs earlier we could have tried a screen pass or a draw. Better yet if we had an OLine that was worth anything our QB could have more than 3 secs to scan the field and throw - but again Henne sucks is the only rational answer for the haters.

Going to drink away the night and wait for the ESPN ticker to say 'Dolphins fire head coach ..."

@ Jeff,

What is your point? That everybody sucks? I believe that is what the majority of these posts are saying...

Never has a fan base deserved a new good QB more than Miami the last 10+ years. As long as nothing changes, I see Andrew Luck coming here. I hate to say I saw this coming but I did. This team has such a loser mentality now that even a depleted Browns team beat us. Henne still can't get it done when it counts, throws late and behind the receivers too much. No Crowder on running plays means giving large chunks on first and second down. The GM and coach must go. Maybe next year folks, that's where we are at now.

Unreal. This is as low as it's been under the Sparano regime, and I would argue even lower than it was under Cameron. At least then we knew that team was going nowhere. Expectations were at an all-time low after Saban exited in disgrace. But this team is talented, believe it or not. There's no excuses.
I don't think firing a coach after three games will bring anything positive but the manner in which the Dolphins have lost the last two games may make it necessary. If he didn't lose his team following Houston, he surely has now. To lose to Cleveland, a far inferior team talent wise, without their best offensive player, is unacceptable.

The Dolphins had countless opportunities, both on offense and defense to win the game, and nobody stepped up to grab the win.
Brandon Marshall? Another blown opportunity in the red zone. Yeah he was covered well but your stars have to make those plays. He was distracted but watched the ball pass through both hands. Watching him whine and be coddled on the sideline made me sick.

The o-line had two drives where they could have put the game away. On both, they failed to give Henne any time at the most critical times. That's three weeks in a row our supposed best player,Jake Long, has been beaten consistently. Asise from Pouncey, the unit played pretty miserable.

Thomas was one of our few bright spots but what did we pay all that cash for with Bush. He's not being used properly but when he is used he is underwhelming.

Henne played pretty well. He's played three good games and hasn't been the reason we've lost any of them. But at some point the quareterback has to do more than just not lose the game. He had a chance to tie it up at the end and whiffed on a few reads.

The defense has been the biggest disapointment. All that talent up front and we can't get any pressure on the quarterback. Jones continues to take horrbile angles. How they can let Mcoy and the Browns march down the field in the last two minutes is embarassing. Brady? I can understand-he does it to everyone. Schaub? Painful but I'll give them a mulligan. Mcoy? he ain't the real Mccoy but the Dolphins sure made him like it.

And finally, the coaching. Nolan's blitzes didn't accomplish a thing. How many third and longs did Clevealnd convet? And Daboll's so called "left-lane offense" acn't even get on the freeway. What awful playcalling at the critical time. Why was nothing called for the middle of the field? Why did they go three times to the boundary? They had a timeout. Cleveland runs a masterful two minute drill while we sh@# the bed. Ugly.

Can it get any worse? Sure can-the Buffalo Bills, are 3-0.

Hey ken? Seven and nine? Are you freakin kidding? Seven wins?? WHO IN OUR SCHEDULE WILL WE BEAT? 3-4 wins if there is a god or miracles really happen!!!! 7 and 9??????? Geezz!!!!

Oh wait!!!! The only game I'm sure we won't lose is.................. Oct 9th. The 5th week

Just pathetic. Our defense couldn't step up when needed. Our O line is swiss cheese,and Bush is not the answer between the tackles. Our coaching staff failed to match the adjustments made by the Browns. It's going to be a long season fellow Phin fans. Sporano,Ireland,and company are not the answer. Thanks Tuna. What a turd you laid for us!

I'm watching perennial dogs raiders play jets...half back option scores...what a pleasure to watch....creativity...damn fins so frikken unimaginative n boring

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