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Dolphins lead Browns 7-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins were in the red zone. Trouble right?

It has been this year.

But not in the first quarter of this game.

From the 10 yard line, Chad Henne faked to Clyde Gates on the end around and threw back the other way to Daniel Thomas who had a wall of screen pass blocker set up.

Thomas scored his first TD of his career. And the Dolphins lead 7-0.

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Hey, at least we're not Seattle


Sorry @Yeah! gotcha

Carey has shoulder injury possibly returning

I just wanted to be clear, was that the 2nd round bust everyone talks about making that nice play for the first score of the game? Same guy?

The internet here is terrible folks. Stick with me while I try to work it out.

Has YEAH! lost a step or is it bad coaching ?

2nd and 18...run?

Mando! they have dial up?

D Thomas wiffed on the blitzing lb.

WHAT? Why, a FG attempt there? We r killing them in the passing game...

What Mando? Are they running dial-up?

It was from waaay out, but Dan Carpenter should be able to make a 51-yard FG.

yeah and Jerry and Columbo got overwhelmed.

If we let them hang around it might be trouble.

Always always always so conservative, hopefully Carpenter keeps sucking so offense is forced to play more aggresively

Remember when Carpenter was automatic?

Agreed Armando. Need Carpenter to get his act together or he'll need to start looking over his shoulder.

No Fistpump! FG wide left.

Gonna need a new fg kicker. Fistpumper has worn his leg out over the past 2 seasons.

His legs have had 5yrs worth of kicks in 2 seasons!

add place kicker to our list of needs.

I just wanted to be clear, was that the 2nd round bust everyone talks about making that nice play for the first score of the game? Same guy?

Posted by: Craig M | September 25, 2011 at 01:44 PM

Is this coming from the guy who said 19 times the Pats and Jets did nothing to improve themseleves and that the fins did the most to improve? How's that again? Care to fess up? Or just throw darts?

this game should be a blowout right now.....thankfully the brownies are playing miami*lmao*

Sr. Crow,

How are you boys Plaxico and Haynesworth working out? Big game last week for Plaxico...ZERO catches for ZERO yards in a 32-3 victory. Good game!! How's Haynesworth looking today? What's that? He's hurt again? Big surprise!! How about Braylon Edwards? Knee surgery again? Ahh....OK, have a good day!!

Miami is about to let a team thy've thoroughly dominated tie it up. How many points can Miami leave on the field this season? This game shouldn't be close right now.

Now this is the defense I remember! Pathwtic!

no pass rush grat catch tie game

Sean Smith, 1/2 of best CB duo in NFL? LOL...that ball hung forever

Sean Smith....

Josh Cribbs beat one-on-one coverage of Sean Smith for a TD.

Now it's a game!

Sean "faker" Smith!

Fumble in Cleveland territory. Predictable missed field goal attempt. And suddenly a game the Dolphins have dominated is tied.


This is why I do not get my play information from bloggers or people in a chat room.

BRANDON MARSHALL was the Dolphin WR on the fake end around on the Dolphin Defense.

Wow... Is there a reason WHY Sean Smith decided to go BEHIND Cribbs on that pass???? Rather than contend for it????

Ugh, here we go.

Smith was in position to defend the ball but for some reason just didnt! Way to go 1/2 of the best corner duo in football!

I hate Randy Cross as an anouncer. Even when the Dolphins make a good play he praises the Browns.

Yeah, Sean Smith sucks...

Sean Smith...wow, how about actually jumping for the ball next time.....*lmao*

Really. Sean Smith is bigger than the receiver, yet decides the best place to be is to run behind him. So much for that best CB tandem

Sparano is mental retard

There was a wide open receiver streaking down the opposite sideline for a TD that McCoy didn't throw to.

Browns and Dolphins tied in the second quarter.

Who would have thunk it.

Oh, before all you Sean Smith haters roll in he was anointed the starter by management. Does this mean they don't know what talent is? Or does it mean they do but Sean is just an idiot.

Seem obvious to me they both are equal.

We need to start playing like we need touchdowns. I don't know what has happened to Carpenter, but I say we take the field goal option off the table for the day.

Does Carpenter have some sort of undisclosed injury or personal problem right now? How can he be such a polar opposite this year to last?

UGH! Need a drink. Smith looked lost on that TD

Sean Smith looked like a lost child looking for his mommy on that TD. Come on.


Cam "lootin" Newton 7/15 64 yards

Craig, stick to the question I asked you. Who cares how those guys worked out. Those teams are not afraid to take low risk gambles. Plaxico you forgot to mention came through when it counted in the 4th qtr game 1 to help them WIN.

NE 2-0
NY 2-0
Mia 0-2

So again, please tell us how we are the most improved team in the division. You only said that 19 times.....try responding to the question instead of weaseling out of it.

For once man up and admit your were wrong.

This team is bad.....guess JT needs to give best man smith an @ss thrashing for that one*lmao*

It's all about knowing where the ball is. You need to turn around and find the ball and adjust your body. Our CBs are NOT gifted with that talent.

Reggie Bush has to get his head outta his butt.

Tony can't survive an 0-3 start. Either they unleash Henne or they play it safe for the rest of the game.

My money is on playing it safe.

these dolphins corners are impostors, the best tamden corner? what a pretenders

Sr. Crow,

You're going to have to go back and show me where I said that 19 times. You'll have to get somebody else to find it for you because you obviously can't read.

What I said, if you care to take the time to actually bother read is that I thought it was hilarious how every offseason move the Pats and Jets made were praised and everything we do it wrong. I think I've just shown you that's not the case.

Enjoy the game....

Henne fade to gates would be nice right about now

This Reggie Bush in between the tackle experiment needs the plug pulled on it right away! Sparano are you insane?

3-and-outs. Killers.

Bravo stupid ream

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