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Dolphins lead Browns 7-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins were in the red zone. Trouble right?

It has been this year.

But not in the first quarter of this game.

From the 10 yard line, Chad Henne faked to Clyde Gates on the end around and threw back the other way to Daniel Thomas who had a wall of screen pass blocker set up.

Thomas scored his first TD of his career. And the Dolphins lead 7-0.

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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OMG----Bush SUX!!!1

Do we not have any play at all that is for 3rd and long except throwing 5 yard outs

Carpenter, due to our lack of TD's over the past 2 years, has far fewer kickoffs, thus saving his legs for all these misses.

Fins starting to fold in face of any adversity

Dolphins in self destruct mode already?

If Jeff Fisher ends up being the HC in Miami it's just a question of time before he runs Sean Smith out of town. That kind of play is just not acceptable.

We've all this movie before. Opposing offense scores and our offense immediately goes to 3 and out. So predictable!

We cant never move the ball when we need it most!

After the offense 3 and outs the defense brings out the Matador!

Craig you also told others to eat crow because Ocho and Haynesworth would be let go before the season. Care to admit you were wrong on that?

Craig, it doesn't hurt to admit you were wrong. No band aids are necessary. Just for once stop trying to point the finger at others when you yourself are the biggest kiddie weasel on this blog.

VERY SAD, Michael Irvin said this morning if we lose today, Sporano in serious jeopardy to be removed soon...

Sr. Crow, why are you trying to pick a fight that was completely unrelated to the discussion. He commented on Daniel Thomas. The Patriots and Jets are better teams... so what. Are they playing against the Browns right now? No.

Where has cameron wake been all season

VERY SAD, Michael Irvin said this morning if we lose today, Sporano in serious jeopardy to be removed soon...

Posted by: Big I | September 25, 2011 at 02:05 PM

And what exactly in that statement would be something to be sad about???

Just sayin

Sean Smith hasn't made a play since two years ago in a preseason game in NO

Don't give up!
We'll win this game!

Finally Jones makes a play!

I just realized something! My Dolphins are not a very good football team!

Enough time to make something happen. No need to rush

3rd and 15. BLITZ!

Can you blame Irvin? How do his teams allways self destruct?

Please run Thomas instead of Bush!

The Dolphins need points before halftime.

What a throw by Henne

Mike, he's an idiot!! Can't even use his real name. I don't even think he's a Dolphin fan.

very nice catch

Great pass and catch to Hartline


Not picking a fight. Craig began once again asking where did the Thomas critics go. He is always accusing others of running and hiding when they are wrong (which is not true, others constantly admit their mistakes here), but Craig hides endlessly from many of his totally wrong statements time and again.

So, what is with Craigs obsession to constantly point the finger at who may have been wrong, when Baby Craig can NEVER admit he was simply wrong on something? He accuses of others of running away, but it is he that runs away.

Dolphins getting no help with auxiliary blocking -- RBs, TE.

Second fantastic catch in as many weeks. Way to go Hartline!

This running backs better concentrate on hanging on to the ball they are scarry!!!

great game Colombus, go to hell

nice slant to bess

Crow get a life and watch the game and stop being a pain in the a**....seriously!!

Bess has playing well

WOW Henne! Nice throw, checking at the line. Doesn't look lost or pained by trying to read the defense.

Good pass hit bess in stride ... wow that was bad blocking by TE and Bush just stood there looking

So the dolphins are passing about 80% of the time?

Thomas running hard.

Hartline can catch, Fasano can't block.

Chad Henne playing very well -- excellent, even -- so far today.

great pass. ignore the trolls.

Just saw Reggie bush on a pizza hut commercial....lol

Impressive half for Henne. 14-14 for 179 yards. Not his fault it's only 7-7.

This game shouldn't even be close if you drank the kool aid. This should be a blowout by now.

We are watching two sucky teams right now.

The only true starter playing for cleveland right now is McCoy. We can't beat this team down like they are nothing to us?

Henne has been really good in the first half. You can't complain much about the way he's throwing the football.

Miami needs to finish this drive with a touchdown.

henne playing a great game so far, making sensible decisions. last year he might not have taken that sack and tried to force something.

Superphin, we are tied 7-7 with arguably the worst team in the league (KC and us being the bottom 3)...sad

Mando, what do you think of Thomas' performance so far?

I feel a fumble by thomas coming on!!


I cant believe youre endorsing Henne's play:

"NOW THATS A SCOOP"! LOL....................

Impressive half for Henne. 14-14 for 179 yards. Not his fault it's only 7-7.

Posted by: Craig M | September 25, 2011 at 02:12 PM

14-16 180 YRDS 1 TD.....yes, he has been the bright spot

Wow Buffalo is a must better team than Miami they are down to the Pats 21-7... Buffalo overrated

Thomas Henne Fields best of 1st half

I'm not able to watch the game, but who gave up the last sack on henne?



Stop pointing the finger endlessly at others for being wrong and accusing them from hiding when you are the one that can never admit you are wrong, and you never directly address any question about it.

I don't understand your eagerness to always point your finger when you yourself don't live up to the same standards you expect of others.

Could be worse guys. We could be losing at home to Giants or Texans as the Eagles and Saints are.

Daniel Thomas. Looking good today. Might be the real thing folks. Just needs to learn block coverage on pass downs.

Wow Pouncey having issues with shotgun snaps they have been bullets and way off target

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