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Dolphins lead Browns 7-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins were in the red zone. Trouble right?

It has been this year.

But not in the first quarter of this game.

From the 10 yard line, Chad Henne faked to Clyde Gates on the end around and threw back the other way to Daniel Thomas who had a wall of screen pass blocker set up.

Thomas scored his first TD of his career. And the Dolphins lead 7-0.

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Henne's passer rating so far is 134.1

Pouncey's shotgun snaps worrying me

Sack was on Fasano and Bush

Very impressed with Daniel Thomas today. We're seeing some of the good power running that was missing last year. And he's god out of the backfield too.

the snap from center is not good enough.... no time to pass over the QB

Wow, Thomas staying low, like he was instructed to do.

If Gates was the real deal we could really open up Thomas and the short passing game.

No FGs!!!!

Just remember gentlemen...CLE is in rebuilding mode..they are not good. Am I happy so far..yes..but until we can win at home and against good teams I'll still be questioning...
The FO needs to be fired no matter what...

Is Brandon Marshall going to have a would-be touchdown pass bounce off his hands every week?

Marshall should have caught that pass from Henne no excuse when you are in the endzone and it hits you in the hands second time in two weeks

FG time....again

That stinks!


another dissapoiment inside the 20

Get Marshall new gloves for charlie christ's sake

They would've had a touchdown if Marshall would have caught that pass earlier... right through his hands

I got those Red Zone blues.....

Another missed opportunity and more points left on the field by the Dolphins. This game should be a laugher right now

Their talking about us, disgruntled!!!

Isotoner gloves please

Henne missed that up and out route on Bess. Would like to see a fade to Marshall in every red zone trip.

Agreed Joey, but it might not be the OC. It might be Henne. That's the read he sees open, so he tries to make it. It just never works.

We just cannot score tds...in the redzone PERIOD!!!!

I'll take a 10-7 lead at halftime on the road every week. I don't care who we're playing.

Odd feeling ... going into the half in the lead.

If we cant put away bad teams how will we ever beat the good teams?

we are a bad team

This game shouldnt be 10-7, hell if mccoy hits cribbs earler in the game, cleveland might be leading right now....miami fortunate to still be up by three.....


This team needs a confidence boost right now. A victory on the road, regardless of the score will help them.

Thomas looks like he might be good. Bush not impressed

henne and marshall no chemistry

You know you've sunk to low levels when Crique(sp) a fine announcer) has to spend 15 seconds complimenting us for a short field goal.."nice snap and hold" etc")

i hope we stay in the game into the 4th...

Why can't Mia hit anybody deep?

Why is Cleveland bad? And I don't care if Marshall drops a pass a game. Our WR core is a joke without him. With him, respectable..

Jim Bates anyone?

The receiving Corp marsh hartline and Bess us good. They just need to get open more and henne has to make throws. He can't throw deep or in the red zone.

marshall has single coverage on him most of 1st half and we cant capitalize

It's gotten a lot better but I still see some miscommunication between Henne and Marshall.

Halftime with a lead- how often will this happen? Red zone needs so much improvement!!

It's sad when the analysts mention good Henne, bad Henne.

Over 234 yards of offense versus 99 for Cleveland and all we have is 10 damn points

Mia has a terrible D. Poor pass rush and awful DBs for how many yrs now

No Defense to open half

Tight ends have killed us since Russ Francis!

Is the run D still in the locker room!

Can we not tackle - guess not when we close our damn eyes

Oddrick Wake not making plays

I really like the new O. It's flows better. Execution is great but it's better. Defense is making me sad. No run stop. No pass coverage. No sacks. No fumbles

Burnett sucks bad. i rather Clam Chowder!!!

Undisciplined, penalties= bad coaching

Bad O line play today

Henne playing smart

If Mark Colombo doesn't get the axe this week I am going to stop following the Dolphins until the Thanksgiving game in Dallas. He's the main reason for all of the QB pressures today

Blackhammer. Suggest you watch the game with open eyes.

Mia o looked ok today. Ou d is absolutely terrible.

Way to lose the game D. Fire all the DBs. I'm tired of them not improving ye after yr

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