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Dolphins lose to Texans, 23-13, to go 0-2

The Dolphins have lost again, this time to the Texans, 23-13.  It's bad, folks.

The team is not only 0-2 but 0-2 at home. It's bad, folks.

The Dolphins are winless. Everyone else in the AFC East is undefeated. It's really bad.

Now Miami goes on the road three consecutive game, including trips to San Diego and the New York Jets.

All I can say is no one's job can be considered safe right now -- even if we're just two games into the season. It's bad, folks.


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Yeah, but that orange carpet looked nice...........

Similar result to most of the games that I have watched over the past 5 years. The Dolphins show some spark and talent, but find a way to lose every time. The sign of a loser franchise. Sad.

Worse than bad Mando. We might have to start thinking about having a Sparano Watch, because he's on the clock as of this minute. This Coach might not last to the bye week.

The Owner doesnt have the ablls to fire anyone bc he dont know shiot about football. Ireland and Sparano both need to go

Same problems year after year, no game changers on defense, poor special teams, bad o-line....really after 4 years of this can the owner not see its time to clean house


We could have had Sproles for half the price.

armando, the fourth down situation encapsulates this entire regime.

I agree. No fan should buy a jersey this year all of the players are in danger as well as coach Sparano. If we lose in Cleveland next week I look for major moves to be made regarding this team and Henne showed flashes of brillance but looked like Robo-Henne today. I love the Dolphins but I must admit that we suck.

They prmised change over and over and over NOTHING has changed...nothin....

at least armando is mentioning that sparano's job is not safe. now write it in a column and start mounting pressure.

FU Miami, FU!

Thank me!

The first two games of the year remind me of TET offensive...There is NO light at the end of this tunnel...I have supported Sparano and Ireland the last two years, despite some questionable decisions...I do believe the dolphins have some talent, but Ireland lacks the ability to find the necessary additional pieces of the puzzle, while Sparano lacks the ability to bring together the talent he already has...Unfortunately, there are no easy answers and it appears things are going to get worse, much worse, before they get better - very disappointing...Armando do you agree???

Right Mando...

If we have a head coach this time tomorrow I will sh*t myself..

Why do none of the South FL sportwriters have the guts to ask the Q's to hold these guys accountable. I dont effin get it

Damn, there goes my pick of the week! Oh well, next week, right?

Henne was average at best.

all you Henne bashers better equally bash the:

1. Brandon Marshall, 3 times cut a route for no f'n reason, and dropped a td in his hands

2. Bush, trying out for dancing with the stars on out O.

3. Thomas, finally running well then doing the Sammie Smith fumble impression.

4. Dan Carpenter for sucking John Kruk's missing nu..

5. The D for NEVER making a play when we needed it beyond JT's sack.

Henne, was average at best.... but equally blame the above, and our crap coaching!!!

really, it is the head coaches responsibility to make sure the team is ready to play...miami was clearly not ready to play in the first half. this is the one thing that sparano could usually be counted on to do. i think he has lost the team's ear, so should be discarded (as he should have at the end of last year).

Did fasano play today?

Think of how bad the season ticket holders feel, of course assuming the credit collections agency got them to pay up for the tickets.

Fire the Italian coach!

For 3 yrs now this team just cant stop finding ways to beat themselves. This teams never fully prepared to win games. That's a huge coaching issue.

Now lets see will Sparano cut himself tomorrow morning!

Another week of being taunted by almost every other NFL fan

The Horror...The Horror...The Horror

Stats of the game

Dolphins open the season 0 - 2 for the 5th time in the past 6 years.

Dolphins are 0 - 6 all time vs Houston Texans

ginn is carving up dallas in ot now...

time to get rid of dan carpenter he cost 2 games last year and one already this year

2 easy chip shots maybe when were are down 20
hell make one

4 and 1 8 minutes don go for it and waste a time out great saprano what tryiong to lose by 3

Don't forget the 12 men in the huddle. First time I've ever heard that penalty called. That goes back to the very basics of football.

i pay 300 bucks a year for this crap?

Look At the Brightside Guys:

We played really well for an expansion team today!


Right on the money.

No one will be in the stands to watch this sh*t next home game.

Get rid of the Guido send him back to Jersey Shore.

ok coach needs to be fired. i have been on his side, but after this loss i have seen the light

Serious problems with our DB's. Two weeks in a row. Sporano and Ireland on life support. Too much ex-Dolphin talent excelling around the league........

This should come as no surprise to anybody. Sparano would be out coached by a single cell amoeba.

Can we just get rid of TS. D Thomas, JT and Henne played better than expected.

reggie bush......the highflyer...amazin piledriver....SACK OF @HI$!!! WHAT A FREE AGENT SIGN!!!!*lmao*

It's really the whole team. No, it's not Henne's fault, but this is a mediocre team with mediocre talent. That's not the players fault, it's the GMs fault. And the Coaches fault for not coaching up the players.

However, if we're totally going to start over, again, then we need to do it right, and find a 1st round possible franchise QB. Henne is serviceable, but not good enough not to try to upgrade in the Draft.

0-2 bring on the Browns baby!!!!!!

Wish this game had been blacked out. They must clean house now and lose every game as ouronly hope is to pick up Andrew Luck next year!

It makes me sick to see the stands empty, I live all the way in Montana and obviously can't be there to help give them real home field advantage. If you guys in Florida only understood how lucky you are to even be able to go to a game.

Bad things are going to be coming and it hurts my gut to see it happen.

I'll ALWAYS be a true Dolfan, and that will not change but I sure wish I cared for another team sometimes.

boycott this team people. Sorry for those who say "i am not a true fan" I assume you work for the organization, because I am a true fan who cares for a decent product.

Unbelievable! Bad leadership, poor coaching, losing again at home. Need to clean house!!

Time to clean house again. Need a real coaching staff. This team only knows how to lose. There is no fire in this team.

Patriots 2-0
Jets 2-0
Bills 2-0
Dolphins 0-2

Henne is still a great mystery. Tons of talent and tons of inconsistency. Sparano, no mystery there. His head is an empty tin can.

I agree, no matter what Henne does, draft qb, and get new head coach

there is really nothing more to say.. but then again, who really expected anything different when its all said and done. ross went for regime change and failed last offseason-the writing was on the wall at that time. sparano is so desperate to stay a head coach in the nfl, he let himself be emasculated in public.

start with the coach

FU Miami, FU!

One win and 11 losses in the last 12 home games. Fish fans aren't cheering hard enough!! What a bunch of band wagon jumper-offers! Guess what Fins? The Suck for Luck campaign is in full force!

I agree with you. It looks bad. They looked awful. I am no longer buying into Sparano's "words of wisdom" anymore. If we go 2-14 this year, we should consider ourselves lucky.

There are 2 bright developments to come out of this game, Thomas is a stud RB, and there will be a regime change in 4 weeks.

open up the big check book fire ireland and get cowher... i will wait a year or two....

The presser will be far more entertaining than the game.

And with the 1st draft choice, Miami picks... Andrew Luck!

We spent all that money and Draft picks on olinemen, and they're good enough to block exactly no one. Other teams spent their time developing their skill position players. Who's spent their time more wisely?

I get sick of the dolphin fans just dreaming and not seeing neither one of them just calling for this head coach to be fires. People get mad and express your feelings on here.

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