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Dolphins lose to Texans, 23-13, to go 0-2

The Dolphins have lost again, this time to the Texans, 23-13.  It's bad, folks.

The team is not only 0-2 but 0-2 at home. It's bad, folks.

The Dolphins are winless. Everyone else in the AFC East is undefeated. It's really bad.

Now Miami goes on the road three consecutive game, including trips to San Diego and the New York Jets.

All I can say is no one's job can be considered safe right now -- even if we're just two games into the season. It's bad, folks.


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Chad Henne is a BACK UP qb. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We have seen enough of him.

Let Matt Moore have a chance. Its his turn to shine;D

Fisher, Cowher, Gruden, anyone?

Dear Mr. Parcells,
Wanted to thank you for building the foundation for this team. I can see why you jumped ship! Again, many thanks. I'm glad we paid you $5M per year, boy was it worth it.

SUCK FOR LUCK! SUCK FOR LUCK! SUCK FOR LUCK! All I can say is we better keep losing and especially at Arrowhead later in season. Call that game the luck bowl!

I have been a Dolphin fan since 1970. Joe Robbie brought in Don Shula and Joe Thomas. To be a successful organization for a long period, you need these componets. Look at the New England and Green Bay.WE need to fire the current group. It used to take 48 hours to get over a dolphin loss, now it takes 10 minutes. I used to fly down once a year to watch one game. This year I am going to he smokey mountains and watching a LSU/Tenn game instead. Wake up Mr. Ross and get the message your fans are screaming at you.

Kudos on being honest. I've loved the Dolphins since Griese was slinging the ball, but this is bad, folks.

get rid of Sparano... but just Sparano.. we need a real coach that would teach and lead this group.. there's talent in this team.


I stand corrected

It doesnt take me till Tuesday to get over a loss. It really does take about 10 minutes! ha!


We are young and I feel that we should have a fire sale. Trade our older and better players for top draft choices and build a solid O-line and players that play with heart. We also need a change at head coach...we must start anew. Losing is contagious with this regime and something drastic needs to be done! Atleast I have my college team to be proud of! GO GATORS!!!

If we do end up being able to get Luck next year, with the Dolphin's "luck" - He will probably be the second coming of Ryan Leaf. That would not surprise me at all with the way things have gone for us lately.

We could have had Harbaugh, we could have had Cowher during the offseason... but no, we have a clebrity loving geek with no balls and no football acumen as an owner. People, how can we fire this lame duck onwer? That's where we need to start. The unprepared coach and hack GM are already dead, they just don't know it yet. I'm still sick over last weeks conditioning embarassment. We used line up in our white jerseys in the september heat and laugh at the panting gasping opponents on the other sideline in the Shula era. What was Shula's record in September? What a chain of losers, has beens, and also rans we've had to endure over the last ten years. I hate the Dolphins. I love the Dolphins. I hate them. I love them. Sigh.

Oh, and one more thing. 1 - 12 at home? How is this management staff still in place? Amazing! The sheer stupidity boggles the mind.

I couldn't agree more. How does Ireland make it through this many owners? He needs to be walked out of the building now!!

Ireland out now!

MR. Ross do you really care? We don't need free tickets we need a real team. We are turning into the joke of the NFL. FIX this crap!!

Changing coaches mid season is a bad policy, it will do nothing but secure the basement for this team. I am not a Sparano fan, not at all. but there is a large amount of young players that do not need a coach change mid season. Lets take our time and look enough with the knee jerk reactions. Change is needed but lets shop and keep it simple.

OH and all of you that see it fit to judge who is a real fan and who is not. Swallow this i am not spending $500 of money I work hard for to see a team playing at half the effort. I am in sales, I do not get years to turn things around, I get weeks. I am paid to perform, and so are the phins. Lets go Dolphins, earn those 7 figure salaries

After all these years of following Miami, I was here when they came to this town. Unless some serious changes are made, starting with the coaches. It's time I watch and spend my money on someone else. The 2011 Miami Dolphins SUCK!!!!

I've been a fin fan since '70. This team is a heartbreaker. We seem to trade away good talent so we can get mediocre talent. Shula came in and made a super team from nothing. the Tuna and his pick have gone the other way. The PATS have it all. The Jets have talent and attitude and we have girl scouts. It all starts at the top. We've been through a bevy of coaches that couldn't carry Shula's jock strap starting with that loser JJ all the way to present. Can the entire staff and start over with some coaches and player personnel that actually know the game and the players and can coach and motivate. This is an embarrassment and if I lived in South Florida I would turn in my season pass.

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