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Dolphins lose to Texans, 23-13, to go 0-2

The Dolphins have lost again, this time to the Texans, 23-13.  It's bad, folks.

The team is not only 0-2 but 0-2 at home. It's bad, folks.

The Dolphins are winless. Everyone else in the AFC East is undefeated. It's really bad.

Now Miami goes on the road three consecutive game, including trips to San Diego and the New York Jets.

All I can say is no one's job can be considered safe right now -- even if we're just two games into the season. It's bad, folks.


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13 pts this week....wonder what treats we have in store for next weeks offensive explosion.....Wilcat Attack returns....hey, it worked in 08 baby......

Sparano is such a bad coach, that he does not know what a good teak is. He raved about this team in the pre-season stating it they would be a playoff contender. What he must have meant was they were better than the pathetic team of last year. Honestly, when has Sparano ever known what a good team is as a head coach other than the Patriots & the Texans. TIME FOR STEVE ROSS TO SAVE FACE & GET RID OF THE PROBLEM, ALTHOUGH IT MIGHT BE DIFICULT TO FIRE HIMSELF FOR NOT FOLLOWING HIS GUT INSTINCT AND YET GIVING SPARANOV ANOTHE CHANCE TO FAIL MISERABLEY

Can someone put a tape on Sparano' mouth when he is chewing a piece of gum? I may have a loosing season but I will have a winning one one this cluless, patethic, moron coach is gone from my team. Show your displeasure towards this coach people. C'mon he is the reason why we are like this, regardless of how some players perform. He is the key to unluck success. So far is not working and it will not work. Toss it out in the Ocean and get a new key. Fire this moron now!

I do see a coaching change coming next year. The question is who? Do you go for a college coach that has been successful? Or a proven NFL coach or coordinator? I wouldn't mind seeing Gator HC Will Muschamp come back to MIA but that aint gonna happen. I have a feeling Ross is going to go for Gruden and I think that is going to be a mistake.

I can't take anymore...I have been real patient for over 10 years waiting for the playoffs...we beed a change badly...


Henne was getting, basically, abused all day.

Peyton never gets hit unless its from Archie.

Boycott baby!

LOL!!!! I wonder if Peyton brings his Oline when he visits his dad?

please, theres no way sparano will get canned this week just after two weeks, if we go into the bye winless then thats more likely to happen....that way nolan gets a bye week to adjust to new position and play calling signals....


There's really nothing left to be said. We suck, we'll lose more than we win, no one's scared of us, but we're scared of ourselves, anything good that came out of the last 2 games is overshadowed by the fact that we'll be at the bottom of the pile for ANOTHER year, and there's no hope for us fans, we just need to live through this rotten, horrible, loser of a team we've been unfortunate enough to be fans of.

Tony Sparano powerpoint highlights

1 - Fixable

2 - Seeing some good things

3 - Not where we want to be just yet

4 - He's young and learning

5 - Not fully incorperated as of this time

6 - Just like Geranimals we are still mixing and matching to get the right combination

7 - Caught us in the wrong package

8 - There was the lockout which hurt us

9 - We had some tough breaks out there

10 - I was looking at the map upside down when focusing on the teams direction.

BK...really we would probably want a young "hungry" coach instead of the high priced has beens. Even though they are proven, that doesn't mean they still got what it takes anymore to put together a playoff team



*lol*...Jeff darlington is probably running to NFL network right now thinkin *Thank gawd its over for me in miami, now to cover real football*

Who will be fired first Parcells or Sparano? One thing for certain, we've found out that the QB is not the issue? The O-lIne is terrible!!! And what's happened to Carpenter, a blovk and a miss? And why ca ouldn't Marshall hold on to the TD pass? Anyway, the o-line stinks and that's the major problem with the dolphins!!!

i´m not agree... i think we have a talented team, but i think they are bad coached... look, henne is playing well, thomas looks fine for a rookie, bush is ok, we have Marshall and he´s a beast... the deff has dansby, an ok burnett, an injured but very good corner Davis and a good D-line. There is no question, we have 3 glaring needs... D-backs, O-line and COACH... this team is unprepared for games... mentally they are totally done...thats why the ERRORS, the INCREDIBLE , MONTROUS, HUGE errors!!!... they are just sold on they will lose the game, they just refuse to win and found a way to lose a game, it doesn´t matter who the opponent is, they are negated!!!... its not a talent problem, it´s coach problem

like i have said many times before, this is an awful football team. cant bash me anymore for it, its a fact

Hey, you guys heard that our none other but HOME won the Sun Sentinel score prediction on the blog.
HOME had Houston 27 -10 !

I agree with oristela (see post below). He is a fool

who are we going to bring to this messsssssss

Look at the bright side....we are gonna get to draft andrew luck next year...oh no we wont they will probably draft a defensive lineman.

O-5 is right around the corner...the o-line stinks!!!!that's where the problem lies. Also, Y.Bell might get 1 assisted tackle this year...he's an issue on defense!

Yes Peyton does bring them...his O-Line wipes for him too in the bathroom

Mr Ross u need to make a bold move to show fans u r committed for your statements at the start of the season and make a move promote Nolan or get Jeff Fisher in here like Daboll for the rest of the season.

who is going to take this jobs tell me please

what, the dolphins were not prepared to play again? henne still can't throw the ball in the endzone when it counts. he is still going to have a good game followed by a bad game. mr. inconsist as usual.

Patriots have Identity...in offense

Wets have Idnetity....In defense

Bills have Identity ...in Offense

Dolphins have Identity...in cluelessness!!!!

I just don't see a way Tony and Ireland survive if we go 0-3. Especially against the Brown Stains.

Hey you guys hear that no one other than our HOME won the Sun Sentinel score prediction blog.

Home had Houston 27 -10 !

Chad Henne, If at your best, you are a loser, if at your best in the redzone you can't put it in, if at your best there is always room for an excuse, if at your best, your teammates don't match your intensity, they expect mediocrity. If at your best, your friends exhale, but they don't draft you on there fantasy league, the take cam newton, becuase he has more experience at winning nfl games. If at your best, the people that have followed your career wish you'd just retire after that moment, because they know that you'd never live up to being consistent. This was Jeff Irelands call if he would cut a CB after a bad game, Chad choked at the 1/2 yard line, as a matter of fact twice in the redzone.

This team lost this season in august. All the big promises about fielding a winner, spending money for an exciting team. Well they signed Bush and that was a decent start. However that was this FO's big splash. No TE, no RB to carry load, no Oline help, no safety help, no LB help.
We all here saw deficiencies at different positions yet the FO and Sparano chose to go with what they had. Either they are terrible talent evaluators or Ross put the squeeze on Ireland to save money. I think it was the combo of both. Well, we are now only a whisker better than the Cam Cameron days. The only very good acquisition by this regime has been Marshall. Dansby makes zero impact on most plays, the O line is no better than three years ago and they have an overrated defensive backfield. Terribly overrated. Like I said, looks like a 4 win season, if that. Hope that's good enough, err, bad enough to get LUCKy. LOL

Uh oh! Cleveland beat Indy.

I know that doesn't say a lot but Indy and Mia have the EXACT same record right now.

For the luck crowd your wish may come true, however don't count on the Dolphins talking him if they have the top pick, after all we need a fill in the blank. Bill

Too bad we don't play the chiefs, for Luck Bowl

SuperPHIN, their identity is more like offensive to watch.

Sparano still thinks Bush is an every down rb! LOL...

We're not going to lose to KC/Oak/Cle so don't waste time pretending that we're a)going to get Luck or b)that that will adress the issues on D.
Here's an idea:
Put our first and second round picks next year up for auction now; who will trade us a top tier, 24-28yr old safety and RT today for our first rounder and 2nd rounder next year?

When Sporano went for the field goals and both missed, I was so happy he couldn't do a fist pump. Carrol and Jones lack of communication skills cost us. That fourth and one when I thought our coach finally wanted to win a game...NOT

I'm a long time Dolphin fan(1970)but I can't waste my time anymore...I get too upset. Bad coaching. Bad ownership. Sooo Done.

If we have the number one pick and don't take Luck, sprano didn't get fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bill you are correct, but, every great team has a great QB. They take Luck.

Henne looks decent, maybe we can trade him to move up if needed.

A few observations:

1. Los Lobos is a racist.

2. Of course he's the same blog hit troll that said Daniel Thomas was a bust before even seeing him play a down.

3. Two of our Pro Bowlers left enough points on the field for us to win this one. Marshall 7, Carpenter 6.

4. Henne continues to look like the least of our problems.

5. Nolan proved why he and Vontae are BOTH busts!

5. My alcohol tolerance is too high to drink away the misery!

6. Somethings got to give!

Ain't no man that driven unless they got beat down in a former life.

I guess that's why his neck is all of a sudden broken like.

I wish my dad beat me down until my throwing arm was swollen like a watermelon.

I might be cashing out right now for 20 mil.

Price...OAK is playing good, unlike we are...and Cleveland is playing better than us as well...so I'm not sure how you came up with wins for us in those games bro

Pricemaster, no way. First off they won't beat all 3 of this teams and secondly, they need talent. Keep the picks and trade players for more picks and get a GM and coach that know what they are doing.

grab your pitch fork and meet me at Ross's house...I'll be there at 9pm.

OK, really, why is everyone clammoring for Nolan to be HC? B/c of his success in SF, right? Oh, wait a minute....

In the end, it really doesn't matter, b/c you can't fire the owner, and ladies and gents, the problem starts there. Never in the history of modern man has the owner of a team gone coach-shopping w/o first firing the one he had. The man's an idiot, pure and simple.

I only wish i were a bit older, so i could see what this team was like when it was winning Super Bowls.

Henne left a lot of points on the board today. He is your classic back-up QB and he'll be in a back-up role next year. Bank it!

Sparano and Ireland will just be unemployed next year.

I am not sure what to think. We need a team that doesn't leave anything on the field. I don't think talent is a problem. The team will not play for Sparano or so it appears. They have no fire anymore. They need a hard nosed coach that is full of energy to light a fire under their ass

Stanger = Home.
Don't be fooled by his antics.

...What baffles me is that we still stink inside the redzone. I would have thought that the fist thing Sparano stressed to Daboll was we must be more efficient in the red zone. I'm sure hours and hours have been spent trying to figure out a way to improve this part of our team.

I don't know if they need to sacrifice a goat, or get some KFC and gang bang a midget. Something has to change. We cannot continue to waste opportunities. We aren't good enought to overcome these lost chances.

Odin, you are correct but the worst of the bunch is Smith. For a guy that doesn't shut up, he makes no plays. And Dansby...where's the value there?

We are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the late 70s, the St. Louis Cardinals of old, and the *new* Detroit Lions...we are the Miami Dolphins.

The biggest hole on the team is TE, a position that could have been addressed in FA. O-line blows, ever since he fired Maser:


I'm optimistic! Feed the Wolf! Heck, even Mando thought we'd upset Brady and Belecheat on MONDAY DAMN NIGHT FOOTBALL!

0 - 16 baby!

what, the dolphins were not prepared to play again? henne still can't throw the ball in the endzone when it counts. he is still going to have a good game followed by a bad game. mr. inconsist as usual.

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 18, 2011 at 08:06 PM

Fvcking Tart! Now is not the time for your ignrant stupidity!

You dumb as$es need to stop clamoring for Andrew Luck. The issue is not the QB the issue is the coaching and the game planning. So stop the Luck crap and start talking about the new coach that Ross should of given control to last year in Bill Coher.

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