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Dolphins lose to Texans, 23-13, to go 0-2

The Dolphins have lost again, this time to the Texans, 23-13.  It's bad, folks.

The team is not only 0-2 but 0-2 at home. It's bad, folks.

The Dolphins are winless. Everyone else in the AFC East is undefeated. It's really bad.

Now Miami goes on the road three consecutive game, including trips to San Diego and the New York Jets.

All I can say is no one's job can be considered safe right now -- even if we're just two games into the season. It's bad, folks.


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pray even cleveland beats us, getting luck would turn this franchise around with a new coaching staff also. espn reported sprano and haley could be fired before end of month. sounds like haley might not even make it through the week

Navy I agree with you 1000%. Ross is the biggest problem for not spending money and for putting up with these clowns.


Why are you baffled? Henne has accuracy issues and is a second-rate QB. That's why we struggle in the endzone..the spacing is tighter, decisions are quicker and his brain is slower.

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Maser was the only assistant dismissed from the staff even though he was Sparano's first hire -- two days after the Dolphins named Sparano head coach. Maser was on the Jacksonville Jaguars' staff with Sparano in 2002.

Maser oversaw a line that suffered season-ending injuries at both guard positions and helped rookie Jake Long make the Pro Bowl.

The Dolphins ranked 12th in total offense, 11th in yards per run attempt and 10th in fewest sacks allowed.

The firing seemed odd. Sparano didn't give a specific reason for removing Maser and hiring New York Giants assistant offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo. But Sparano indicated communication was a significant problem and he didn't want to second-guess his gut.

"Well, to be honest with you, there's something that from my end -- and I don't want to get into it too much because I really think an awful lot of Mike and what Mike did for us -- but you have a feeling sometimes," Sparano said. "From my end, what I didn't want to do is if I have those kinds of feelings on where we need to be ... That group is a finicky group, that offensive line group.

"I think that to my end, communication-wise, I think it's important. Mike did a great job out there coaching them on the field. But I felt there needed to be a change. I moved in that direction.

"I didn't want to move in that direction a year from now and sitting here, saying 'Why didn't you do this a year ago?' I felt like this is the time to do it. We evaluate players. We evaluate coaches. My coaches know that."

Miamis Offense.....three TO's in two games

Defense....One Turnover

Does anybody else notice the fact that miami only tries to strip the ball from the opponent more than they try and tackle....Very curious defense that has burned us two weeks in a row in the running game!!!

tony sparano, welcome to pepe's of new haven would you like to try our new calzone?

Felix...the issue STILL involves our QB. Can Henne throw it in there in the red zone? NO
He isn't the biggest issue right now but he is still part of the overall issie

we do play the chiefs, nov 6

Yeah a rookie Luck with this crap o-line would succeed? LMAO! Put Henne on the Jets and the Jets offensive output goes up. Put Sanchez on the Fins and we such even worse!

Henne is not the issue, the issue is coaching, game planning, and the general manager who gave assurances to Reggie Bush in order to sign him and now we don't have a running game to get the ball in the endzone at the redzone. Hey Dusty why to you focus on a real thought out comment than for fishing for a loss to cleaveland to get Andrew Luck. You SFL Fin fans are so enamored with Andrew Luck that you would throw him under the bus now if he was your QB.

We are the Cincinnati Bengals of the east coast.

We are the Miaminatti Bungphins.

Look,why is anybody surprised by this ,I stated before this is Spranos revenge on Ross for humiliating him while looking for a new coach,now sprano will walk away a rich guy and his kid who is on staff also gets a piece of the pie well thought out tony,only problem the rest of us are stuck this yr with this garbage

Henne left a lot of points on the board today. He is your classic back-up QB and he'll be in a back-up role next year. Bank it!

Sparano and Ireland will just be unemployed next year.

Posted by: MDPhinFan | September 18, 2011 at 08:15 PM

Why cause he dropped that TD pass and missed those kicks! Did your mom have any kids that lived?

What do you think we can get for Henne, because the new regime might not keep him, even as a backup.

oh no here is lazy eye. what's the matter pretty boy or girl are you upset?

If being a racist means not drinking the Ireland Jesus Juice then I am a card carrying racist.

PS...I am now known as T. SuckPrano. Sometimes referred to as Tony SuckPrano.

I am no longer Los Lobos.

Oh God, not the whole Henne argument again...Henne looks better this year, but he is not a starting-caliber QB. IF we get a chance to draft Luck, we draft him and start from there, plain and simple...

odinseye wake up and finally admit this is an awful football team

Hey C63 would you agree that if we had a RB that could run the ball in from the redzone you would not feel the same way about Henne. Henne should not be expected to throw a TD from the redzone every single time. Its about the play calling, and the way the Fins handled free agency.

I feel bad for Henne, because he is tied to the hips with Ireland and Soprano.

On Defense:

Our safties and corners are plain average at best. Dansby and Burnett cant play the run and are also getting beat by TE's.

The d-line is far overrated, Wake's a one tricky pony pass rusher, and at 37yrs old JT may be our best overall defensive player.

On Offense:

Henne is improved but not where its needed most: Redzone. The oline is severely uncohesive. Bush is not a every down back. One of D Thomas collegiates knocks reared its ugly head tonight with the untimely fumble.


Every year we expect something to go wrong and it does.


For the past 3yrs now, as a whole, this team rarely ever is prepared to win in all 3 phases of the game. Time to break out the rope and kick the chair from underneath Sparano!

no successful coach will come to miami to work for idiot ross and his FO fools

Welcome T. SuckPrano.

Could have signed a TE in FA.... that would have made a huge difference in the Red Zone. Need big athletic targets that actually catch the ball when up close. Marshall dropped a beautiful pass from Henne in the endzone. The guy is very overrated. They should improve now with Thomas. The kid can play!

Looks like the colts are tanking for manning's replacment, that is great thinking.

It's the whole team, from the coaching to players to management...there are problems across the board

franchise is a mess, joke of the league. but luck and new regime would turn it around next year. wish we could just fast forward this disaster season

I shart my panties

Oh, and you can forget the Shula as GM crap...the man's in his 80s for God's sake; the man wants to ENJOY his last few years.

Miaminatti Bungphins = Cinciami Phingles.

2-14 is not bad guys.... um what 2 are we gonna beat?

It's entirely possible that Cam Newton could win MVP this year AND the Panthers go 0-16.

You don't change a lousy team into a good one through the draft.

You do it by trading.

Right now Stephen Ross is on the phone trying to trade next years pick for a proven NFL quality starter at Safety and RT. Player's that can be starting next week.

Fins release Benny Sapp week one.

Fins release __________ week two.

Fill in the blank please.

Hi Felix, I think our issues are way deeper than just Henne and a RB

Yup, C63 its the whole team but it all starts at the top. From the moron who put this team together to the fist pumping one that cannot develop a winning game plan.


You alright? You haven't been drinking my Jesus Juice Propofol mix have you?

I feed the Wolf with that mix. Not the Sheep.

this team makes me sick.

Jerry Jones, an outspoken Man, says he is terrified to lose his $. Of course. If you build your self-steem on something metallic like that, you will dissappear if it disappears.

tkr...hopefully there are two blanks filled by the names Sparano and Ireland lol


Nolan Carroll!

This Team SUCK.........BIG TIME. I just became a N.E Fan, go Pats.

colon cleanse now!!!

Hey Oscar...Ross does not have the huevos like Jerry Jones does. If he did Sparano would be gone by now.

fire TS and make the OC the interim head coach

SEPTUM has decided to bend over for Tom Brady.

You go girl!

Why don't they release Carpenter? He screwed up just like Sapp screwed up.

Oh wait! I think we all know the reason why Carpenter won't get released for screwing up.

Its always the same game. Blame the damn black man for the white man's problem.

Lots of teams are going to tank season because there are 2 maybe 3 franchise QBs coming out. This is passing league, no more pound and ground.
Can you Imagine if Dan Marino was in this era..he would have a ring.

oh no here is lazy eye. what's the matter pretty boy or girl are you upset?

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 18, 2011 at 08:23 PM

Facts are facts troll ;)

Deal with it, You were wrong. Henne's the least of the problems and guess what you were wrong about Daniel Thomas too! He broke a HUNDO in first game, you know, only days after you loudly proclaiming him to be a bust-ROTFLMAO!

Nobody listen to the brain dead 77 ;)

Oh yeah...and the "screen door" Columbo needs to go immediately !!!

The most you can improve your team through the draft in one year is one notch.
If you're average you can move up to above average.
If you're lousy you can move to below-average.
That's it.
At best.

Trading and Free-Agency are the answer!

in his presser sparano basically says he doesn't understand what happened today. could you see mike tomlin saying something like that? this is the problem.

Why cause he dropped that TD pass and missed those kicks!

Posted by: odinseye | September 18, 2011 at 08:23 PM

No because Henne missed Hartline end the endzone after scrambling to his right on a gimme TD. Even fouts said that Henne panicked and missed. That is the difference between, say, a Ryan Fitzpatrick and our boy Henne. If only you would/could release your vice grip off of Henne's nutz you'd see that. Stop slurping Henne. There are kids reading this blog!

Fire sparano and the entire coaching staff immediately! Hold a radio contest to replace them bc it couldn't get any worse! If we manage to beat indy out for the first pick in the draft we MUST take andrew luck. Chad henne is not a bad qb but he's not a championship caliber qb. I've watched henne since his freshman year in college and he hasn't changed at all and he wont change even with a decent coaching staff! SUCK FOR LUCK!!!!!

MD.Phinfan...I'm baffled for the reason that last year the redzone was such a problem. I thought it would be one of the priorites during the offseason, and through training camp.(Even the abbrieviated version).

I'm not going to pin all of the blame on Henne. Yes he needs to be more accurate. He struggles with the fade, and it is clear he and Marshall are not in sync. No excuses. But the playcalling still lacks any imagination, and the run game inside of the redzone still is non-existant. The routes we continue to run look to the eye basic and non-affective. Take for instance the play in the second quarter where Bess ran an underneath route 1 yard behind the line of scrimmage! What is that? I know that the protection has been bad when we need it the most. The running backs are forced into blockers when they need to be in the routes..Back to Henne, he does seem to be forcing it to Marshall. The seem throw into double coverage was a bad choice. At least the throw was in a spot where nobody could catch it...

You are right about the field shrinking and the decisions faster. But we are so predictable that it makes it easy to defend. We have to be better.

the fumble by thomas broke the momentum and they were doin ok on defense until nolan carol started covering johnson and dansby got hurt. but ricky williams fumbled today too so being a veteran back doesn't really mean much when a guy puts a helmet on the ball. henne had some bad throws but marshalls routs were bad and him and a few others dropped easy catches too.just waiting till next week now, i believe they'll gel together in a couple weeks .

There's really nothing left to be said. We suck, we'll lose more than we win, no one's scared of us, but we're scared of ourselves, anything good that came out of the last 2 games is overshadowed by the fact that we'll be at the bottom of the pile for ANOTHER year, and there's no hope for us fans, we just need to live through this rotten, horrible, loser of a team we've been unfortunate enough to be fans of.

EXACTLY...Well said DC Dolphan. Except for somehow sunday morning always brings a glimmer of hope. maybe that is the problem or is that what its all about?. Devotion to the aqua & orange..modern tribalism is what brings me purpose i believe, as it would just be so easy to not care about them entirely or pick another team. But i ve been paying my dues week to week since i was 8 yrs old, let alone Northern California, and i am now 2 months from 36. faith or martyrdom?

MDPhinFan - great post!

no thats where you are wrong. i never said nothing about thomas being a bust retard or are you too fuc@ed up to remember. now take hennes d$ck out of your mouth!

Miaminatti Bungphins = Cinciami Phingles.

Get used to it.

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