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Dolphins losing 16-3 to start the third quarter

The defense that yielded 516 passing yards last week is almost half-way there today, having given up 219 yards to Matt Schaub already.

The offense that struggled in the red zone last week, is at it again because three trips into the red zone have yidled only one field goal.

And the special teams that wasn't a worry last week is stinking today -- having missed one field goal, having had another blocked and having given up a 40-yard punt return.

No wonder the Dolphins are losing 16-3 as the team get ready for the start of the third quarter.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the third quarter post. Go there now, please.


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I think this game has been very unfortunate. A dropped easy TD. 2 missed fgs. for us

For them... A pass that got deflected in the air giving up a INT. a pass that was deflected by us and they still get the catch. And a Fg that goes off the post and in..

I agree with Armando - this is Henne's chance to move this team forward...

Someone's having a borderline day

This game is not over. Don't underestimate Houston's ability to give up yards through the air.

They did it in droves last year. Jonathan Joseph is out of the game. And the Dolphins are desperate.


Posted by: Armando Salguero

I think its over, dfense will soften up and Houston will walk outta here 6-0 vs my beloved fins.

I am done trying to figure this team out.

Nice catch you bipolar stabbing victim

They don't have that "sense of urgency"

So, KILLER ELITE looks like it's gonna be a good movie...Thoughts?

One more drop pass by Marchell and watch him spazzzzz out against Henne.

This is soo bad. We dont even use reggie to create mismatches anymore

Even our probowler is adding to the incompetence

Nice catch you bipolar stabbing victim

Posted by: Bkaczor1 | September 18, 2011 at 05:58 PM

that is exactly why people should have to log in to post here. moron.

Out of Bunds

Fields he's pretty good isn't he?

This team looks like they are going through the motions. Our players are lame, and our coaches clueless. Not even Andrew Luck can help these losers.

See why the fans have emptied the stadium. Im sitting at home ready to leave! LOL...

here that looks like it will be a good movie.

What a waste of a posession

Brandon Fields is the Dolphins best player today.

And that, of course, is a terrible thing.

Wow, this is awful. Have to think Sparano will be toasted this week (with good reason) if this continues.

Henne = Mr. UnClutch, only makes the throws when it matters least.

I logged in... Now what?

we need defense to score.

marshall doesn't even look like he cares

It's the early portion of the 3rd quarter in the 2nd game of the season and the Dolphin season is already slipping away.

This is depressing.

Brandon fields MVP no doubt

It's a "Borderline" day

Dansby's out...Not like it matters

Karlos Dansby is out with a groin injury. Return is questionable.

What happened to this team's run defense? This is becoming funny.

Time to start cheering on the Bucs!

Are the Dolphins "on to Cleveland" yet?

This blog is like psychological venting for very unfortunate football fans

It's not really anything in particular. It's offense. Its Defense. It's Special Teams. It's Coaching. It's Organization. You just can't figure out borderlines.

I don't know about you guys but I see the glass half full, unfortunately it's with $HIT.

You know what I hate during the football season? The specific week that I look at the team and make the decision that "this isn't our year." The point where I feel like I know we won't go to the playoffs, let alone win the Super Bowl. That's feeling like this week. I HATE this feeling.

What has Karlos done for us lately anyway.

Dansby being out dont matter? Hes our fricken defenses leader.

very boring; college football so much more exciting

Stock tip:

Get out while you can, Mr Ross.

You are about to lose a lot of money.

This is totally unacceptable-uninspired-best receiver dropping every other pass-defense responding every other play-no run-pass defense-no sacks-didn't run until second period-bereft of talent-spark, motivating, no take away's-at home

I literally laughed out loud, Mike.

Are the Dolphins "on to Cleveland" yet?

Posted by: Mike | September 18, 2011 at 06:03 PM

Should be fin watching them try to tackle Hillis. I forgoe using the term "us" or "we" referring to the Dolphins anymore, because I'M not a loser

Groin injury = no balls

Armando, the crowd seems lifeless on TV, is it as lifeless in person?

Guy cut come Monday morning should be named Tony Sparano. 3yrs in and he still fails to get all 3 units to play winning football.

Incredible, Ive never seen anything like it! I hate to say it but even Wannstadt was better.

The crowd is looking for a reason to leave.

Was that bid mouth Brians Cocx yelling at the LB's.. Only thing missing was the fist pump.

one second we are spreading the field, the next we are reverting back to the dan henning model...what is going on?

i'm not sold on Andrew Luck being the answer to our problems (unless he can cover TE's and tackle) but at least having him and a new coach /GM would offer something we haven't really had in a while.


why isnt reggie returning punts?

Tide is turning.

I have a groin injury watching this morass

Give Sparano another pay raise.. That's what happened after last season's results..

i agree db, sparano should be out of chances

agree we got momentum now

I told you Miami sucks!

soiled is feeling extra good cause both his teams (Jets and Pats) or whoever is in the standings lead won and are winning...way to stick to em soiled...but then with a name like that....well you earn it

Sparano has an uncanny way of making all of our ex coaches feel better.

Reggie "shave your" bush

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