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Dolphins losing 16-3 to start the third quarter

The defense that yielded 516 passing yards last week is almost half-way there today, having given up 219 yards to Matt Schaub already.

The offense that struggled in the red zone last week, is at it again because three trips into the red zone have yidled only one field goal.

And the special teams that wasn't a worry last week is stinking today -- having missed one field goal, having had another blocked and having given up a 40-yard punt return.

No wonder the Dolphins are losing 16-3 as the team get ready for the start of the third quarter.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the third quarter post. Go there now, please.


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Houston we have a halfback!

I hope the Dolphins realize how important the next quarter and a half is to their season. There is still time to pull this out. They need to play with urgency.

My bum brother in law shows up while im in the bathroom and swipes my last beer. Now I am angry.

is the d going to show up, or take the rest of the game off?

DT getting chunk yards as nobody has ever had to defend against the kid... Good runner until the novility wears off or the texens figure the kid out.

I like him.

Now the Texans will run the no-huddle down our throat. If our MVP hadn't missed those two FG's we could keep up with these guys.

here come the d

I like what D.Thomas brings...hard downfield running.Also Peyton Henne does a good job using the heat and rhythm to get scoring opportunities. It's not over GO DOLPHINS!!

Can someone pass me marshals meds???

I'm feeling very happy now

The beast should have two td's and we should be winning but hopefully that will happen soon!


Let go D


Nice timing JT!

wow jt

thank god JT

Pass me marshals meds before I get sad again!

JT !!!!!

Ok, I'll forget all the bad things I said last year about JT99


the only thing is, IF the dolphins win, they are still in sole posession of last place.

whewww....butt hole was puckered there...

hopefully we can get something going here.

ok lets go deep to clyde

Coach must be out with an injury....we have some hope

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Running Reggie up the middle is INSANE

Our 2nd rd bust D Thomas has 15 carries 86yds. Thats 5.7 yds per clip.

What a bust, we can only hope all of our busts turn out this badly! LOL...

Alright offense, let's keep it rolling!

This kid gates is a rocket. Did you see that stutter step 5 yds.

Game on! iPad off!

Daniel Thomas looks like he may be a stud? Am I on to something here?

Just like I've been saying the whole blog ... we need to stay positive, these guys are going to pull this out ... LMFAO!!!!!!

the only thing is, IF the dolphins win, they are still in sole posession of last place.

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 18, 2011 at 06:19 PM

Who the Hell cares. Go away, get another team

DB....all we draft is busts. didnt you know that?

and there it is...D THOMAS fumble!

ohhh nooooo fumble

Why did I have to say anything

Bye bye momentum.

Ok I'm back

Yup, Thomas definitely plays for Miami.

Come on

Too bad Carp hasn't been clutch today. We'd be down by 3 if he'd hit that FG and tied if the line had held up before that.

same story la cagaron at the end

thomas got too greedy!

Sell, Mr Ross, sell.

In Euorope right now...does anyone know a website I can watch the game? Thanks so much!


I need more therapy

ricky is still playing for the dolphins!

Fumble-helmet on the ball-defense-it's on you

Always one thing after another with this team. You can never relax as a fan!

To quite a Phillips 'hisin can beat torn and torn can't beat hisin...?"

dam rookie

told you the texins would figure the kid out.

Well... just when things were looking promising...

This team is just cursed.

ive been waitin 4 that fumble

Like I've been saying the whole blog ... this team is going to find a way to choke on this one!!!!!

Helmet oN the ball. It's ok DT. Make up for it with more hard running!

F u nate loser!


I was just about to write we got some mojo back. Oh well. At least we are in it now.

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