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Dolphins losing 16-3 to start the third quarter

The defense that yielded 516 passing yards last week is almost half-way there today, having given up 219 yards to Matt Schaub already.

The offense that struggled in the red zone last week, is at it again because three trips into the red zone have yidled only one field goal.

And the special teams that wasn't a worry last week is stinking today -- having missed one field goal, having had another blocked and having given up a 40-yard punt return.

No wonder the Dolphins are losing 16-3 as the team get ready for the start of the third quarter.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the third quarter post. Go there now, please.


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Ha! Ricky did fumble today.

rookie mistake....plays for Sparano

In Euorope right now...does anyone know a website I can watch the game? Thanks so much!

Posted by: joey d | September 18, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Be glad you aren't watching...However, google knows...Just sayin'

I feel like Ortiz last night after the second punch.

this team is not shooting on the foot, they are shooting all over the body!!!... comon!!!

Did he say Tate or taint?

Just go to Justin.Tv and you can find the game there.

BTW its finally happened. Welker who was an everyman, has now been around primadonna Brady long enough that he doesnt think he should be touched off the line and is complaining to the refs whenever he gets chucked....too bad he was a good man

As dolfans we dont even get to enjoy a victory until afyter the final gun sounds. A victory's never a victory until the clock strikes zero!

Is WAKE playing???

F u nate loser!

Posted by: dolphin 77 | September 18, 2011 at 06:22 PM

You should still go away. You might as well be cheering for houston dumbass


Fins look good right now

Why is Schaub always faster than the entire Dolphin team-every year-no matter the personnel?

Aside from the lucky fumble

@NY G the texans haven't figured anything out! The kid had run 14 yards and unluckily got hit helmet to ball!

Great d

Let's go

My heart stopped for a split sec there! omg

I feel like Ortiz last night after the second punch.

Posted by: Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen | September 18, 2011 at 06:23 PM

That was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

Was that Nolan Carroll making a PLAY??!!!

Andre Johnson drops a TD pass. Lucky fo rthe Dolphins.

Dodged a huge bullett then!

Carol hit it but sapp would not have

ok. im still here. dumb ass1

Let's run it downhill again

Carroll gets Johnson after last weeks performance!!!! Oh boy....

ok. im still here. dumb ass!

Why in the world would nollan carroll be covering Johnson!!!!

Fins caught a break on that pass as hit 'em right in the hands

joey d:
follow this link....enjoy

Wow...Henne went through progressions!

That was a big stand by the defense.

what good is the best corner tandem if VD cant stay on the field

I still believe !........I'll have another drink

thank you Jaison...that was a weak-a statement and you called him out

This getting better.

Wow, that stadium is empty. We have no crowd noise at all.


Seriously guys. I'm not a football expert. Is there any reason at all to why would Nollan Carroll cover Johnson?

Damn starting to like Henne!

Miami does not play their CBs on a man. they play sides.

20 yards-Henne and a cloud of dust!!!

HAHA! Was that Marcus Vick?

Oh, I see. VD is out

Henne's going to be our leading rusher again.

Damn starting to like Henne!

Posted by: d-dense | September 18, 2011 at 06:28 PM

there you go....now if we can just score maybe half the rest of the people here will be happy.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the fourth quarter post.

No reason at all Maco... Those are the mis-matches offensive coordinators brag about on Monday when watching film. Was Davis on the sidelines again?

D Thomas 17 carries 101yds. 6ypc, not bad!

no that was their little white brother Chad

That's what we missed last year with Henne.

The live blog has moved to the fourth quarter post. please go there.

First runner to gain 100 yards+ against Texan def in 20 games.

Aawehhh...thanks forpassing marshals claudipin

for once Henne is not on the top of my worries on the team

Thomas fighting for every yard!!!

Live 4th qtr blog continues in comments section in 15 minutes when it updated...

Let's get that 21st overall pick back out of Allen by torching him.

136yds rushing as a team. Look like we found the running game.

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