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Dolphins losing 16-3 to start the third quarter

The defense that yielded 516 passing yards last week is almost half-way there today, having given up 219 yards to Matt Schaub already.

The offense that struggled in the red zone last week, is at it again because three trips into the red zone have yidled only one field goal.

And the special teams that wasn't a worry last week is stinking today -- having missed one field goal, having had another blocked and having given up a 40-yard punt return.

No wonder the Dolphins are losing 16-3 as the team get ready for the start of the third quarter.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the third quarter post. Go there now, please.


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Bush is too figidy

Right mando no comments on iPhone or iPad.

Ruf kidding!!!

Oh oh!!! Henne's starting to connect on bombs!!

Wheres the 4th qtr blog Mando

BM had a moment

Back in the dead zone !!!!! PLease please please..

Come on Marshall

Quit forcing to marshal

BM didn't even try

yup, looks like the same henne to me.

clutch Henne

Carpenter is 1 for 13

If Marshall's double-teamed, shouldn't Bess be open??

Update: 4th qtr blog will update in 8-12 minutes..

Needed a TD there.

If the Texans answer Miami's FG with a TD, it's game over, season over.

This is a huge series for the defense.

field goals and lack thereof, aint gonna cut it

special teams awesome

How many times am I going to see holding on the Texans with no calls!!!!

nolan carrol is great!

That's all folks

Luck will look good in a dolphins uniform!!

more pink slips to be handed out tomorrow.

They need to get rid of Carrol. Even Sapp wasn't as bad as he is.

first sapp.....nolan will be gone tomorrow

Imagine luck, thomas, marsahall with a good coaching staff!

nolan carroll that is.....

Reggie Bush needs to earn his money as a returner. Gates has no clue.

vontae.....quit being a wussy

no doubt ross announces sparano is fired on monday, if not sooner. this team is pathetic. once again, take it down the field only to get 3 pts. then texans take it in for 7. the defense sucks. the offense sucks. i have to agree with the camp that says sparano has to go. it's a complete and total lack of coaching ability.

Hah!, you thought you got me, but I'm still cooking those pork chunks.

Henne is doing good, but we need great.

Why is Nolan Carroll even covering Andre Johnson? Why not Will Allen or Sean Smith? Nolan Carroll is the worst cornerback on our team and he's sticking Andre Johnson?

I don't care what anyone says. Even if we lose. This is a good team and will win at least 9 games. The pats and texans are two of the best in the afc.

Henne's audition for next year is now!!!

If you go on dolphins.com right now you can get 20% off 2012 draft first overall pick tee shirts and hats, get em now

what, get off the crack man. nothing changes, nothing changes.

gruden is on his way to miami.

soprano has no clue!!!!

The decision to go for it was the correct one.Dansby, Vontae out) The fact that they didn't do it was wrong.


grind out the clock. game over.

Dolphins Layyyying down now

This team will quit on Sparano very soon, if they haven't already.

let's see if ross has balls as big as his nose is to fire morono.

Nolan Carroll, gave up that play to Andre Johnson and that is what probably killed this game.

Nolan Carroll expected help over the top. Reshad Jones should have been there.

last chance clutch Henne

The o-line play is the biggest reason why I want Sparano GONE!

You use Bush by throwing to him in open field from out of the backfield to create, not run him! This entire organization is friggin joke. Henne is entirely too inconsistent. This team underachieves because of very inferior coaching. We are going nowhere with these tools. PATHETIC

5 minutes off the clock!! Sure glad we didn't go fOr it Sparano please quit because you're a gutless terd and have no business coaching nor do you have the respect of anyone in the sport. You are a huge reason why we suck.

I simply can't believe this!!!

but he is an o line genious! maybe he needs 1 more year to get a o line together.

The 'Phins coaching staff is incompetent. Nolan Carroll, on Andre Johnson? This is why Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano will not be here after this season.

put a fork in them. i'm done for the season. it's obvious this season will be a complete and total loss.

This is so disheartening... :(

When do the Dolphins fire Sparano?

Record 0-2

Can't will at home.

Mando are u still there or did u leave with everyone else after Johnsons's Td?

Is Mr. Ross going to subject us to this suffering for the rest of this Season?

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