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Dolphins losing 16-3 to start the third quarter

The defense that yielded 516 passing yards last week is almost half-way there today, having given up 219 yards to Matt Schaub already.

The offense that struggled in the red zone last week, is at it again because three trips into the red zone have yidled only one field goal.

And the special teams that wasn't a worry last week is stinking today -- having missed one field goal, having had another blocked and having given up a 40-yard punt return.

No wonder the Dolphins are losing 16-3 as the team get ready for the start of the third quarter.

The live blog continues in the comments section of the third quarter post. Go there now, please.


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Hey, Bill, you missed your mark here.

i see 0-16 or at least 1-15.

he forgot to get the grocries!

he forgot to get the groceries

They can't be serious about winning if their gonna put Nolan Carroll on Andre Johnson. If were not at least a .500 team in mid season, I hope Stephen Ross fires Tony Sparano. Then Bring in a new GM next season because Jeff Ireland is not a good talent evaluator. They had four years. Bill Parcells failed us.


Funniest part is we are the only team in our division with a loss, lol. I'm from jersey remind me why I'm not a jets fan? At least the organization is aiming for winning.

Nahh, bigtrav1, we have good personnel; the problem has always been Sparano's obsessive thought. I came to realize that last week.

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