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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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Need a TD here. NO FG's

This could be a signature comeback win for Henne....or another bust. We shall see.



fistpump :)

You're slowing down, yeah!

Go Dolphins!

Thomas over 100 yds.

...Look at the difference this week. Balanced offense. Not Henne chucking it around the field like a chicken with his head cut off. Good job running the ball today. If we can avoid any more mistakes. We should win this game. (BTW..Henne 22 attempts through 3 quarters..just sayin)

Bush is not a cutback expert.

Arian Foster has re-injured his hamstring. His return is questionable.

First runner to gain 100 yards+ against Texan def in 20 games.

What a catch!!'!!! Here we go Fans

Man, Henne CANNOT throw short passes, LOL

god damn nice catch hartline!

any one have a link to the game

107 yds for the kid.

Are you serious? What a catch!

Jason Allen vs. Marshall again. The Texans are stupid.


The d finally coming to life in the 2nd half. D Thomas comes to life too.

Bad route Marshall!

Jason Allen vs. Marshall again. The Texans are stupid.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 18, 2011 at 06:33 PM


Henne can make plays when he has field to work with. His arm is too big for the redzone...on another optimistic look, what about Thomas' performance today and B Marshall

how do you "feel where the field is"????

Allen cant catch a colxd.

TD Chargers ....

Sparano prefers the field goal.

4th. time in red zone and nothing zero TD

FG attempt again wtf

our Redzone performance is really poor.

link to game ?

you dont throw into double coverage in the endzone.... like i said...lack of instinct is still a problem

All that for 3-Henne being stubborn-where's Gates-and everyone else

Blogs up finally. What's up with Marshall, can't jump

We should be up 3.

Red zone offense has problems! Can't win on FG's!!!

You just KNOW that Miami is not going to convert inside the red zone on third down.


Great thing the Texans have sucked in the redzone as baddly as we have. Actually we would be ahead 19-16 if not for the 2 chip shot fg misses by Carpenter.

Defense needs to hold up again. At least we are only down by three.

Carpenter is now at 33%

If nothing else comes out of this game, I see Daniel Thomas in a totally new way.. He looks very good!

Poor throws on those last two. Why is their still confusion between Marshall and Henne?!?

As good a Job as Daboll is doing... he HAS to get reggie in space with the ball! What is the point of not putting him in a position that he is KNOWN to succeed in?

LOL at Mando..

I am trying to be optimistic and keep hope alive but this team is just not helping. Anyways fan till I die. Let's go Dolphins!!!!!

I love Daniel Thomas...good job Ireland

No seriously, Sparano prefers the FG. I have proof.

Can't tryst BM. He's not trying now. Look at his face. I married a borderline. Never really know where they are coming from

Loudest I've heard the home crowd this year

What the heck is wrong with our special teams?

Vontae Davis is STILL not in the game. He's on the sideline trying to walk off something or another.

Why do we have to miss one to 5 tackles every kick return? I thought we emphasize (cut) special teams players


Angry Elf... LLLOOLLL

I am officially over happy ...the opposite spectrum of my bipolar personality... Will someone pleeeze pass marshals meds?!??

Clearly couching is the crutch of this team.

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