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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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Forgive me Armando, no excuses. I got beat.

pop, he sure tried on the touchdown catch.. I don't see him not trying.

If Davis has cramps again that's a bunch of bullcrap!!!!!

Davis has a hamstring injury according to the press box announcement.

This is a huge series for the defense. Miami didn't need to give up a long lick return there. A Houston TD essentially ends the game and the Dolphin season.

Bow up, D!!!

thanks jimbo

Well the D's holding up.

inside the mind of Brandon Marshal....you catch it...no you catch....no this ones yours....no I caught the last one


Pats got greedy on 4th down

When will they figure out how to lick this taite???

I'm watching the Patriots/Chargers game on my TV in the background here, and it's amazing how the Patriots run these things called "plays" that appear to be - only what I can loosely describe as - "planned." And these "plays" go for these things called "yards."

It's and interesting concept.

Can someone pass the pearls to Davis!?!? He has cramps again

I hate seeing Cam Wake in pass coverage.

Marshall gets traded to Patriots and ...... we know what happens.

No worries, Yeah! Your record is very good.

Could driven a truck through that hole.

Bellicheat goes for it on 4th down from mid-field and fails! Again!

C'mon Carroll's got to wrap him up on the tackle.

Single coverage?????


That's what we get for having Carroll on Johnson.

GD!! Why ain't my wife pouring me more Crown!!!

VD has a hamstring injury will he twit pic the mri results?

game over.....

why is Nolan carroll have single covg on Johnson WTF and who da heck is Ben Tate steam rolling us

I guess thats it. Hopefully not.

SO used to this.

That'll do it.

See you next season, guys.

wow, nolan is terrible, sorry I birthed him Dolphin fans

Another week, another firing.

Goodbye #28.

told you guys dfense allways loosens up in the 4th

You guys suck!

Carroll on Johnson single coverage - brilliant

Nocoverage Carroll

Is there any other team in the NFL that would cover Johnson on on one with their back up?

Jeb. Problem is BM thinks you've been talking to another woman, and no matter how wrong they are there gonna show you, no matter how much the kids get hurt. Truth kidding.....

Awesome coaching strategy: leave Carrol single cov on Johnson. This team is doomed with Sparano at the helm.

My new website will be: Dolphins suck.com

Reshad Jones blew the over the top coverage. No way is Carroll assigned single coverage on Johnson. No way!

I cannot in my worst day, imagine why the Dolphins coaches think Nolan Carroll is better and more ready to compete than Will Allen.

Why would we put Carroll on Johnson and not Smith? Why are our coaches so stubborn in their beliefs? Carroll was lucky last drive, not this time.

All I know mando is please no positive spin if we lose. Remember what the old herm says "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME"!!! and we will be 1-11 at home since 2009

If your at the game, at least you can try to beat the traffic right now.

That's what you get for having Nolan Carroll on your roster.


yes he should have been doubled like they did with Marshall
But even with a double Carroll still shouldnt of let him that open.

Miami Dolphins are a joke, always allowed the big play in the Offense or the Defense "The Big Circus" year after year

Where the hell is Will Allen. Carrol cant cover jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.

Mando - Clearly this regime as some problems assessing talent.

I love how one of sucky coverage guys blames the other sucky coverage guy for the sucky coverage. Our coverage team is brought to you Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin!

Jones F**ked up...

Jones blew coverage... Not carrol ifiots

Mando why is Will Allen not out there?

Does anyone really care if they black out the rest of the games, i don't. Cowher, Cowher, COWHER!!!!!

I think sparano is suffering from cramps. Brain cramps

Special teams are crap

Apparently they didn't open the gate for gates

Another damn lost season

We're about to be 0-6 against a team that has never been to the playoffs.

Clyde Gates is not that good...

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