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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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lazy D from Carrol and busted coverage by Jones...How do you lose Johnson....thats bad

The 10 yard line-really? Touchback gets you to the 20-wow

It that is the 0 in 0-2 completing 3/4 of it's rotation.

Sparano says FGs come in handy.

Carroll needs to follow Sapp out the door!

Man, these guys suck.

Amen Mando...where is Will Allen?

Put your knee down dip$hit

N-S Gates...N-S kid

armando, you have interviewed sparano many times now...does he strike you as cerebral enough to come to the same conclusion about allen?

The more Im beginning to see how skilled we are at beating ourselves. The more convinced Im beginning to become that we may have a chance at the Luck sweepstakes.

Why not use Edds? Oh, wait...never mind.

Gates is not a good returner. too hesitant, doesn't have the vision for it.
they allow Carroll to try to cover Johnson?????? Where's Sean Smith and his size match up Mando wrote about? That's inexcusable.

We're about to be 0-6 against a team that has never been to the playoffs.

Posted by: Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen | September 18, 2011 at 06:46 PM

Pathetic. Fins are a disgrace.

Chad 'head lights' Henne

Wow...what a disater...why insnt will allen in the game?

oldenglish: If they lose, they still have 14 games to play. the season isn't over. They can still surprise. They can heat up come winter.

Yeah, I don't even buy that crud.

gates sucks as return guy

What happens if we start 1-4 or 0-5?

Why bush? Come on

So much for having the best corners in the game.

Reggie 'stuck in a' bush

plenty of time left


SOOO..."I'm no expert", but, if SEAN SMITH is SOOOO good, why is NOLAN CARROL on Andre' Johnson?!

Black em' out! Save us from the torture! We will live longer if we only read about the losses


PleAse don't waste a TO

Chads helmet is damaged

This is a team that cant stop shooting itself in the foot to save thier mothers lives!


Again, 4 trips to the redzone, 3 fg tries, 3 points out of it. WE CANNOT SETTLE FOR FG's. Soprano is being outcoached by Kubiak. That's GOT to hurt.

Sparano is nuts.

This is the game

like i said just when they make you think there gonna come back they give up more points and piss on you...thats the dolphin way...

"cerebral" its what coach has for breakfast a bowl of Cerebral with 2% milk...right coach


Just a tip. Down by two scores in the 4th quarter is usually a time to think about passing the ball.

not gonna get it

henne has a concussion

PLEASE SEE previous damn post

He's got a concussion

Nice TO wow

LOL even if they make it...this is a BAD call

this is the doom play...

Stupid play calling on TS. He suxs

F*** You Sparano!

Agree dying.. As a fan ur just waiting to c where the next screw up will occur..


thats it.....i can't believe burning a timeout for that

Just faking to draw them.

That was idiotic.

Dolphins just wasted a timeout trying a stupid strategy of trying to draw the Texans offside on fourth down.Really?

This is the NFL. That NEVER works.

The call on 4th down to draw the Texans offsides was amatuer. Wasted a time out... we need a miracle.

hahaha. Sparano is really not a good coach.

This is where TS should get fired. That's the excuse play for firing the coach. Burn a timeout when you're down by two scores.

now they punted - but it cost a time out. STUPID!!!!!

It's a BOMB and the PASS goes all the way.. TOUCCHHHHDOWNNNNNNNN... Texans...

We even lost on my Magnetic football game today.

nice timeout, i approve

Delay of game or time out?

Randy Shannon ran on the field +called a timeout!!!

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