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Dolphins narrow gap to 16-10 to start fourth quarter

It has been a tough day for the Dolphins.

And yet, they are narrowing the lead the Texans held at halftime and they have a chance to take the lead with a touchdown.

Ain't that crazy?

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comments section below. Go there, please.


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Thanks mando u had me I was so close to believing you. Well at least there is a chance

Good eye, Sparano, good eye.

Mando will the team make a change when we are 1-4 or 0-5?

Waste a damn TO for that BS. Please fire Sparano.

Classing brain dead Sparano. Tries to draw them off, totally obvious that deep to his own end zone. Then has to burn a time out.

D needs three and out for any chance to win!

Even the announcers can't figure out why the Dolphins took the timeout.

Brandon Fields our best player

henne has a concussion

Posted by: Jimbo | September 18, 2011 at 06:51 PM

No, he always looks that way.

I like sparano but his iq is somewhere in the middle of the evolutionary chart

this sucks

Morons...behind by 10, and you waste a timeout. Is there ANY DOUBT this HC is brain challenged. Everyone knew they were going to try to draw them offsides...yes take the delay of game instead.
PHYSICAL mistakes are part of the game, STUPIDITY is the mainstay of OURS.

Everyone knows it's gonna be a run and yet we can't stop them

At least we have Misi...

ab-d,ab-d,ab-d, that's all folks!

Henne 12-27 for 170yds. 2010 He's baaaaaaack!!

sorry to go back but i dont care the coverage you NEVER let the teams #1 WR just jog by you without staying on coverage....that was studpidity Carroll

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but the Bengals are looking better than us. Not to mention Detroit and Buffalo. Just damn...

Ciao to Tony Sporano. What the hell... there is always the Arena Football League.

Miami should have gone for it. You can't give the ball back there. There isn't enough time left if you're the Dolphins to punt the football away and hope to get it back with enough time to score twice.

lol angry elf

not to mince words: our defense effing blows.

Ben taint is killing us

Henne is concused. Bet he won't be back. Grabbed front of helmet when he got hit in back of helmet. Brain slosh.

instead of blowing the time out should have just tried a sneak after the shift - the way the D is leaking doesn't matter where houston starts the result seems to be in the redzone

I hate this organization

Can you say two losses at home

i cannot believe this is an nfl coaching staff

Cerebral.....I luv corn flakes....coach Sparano

why would we waste a timeout that we might need later? Iam officially done with this head coach.

Defense is shutting down after frustration and lack of O execution

and against a week secondary.

Its ovah.


Punting was waving the white flag.

So difficult with this team to single any player out responsible for a loss. We just break down in so many areas it makes it nearly impossible.

this game was lost in the first half....

Spmoron's mission is to make sure ALL of Marino's passing records are broken this year.

It already says we lost this game if u go to stats on this app

Just our LUCK......We suck, but there are suckier teams than us....

4-12 won't do the trick. Perhaps we can draft another Tackle

Look at the bright side Mandy...There's no lack of material to write about HOW BAD we stink!

We should've never let Ted Ginn go!

so, but for dan carp's two missed FGs, we'd only be down four. what happened to him? he used to be ice, ice baby.

Taite get's the game ball.. What a performance.

Mando-would you buy a ticket to this mediocrity? Then why should anyone else-don't blame the fans.

If only Ross read this blog, then maybe he'd fire TS today!!!!

Defense sucks. Offense sucks. Sparano sucks. Miami sucks.

Why did we franchise Soilai again?

FCKN. Over!!!

What are the odds that sparano and irelandare gone by the bye week?

We also just paid $5million a year for the next 2yrs for a specialty player in Bush.

Unfvcking believable!

The big looser here is Direct TV because I didn't buy Sunday Ticket this year. You can thank the Ross Ireland and Sporano for that one Direct TV.

yes, 2 loses at home.

Game over.

does ross have the balls to fire sparano tomorrow?

It's sad, with the way the browns played this team may go 0-3

Yay we get to draft Andrew Luck but wait were going to pass on him to draft a RT and some nobody in the 2nd round

Buy your Fins tix now!

Sparano is Gone, new head coach, Randy Shannon.

DyingBreed -

It starts in the front office with the GM and filters down through the coaching staff and the roster, all the way down to the kicker.

One playoff appearance - a blowout loss - in over a decade. This is one of the two or three worst organization's in the NFL. It's embarrassing.

i mean, my god, he gave 10000 tickets away and no one came anyway.

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